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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Watch and Fuck
I have a very special amazing wife. She loves to fuck and it’s not just me. She has no trouble finding men. She looks great and has men hitting on her all the time. She can pick and choose which she does. Some of you may want to call her a slut. Her closest friend does as she plays away also but not as much as my wife. Actually she sometimes calls herself a slut but I don’t want her any ..
Poster: Happy Sloppy | Full Story»

Wedding Weekend
We were invited to my best friends sons wedding being held in a popular Florida beach town. Though we were not part of the wedding party we were invited to the rehearsal and the dinner. Nothing exciting about it other than a great meal. Around ten the dinner wound down and the young people decided they were going out to party and celebrate and us older folks ended up in the waterfront bar/lounge.<..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

D is having fun
Before I get into too much,this probably will be my last post for awhile. I don't want to dominate the conversation although I review this site frequently.

I really enjoyed the recent post from perfect passion about their visit to Sardenia, Even the description of restuarants sounds the same. I swear that D and stayed at the same place many years ago. The only difference is I didn'..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

Hotwife Bliss
My husband introduced me to this site back when he came out confessing his desire to be in a hotwife/cuckold relationship. I wasn't really surprised but when he told me he wanted to be my fluffer and clean up bitch. Now that was a shocker but I was excited about the possibilities. He visits this site daily and masturbates while reading the stories and doesn't even hide it from me. So I thought I w..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

Her Fuckbuddy
Last Thursday, my wife had a fuckdate with her usual fuckbuddy, Shane. She sees him a couple times a month or so. It depends how she is tonguing for it.
Good arrangement. He wants nothing more than to fuck her and he is good at it. She likes it because he just fucks her hard.

After meeting at a bar, they eventually went back to his house to fuck. She sent me a text telli..
Poster: Jeff. | Full Story»

Training a Cuck
Men are so easy to manipulate because they do all their thinking with their little head. They are submissive by nature. If you have a pussy you can train them. My Cuck is a pathetic shrimp dick cock sucker. I remind him every day. I refer to him as bitch. And the funny thing is he loves it. I will admit he sucks cock better than me that's why he fluffs all my cock for me. It started early in our m..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

My Adulterous Wife
I often think about what I love most about when my wife gets a good fucking from someone else? It’s hard to answer in one line so here is a few.
I love the build up. It’s knowing that she’s planning a night out. I love watching and helping her get ready. I make her drinks (extra stiff of course) compliment her outfit, especially if it’s new. She knows how to dress.
I bot..
Poster: Serious Fucking | Full Story»

First Time
James, my husband has been trying to get me to write something for all of you. We have been a little busy, but tonight I am unable to sleep and am very horny. So I feel it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

The first time I slept with another male away from James was the summer of 2009. A long time friend of James came to visit us for the first time. He was coming to town for..
Poster: Andrea | Full Story»

Getting what she wanted!!
Going back to our early days of playing. We were younger and she did enjoy the "smoke" every once in a while. I had never been into it but luckily for me Rick my best friend and the only one she had played with to that point was very much into it and was pretty much good for providing them the smoke when she wanted it.

Rick got laid off and that of course seriously curtailed him be..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

My wife was just supposed to 'flash' him!
Kathy and I were married two years after we met, our union occurring after having been divorced from our previous spouses for over a dozen years each. In offering some insight into our background; the night we met we had sex. She was amazingly talented in bed and, out of curiosity, I teasingly asking her how many other guys she’d screwed on the first date; she giggled, ‘I’d never think of do..
Poster: John Dennis | Full Story»

I maybe a Cuck but we don’t care
My wife of 5 years and together for 2 before that decided to experiment and expand our love life. Both of us had been very active before we met. She was actually in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship when we met and started fucking. It was when we fucked each other a lot that she ended with her old boyfriend. He didn’t see it coming and when she told him he begged her to keep seeing him besi..
Poster: Wondercuck | Full Story»

Our Modern Marriage
We are a happy mid thirties couple that like to lead a more than exciting sex life by normal standards. We have lots of sex ourselves and as a bonus my wife shares herself with other men. She is not that keen on permanent partners as she only likes the physical side and not the emotional. That suits me and we love the variety.

Before anyone wonders, I don’t have a small dick. ..
Poster: Contented | Full Story»

Wife with a secret but secret no more
The idea of a threesome or watching me with someone else has been pillow talk with us going back several years. At first I just thought it was just sexy talk but eventually I came to realize that my husband really wanted it and it was his fantasy.

We started talking about it more seriously a couple years ago and debated the kind of person we would invite to join us. Whether we wan..
Poster: Lucky Debbie | Full Story»

Mom did it again.
Of course Dad knew about her first film,
but I wasn't sure he knew about some of my stepmom's other adventures.

Once I was home from college again for Summer, and I heard them talking again, and listened at the door.

She was saying, "Yes, I have to do it again."

He was grunting quietly. I think she was wanking him off.

"But it..
Poster: naughtyman | Full Story»

It’s what Husbands Do
I am in my mid 40's with a very high sex drive. I tend to be dominant in the bedroom. I'm happily married and I endeavour to make our sex life interesting. In saying that my husband never knows what I have in store. This adds to the spice in our life.
After giving it a lot of thought yesterday, I decided to let my imagination go wild for a bit.

So when I got home, Scott, m..
Poster: Shona | Full Story»

We had been married 4 years when my wife and I attend a Tourism and Holiday show. I had started my own business in the Finance Market. Things were going well but I as working long hours and my wife Sara insisted we needed a break. Our second child was 6 months old so life was busy.

At the show we met a fellow who ran a small sailing boat hire company. He was trying to get his sm..
Poster: Happy Jac | Full Story»

My first Black Man with Extra Benefits
A few years ago my hubby and I attended a party at a friend’s house which we have hung out multiple times together. Of course Greg was there, one of hubby’s friends and he just happens to be black. I also I had a thing for him and wondered what he would be like.

The party was in full swing with hubby and me mingling with everyone but we eventually went to one of the rooms wh..
Poster: Happy, Happy Wife | Full Story»

Now she only fucks Black men
Hello again.

My former significant other was a school teacher in an outer borough of Mew York.

She was a true beauty and younger than me with a perfect body.

Once she mentioned that the janitor at school hit on her a lot. For years he kept it up and I thought nothing of it. It stopped being a subject. One day that subject came up again.

Poster: Mark | Full Story»

More o D and arranging a black for her
D and I got married very young and were virgins. After a year we agreed we didn't know much about sex and should explore. She came home one day and said guess what I did today. My heart raced and I realized it was easier to intellectually accept this than accept it emotionally. We started some swapping and both found our own lovers. This went on a few years but D was always more active than me. Ev..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

Self Induced Cuck
I have always had cuckold fantasies ever since my early twenties. I don't get jealous of the thought of my girlfriend cheating on me. Matter of fact I get hard as a rock when I think of her cheating. I convinced my best friend to have a three some with my girlfriend in my early twenties. Though I never fucked her but sat back watching and masturbated while they fucked. She loved it so much we did ..
Poster: JT | Full Story»

Holidays Always Do It
We live in the UK and the holiday season always perks me up as we scan ideas for destinations abroad. Our favourites are Italy and islands in the Med. Last year we decided on Sardinia. We decided on a small place in the north looking towards Corsica. Our villa had its own private beach hidden from the road. It took some finding but we were very pleased with its location which was a couple of mil..
Poster: Perfect Passion | Full Story»

My First Threesome
My wife's always slept with other men. She has never made any secret of the fact. She never apologies for it and never made any attempt to be discrete about it in front of other people.
The fact she's 45 hasn't altered her attitude one bit or her ability to pull men almost on a whim.

The jealousy is excruciating and has caused me to be physically sick on more than one occas..
Poster: Wimpy | Full Story»

Wife and the Preacher (Final)
So she took her panties off and now was sitting on the couch completely naked with the preacher of all people. Don was pretty sincere when he told her she had a great body and looked over at me and told me I was a very lucky man. A lot of his cockiness seemed to wear off and he was full of compliments now.

I think she wanted to keep him in his cocky mood so she asked did he ever th..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

I get off asking men to fuck my wife
I confess that I am not embarrassed by this admission.
I have looked men in the eye and asked them to fuck my wife.
I have posted a hundred pictures of her and ads on AFF asking men to fuck my wife.

[http://adultfriendfinder.com/view/thearistocroid?pid=p65985 .subCVC]

I have left phone messages on men's phone asking them to fuck her.

I ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Been There, Done That
It took 5 years of me suggesting, coaxing and play acting to finally do it. We did the dildo thing like you and more. We used to go to bars and clubs and I would pretend to pick her up. I would make up a new name and take her to a hotel and fuck. We would leave separately and when we both got home she would tell me all about how this stud fucked her and she how she could not stop herself.
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Mowing, My Wife
Friend with Benefits
With my knowledge and permission, my wife has an older 'friend with benefits'. She's 38 and he's 49, but well built, muscular, and in shape, as is she. They met at the health club and were immediately attracted to each other even though they are both married. His wife doesn't know about it so he comes by ours when he wants to have my wife, usually on the weekends when h..
Poster: Husband John | Full Story»

Cheating wife - real story
Hi All, here's my story: My wife and I are a conservative couple. We are in our early 40's, have been married for 10 years, and are madly in love with each other. Before everything happened, we were living in a foreign country on the other side of the globe from the USA. We had made a plan to move back to the USA. The plan is for my wife to go back first, and then I would come to the USA the ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Reply to tom
I've posted her but has been awhile. Past stories regarding wife D and others. Your inquiry about wife with black dildo and how to progress prompted me to reply.

D likes to play and usually has something going on. Most affairs are a few months long and she moves on but some have been much longer and some just one timers. On occasion I've introduced her to guys that I thought she'd l..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

I have only ever wanted a Threesome Part 2
For anyone hasn’t read part 1, my wife Rachelle is being fucked by a boyfriend from the past. I give them space and then return when he leaves as he won’t be part of a threesome which is what I want. I mean I really want it, to be part of the team giving her pleasure and seeing her reaction. Neither my wife or myself have ever had a threesome. I know she wants that as well but she is having..
Poster: Tim ever hopeful | Full Story»

Wife and the Preacher (Part 2)
Although we had played many times it had always been with friends we had known for a long time and when we did they all pretty much followed our moves and only would do anything when encouraged or given the okay. But with Don it was way different. We knew him ( as our preacher)and he had made overtures in his hugs and hands on her butt.

Still did not ever think anything would come ..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Wife and the Preacher (Part 1)
We had been long time members of a congregation and the "good' couple in most eyes but of course we had our secrets. We ended up getting new pastor and unlike the retiring pastor this new one was younger and I thought was doing a better job.

After him being there a while we ran into him and his family out at a restaurant and he shook my hand and hugged the wife and not just a littl..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

I have only ever wanted a Threesome
Been married for 10 years to Rachelle and have always been at her to have a threesome. Yes, another man with her and me. I know that means letting my wife fuck someone else but I am very ok with that. I have never had a threesome and I think it would be very cool and satisfying for both my wife and me. Also, she never has had one either.

Anyway about 3 years ago, Rachelle who work..
Poster: Tim ever hopeful | Full Story»

College-age Cuckold: Bull Brainwashing
Brooke, my girlfriend of three years lives with me in a city near where we went to college; we’re both 22 years old. Many months ago, she was diagnosed with mania, which is a condition that makes a person’s behavior extremely impulsive and erratic. Mania manifests in different ways, but for Brooke, it resulted in hypersexuality—a profound desire to have sex virtually all the time. Brooke ..
Poster: acqtl | Full Story»

Man and Machines
This goes back years to when I was a teenager.
My father was a Mechanical Engineer and worked in the medical equipment industry. In his spare time he made a couple of machines for home use. These were really masturbating machines and one was for men and the other for women.

The man one was a mechanical pussy. It was made of 3 curved pieces about 5 inches long and they cli..
Poster: Pleasure Forever | Full Story»

Taking control of her cock
For nearly 5 years, my wife has regulated every single orgasm that I have experienced. I gave her control of my cock, which we honestly refer to as her cock now. It was one of the first Domme/sub things we ever did. It’s truly our first house rule. I must always ask her for permission.

If memory serves me, I have only been punished twice for masturbating without permission. It j..
Poster: Cumlicker | Full Story»