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The most beautiful form of pain - Wife falling for another
Cuckolded on Vacation
My Biggest Disapointment
My Boyfriend asked for an Open Relationship
Wife’s New Bull Part 1
All my BFs Friends Fucked Me
Just Helping Out
Supportive Husband
My Husband's Friend Fucked me in the Ass for Valentine's Day
In Amsterdam 2

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A Friend of a Friend
I shared a couple of stories about my wife last year, here's another that she shared with me 2 nights ago.
First, I have encouraged her to get some extra all along the way.

My wife is a redhead and actually stopped traffic in downtown Nashville once.

She worked near a mall, a coworker was a black woman that was highly sexual and flaunted it.

My ..
Poster: Frank | Full Story»

Arabian Nights
Another day, another dollar.

I was waiting at the subway station for my wife to pick me up. She had taken the day off to go on a job interview. I jumped in the car. It was early summer, and she was wearing a cute floral-patterned sundress and a big smile, the picture of a demure suburban housewife happily picking up her husband.

"I was a bad girl today."

Poster: wimp | Full Story»

My Wife's Sex Stories
There are so many stories that go along with robin that it is hard to know where
to start. She was of course a very beautiful girl and still is. I think that she
has a sexual energy that is unlike any girl that I have ever experienced. She is
of Japanese and German decent, giving her a very exotic look, all over.
Something is exotic about every inch of her body! If you ..
Poster: TFal | Full Story»

GF likes giving Oral
My GF likes 3somes as do I. We occasionally go out with the sole purpose of picking up a guy.

The first time we did this, she was somewhat nervous. We went to a local bar and had a few drinks and all the while I kept telling her it's OK and comforted her with my words. I told her things like I would be by her side and I loved her. Her curiousity grew as we talked to several guys. I ..
Poster: Arthur | Full Story»

Cucked after Marriage
I had wrote how my wife before marriage and during our engagement had screwed other men including her former bf, I hoped that would end after we were married but it didn't.

We had been married about 2 months the sex was great and was multiple times daily she was always ready to screw.

One Saturday I went on a golf outing for a yearly tournament my wife scheduled a d..
Poster: Chas | Full Story»

Becoming A Cuckold
Cecilia was 33 years old when she decided to make me a cuckold. She had a lot of planing to do to make me a 37 year old cuckold. It took her 4 months to do it. This is one of the things that happened to make me a cuckold.

Bill was a 24 year man that my wife had danced and flirted with and had ask him back to our room in Las Vegas. When she was dancing with Bill she was rubbing all o..
Poster: Donald Wyatt | Full Story»

A Slut From My High School Days, Made Me A Cuckold
This is a true story. Elizabeth had long reddish brown hair, Full C-cup tits, awesome body, great ass. Missy was tall and lanky. small tits. probably small b-cups. short medium brown hair, and wore glasses. Not ugly, but she wasn't as pretty as Beth.

I was living in a four bedroom house with a huge family room. As a guitar player, I thought the room looked like a great room ..
Poster: Pokerjoker | Full Story»

She never Admitted to it, but I Know ...
I was working construction as a pipe fitter, well actually a first class apprentice. I did almost all the work as TJ was the guy training me.

TJ was from VA. His dad also worked with us. TJ and his dad got into a major blow up, and TJ was told to move out.

Since he didn't have anywhere to go. I told him that he could come and stay with me and my wife until he found ..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Hubby Fantasy - Christian Wife
I have always considered myself a regular house wife, daily chores,Sunday church, Entertaining family and some friends for BBQ at home and going out for a nice dinner every ones in a while with my hubby, allowing both to get dressed nicely and enjoying a couples night after wine and relaxation.

We have been married for 7 years and we have a 2 year boy whom we don't mind leaving with..
Poster: Ashley | Full Story»

The Price I'll Have To Pay
I've been looking at some of the lovely pictures on this site, and I have a message for all you ladies out there.

This is what I have in mind if we ever meet.

I'll spread your legs when I lay you down
and bury my face deep in your mound.

I'll finger you good with fingers 3 and 4
then plunge my thumb up your back door.

If you..
Poster: Pokerjoker | Full Story»

Amazing Grace
Grace and I married young. After a couple years of trying to have a baby we found out I was shooting blanks.

It was devastating for the both of us. I really thought it would end our marriage. Grace wanted a baby very much. Her two older sisters already had a couple kids each.

For me it was the added stigma of not being a man. I came from a long line of manly men..
Poster: Matt | Full Story»

Jerod's BBC
Really quick and then I'll get right too my latest story. If you don't already know Jerod gave me my first black cock.

My husband wanted to watch and I think he enjoyed watching as much as I liked letting him. I told my story of our first meeting and this is about our third time together.

I've been waiting for over two weeks for this night to come. My pussy had b..
Poster: Shauna | Full Story»

Wife's New Year's Fun
Last New Year weekend I was posting some pics of my wife online.

I was just about done when a young man hit me up saying how hot he thought she was and that he'd really like to fuck her.

She has really nice, full 36C tits, a 30" waist and 34" hips. Dyed pink and red hair and looks at least 20 years younger than she is.

She still dresses really sexy and ..
Poster: Rich | Full Story»

Robert's Visit Part Three
Robert had just finished fucking my wife Jennifer's ass right in front of me as the dinner I cooked for them stayed warm.

He had gone to take a shower after fucking her ass and cumming in her mouth.

Jennifer went to our bedroom to shower too but came out shortly with Robert. She was un showered, smelling like him and in her sexy yellow dress that zipped in the front..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

An Unforgedttable Anniversary Gift
An Unforgettable Anniversary Gift
By Cathy… and posted by Joan Vegas with her permission

My hubby and I have been married for 5 years now. Leading up to our third anniversary I knew my husband wanted to take our relationship to a new level. He had talked about treating me to a sexual experience I had never before had. He said he might just do that on our Anniversary. I did ..
Poster: Joan Vegas | Full Story»

Many years a Cuckold
I've been married to my wife Shannon for 21 years, and for the last eight of these I've been cuckold and celibate, relying on jacking off to achieve orgasm.

We have a seven year old daughter, though I've been denied sex eight years.

In this time, Shannon has cuckolded me with nineteen different men, most of them studs, and all of them much larger than my tiny four in..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Men Approaching my Wife
Wife and I went out on Saturday and ended up at a club for a very exciting time. I'd guessed that she was planning something as she denied me making love in the morning.

She just said that she wanted to get up and get on with the day. On the way to the club she admitted that she wanted to save herself for later.

We got to the club and she had her eye on one guy. I ju..
Poster: L. H. | Full Story»

My Wife Invited her Ex Coworker Over
My wife Anni used to work at a place where they made use of a lot of remote IT assistance.

She mentioned to me that she and the specific guy, Gert, always talk a lot and that they are getting to be good friends.

I didn't think much about it as we are married for many, many years and both been faithful all the time.

She resigned but they still communicat..
Poster: Kosie | Full Story»

Reclaiming my wife from a Turkish cum filled pussy
We have enjoyed several holidays in Turkey and Michelle has enjoyed many young Turkish guys. one holiday in Olu Deniz had us both out until late with Michelle flirting and enjoying the attentions of Turkish young guys who love a mature voluptuous older English blonde who is looking for some extra marital fun.

Michelle ended up with a young guy who was all over her in the taxi and we..
Poster: Cucka2 | Full Story»

Cure for relationship problems. (Funny, Fake Ad)
"Hey out there, all you swinging bachelors
Have you been out looking for amazing pussy,
but have been worried about all the bitching,
and nagging a woman can bring to your life?
Then look no further than the pocket pussy.'

She's always going to make you feel totally
amazing. Never one time will you ever hear
her bitch, and complain, with a h..
Poster: Pokerjoker | Full Story»