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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Suprised 2
After J got back with our towels I began sucking my hubby and new lovers cocks and rubbed them together. Then i had the 2 of them hold their cocks together and I lowered my wet pussy on the pair I got both on at once and slid up and down. Their hands were all over my body and I began to cum as they rubbed my clit. i lifted up and made them both suck each others cum off their cocks and I lifted J's..
Poster: slider | Full Story»

My Wife and her Cook
For along time I used to fantasize about my wife and another guy. She began telling me her "fantasy" about a cook she worked with at a restaurant in Secaucus NJ. One day, I heard a voice mail from this guy and realized she was sleeping with him. I went through the roof. Hot as hell and mad as hell at the same time! I love the fact that she was fucking this stud, and I can't tell her! I wan..
Poster: doug | Full Story»

Do Not Disturb
My wife and I had just been married and arrived at our honeymoon hotel. I dropped our things at our room while she went ahead to the hotel bar to wait for me. I went into the bar to see her chatting with a rugged older guy. Sun-tanned. a little burned around the back of that hairy neck and looked like he could win a bar fight. It was the type of a man that made me very nervous. I would look l..
Poster: tense | Full Story»

Interracial Reverse Cuckold - Part 1

I didn't think that I was a cuckold but after the experiences I've had and seeing this and other sites, I realize that I am and ok with it. The thing is though is somewhat of a reverse cuckold where I am a black man with a black girlfrienf who loves giving her out and watching her fuck white guys.

It didn't even start out like that, we were a couple that had great..
Poster: Black Cuck | Full Story»

Throw-back gene reaction
Interesting post about the throw-back gene regarding Anglo-Indians. We too are an Anglo-Indian couple, & the throw-back gene in our case worked sort of in reverse. Muriel & I are, by "Indian" standards light skinned (we get taken for Spanish etc), but our lovely baby daughter is dark, VERY Indian looking, & inevitably when out with her, talking to strangers, the question most asked is, "Is she ado..
Poster: Another "Anglo"! | Full Story»

The throw-back gene?
We are an Anglo-Indian couple---will explain later. Anyway 3 years or so back, when engaged, we won, in a raffle, a Meditteranean cruise. Naturally, as we were stone broke, we were delighted. Other than the date, it was not negotiable---the cruise, & cabin type (which was the cheapest, inside cabin). We were to get married, so we decided to set the date such, so that the cruise would be our honeym..
Poster: Anglo-Indian cuckold | Full Story»

cuckold pregnancy is the only way
It is our job as cuckold fathers to love and raise the children our slutwives bear. My wife, featured on cuckold video clips (Connie) or conblkon, has given me three beautiful girls. The first one was mine, the second by one of my good friends(Hispanic), and the third we dont know, it was a gang bang. She wanted a fourth(Black) but couldnt have anymore. We have recruited people to our lifestyl..
Poster: Michael | Full Story»

Masturbating is good for you!
Sadly there is a history of serious prostate illnesses in my family, & at 50, I began worrying more that before. My wife, 15 years younger is a medical secretary, & is aware of the position. Though aware of medical issues, one time, while at work, glancing thro' medical journals, she cam across a research done on the prostate. This article stated that if men in their 50's masturbated nearly every ..
Poster: Healthy wanker | Full Story»

Your story "Cuckold pregnancy"
WONDERFUL letter, so glad you & your lovely wife finally got a girl you both had wanted all along!
LOVE reading letters etc on cuckold pregnancies, so PLEASE, keep them coming.
Any chance of Don impregnating your wife again with ANOTHER girl?
Poster: An admirer of jmyers | Full Story»

I am now a total hotwife slut and loving it. Yesterday hubby and i went to our favorite nude beach and we were there for about an hour and he went to the water. i know he wanted to leave me alone and see if a big cock would find its way on my towel. Much to my suprise a guy about 5'6" 140 with a cock smaller than my hubby's about 5" uncut he had blonde hair not even my type I like them tall, dark,..
Poster: Slider | Full Story»

Sucked a Cock Today!
So the guy i want to fuck my wife came by today. he said well if you want me to fuck your wife, you gonna have to show me how well you suck cock. I said here where i work? he said yes. but what if someone comes in? all he did was grin and said you better be good and quick. He told me to follow him and I did back to the back room. He turned around an his dick was out.

So I dropped t..
Poster: BC | Full Story»

cuckold pregnacy
I have always fantasized about watching my wife with another man. However unlike others on WL, my wife and I have never discuss it. My wife is not a complete prude, but sharing is just something that I know she wouldn't be comfortable with. Several years back we had taken a vacation down south to get away from the cold northern weather. The kids were out of school and work was slow, so it seemed a..
Poster: Jmyers | Full Story»

My Wonderful Wife
My wife and I had been to a family party at one of the local halls in our town.
After the party Sue and I went back to a friends` house for some more drinks.
There was a single male friend of ours there called Andrew who had often flirted with my wife in the past and was always making suggestive comments to her, which she enjoyed enormously.
I was sitting in the front room hav..
Poster: jonny9 | Full Story»

true story - She made me do it and I liked it
Over the past few years we have been living the "Lifestyle". we have tried MFF, MFM, couples (once), her on a date, her boy toy coming over when I'm out of town on business and even when I am in town, I just leave for a while. She has also gone to a hotel with her boy toy and came home to immediately site on my face to prove to me that she did it. That night was hot when she pushed my back and ..
Poster: Ralf | Full Story»

First Affair
My name is Jackie, I am blonde-haired with a 36DD bust (which a lot
of men find attractive). This is a true account of my first affair,
I was 39 years old at the time.

I was working in an office as the Sales Manager when a new director
came to work for the same company. My job involved travelling to
meet clients at their offices and occassionally my direc..
Poster: Jackie | Full Story»

After I wrote my story yesterday on the beach. This morning my hubby was so horny and wanted to fuck me bad as he was looking at pics on his phone of me getting fucked by 2 different guys. But after I had him eat me he wanted to mount me I told him the only way I will be a full flegded hotwife and he a cuckold is for me to have a gangbang with at least 4 guys and he said I don't know. I told him I..
Poster: Slider | Full Story»

Rock throw
My hubby usually writes our story but i am enjoying my new Hotwife lifestyle so much I just had to sit here naked and tell you about today. I was very horny today so when hubby got home I said lets go to the nude beach. When we got there I was very horny and he knew I was looking to have some fun. We took a walk and I was looking for a black guy but there were none and I was getting kind of frustr..
Poster: Slider | Full Story»

my wife and her bull
i was asking my wife to go with a guy for ages, about 2 years,
then one day i was looking on a cuck site, and a bull was showing his photos,

i asked my wife to look at his photos, and she did like him, good looking, great body, and a very big cock,
so i emailed the bull, giving him my wifes email addy, the bull emailed her, and about two weeks later, we went to a pub ..
Poster: rick and pam | Full Story»

Larry, Lori and Beverly1
Hello, my name is Beverly, I am in my mid thirtys, 5’7, 122, a career woman I guess you would say. My husband, Larry, late 30’s, 5’8, 160, operates an at home computer consultant business. Since my job as sales representative involves frequent travel, my husband usually ends up doing a lot of the domestic duties. We could afford a part time house keeper but he seems not to mind and even p..
Poster: Beverly Sims | Full Story»

Whatever she wants
My wife and I have been in the lifestyle lightly for a couples of years. We've had MMF, MFF and full swap, I think for the both of us MMF has been the most exciting. It got so exciting that I gave her permission to go out on a few dates. So it's only been with 2 different guys, but 1 of them twice. THe first date she let him blow his load in her mouth and then she came home and stuck her toung..
Poster: big daddy | Full Story»

Last nights torrid affair
Our evening started off pretty normal with my wife & I going to pick up some living room furniture we had purchased when she called one of her boyfriends to meet up with us before we got there. He was nervous about seeing her with me around so she said good bye & we were on our way, she told me she wanted me to see her with him in his truck to guage my reaction. We got home that evening & she gets..
Poster: pathetic cuck | Full Story»

Made to watch my wife with her lover
My wife of 8 years has cuckolded me almost right from the beginning of our relationship. We have enjoyed these activities off & on until the recent discovering of my wife still was fucking a previous lover despite my objections. She informed me that she will never stop having sex with other men & unless I wanted a divorce I would submit to her. She almost immediately started to feminize me & calli..
Poster: pathetic cuck | Full Story»

Sur and I
I don’t know when I first started having urges to have my wife fuck other men, but it seems like I always had. I lost several girlfriends because I would confide in them that I wanted them to see other guys and fuck them while we were together. Most of the girls thought I was sick and crazy and left for greener pastures. However, some of them thought it would be fun and went with it. They wo..
Poster: Old Crow | Full Story»

did she or didnt she??
it all started in the summer of 06 my gf was a very shy girl sexually...dong get mr wrong we fucked heaps but just normal postions never any head jobs never hot underwear...anyway we were at her house and she got this msg off this 24yr old guy shes (18) and im (19) saying hes at the beach opposite her house..we are all friends so i say go say hi. she dresses in one of those tiny play suit things g..
Poster: smithy17 | Full Story»

On Her Way
This happened to us a few months ago and has been going pretty good ever since. My wife and I had talked about her being with other guys for quite a while. I was in the military and gone ALOT so I figured why should she be without just cause I had to be. When I brought it up to her she told me she couldn't do something like that knowing I couldn't be there. After talking about it some more, we had..
Poster: SilverWolfe1971 | Full Story»