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cuck trained
My wife and I had 3way sex with her GF many times. We both enjoyed this very much as they are bisexual. I had mentioned several times that I would love to see her sucking and fucking another man. She would say we'll see. We watched porn together from time to time and one Saturday night after dinner we got a good buzz going and she mentioned she picked up a couple of movies. I was surprised because..
Poster: Larry | Full Story»

Leg man
I have always been a leg man.I've told my wife I married her because I love her legs(we just laugh it off).She has got these stripper Legs that you just can't take your eye's off them.She also has these small sexy feet to go with her sexy legs.When we go out to a night club she wears her mini dress to show her legs off.She knows I get off when she teases other men with her gorgeous legs.I started..
Poster: ralph | Full Story»

My wife become a porn star in my eyes
It's like watching a porn movie,but my wife is the porn star.I have video tape of my wife fucking here favorite guy to fuck for years.She started fucking other guys when she first asked me if I had any fantasies.I told her I wanted to see her fuck other guys and agreed to do it.She was in her 28 years old when she started to chose who she wanted to fuck.I started taking picture's of her fucking ot..
Poster: ralph | Full Story»

Call Chuck
We hadn't called Chuck since he went to New York and gotten married.This was his third marriage.It seem that every time he went to visit he came back with a new wife.They were all nice black girls.I told my wife he just could'nt keep it in his pants.I though I call him.I got a hold of his new number and I called.He answerd and I said this Rafael.Hey he said.How's married life? I said.I got divorce..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

Long black dress with slit.on side
It was 1979 and girl friend (now wife) was 19 and I was 29. She was blonde blue eye and hetr skin was white as snow.I played key boards with a well known group .I was taking my girl friend to diffenet clubs that I knew the guys in the bands.On this night she wore a tight long black sleeveless dress that almost touched the floor.This dress had a slit on the side that went from the floor to her hip..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

Wife wast me to invite worker for lunch
My wife and I had been looking for Someone she would like to fuck.she would be the one to chose the one.So I I to!d her I would invite a co-worker over for lunch.So next day I invite John over for lunch.He was new at the job.He was 6' and built.I opened the door and said I'm home for lunch and I brought someone with me.She came out wearing this tight blue torques mini dress and torques high heel ..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

I want Cecilio to fuck me
This the third part on Cecilio and my wife Brenda.My wife had finely told me at the night club what Ceceilipo had talked to her on the phone about.He wanted to fuck her.So she had me talk to him about setting it up.Well I talked to him the next night at work with him.well, I said wife wants me to set it up with you as to where this Friday. your O.K with this he said.Well to tell you the truth.It t..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

Get wife and Cecilio Together
This is part two of how I got my wife and Cecilio together for a fuck.I some how had to get them to see each other again.I knew he wanted to fuck her and the more I brought his name up ,I noticed she would light up.It was a month later and he had become my boss and I had become his right hand man.We now were in our own office and got to talking more often.One night at the club my wife asked me how..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

Shooting Blanks
My wife Brenda loves to fuck Chuck.Cecilio is his real name,but my wife likes to call him chuck.He is a 5'10" and from Panama. ket me take you back how my wufe and Cecilio met.I knew him first from work.I left for another and my wife started working that same job when I left.She started talking about this guy was always hitting on her.I noticed when ever she'd start talking about a guy at work sh..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

Wife helped girl friend become hot
This was around 1980.My wife introduced me to the girl who had just moved up stairs across from as.She had a hot body, but would dress old fashion and wore these black rim glasses.She would come over and sit at the dinning table with my wife and just talk girl talk.One day I told my wife.Sue sure does dress old.You dress in these mini dresses and do your nails and hair when we go out to a club.I n..
Poster: Ralph cervantes | Full Story»

After the Night Club
It was Jan.1,2004 and my wife asked me if she had my permission to fuck our black friend after the night club.I said aslong as I could video tape the fuck.Our friend had no problem with it and said to come over after the night club.My wife 43 had a hot body that our friend Cecilio wanted to fuck for a long time.That night she dressed in a black mini dress,7" high heels and long gold ear rings that..
Poster: Ralph | Full Story»

The first time I shared my wife
My wife's name is Stacy and we have been married for 9 years. I am 33 and she is 31. We have always had a great sex life and have been very open and honest with each other about sexual desires and fantasies. We have talked about the possibility of including someone or a couple into our sex lives, but really had not done anything to pursue it. In the meantime, we had developed a close relationship..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

As I read other posts I wonder why there are so many men like me. I want a handsome, middle age gentleman to give my wife the hardest, deepest and most violent fucking of her life. I want to hear her scream with pleasure and beg for more. Have her tell me she wants this again and again and as often as possible because her mouth, her pussy and her anus belong to him whenever and wherever he want..
Poster: Frank | Full Story»

thrills galore
I am not bi or gay. I love to fuck women and do so with several ladies outside my marriage. My wife knows but never inquires as to who, when or where. On the other hand my beautiful wife has one very serious lover. I know him but he does not know that I know - he thinks she is cheating on the side. My wife loves to tell me in graphic detail every thing she and her lover do and I love, love to..
Poster: charlie | Full Story»

Bf watches me with his buddy
My boyfriend has been encouraging me to flirt with his buddies and tease and flash them, this has been fun for us both. He said he would love to see me get naked for them and let them seduce me. The thought turned me on, I asked him what if they tried to do something when I was naked, he said he would love to watch me with them, so I asked him if he wanted me to really do this. He said he would. S..
Poster: Maxetonic | Full Story»

a very old video (2)
Following on from my post of 19 March, on the thrills of cuckold French kissing!
French kissing is an odd cuckold issue. There are some husbands who, though LOVE watching their wives being ravished by their stud friends, do NOT like their wives French kissing their lovers. Indeed many prostitutes do NOT French kiss their clients, the logic being that deep kissing is an intimate act, involvi..
Poster: unusual thrill? | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Agreed to have an Open Relationship
We had only been together for a few months when I suggested to my GF Jenny that maybe we should try having an "open relationship". She didn't seem that keen, but eventually agreed. I was happy because I thought it would mean I could fuck other girls, but I soon found how stupid I was.
We were at a party a few weeks later, and everyone was drunk and stoned, and I realized Jenny had disappear..
Poster: Big Jimmy | Full Story»

The prelude to sharing my wife. Chapter 1
Let me start by saying we are a happily married couple that has enjoyed the lifestyle for the last 7 years. We are 45 and 42. She is 5’3”, 110, petite blonde
The idea of her fucking others started after we were married about 6 months. We had known each for 12 years before we got together and I knew from the grapevine that she was slutty in her younger days and I mean really slutty, as I..
Poster: watchinghubbyinwi | Full Story»

Just a fantasy
First, about my wife, she's 30, short (5'0"), chubby (180lbs), brown hair, blue eyes, 40 DD breasts, nice big ass, full lips, and an always shaved or trimmed pussy. I would love to have her make a friend she could have some fun with.

She's very shy and sheltered and never really experienced life until we met. Not that there's much to experience in Jasper, Alabama anyways. She's only..
Poster: Guy | Full Story»

Adult store encounter
My wife and I went to the adult store to look at toys for her. We had never been to this one. While looking around we saw the arcade booths. She is very conservative and had never seen them. So I said let's go in and see what it's like. So we headed inside the arcade area. We walked into a booth and I said you watch porn in here. We could hear other Booth's playing the videos. So we went to go get..
Poster: Jim raduenz | Full Story»

It Started as A Fantasy
My wife & I would fantasize during sex of having another male join us. We never really thought that we would let it happen in real life. My wife Dee started flirting in the chat rooms. I knew of it and sometimes would watch what was being said. She found a guy, Tom, whom she was really beginning to like as he was not a pushy type, & seemed genuinely a nice person. Tom was in a sexless marriage. He..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Wife Watching Porn
Porn watching is no secret in my marriage. From the beginning of our relationship, we have been open about our need for self pleasure. It turns me on to no end to watch my wife masturbate to orgasm. One night I woke up to her with one hand under the cover massaging her pussy and the other hand holding the iPad. She was rubbing out to a mfm threesome scene. On the screen of the IPad was a big booty..
Poster: Mr. Banks | Full Story»

Kinky Game with My Wife and Her Telling Me About Dave
I have a sexy little wife Grace,,petite latina, about 5" tall, 34D tits and the greatest little ass and legs you could want. We have been married about 4 years, and sex is great,but we had one problem we finally turned to our advantage. I found out just before we married she and a friend of mine, Dave, had fucked each other one night, before Grace and I dated. Dave is the one who told me this afte..
Poster: Anthony | Full Story»

Shauna Wants His BBC Again
We have met with JD two times within the last year. He gave my wife her first big black cock and she let me know that she was ready again. I had told my wife she could call him if she wanted, but she had too do it this time, not me. Shauna calls JD and sets up a time and place for them too get together. We'd be meeting in Dallas which is about a 6 hour drive for us, but it will be a nice weekend g..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

My Wife's 50 Year Old Stud Bull
Our Bull has been in Montana training to be a mountain bike coach. Essentially doing the same things as the young athletes, 15-24, but at age 50. He is an airline pilot and has an elite physical status with the FAA that he covets. So he does things like this to stay in prime condition. He arrived last night and my wife picked him up at the airport. They went to his place as his wife's gone and he ..
Poster: Tom | Full Story»