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Accidentally Cuckolded my Husband - **** WEBMASTER NOTE ***
My Wife was a Slut for our Foursome
Need help to live out our fantasies but where are the genuine guys
Slow Change
Smaller but Better
My Life as a Cuck
My Wife made a Noise I never Heard
The Garden Toadstool Cuckold
Let’s have MORE letters on Cuckold Pregnancies!
A Hot Cuckold Game

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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Work Deployment Slut
Reading the articles from Sembercuck regarding his experiences during his deployment. Although I am not in the military I do go on work deployments for long periods of time. I can relate to the excitement and thrills. I am currently on work deployment now, having departed Tuesday morning. I had about a weeks notice. I spent the week fucking Linn as often as I could because I knew it was going..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Need suggestions
I brought my wife to MFM a year ago , we meet many men man but only once some interaction happen . I believe I may have been a little pushy and now she doesn't want to be part of it anymore ! I miss that sooo much and I will need some help to be able to bring her back to lifestyle .What should I do ? Please help me ,
Poster: Alain | Full Story»

How it started
I am a older american in the 90"s I had a very well paid job that kept me out of town 3 weeks out 4..I wanted to quit but the money was so good..My wife Linda told me it was fine we could make it up when i was home..After a year of this she started not wanting to have sex, till it dwindled down to non-existant. Now i am not very well endowed but my oral skills were considerable..time went on and i..
Poster: Bill Curran | Full Story»

My Ex and MFM
My exwife and I had a few mfm expierences. The
first was with a friend and was fun but was
awkward. The second time was quite a while after
the first. We went to a bar where there was
a band playing to dance. We were'nt expecting to
pick anyone up but we did. My ex was wearing a
blouse that showed everything when she would bend
over. I did'nt want t..
Poster: John | Full Story»

My Best Friend & My Wife
My wife, Lisa, and I have been married for a number of years. We have had lots of fun together partying, Lisa flashing her tits in clubs, going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where she has flashed pretty much everything and even gone so far as to let guys fondle and make out with her. She has always refused to go further. It has been my desire for sometime now to have an MFM threesome with her but ..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

allys new job
my girlfriend got a new job working in a nightclub as a waitress a few months ago, even though I wasn't crazy about her working there. I knew she was going to get hit on steady by all the drunk guys. As time went on she started dressing sluttier and sluttier and her tips kept on increasing. Ally was by no means a slut, and has only ever been with me when it comes to sex, so seeing her dress lik..
Poster: mike | Full Story»

Nympho maniac wife
I met my wife in a bar in Germany he was very popular with the white GIs. She was a very good-looking petite woman I knew I wanted her for my wife regardless of what she was involved in.
On our first date I figured out why she was seeing so many men I thought I was pretty good in bed but she wiped me out and wanted more. We went back to the bar she picked up another G.I. and went back to th..
Poster: Joe Comerford | Full Story»

Sweat Free After 5 Mile Run
Hello, Calif., here again. From my last posts you can see that my wife had an affair with a law enforcement man for 6 months and the after our marriage agreement for her to have some extra fun or a special friend she was fucked by him once or twice a week for a couple or few months more.

On one occasion during her affair she was going running like she usually does every other day a..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

Slut Wife - True Story
My wife and I got married at 18, She was beautiful, 5' 100 lbs and dark headed. We were married for 6 or 8 months and I talked her into anal sex, soon I began to play with her ass as I fucked her and would tell her this is what it's like to have two cocks in you. She would get so hot and fuck so hard. She would tell me how she wanted 2 cocks in her. Afterwards, she would always tell me it was just..
Poster: J | Full Story»

Mushroom Head
Hi Calif here again. I have shared 6 or seven true stories in the last month, and I hope you enjoyed them. I have another one with my wife and her ex-lover, Mr. Thick Cop Cock.

Tuesday's was the sort of routine day they would fuck during the affair and for a brief time after my wife and my agreement concerning "spice" or "special friend". I guess Mr. Thick Cop Cock and my wife made..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

Always (un)Faithful Part 3: Even Bigger, Even Better
Always (un)Faithful Part 3: Even Bigger, Even Better

Author’s Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in.

After my wife’s last regular lover left the Marine Corps, she had a few other flings with some other guys, ..
Poster: SemperCuck | Full Story»

How she fucked Gary
We met Gary at a swingers club. She was drunk and we were about to go, when she noticed him by the door and said to him she was feeling horny. She took him to the bedrooms and fucked him. I was allowed to watch and have my dick sucked by her whilst he was fucking her pussy.
THe next week-end, she invited him to our house. She said that maybe nothing would happen, but the next thing you know..
Poster: bitch boy | Full Story»

Did Not Realize I Was A Cuck!
I thought I had a good marriage sexy wife and a child but one day that all came crashing down when my wife of 4 years told me she was divorcing me and moving in with another man. I had suspected at times she might of been unfaithful but each time she reassured me I was being foolish then she would take me to bed for some fantastic sex. I always believed her stories of what she done or where she ha..
Poster: Chip | Full Story»

Hotwife & Cuckboy "Lori and James in Galveston"
Continuing what happened with my wife and her new lover when they went out of town.

James had picked up Lori and they headed out of town for the week. My wife headed to Galveston for the week with her black lover. I didn't hear from Lori till the following day around 9:00 that evening. We have a rule that I am not to contact her when she is out unless it is an emergency. She sent me..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

I came home again from my traveling job and have a whole week off. I'll then work 3 days and have 4 off so I'm excited being home and with an easy schedule. I'm also thinking my my wife has been easy and excited but with Mr. Thick cop cock or someone else who has a thick cock. This is why I am suspicious. She had Tuesday off and I came home Monday night but we didn't have sex on Mond..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

Laying on top of my wife , I asked her if she heard from my buddy Ted today . Suddenly she began breathing hard and pumping her cunt into me . Wow ! I said , what did he say. ? She said , Do you know what he wants to do to me? Then she began to orgasm . She came twice . I wonder what he wants to do to her that made her so crazy hot? She won't tell.
Poster: softie | Full Story»

Always (un)Faithful Part 2: Homecoming
Always (un)Faithful Part 2: Homecoming

Author’s Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in.

On the week before I was coming home from my first deployment, my wife Mary told me she had a surprise for me when I came h..
Poster: SemperCuck | Full Story»

Always (un)Faithful Part 1: The First Deployment
Always (un)Faithful Part 1: The First Deployment

Author’s Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in.

My wife Mary and I had always played around with the idea of cuckolding me. Being in the Marine Corps, a w..
Poster: SemperCuck | Full Story»

Hotwife & Cuckboy "Lori's New Lover"
It's been a while since I posted anything about my wife Lori. Of course after being in a cuckold relationship for over 10 years what others view as perverted I begin to view as the norm.

It has been a while sine Lori had a regular lover. About 9 months ago she met him and had been fucking him pretty regular. Only way I knew about him was because she would take him to my friends..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

new york bull
Let me tell you a little about my life. My name is Mike 32 years old, great body, fit,5'10 and 165lbs, nice hard 7 1/2 in cock that my last hot wife couldn't get enough of.
Very well traveled guy here, i am a yacht captain, stay the summers in New york area and then Florida in the Summer.
I had a relation with a cuckold couple for a year now and they have left the east coast, so now ..
Poster: mike | Full Story»

A true story of a forced cuck
She called me to ask my permission. She told me it had been too long (3 weeks) since she had last seen me.

She didn't have the money and I have a standing rule; I don't pay for anything. She was asking my permission to sell herself to afford the train to come see me. I told her that she could proceed. This is how it has been going on between the two of us for over a year.
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

My wife fucking her boss
My wife got a job in a small electronics firm after she was there for a few weeks she started coming home late. Then she started telling me she was going to bingo, after that she told me her boss took her to the movies she spilled some popcorn on his lap while retrieving it she grabbed his cock she told me that's how everything started I believe it started before that. She eventually introduced he..
Poster: Joe Comerford | Full Story»

North Carolina Bull Here
Hi I'm a bull here in North Carolina, ready to offer my services to a nearby cuckold couple. Contact me at shreddedbull1987@yahoo.com if you want a piece, or even if you just want to chat about your cuckolding experience (because I'm interested in what it's really like). I've got a great body, a penchant for romancing women, and excellent 'bedside manner.' What--other than your wife's affected ..
Poster: Calvin | Full Story»

Husbands birthday present
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice because I don't know. Where to start. My husband has always talked about how much he would love to watch or just listen to me with another man. So I was thinking for a birthday treat this year I would. treat him to his fantasy, but I have no idea how to start the ball rolling, so any advice would be greatly received. My e-mail address is karenw@gmx.us.
Poster: karen | Full Story»

she got what she asked for
My girl Annie and me have been together for three years. I was in grad school and working a full-time job when I met her at a bar near my old house. On our first night out we went to dollar beer night at my local bar and she met all of my friends. they told me that if i did not marry her, they would. She is stunningly beautiful, a mother of two teenage boys, and fifteen years my senior.

Hi, it's been a little while since I have posted. I do have a couple of new things to share.

My wife has a new BF! Finally a steady guy in the town we live in. i am so glad that she has finally reached the place where she feels comfortable enough to have a guy in our town and not always having to go out of town just to get fucked.

My wife still fucks her guys from ..
Poster: L | Full Story»

Hi my name is Janice, we have been reading you page on & off for a couple of years never thinking or even wanting anything to write-about, that is until last Saturday, god I still can’t believe what happened actually happened. My husband David is a self-employed painter & decorator he employs Tom a 18 year old lad (apprentice), they did such a good job of their last house that the owner gave the..
Poster: Janice | Full Story»

Me and my wife has been married a while now. She has cheated many times on me with other white guys and I use to get so mad and jealous. She always said she's at a girl friends house..then she would act all funny for a few days...then she would break down and tell me. Ok, any other guy would leave and be done with a woman who repeatly cheats (once or twice is a mistake...6 or 7 times is a real cho..
Poster: john | Full Story»

I belong to India. My wife is a daughter of a industrialist and me working in a chemical factory. I went to my wifes village before my marriage and found her sister too sexy. I also noted that she is living in Hyderabad and i too work at hyderabad. I went to her house on one sunday and her husband is out of station. We talked each other and she seduced me. she sat close to me and put her hands on ..
Poster: K Ravi | Full Story»

Calif here again to share my wife's final cheating session with Mr. Thick Cop Cock. I was out of town for work for 3 days and my wife was having drinks with her girlfriend at the upscale hotel near our home. She photo text me the cool looking drinks they were having and I told her to have fun, I guess she did, I know she did as she told me later after our arrangement/agreement for her to have some..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

My name is Yuma and let me start by telling you I had come out of a bad marriage. My first marriage was doomed to failure. I was 18 and she was 18 and I was a drunk and she was crazy. After 17 years of hell I sobbered up one day and was no longer a drunk. When I look around and saw the situtation I was in I realized that although I was no longer a drunk my wife was still crazy. I then met Terri th..
Poster: Yuma | Full Story»

I'm a 26 year old married woman with a submissive cuckold husband whom I enjoy humiliating and degrading regularly. Steven knows he will be thoroughly humbled whenever I bring one of my dates home to spend quality time with. One of my favorite turn ons is having my husband worship and pamper my boyfriend's feet and asshole. Watching Steven grovel on the floor , covering my man's feet with wet , sl..

my husband and i were in livingroom watching porn when a friend of his "steve" dropped by. As we watched my hubby left the room just as i commented on the size penis the wife on the porn was taking as her husband watched on!steve remarked his cock was big like that curious i turned to look and wow there it was long thick and hard! I heard the shower turn on and i started to suck him i heard my hus..
Poster: ds7222 | Full Story»

my wife agreed to consider to have sex with other men..she would like to know what would you do to her so she can consider it.she's a mother of two in her thirties,normal built,anal virgin,never swallowed it but had it on her face...she's willing to try anything for the first time but needs some encouragement.Hoping you would be the one,since she would be reading this...tnx
Poster: khan | Full Story»

The other day, I got home early from work, and my wife should have been at work, but when I got in the house, I heard noise upstairs. I called for my wife, no answer; I just heard some moaning as I walked further in. My heart immediately started to race as I went up the stairs! It was my wife's voice but I soon got horny with the thought of my wife getting fucked in the guest bedroom.

Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Julia relate what happened that night

On the settee I sitting big daddy offered us two glass of champagne sue was setting next me she approached me

she put down her drink and reached over to kiss me on the lips at the same time unzip Sue's dress , then her front opening bra, to expose her tits to our view. Whilst kissing her, I caressed her tits ; s..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

I love to get my wife fucking me and a friend of
mine. Im somewhat of an exhibitionist loving
type.Love to see live sex is mostly why. Ive hid
in a closet while my friend fucked his own wife.
She didnt even know I was there. Middle of a
Saturday afternoon,too.He hid in my closet while
I did mine in daylight too. She never found out.
Had another frie..
Poster: Merkle | Full Story»

When wife and I had our first threesome, I
didn't think I would like it, because we had only
been with couples, and I enjoy getting in on the
action too. A couple set us up with a guy they
had been with, we had meet the guy and, we both
agreed he seemed like a nice guy. So when the BIG
day came, I was not to enthused, but it was
wife's first black l..
Poster: Willis | Full Story»

Calif here an want to quickly follow up on my last story or comment on Mr. Thicks amount of cum when he fucks my wife. She told me she can his cock twitch when he blasts 8 or 9 shots inside her pussy and I mentioned I wasn't certain that was true.

But I am pretty certain the amount is accurate and I had proof by accident. There are times when I come home early from work traveling a..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

I have another story my wife told me about her thicked cock cop friend she had an affair with. I was out of town for work and it was a Saturday night they met at an upscale Hotel bar for some drinks near our home. They ordered wine and some appetizers and talked about running and soccer topics all the while drinking wine and he then ordered a bottle after they each had a glass. She thought it was ..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

The meeting
After strolling the site few day her eye caught a married man 45 years old flyer and looking for action actually he approached her saying he saw her photos and love to chat they exchanged telephone numbers and the chat started after the kids gone to sleep she locks her self in the study and have sex phone .with her new lover Jack he made finger her self plays with her nipp..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

Wife resisted my idea to introduce a third party to the relationship

Some facts did not mentioned in the first story
Wife measurement 34 B 26 35 natural blond short hair, blue eyes not tall but not short 5.4 ft

Chapter 2
Continue from Julia and her first black: after Max left about 2 in the early hours of the morning
Later that morn..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

My wife has been fucking me in the ass with her large strap on for years now. last night was the first time she let her boyfriend watch her humiliate me. After they were done fucking and i had licked her pussy clean she made me jerk off and eat my own cum. They both had a lot of making jokes.
Poster: David | Full Story»

This happened eight years ago - We are married couple Husband was 47 she 28 years old then .
she proper brought up conservative not religious well educated with a wicked sense of humor. we tried the swinging scene for a while ; however did not works for us All along she was recalcitrant about engaging with other people on our sex life however intensive begging and being older it works t..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

After having long talks with my Mother I discovered that I am not an only child. When mother discovered she was pregnant, arrangements were made for her to visit an Aunt living in Manchester before it became obvious she was Pregnant. Although married she had a love of black cock & wasn’t sure of the babies paternity. I always wondered why I was born in a Manchester Hospital 40 miles away, a yea..
Poster: Anne | Full Story»

Calif here with another story about my wife and her cop friend, Mr. Thick.
My wife and I have an agreement that we have no secrets and she has permission for extra fun if she asks first. I mentioned this in my earlier stories in April. So calls me while I am at work out of town and tells me she is horny and thinking about 2 cocks. Mine of course and Mr. Thicks and wih me out of town I know ..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»