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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I'm sending you this journal in hopes of figuring out my mixed up feelings about my new marriage.

I just watched several men fuck my bride Wendy tonight, our honeymoon. You see that was Wendy's wedding present to me. They still haven't finished with her yet so I'm still anxiously waiting for my turn to finally make love to my lovely bride. As I write this I'm looking over across our honeymoon suite as her favorite lover, the minister and my boss are finally helping Wendy remove her pure white wedding gown. The smell of sex has filled the room and I can see numerous cum stains dripped on the gown's front neckline and the area near my bride's garter. I'd say it's ruined. I have whacked off three times watching them go at it. This is the first time I've been allowed to watch as Wendy has sex with other men.

My wife is the loveliest creature I ever laid eyes on. Wendy is 5' 5", 110 lb., 34 B breasts with large puffed out nipples and arioles. Her taught athletic body is topped by super long blond hair which she keeps up pinned up at work but lets flow when at leisure. Her largish glasses give her large green eyes a young professional look she needs at work but her highly sensual nature glows right through anyway. At 28 her long legs make men notice her even when her clothing is prim and proper.

When I proposed to her six months ago I was overjoyed when she said "Yes". We had been dating for over nine months with the stipulation that we each were allowed to date other people. I was just glad to have Wendy notice me. I met her at an in-house business seminar between our different company divisions. I accurately guessed she worked out regularly as her well toned 27 year old body gave every man an instant hard on, including me. Wendy carried herself as a sweet and innocent young professional who like most woman her age was looking for "Mr. Right". At the seminar lunch breaks we chatted. Woman seem to easily open up to me thinking I'm not a serious sexual prospect so they treat me like a friend. Wendy was no different. She told me she was looking for an older tall good looking well built man who could provide a stable home environment, go to church, help nurture the kids and generally be best friend and sole mate. By the end of the seminar I had boldly (for me) asked her to go out with me. At first she was reluctant saying she didn't want to spoil our friendship. Finally, I had to agree we would date only as friends. She said not to expect any romance as she didn't see me in that way. Wendy added that she intended to date other guys she found attractive. I agreed just to be near her.

We dated several times a month, even attending church together. When I took her to the movies I attempted to put my arm around her like lovers often do but she would make me stop as it made her feel "Uncomfortable". Even holding hands with her took several months to accomplish. Wendy was very open with our discussions telling me about her past boy friends and how she would always fall for the tall, well built guys. She called it "Her One Weakness". Wendy lamented how she had no problem finding the right guys physically but they always seemed unwilling to make a commitment or raise children.

About six months into the dating I asked her to go to a popular singles night club. For the first time she showed a genuine interest in me. We held hands and even kissed during a slow dance together. After several drinks Wendy would be more affectionate even to the point of rubbing my leg just below my crotch giving me a raging hard-on. As we gradually got more inebriated Wendy told me she wished she could find a guy who was as gentle and considerate as me but in the body of a "Hunk". I was flattered and encouraged by her compliment of my nature but hurt by her arbitrarily eliminating me as a viable partner. Several times during the night men would brazenly ask to dance with her even when I was sitting close to her. Wendy usually accepted the offers especially if the guy was tall, well built and handsome. At 5'7" and 140 lb. I'm not big guy so I guess better built men feel they can move right in. Several times I noticed Wendy rubbing her body close to her partner during slow dances. I even caught a view of Wendy brazenly rubbing one guys crotch with her hand. As they left the dance floor I could see a huge bulge in his pants. His hard-on was at least twice the size of the one I got watching them. He then whispered into Wendy's ear and she nodded yes. Next they stopped at his table where he retrieved a business card from his jacket handed it to Wendy and then jotted down what I gathered was Wendy's phone number. He then leaned over and gave her a warm kiss to the her lips as he kneaded her ass with one of his hands. Wendy melted right into him. I was shocked at how a total stranger could so quickly win her affections.

When Wendy returned to our table she was not as affectionate to me as she had been just a few minutes ago. Her mind seemed elsewhere. Suddenly the same guy appeared leaning over Wendy rubbing her shoulders.

"Peter this is Roger." said Wendy as she introduced me to him. "He's a division manager at our company." Then she hesitated and asked. "Pete would you be upset if I let Roger take me home?" She asked. I instantly got a heart ache as I realized she wanted Roger to escort her home instead of me. Always the gentleman never the man I much to readily agreed it was "OK", even though inside I wanted to scream NO! I went home alone and humiliated. At home I masturbated to a fabulous orgasm thinking about Wendy and her hunk of a guy kissing and making out on the first night they met.

It was several weeks later that I realized I wanted to ask Wendy to marry me. My thinking was to get her to marry me so I could have her for myself. We were at the dance club late. Wendy and I had many drinks so we were rather tipsy. Under our table she gently teased my penis through my pants with her long finger nails. We hugged and snuggled as she gazed into my eyes with a dreamy look on her face and a sly smile.

"You want me don't you?" She murmured.

"Oh God Yes!" I responded in my most sincere tone. I was in bliss. Wendy was thinking of me in a sensual way not just platonic!

"Let's go out to the car." she whispered. Ooo. yea I'm thinking. So out we go into the car. Wendy turned on the radio to some smooth jazz and we started to cuddle. "I noticed your longing looks towards me lately Peter. I figured since your my best friend, what the heck you deserve pleasure too." I couldn't believe my ears. Wendy was going to give me what a so desperately worked toward. Her intimate charms...Wendy then unzipped my rock hard 5" cock and fondly started to stroked me. "Peter you have been so wonderful these last few months, so understanding and supportive ... a true best friend. I noticed how you get all hot and bothered when I dance with you and I even noticed your hard-on when I come back from dancing with other guys.

"Oh turn me on so much." I managed to say as her stroking continued.

"You've wanted me to be with you instead of those guys I bet." she teased. "But you like the fact good looking well built studs find me so attractive ... and easy... don't you?" she asked.

"ummm yes Wendy yes ohhhh your gonna make me cum." I said with a heavy breath.

"Oh Peter your such a nice guy I feel I can talk about anything with you. This last few weeks I've grown so fond of you. Its like we're soul mates. I just wish I could more attracted to you physically!"

"Wendy I feel close to you too." I said "Please let me show you how good we can be together. I ache for you, I long for your touch and dream of your approving embrace."

"How sweet...Peter.." said Wendy with a smooth tender voice.

"Wendy....." Big Breath...."Would you marry me?" I barely got it out. Showing her a 1 carat diamond ring I had chosen to woo her with.

"Peter! Wow! exclaimed Wendy

"Wendy I want you to be so happy. I know I may not be your perfect guy but I want to give you everything you need. If you agree to marry me I will always be faithful and honest with you, treat you with respect, and do my best to see your life is fulfilling. I know I would be a good father too." I said pouring my soul out Wendy.

"Oh Peter...." Long pause....."You're perfect is so many ways.....except physically" she added in a low tone. "I know from my past history eventually I would be unfaithful to you and I know that would hurt you so deeply." She said frankly. "I'm not right for you. I'm not the sweet innocent girl you longingly seek. Ever since I was 14 I've known that I was a bonafide nymphomaniac."

"Wendy I already figured out your physical needs are beyond my capabilities to satisfy you. Hell, Roger is twice the man I am. I know that about you. I still want to marry you. Please.... You can continue to spend time with other men if you need too! All I ask is that you are honest with me about it and always come back to me." I said with welling tears.

Ohhh..Peter...You would let me seek satisfaction outside our marital bed?" She asked.

"Yes!" I choked as I broke out in tears.

"Wow.. you are special" She exclaimed as she gave me a strong hug and stroked my hair. "Peter you're so wonderful. I agree to marry you." I placed the engagement ring on my lovely fiance's finger.

I had done it! Wendy agreed to marry me "Holy shit what have I gotten myself into" I thought.

"We can let the engagement be a test of the arrangement." she added.

"Exactly my thoughts." I added finally getting a grip on my emotions.

Wendy then started to stroke my 5" penis to full hardness "How cute." she blurted. In about ten strokes I came all over my shirt as our tongues met in a wet kiss. I was in heaven!

That night we went back to my place where we engaged in the best sex I had ever had. Wendy was well versed in a variety of talents. She easily deep throated my 5" tickling my balls and even inserting one of her fingers in my ass gently stimulating my prostate. The effect was immediate and I blasted my load right down her throat. At Wendy's insistence, I eat her partially shaved pussy both before and after intercourse. This seemed to be the only way I could bring her to an orgasm.

"If I knew how good you were with your mouth Peter I would have gotten with you sooner." She said as she held my head in her hands pushing my face into her wet hole. I ate cum, my own, for the first time even licking the wayward juices from her puckered ass at Wendy's insistence.

"Do it right my little man!" she encouraged. "My Little Man" soon became her pet name for me. We fell asleep in each others arms.


We decided to live together to truly test our arrangement out. Because of a busy schedule at work and the moving Wendy really didn't have any time to seek out any other men. She had to be satisfied with what I could offer for several weeks. The interval must have made Wendy extremely horny. She had me eat her out every morning before work and even had me purchase a large black 10" dildo to help satisfy her during our lovemaking each night. Of course I licked her clean at the end of each session. During that time we set up a spare bedroom for me to sleep in when she had a "Guest" over for the night.

"Honey, don't forget the appointment we have tonight at 7:00 PM with the pastor at our church. It's our first marriage consultation you know." Said Wendy as we left for work. "Oh and I've also got a date with Roger later tonight. He's picking me up at nine after we get back from our marriage consultation."

At work all I could think about was Wendy's date tonight. How another guy, a better endowed lover was going to be with my Wendy giving her the sexual pleasure I could not. I had to conceal my constant erection from my secretary and co-workers all day. By the time I got home I had to change my underwear because of all the precum I had dripped.

Wendy was already home when I arrived. She was dressed for an evening out. Black stockings and garter, blue sleeveless sequined cocktail dress and black high heals finished the look. She wore her hair up showing off her gold hoop earrings and her long neck wrap with a gold necklace I had given her recently. Of course she also had her diamond engagement ring which she never takes off. I knew that tender hand that bore my ring would soon be stroking another mans 10" cock, urging it to give up it's potent seed. I had a vision of his sperm slowly dripping down his throbbing shaft coating her fingers and collecting at the engagement ring as Wendy licked it up with her hungry tongue.

Finally Wendy and I were off to meet with the pastor. Even though Wendy is a slut by nature she attends church regularly. Those who see her at church would only see a well dressed prim and proper lady, never imagining her promiscuous lifestyle. Wendy said that her faith is good for her soul and she seeks comfort in God's understanding and ultimate forgiveness. Not being very devout myself I was somewhat nervous about presenting ourselves to a man of the cloth. Wendy warned me he would be asking some very personal questions about our lives. Needless to say the prospect of the pastor discovering our arrangement was embarrassing. I hesitantly knocked on the door.

"Hey, good to see you. It's been a while hasn't it?" Started the pastor. Giving Wendy a VERY warm hug and a lip kiss. The pastor was in his mid fifties but in good health. At 6'2" he must have been an athlete when younger.

"Yes I know pastor I'm so sorry, been very busy you know." She responded matter of factly, like one would speak to an old friend.

"Never too busy for God's redemption I say." he returned.

"Pastor Mike this is my fiancé, Peter...Peter this is Pastor Mike." Said Wendy introducing me to the pastor.

"Relax Peter, I've known Wendy since she was 14 when her mother brought her to me for counseling." said Pastor Mike as he ushered us in to his library. "Well Wendy, you look like you two have a date tonight?"

"Yes I'm actually meeting someone else tonight Pastor, Peter is going to stay home." Answered Wendy. I was floored. Wendy didn't even try to hide her infidelity. I must have turned bright red with embarrassment.

"Relax Peter" said the pastor. "I've know about Wendy's condition that is why her mother brought her to me for counseling. Peter, Wendy has had allot of time to come to terms with her condition it is you I'm worried about. God expects us to be loyal and faithful to our spouses. He also expects understanding and a commitment to help those who need our help with their respective infliction's. I assume you understand Wendy's condition?" He asked.

"I think I do." I said.

"Well just to be sure let me fill you in on what to expect in your marriage." said Pastor Mike. "Wendy is very loving and kind, but her sexual needs drive her to a level that often makes her trample her loved ones feelings and emotions in her search for fulfillment. You can expect to be teased, bullied, and generally humiliated quite often and sometimes at the most unexpected times. I must say Wendy has improved greatly in her ability to handle herself as she has matured into the lovely woman before us. Further, as her husband you will be expected to help her find fulfillment in your marriage as best you can while maintaining your own faithfulness to Wendy. After all she is the one that needs our help not you. Do you understand now?

"Yes Pastor I understand." I responded, somewhat shaken by his frankness and stern tone.

"One more thing, Peter," added the pastor. "It's your Christian duty to raise and nurture children. Do you want children Peter?"

"Yes of course," I said.

"Good, because Wendy has told me many times that when she marries the right man she would want to have lots of children. The thing that worries me is you may not love the children she has by other men. I want your assurance that you'll give all Wendy's children your complete love and support." Finished the Pastor giving me a stern questioning look. "We'll talk about this at a later session."

"Now Peter if you could be so kind and give Wendy and I some privacy. You can watch TV in the outer office if you like. I need to discuss some things with Wendy." Insisted the pastor.

When the door closed behind me I heard the latch being locked and the Pastors voice clearly ...

"Wendy you look so good I could eat you!" he said

I sat in wonder for the next 30 minutes listening to Wendy and the pastor as they obviously engaged in sex. I could here squishy sounds, squeals of delight and Wendy's loud unmistakable wails of orgasm. I resisted my fervent urge to masturbate for fear that someone else might come into the outer office. Then toward the end of my wait I heard the Pastor groan out loud. Then the pastor stuck his head out the door. "Peter could you please come in now, Wendy needs your help before she goes on her date."

As I entered the library the smell off sex was heavy in the air. The Pastor was buttoning his shirt. His semi hard unclipped penis glistened with the juices of their mating. Even spent, his cock was a good 7". I also noticed he was very hairy, his chest and especially pubic region was very bushy. As I continued to stare I further noticed his testicles hung really low and were huge compared to mine. All in all a very well endowed man. He looked up at me pointing to where Wendy was sprawled on his leather couch. "You know what to do Peter. Help Wendy get cleaned up will you. I'm sure she doesn't want to be too sore for her date. She's got a long night ahead of her."

Wendy was completely naked except for her jewelry. Her clothes were neatly hung nearby to preserve their freshness. "Come Peter use that wonderful tongue of yours to clean me out. The Pastor left a big load for you." Wendy murmured. I knelt down and saw a big glob of spunk oozing from her ass. "Pastor wanted to leave my pussy fresh for my date. Isn't that considerate of him?" She said. It took me a good ten minutes to get most of his cum out of her ass. I probed with my tongue and finally ended up sucking it out. The pastor finished dressing and told Wendy that we would need several more marriage counseling sessions before the wedding.

"Peter can you call Roger while I dress. Tell him I'm running late and that you will drop me off at his condo. Here's the number." said Wendy. Humiliated, I went and made the call. Roger didn't seem surprised to hear my voice. Maybe Wendy had told him of our arrangement. Then I waited for Wendy to come out to the car.

As we drove over to Roger's condo I asked Wendy how long she had been letting the pastor fuck her. She told me a long story of how her mother had caught her fucking the husband of the couple she baby sat for when Wendy was fourteen. Her mother figured Wendy needed some religious guidance to correct her evil thinking. The first few times she went for counseling the P


cuckold wife


Poster: Fiancee