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Accidentally Cuckolded my Husband - **** WEBMASTER NOTE ***
My Wife was a Slut for our Foursome
Need help to live out our fantasies but where are the genuine guys
Slow Change
Smaller but Better
My Life as a Cuck
My Wife made a Noise I never Heard
The Garden Toadstool Cuckold
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My Girlfriend told me Everything
My girlfriend and I ended up on a break and she took full advantage of it, fucking the same guy both at his place and at the apartment we had previously shared. After 2 years of wondering about it I finally asked and she gave me the details.

For context, my girlfriend, Mara, is a 5’6” brunette with curves in all the right places. The guy she was seeing at the time, Andrew, was s..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Wife's Night Out
My wife recently went out with her best friend. After a few drinks they picked up a friend of her's who got into the backseat with her.

He immediately began to grope her and took her breasts out and twisted her nipples. She loves to have her nipples played with so she did not object.

They stopped at a porno store and they went inside and went a room in the rear o..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

Wife loans out husband
This is a true story about my wife who loaned out her Husband.

We are an average couple married 24 years with 2 grown children. My wife Tina just turned 50 and I’m Mike and 56. We have had a good sex life and lately we had been experimenting with toys and fantasies. We have also tried a threesome FFM a few years back with a divorced friend. Tina enjoys watching me with another wom..
Poster: Michael | Full Story»

Wife's First Glory Hole Experience
Saturday night my wife came home with an unusal story. She had gone drinking with several people from her office when one of them suggested they visit a glory hole in a nearby adult book story.

She had never been to a glory hole and was told that she could just watch. One of the guys took her hand and drove her to the bookstore.

She had enough to drink that she ..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

My Russian Wife has Cuckolded Me
I am married to a Russian woman and we live in LA. This was technically her 3rd marriage and my second. I am of Indian ethnicity.

My first marriage was arranged by my parents which didn’t work out. Her second marriage was to an Armenian guy for getting a green card which they actually lived together for awhile and consummated the marriage. She has a grown up daughter from her..
Poster: Happily cuckold | Full Story»

Wife Cheats on a Cuckold Husband
My wife tells me that she is reluctantly being a hotwife mainly because of my insistence of wanting to be a cuckold.

I had “pushed” a few meetups over the years, where I have witnessed that she becomes a slut that really enjoys fucking other men.

I couldn’t compute any of this until I had a chance meeting with a co-worker of hers. He is married and he also..
Poster: Robert | Full Story»

Wife at a Party, they took her Ass
My wife came home from a party at the house of one of her coworkers and could hardly walk to the bed.

She told me that three men at the party had spent the evening destroying her ass. She has never had anal sex and told them that was the case.

They took it as a challenge and concentrated on destroying her asshole. She said they all fucked her in her ass and then..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

Role Play taken to the next Level
Some time back I was extremely lucky to find a married couple who were looking to take their role playing sex games up a notch or three.

The husband had gotten into the fantasy of sharing his wife with another man and they had acted out many scenarios using different sized dildos and vibrators but the wife was very reluctant to bring another 'real' man into their bedroom.
Poster: Onlinebull | Full Story»

My Girlfriend gave a Blow Job to a Stranger
Ok so last year, my girlfriend (26 petite brunette) decided to go on a trip with her best friend, they always do weekends or backpack trips in different countries and I’m not always available to travel with her anyway.

So they decided to go to Spain (we’re from Canada) for three weeks. We kinda joked about the fact that she could try to have some fun while on vacation but since ..
Poster: What's Up! | Full Story»

Wife's first Glory Hole
My wife recently went out drinking with a girlfriend of hers. After several drinks her friend said she was going to a glory hole that she had visited before and asked my wife to go with her.

My wife told her that she had heard of them but had never been to one. They drove to a adult book store and went to the back of the store and into a small room. She told me they were in the..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

Chuck Wife
My wife passed away in an Auto accident a year ago but I will always remember the hot times we had. She was the sexiest woman I ever met and was always ready to try something (or someone) new.

She had the strongest sex drive of any woman I ever met. I will always remember coming home from work and hearing noises from the bedroom.

When I looked in she was lying na..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

College Kid Fucks my Wife
My wife, Beth, is now 38 and I am 40. This happened when she was 33. Beth has a curvaceous figure and about 5’8”. She is blond and has short hair. We got married when she was 25.

We did some swapping and some threesomes until around when she was 28. When she was 29 we had our first kid.

At 33, Beth went back to school. A 21 year old kid kept on hitting on..
Poster: TST | Full Story»

Asked by a Friend to Cuckold Him
Helping my friend (first time bull). This was back in 16/17. I had a friend whose girlfriend was really into the idea of him watching but not touching.

My friend knows I’m pretty open minded and have talked to him about swinging so he asked me. We set a date and texted back and forth a bit.

His girlfriend even sent me a few messages to “set the mood”. The day ..
Poster: Martin Jones | Full Story»

My Brother has taken over my Wife and Me
I am not that type of cuckold that likes being humiliated and my wife recently over the past few years started to enjoy humiliating me.

Early on in our journey, we played a game of who she will fuck among the people we know. My brother who is older to me and who actually cheats people for a living was one person that my wife despised.

He gave bad vibes and Angela..
Poster: Joseph | Full Story»

Fun with a Couple Outdoors
This occurred back one summer. 2019 had been a hot day and as it started to cool I decided
to take a walk along the canal path.

I had been out almost an hour when my trip took off up a
track off of the pathway. I had been up there before and knew that there was a clearing at the top. I had played football there a few times.

As I approached the clearing..
Poster: Martin Jones | Full Story»

The best part of our Cuckold Experience
First let me say, I think it happened without either my wife or me being aware. It was natural and a process at the same time.

She started making comments, making sure I enjoyed our sex and saying things like she already had sex that day and she just wanted to make sure I was enjoying it.

She was unconsciously feeling guilty for having great sex without me on a ver..
Poster: Happy Couple | Full Story»

Wife almost Cucked Me
So years ago I brought up this fantasy to my wife and for a few years we’ve had many talks, arguments and small experiences leading up to being in the lifestyle.

So my friend actually saw a post I had put up when I was showing my wife off! He eventually brought it to my attention as he asked about the lifestyle.

I told him about my fantasy and how me and my wife ha..
Poster: Simpy | Full Story»

Our Friend "K"
Our first experience cuckolding with Kris was quite the emotional roller coaster. I had never been so turned on before, but I also dealt with some jealousy.

Fortunately, we had great communication, and we were able to surpass these obstacles.

A few weeks passed, and we continued fantasizing about Kris and my wife, reliving that night where he had sex with her.
Poster: WinOne | Full Story»

Still Evolving, (Part 11)
Hi everybody, so my wife’s birthday was fun! She ended up spending the weekend with her boyfriend of a year and a half. And I bought them dinner and gave them a nice hotel room. I stayed in the other hotel. We had a good time and enjoyed the dinners and, I had fun dancing and stuff.

Sunday when we got home, she let me lick her dirty pussy which I always enjoy. Lots of leftover ..
Poster: John F. | Full Story»

The Unexpected Catalyst for Renewed Intimacy
The Unexpected Catalyst for Renewed Intimacy
by Dr. Vivienne Sable, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Certified sex therapist

An Uncomfortable Truth

In the often challenging landscape of long-term relationships, even happily married couples can unfortunately find themselves grappling with the erosion of sexual passion over time. This erosion can ..
Poster: Vivienne Sable | Full Story»

First Time with many Guys
As a cuckold my best experience had been when my wife’s bull invited her and me to his place. When we walked in we were surprised that the room was filled with men (about 7 to 8). These were his friends and coworkers. My wife was ordered to wear her black mini-dress that was very short and also not to wear any panties.

She was ordered to strip naked and with her high heels, she..
Poster: Married to a hotwife | Full Story»

Something to Prove!
My wife always knew that I shared my first wife with my best friend, and it never seemed to bother her as she had been shared for most of our marriage.

A few months back I got a call out of the blue from Phil who was my lifelong best friend and also the one I had shared my first wife with.

He said he was moving back from the northwest and was hoping we could get som..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

I was Born to be a Cuckold
I grow up in a cuckold family! My mom was areal slut and dad was so proud for her activities. Me too.

I loved that my mom was a slut and I was dreaming to have also a slut wife to make me proud cuckold.

I fell in love with a girl who was the fucktoy of the school that time. I asked her to marry me and to keep fucking around as she wishes.

The more di..
Poster: george ntinou | Full Story»

I Learned to like my Wife's Cheating Ways
This story really happened at a family wedding reception a few years back. The dinner and dance were held in an upmarket reception centre and everyone was enjoying it and a great time was being had by all.

I was up at the bar getting a drink when I came across a relative I hadn't seen since we were young kids. I couldn't help but notice what a sexy lady she had grown into over the..
Poster: GEEWHIZ | Full Story»

Wife Vacation Fuck
My wife cucked me. This happened a few years ago. I was never into being a cuckold. Simone, my wife, would get flirty when she drank. It was always innocent stuff that no one took it as anything more than that.

We went to the Caribbean on vacation. For the first two days we did a lot of fun stuff on the beach, in town, and at the hotel pool. That evening we were relaxing at the..
Poster: One time cuck | Full Story»

Boss Stole my Wife
My wife and I are in our forties and my wife’s boss is divorced and in his fifties. He has kids and so do we. Miranda and my relationship is open and although I no longer participate in the open relationship aspect myself, she still does which kind of makes me a cuckold.

Miranda and I enjoy a great sex life. She does spend nights at her boss’s home which our kids think that m..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Wife has only had One
Anita is my wife of 11 years. She only had 2 boyfriends before she met me, and they never had much sex because of her upbringing.

Also, these 2 men were not good at it. It blew her mind the first time we fucked. She had never cum with anyone before and had only used her own fingers to rub her clit. She didn’t do that much as she was told that it was bad.

Poster: Andylad | Full Story»

I want more, honey - chapter I
Hi. Nice to meet you. I hope you like the first chapter of my book "I want more, honey".

I want more, honey

Chapter I

Claudia walked towards the bathroom on shaky legs. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at her husband, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, struggling to put on his underwear. She liked what she was seeing. Considering his age an..
Poster: Paul J Simmons | Full Story»

Making Hubby a Cuckold
When I was younger, my best friend and I made a pack to lose our cherries before graduation. I was very inquisitive about sex and dicks.

Me and Cindy would have sleep overs and share information about guys and who we were crushing on. We also shared information about sexually pleasing ourselves and boys.

We talked about masturbation, jerking off guys, and giving hea..
Poster: Jan | Full Story»

Marie and Caesar
I had no idea that my wife was fucking the landscaper until I got home early from work. I went upstairs when I heard that familiar sound and slightly opened the door.

My wife was on our bed and Caesar was humping away. He legs crisscrossed around his back. I went down putting things away in the kitchen.

Caesar figured out I was home when he got down the stairs an..
Poster: Average American couple | Full Story»

Cuckolded by someone I Hate
When I first met my now girlfriend, 3 years ago, she was talking with an another guy, let's call him Steve. I know they hooked up once or twice before she and I made it official so maybe I have a bias but, since they stayed friends after that, I got to know him better and : I can't stand the guy. He's arrogant, mac-hist, a show-off, he can't stand if he's not the center of attention. But let's fac..
Poster: Noah | Full Story»

Cuckold Fantasy comes True
Tom and Jill (not their real names) are our friends that are swingers and they are very open about it. We are not swingers or anything.

They are just good friends that we hang around with. They talk a lot about their swinging experiences maybe hoping that we would get interested. My wife has no interest whatsoever and is also tired about Tom and Jill talking about getting naked..
Poster: GB | Full Story»

First ThreeSome
I was 19 and had a really hot boyfriend when I was in high school. My boyfriend was a year younger than me. My boyfriends cousin was three years older and in college.

His girlfriend Kathy was my age. We often went on double dates together. Rusty and Kathy were very affectionate towards each in our company and would openly talk about sex.

My boyfriend was a little in..
Poster: Jan | Full Story»

Fucking with a Couple in a Pub Carpark in their Car
I had arranged to meet a couple in a pub for a naughty lunchtime social and possible play. This was back in June this year. After a few back and forth emails on a local swinger site. The couple were in their late 40's early 50`s, we made arrangements to meet in a pub for lunch out near Tamworth in the uk.

I really don't want to reveal their names so I’ll just refer to them as husb..
Poster: Martin Jones | Full Story»

Wife Fucks her Boss and the Clients
My wife fucks her boss. Basically he is her bull. He satisfies her better than I can so that kinda explains the situation.

Occasionally, he uses my wife to entertain his business clients. I really love this as a cuckold. She is 5 feet 10, has long blond hair and small tits. She is 37 and I am 44.

Some tidbits here. At a dinner meeting with a client at a fancy ..
Poster: Terry | Full Story»

My Wife Fucked around a lot before we Met
My wife had been telling me all the things she did when she was in college and before we started dating. I enjoyed hearing these stories a lot and my dick always got hard. She was an absolute party animal that went wild during spring break and was always at parties.

I can’t imagine how she would be so available being naked at a party and giving free use to guys. I asked her if ..
Poster: JJS | Full Story»

My Roomate and my Girlfriend
He didn’t know it at the time, but I did this on purpose. See just a couple weeks before we moved back I told my gf (now wife) I thought I was a cuck… Well she told me that he would be the guy she would want to try it with.

So fast forward a couple weeks and we’re out drinking at our favorite bar. She was flirty and touchy, but honestly this wasnt suspicious cause that’s jus..
Poster: Anon | Full Story»

Still, Evolving, (Part 10)
I am a 66 year old cuckold husband with a 29 year old, hot wife! How do I plan on keeping my marriage together and my wife happy?

By letting her enjoy life to its fullest! She’s out on a date now with her 28 year old boyfriend. He’s a nice guy and he treats her right. He doesn’t have the largest cock but it’s very fat and he’s young and enthusiastic!

Poster: John F. | Full Story»

Asian Cuckold Couple - The Italian
This is about enzo, one of our regulars and we met him at a swing party in KL.

Good looking italian, mid 40's, solid big body (not muscular), great personality and a thick cock.

There were some 12 couples at the party( too many actually), at a bungalow in kenny hills; pool, bar, snooker table etc etc. he had fucked my wife twice during the party (she told me later, an..
Poster: dan | Full Story»

Unexpected Roommate!
We had been playing for a while when I was told I would be attending a two-week training school. The good part was it was in a resort town that was only two hours from home. I get to the hotel to check in and head to my room to find that my assigned roommate was already checked in. I introduced myself to Tony a black guy a little older than me.

Tony seemed to be a great guy and we ..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

No Option but to Share
My wife has been married before and was in a relationship when we met. She also had another lover-quite a well known scientist who traveled to the UK every few months.

It was a condition of getting married that she kept these relationships. This means that at least one a month she has lunch with the long-term lover followed by sex in our marital bed while I'm working.

Poster: Charles Eliot | Full Story»

My Husband wants me to Contact my Ex
A little back story on this one....

When my husband and I first met I was dating someone at the time. I was back and forth quite a bit between my boyfriend at the time and my husband. Long story short, I left the guy I was dating at the time and started dating my husband.

My husband and I have been married 12 years now and have developed an open relationship the last ..
Poster: Charlotte | Full Story»

The situation with my boss
About a month ago, the boss had called me into his office. It was unusual for him to call me as I do not report directly to him. He offered me a promotion that would put me in a senior position with double the salary. After he dangled this good news in front of me, he told me about the conditions.

He said that he was single and that like any man he had needs. He did not want to ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

My Girlfriend convinced me to let her Fuck another Guy
When I was in college, I had a gf. We had a lot of fun sex and did a bunch of crazy and adventurous things. But I am on the smaller side of average, by a bit.

I'm about 3 inches when I'm fully hard. But I always made up for it in other ways. Then one day my gf talked to me about her having sex with another guy.

At first my reaction was anger and a feeling of betraya..
Poster: NoSmug | Full Story»

My first time getting Cucked, (My 21st Birthday)
(All names were changed because I'm not a doxxer)

There is a Tl;DR at the bottom

My first true cuckold experience was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. It was my birthday and I was 21, and I had way to much to drink. I had been dating Tiffany since we were in high school.

I loved Tiffany with every inch of my heart. S..
Poster: Tyler | Full Story»