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Sweet Cuckold


Cuckolding and Bisexuality
My wife just about lost her mind with pleasure the first time I cleaned her up after she finished with another man. I had just watched him fill her beautiful pussy with his thick cum. She loved the power play of it and what a mental and emotional rush it was to her.

Some of the things that she's said is that she enjoys the most are about the power exchange of the situation. She e..
Poster: Willing | Full Story»

Valentine’s Day 2022
This Valentine’s Day just past my wife left me at home at our house the for a quick hook up with her married boyfriend. She was away about 2 hours. When she came back, she gave me a quick hand-release while telling me that they had fucked and that he had pulled and finished in her mouth. She then swallowed his cum. She likes the taste.

She usually does something special each yea..
Poster: Tanger | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Cucked and Sissified me Part 1
My relationships had always been…different. I enjoyed swinging and open relationships so when I met K and we started dating I figured we would eventually be open and I’d get her into the lifestyle. Little did I know what I was in for.

I slowly started to get K open to the idea of us swinging or bringing in a third. I was open to exploring my bisexual side so when she said she h..
Poster: Brad | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Cucked and Sissified Me!
My relationships have always been different. I enjoyed swinging and open relationships so when I met K and we started dating I figured we would eventually be open and I’d get her into the lifestyle. Little did I know what I was in for.

I slowly started to get K open to the idea of us swinging or bringing in a third. I was open to exploring my bisexual side so when she said she ha..
Poster: Brad | Full Story»

Wife wants to make Porn
Recently my wife Julia revealed more fantasies to me. The latest one is that she wants to make a porn video. It surprised me as she has never watched much porn. She does have a couple of men friends she sees and plays with.

A few weeks ago, one of her regular friends texted and asked her if she could send him a picture of herself right away. She quickly sent him a photo of hers..
Poster: Benny | Full Story»

My Wife Stayed Overnight without Me
Don’t know if this has happened to any others but I thought I would share it. It’s about when your wife has said or done something, or has had something done to her that you just weren't prepared for, and even had to leave?

I don't mean a permanent break up or anything like that but just temporarily removing yourself from the situation to gather your thoughts or to calm your ..
Poster: Disappointed | Full Story»

Wife suggests a Game to liven up Threesome....
My wife and I love playing games which nearly all end up with hot sex as a prize for the winner.....in fact we always joke that there are no losers in our 'games'.

We had brought Terry into our marriage about two months previous to where this story begins and during that time we had meet up 3 or 4 times for some very hot threesome sessions.

It had taken me a long t..
Poster: lucky hubby | Full Story»

Robert's Visit Part 2
Robert and my wife Jennifer had been playing since we picked him up from his conference. They finally exited our bedroom about seven PM.

Dinner was ready and when Jennifer walked out in her yellow and black dress she looked well fucked. Her hair was a mess and the zipper between her breasts was just high enough not to let her nipples show. The marks that Robert had left on her ..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

Outdoor Rave
We were at a weekend campout rave in the woods in Northern California. It was a very sexy event, with a bunch of younger women and men dancing all night in sexy clothes, taking XTC and generally having fun.

It was the second night, and I was pretty tired. I turned in early. My wife wanted to go dance some more, so I told her to have fun!

I fell asleep after jerking of..
Poster: CuckWhoFucks | Full Story»

Wife of the Coach and Sex
My husband (Sid) was a professional football player for a few years then became a college assistant coach. At the time of this story, he had just taken a job as defensive coach for the football team at a black college. (We are a white couple) They had some after game traditions there that proved quite interesting to say the least.
After each game there was a party for the players and coache..
Poster: Brenda B | Full Story»

Wife and Three Men
My wife’s regular boyfriend/fuckfriend invited a friend of his to join us last night. So, my lovely wife had three men to choose from and give her all the attention she could ever want. She has fucked this guy before but never the two of them together.

We've had bad luck in the past with more than two men. It seemed to give her too much random stimulation and detracted from he..
Poster: Mike and Lisa | Full Story»

Sissy Baby Cuckold
I'm Benita and I've been a complete cuckold for many years. I could never satisfy my wife, even if we had children. I deserve to live as a sissy now - not just as a sissy, but as a little diaper girl. Over the years I have been completely regressed. I am now the little daughter of a former wife. Always in diapers, get baby food, girlish hairstyle, little girls dresses.

My wife told ..
Poster: Benita | Full Story»

Wife's Special Friend brings his Boss
I'm not a Wrighter I just tell true stories from my past. Most of you have no memory of party lines, but years ago their were many small telephone companies who's infrastructure wouldn't support private phone lines. We lived in one of these areas on a 6 party line, so when my wife would call me at work we usually talked in riddles only could understand.
I was working the evening sh..
Poster: rone | Full Story»

Robert's Visit
We had dropped Robert off at his conference in Atlanta after Jenn had fucked him in the back seat and given him a blow job and shared his cum with me. While Robert was at the conference Jenn had a nice massage and body scrub to get ready for an evening with Robert. While showering and getting ready to pick Robert up Jenn said i couldn't watch as she was going to look extra special for him.
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

I want to see other Men with my Wife
Let Me start this story by telling you it as always been a fantasy of mine to see my wife with another person.

I guess it all started when she told me about a foursome she had before we met.

Anyway on a cruise a few years ago the ship had an area for topless sun bathing I suggested she give it a try she agreed but changed her mind at the last minute.

Poster: Founder | Full Story»

First Time Cleaning Girlfriend MK’s Pussy
True story-

I had been dating Molly for about two years. I always kind of thought she might cheat sometimes. Anyways, she went out with her friends and I don’t remember what I did but I called 5-6 times because I was supposed to come over to her place later when she got back.

So finally I just decided to just drive by her place. I could tell she was home..
Poster: Man | Full Story»

Robert's visit to our town
My wife , Jennifer had been fingered and played with by Robert in St Kitts and in Miami they had spent a wonderful night together. This recent meeting occurred on his visit to a conference in Atlanta.

He arrived the day of the conference early on Sunday morning. Jennifer and I drove to the airport to pick him up. She wore a mini skirt sans panties, a very tight white button down t..
Poster: Fred | Full Story»

My Church Wife & Cuckolding
My wife and I enjoyed a healthy sex life for five years of our marriage which led to the birth of our twin daughters.

During her pregnancy, she stopped allowing me to have sex with her, citing her pregnancy had diminished her sex drive, and started asking me to jack off instead. I reluctantly agreed, and months of this went by until she gave birth.

I discovered that..
Poster: Celibate Cuck | Full Story»

Getting Started
Very often I see the question "how did you get started on this?".

My story is a little different. I was married for 5 years, got divorced, but I kept in touch with my ex. She had a new bf who was out of town a lot so she called me for sex every now and then. Soon I found myself on her apartment, thinking about her making out with the guy and it was exiting.

I started ..
Poster: Oral Cuckold | Full Story»

Intro to our Cuckolding
So I have been with my gf for 2 years she's 20 I'm 21, our sex has always been amazing and kinky, from the kinky side I gained this fetish about a year into our relationship I didn't tell her straight away as I didn't know what she would say but I kept hinting it;

then one day during sex I just came out with it at first she wasn't up for it but as weeks went by it kept coming up du..
Poster: Cuck BF | Full Story»

Wife and my Twinge of Jealousy
Ellie, my wife, has a cousin Jo who she reconnected with about a year ago, after barely seeing her since leaving school. She is in her early forties, and you can see the family resemblance. Both are big titted women with similar features, without being look alikes. We don't see her often, but the girls talk on the phone every now and then, and last weekend she invited us over for a few drinks befo..
Poster: Jimmy | Full Story»

Wife Agrees to go on a Date
My wife is now 29. She is 5'9", with long legs. Her breasts aren't large, but they're firm and fit her slender figure well. She turns heads wherever we go.

When she agreed to my urging her to meet other men while I watch, it worked out well. We talked about it for almost a year before she answered a personals ad online by a younger guy. I would watch from our bedroom's corner chair...
Poster: Marc | Full Story»