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how do i ???
how do i get my wife to cuck me ????? would love to see her with bbc and me watching am very oral and love to suck pussy and cock
Poster: cps | Full Story»

i fucked my ex for my hubby.
Hello everyone, my name is Lisa im married to mark for 9 years . Our sex life is great, we have sex atleast 5 times a week. The last few years mark always is talking about me fucking other men. I always kind of blew it off and played along. But in the back of my mind I always fantasied about an ex of mine. He had a huge cock, made me cum every time. I used to get so excited just seeing his cock. O..
Poster: markandlisa | Full Story»

hot springs
I told my wife I wanted to go to a hot springs in colorado that allowed nudity after dark after we were already in town.She got pissed saying I just wanted to see naked women wasn't she enough etc.I told her no I really was wanting to see her reaction to other cocks. Sure she says grabbing a beer and guzzling it.If you want me to get naked I'll have to be drunk.I said I didn't plan on us getting n..
Poster: hubbywatches | Full Story»

Answer to Kyle. You can start by cumming too soon eevery time you fuck. Keep telling her how ht she is and how other guys and babes are always checking her out. Pick out a nice looking man in a store ant ell her he just eye fucked her. It doesn't have to be true, just as long as she thinks it is. What you're doing is building up her confidence and her desire to get laid by another guy. I jus..
Poster: Lance | Full Story»

Everyday my fantasy for my wife to fuck another man grows stronger. I can not stop thinking about it. My wife knows of this fantasy and is happy to forfill my wishes. Any advice on how I should go about organising it? Any volunteers? My wife is a slim hot 28 year old living in Sydney, Australia.
I just want to see her be taken by another man or for her to cheat on me and let me know the det..
Poster: Kyle | Full Story»

Should I become a cuckold
This is in answer to James as to his question. "Should I become a cuckold?" The short answer is HELL YES!!! I have been for about 4 yrs now and I would not want it any other way. The very reasons you give for considering it are the reasons you need to become one of us. I don't know if it's most of the time this way or not, but I'm also bisexual. My wife doesn't fully realize it yet, but I th..
Poster: Lance | Full Story»

David fertilises my wife
Thanks to several of you for your e-mails and thanks for your good wishes in hoping that David soon makes my wife, Helen pregnant again.

They both know that I listen at their open bedroom door and I wish that they would let me watch more. Well last night - it is 06:00 Saturday here - we had a few drinks and Helen opened up a bit more about her feelings and she has agreed to write s..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Should I become a cuckold?
Right now my gf nows that I like the thought of her with other guys, and I masterbate to it quite a bit. She teases me about it helps me fantasize but she says she would never actually do it. When I'm not horny I hate the thought of her cheating on me, its almost heartbreaking. I'm a jealous person. But when I'm horny it's reallllyy exciting and I love the thought...

If I keep pushi..
Poster: James Calum | Full Story»

Cuckold gone wrong then right.
I am 32 years old and have been cucking my husband for about 4 years but recently it all went wrong when I was picked up by a couple of black guys at a bar during one of our "adventures". I would always accept a lift home and get fucked on the way but on this occasion they took me back to their house. I must admit to being more than a little drunk and as always enjoyed myself with the black cock. ..
Poster: Helen | Full Story»

last night out at the bar
we decided to have a date night and that i would pick her up in the bar. we rented a hotel room and she checked in and got ready for our date while I got ready at home. when she was ready I left the house and she headed for the bar I told her to choose a bar that she liked and to text me what the name of the bar was. she decided to wait at the hotel bar till I got there and after I got there and s..
Poster: randy | Full Story»

I want my wife to have her lover's baby again
I have been quiet for a few days as Helen and her lover David went off with their baby and with David's brother and partner over to Perth for a few days’ holiday. They came back on Thursday and the last few days have been interesting. On Friday, Helen was testing herself – she is very keen to get pregnant to her black lover again – and suddenly announced that she was ‘right.’ David ha..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

our first night of cuckolding
It all started as a joke when I was going out to work on a roster at our sons kindergarden ,my hubby and me had just had sex and I was showering to clean myself up when hubby said if only the other mothers knew what you have just done and I said they all have sex laughing then he said I cant imagine the other mothers doing it to which I replied you probly couldnt see me having sex either if you h..
Poster: Deb | Full Story»

Girlfriend to wife, Part 1
I met my girlfriend in college during the fall of sophomore year. She was dating another guy so I didn't ask her out but we would often sit together at breakfast and lunch as we both had morning classes at the same time. One Saturday noon she was already sitting there when I came in and I sat down across the table from her. She looked at me and smiled ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. After a few mi..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

How my wife turned me from being a hairy bear to a sissy cuckold
So I guess I should start my experience out by saying that I've never been one to be dominated. I've always been a decisive manly man who knows what he wants and always makes the decisions. Having said that, I can say now that I'm much happier with my status in my relationship.

It all started a few years ago when I came home after a night of bowling with friends. Overall a good nigh..
Poster: S. Wool | Full Story»

Wife's First Time With Another
My wife and I have often shared the thought of her being with another man as she never has been with anyone except me for over 30 years. One day I came home from work late, she was dressed very sexy and told me it was time for her to have some fun without me. So we hit the local hotel bar where she went in ahead of me and ordered a drink. Did not take long for two guys to offer to buy her a drin..
Poster: Luvtowatch | Full Story»

She shouldn't have
A week ago my buddy and his friend were in the bar when I got there. They both use my wife. She constantly tells me what they do to her and a lot of times shows me pictures of what they do . She tells me constantly how I can't pleasure her like they can . Anyway I sat down with them after saying hi to a few regulars and like always , they started telling me what a whore my wife is and the things s..
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

her night out at company party
After her first time with the salesman from her work a while later Donna whom is 5’1” and 120 lbs and her supple 36 B breasts we went to one of her company parties and as we sat and drank and talked with friends who shows up but the salesman that she had her first experience with and Ryan was in rare form. She was already feeling the affects of the drinks we had been drinking and to my shock a..
Poster: Randy | Full Story»

Helen's black lover is making her pregnant again.
I had quite a treat this morning when I was asked to take a cup of tea to my wife and her lover and was allowed in their bedroom for a rare glimpse of them. I had heard them making love and had waited until I had heard them come and then knocked and went in. David had his head towards the door and Helen was on top and had just ‘ridden’ her lover’s ‘todger’ and he was still inside her. ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Wifes first time with other guy
It all started with her flashing a trucker driving by the house one night on a dare. then once in a while we would have little stories during sex. this became a normal thing for us we liked our little fantasy's. we were married for about 7 years and she had taken a job as a phone marking person at a sales company and it worked out well she would go to work just as I would come home and she would r..
Poster: Randy | Full Story»

An ex-wife's lover: From the past
This is for once, not about my wife Helen who now lives with her black lover, David. It is about my second ex-wife, whom I shall just call RB. She had a lover called Kevin about whom I knew and approved.

Because he was married, they had nowhere to go to have sex, so they would go out and find a quiet little 'Lover's lane' somewhere and have - uncomfortable - nookie in the car. I ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

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