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By Peggy and William

Part 1: Peggy’s Story
My name is Peggy. All of my friends call me Peg. I am white and have a white husband whom I started on a life of being a cuckold about five years ago. I was eighteen when I married William, who was fifteen years older than I was. He was divorced and his wife had left him for another man. His wife had moved out, so he kept the house. He had a good job and looked to be a good catch. I was ready for marriage right out of high school.

I had a reputation in high school as being an easy lay. I had sex with seven or eight different boys. I felt that I was pretty mature. Having an older man for a husband, I thought was great. I had a lot of good sex with William in the early years. I considered William the man of the house and relied on him to make most major decisions. William had always had an interest in wanting me to fuck other men, which I thought strange. Did he want an excuse to fuck other women or did he want grounds to divorce me. I allowed him to talk about it while we made love because he said that it enhanced his desire and made his dick harder than usual. He assured me that he didn’t want any other woman or would ever want to divorce me.

After our daughter left for college, I was thirty-eight years old and William was fifty-three, I decided it was time to give William what he wanted. William had lost a lot of his desire for sex and I was still young and wanted to feel desirable. I waited until the next time that we were fucking and William, as usual asked me if there was anyone that I knew that I would consider fucking. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted me to be with another man and have them fuck me. His eyes really lit up at the prospect of this happening. I told him that there was a new guy at work who had been showing an interest in me. I had William pull out, as I was going to tell him about this guy, as I knew he was close to cumming. I was afraid that after he ejaculated he may lose interest in what I was going to propose. William gave me his full attention as I told him that I would make a date with this guy and if he wanted to fuck me, I would let him. About all that William could say was when. I told him Friday night. My husband took me in his arms and hugged me tight and started kissing me with more passion than he had shown in some time. As soon as he reentered my pussy, he started cumming. He reassured me on how much he loved me and he would continue to love me even after I started fucking other men.

Friday night was a big event as I prepared for my date. My husband was doing everything he could to help. As he dried me off after I had bathed, I could tell that his cock was hard and pressing against his pants. He helped me select the clothes that I was to wear. A short black skirt and a white blouse. A white bra and black panties and wear my four inch heel black shoes. He told me how sexy I looked and Bill would be crazy not to want to fuck me.

I left the house at about eight and went straight to Bill’s apartment. Upon entering, Bill met me at the door and took me in his arms. As he tried to kiss me, I turned my head and he kissed me on my cheek and then my neck. I pushed him away and told him not to rush. We left and went out to eat and then stopped at a club for a few drinks and dancing. It was about ten when we got back to Bill’s place. As soon as we were inside, he started unbuttoning my blouse. I was still a little reluctant about us kissing. I removed my skirt and had Bill unhook my bra to expose my breast. He felt of my tits and then kissed each one and sucked the nipples. I knew I was getting wet and ready to be fucked by the other man that my husband had wanted me to fuck. Bill slid down on his knees and pulled my panties down around my ankles. I stepped out of them as he planted a kiss on my pussy. He then led me into the bedroom and I moved over to the bed and positioned my self ready to be fucked. Bill removed his clothes and wasted no time getting inside me. He fucked me slow and easy for maybe twenty minutes before he came. I enjoyed the fuck, but I think I was to tense to have an orgasm.

Afterward, we laid together and talked. I told him that this was a new experience for me and I hoped that I would get better. That I wasn’t looking for romance but just wanted the sex. I told him that it was William’s fantasy for me to get other men to fuck me. Bill told me that he understood and would like to be the man that gets to fuck me. I told him that I would like for him to be my lover and I would fuck with him whenever he wanted. He said how about tomorrow night. I told him that he would have to come to our house.

I returned home about midnight and found my husband waiting for me at the door. He took me in his arms and hugged me tight and asked if everything went alright. I told him yes and that Bill and I had fucked. My husband dropped to his knees and pulled my panties down and started licking my leg just above my knee and continued up my leg until he got to my pussy. I probably had dried cum still on my leg and Bill’s cum still inside my pussy. William was so hungry to tongue and suck the cum from me. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. We both got necked and William proceeded to inspect my freshly fucked pussy. When he would remove his fingers from my pussy you could see the stringy mixture of my juices and Bill’s cum. William got as much on his fingers as possible and rubbed the mixture onto my nipples for him to suck off. He was so excited to explore my body after another man had fucked me. He was able to fuck me longer that he had done in a long time and he felt so much bigger. I know that my pussy was so slippery that he bound to not felt much but just knowing that he was getting seconds in my pussy was what he wanted to feel. He added his cum to Bill’s and we fell asleep in each others arms.

Saturday evening, I told William that Bill would be coming over that night for a date. William said ok, will he be staying or are you going out. I told him I didn’t know. But I had plans and I hoped a surprise for my husband. It was a little after eight when Bill arrived. I met him at the door and put my arms around his neck and really for the first time kissed him hard on the mouth. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to give William a show and then we kissed more. William was sitting in his recliner and was watching us greet one another. I removed my top and not wearing a bra exposed my tits for Bill. He immediately took hold of them as we continued to kiss. I then felt Bill pressing up against me and could tell that his cock was starting to rise. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I turned so as William could get a good look at the cock and see what I was about to do. I started stroking Bill’s cock so it would stand erect. I then took the head into my mouth and started sucking it. I could cut my eyes so as to see William and his reaction. It looked like a tent pole inside William’s pants because his cock was straining to get out. I continued to suck Bill as William unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I told William, we are going to fuck now as I took hold of Bill’s cock and led him to the bedroom for our second fuck. I was so much more passionate this time with Bill than I was the night before. I allowed him to kiss me all over and on the mouth as he pumped my pussy full of his cum.

After Bill finished, he got dressed and I walked him to the door while I was still naked. We passed by William who still had his cock out. William thanked Bill for coming and hoped that he had a good time. I kissed Bill at the door and told him to call me. William came and picked me up and carried me back to the bed that Bill had just fucked me on. Again, he did to me what he had done the night before, only this time the cum was much newer and fresher. I knew then that William did really love for me to fuck other men.

Over the next two years, I had four different lovers. One was married and was afraid of getting caught after a while. One was ten years younger than me and he moved on to marry a woman his age. One guy said that he had fallen in love with me and wanted me to leave my husband and marry him. He made me choose. I chose my husband. All the time, William was becoming more submissive and allowing me to go out and be fucked at any time. I even made a few over night trips with my lover.

These four men were all white, so after it was time to start anew, I told William that I wanted a black lover. I was a little surprised that he said alright. He told me that I would look beautiful with a black body on top of my white skin. My first black man was a big hunk of a man named James. He had a big beautiful black cock that I knew that I wanted when I first saw it. I think that James was so delighted to have a white pussy that he was here every night to fuck me. William didn’t have much to say or do with James. One week end I was at James’s place when two friends of James came in. Just being playful, James started taking my clothes off while they watched. I found it a little exciting to have their eyes on me as he undressed me. James got undressed and as the guys watched he slid his black cock into my pussy. See, he told the guys, she does have a very nice pussy and she can take all of a black dick inside her cunt. I was almost unconscious from pleasure as James fucked my pussy. After James had shot off inside my pussy, he turned to the guys and asked, who’s going to be next. I was a little shocked but had had a couple of drinks and didn’t much care whose cock was inside me. I was already naked and was here with my legs spread wide. They guys jumped at the chance and were necked in no time. They had beautiful long black cocks. James told them so I would fuck more for them to give me a really good fuck. That evening, I was fucked by three men and really loved it. I had had so many orgasm that I couldn’t remember. When I returned home, William knew that James had fucked me but I didn’t tell him that two of his friends has also fucked me. William sucked my pussy as usual and commented about the amount of cum that was on my panties and still in my pussy.

After fucking James and some of his friends a few more times, I asked James how many of his friends could he arrange to fuck me. He asked if I wanted a gang bang and I told him yes. He said that he could easy arrange five or six other guys. I asked him if he could bring them over to the house Friday night. Friday evening, I bathed and shaved my pussy because I knew that the black men liked to see a bald pussy getting fucked. I just put on some old cut off and a sweat shirt. I told William that we would just stay in tonight. He asked, is James coming over later. I said maybe. Around eight-thirty, William noticed that I was watching the clock as we just sat and watched TV. It was nine when we heard a car door slam out front. William went to the front and looked out. When he say James’s SUV he said, it’s James coming for a fuck. I got up and went to the front to meet James and see how many black guys he had with him. William opened the door and when he saw James and six other black guys, he tried to shut the door back. James had the door blocked and forced it open wide and told the guys to come on in. William was a little reluctant but I told him it was ok. James told him, we either fuck here are she goes with us. William said, ok, here.
For the next four hours, I had seven cocks to take care of. They all got my pussy at least once, some twice. I sucked three of four off and one came in my ass.

William didn’t much care for this many at one time, but it didn’t matter to me as he was well on his way of becoming a cuckold husband. There was an open invitation that about ten different black men could come by at any time for a fuck.

Lee, my second real black master and I carried William’s cuckold training to new limits. Lee also was a big man and he had his bluff in on William. Lee would have William sit beside our bed while I rode his cock and have me tell William that my pussy belonged to him and I was his white whore. Lee would also bring or send over other blacks to fuck me. We shopped sex stores for items to apply to William. Lee would tell him that he didn’t want him to feel ignored. We had but plugs, handcuffs, ball and dick restraints, dog collars and a leash for William. Lee convinced William that the only way that the guys he brought over to fuck me could feel at ease and understand that William accepts them doing this was for William to offer to suck their cocks hard before they fucked my pussy. William understood what Lee was saying and started doing this for the guys. For the first time, my husband would not only suck their cocks to get them ready, he would cleaned them after they had fucked me as he would clean my pussy after each fuck. Of coarse, William’s other duties included serving drinks, bringing food, and handling clean up supplies. The guys would usually want William naked as they are and would make fun of his man hood. Lee would remove my panties and tell William to put them on. Sometime, one of the guys would place my panties on William’s head. The position that the guys seemed to like best was have William stand beside the bed with a butt plug in place, his hands handcuffed behind his back, cock and ball strap on his dick with a leash attached to the end. I would hold the leash and would yank it each time I orgasm and tell him how good it feels to get fucked by the black cocks.

After about a year, Lee passed me off to John. John liked to have me at his place where he managed me. When he would pick me up or send one of his friends for me, it was more like going out on a date. I could get ready to go on an half hour notice. My husband still gets just as excited when he knows that I am going out and will be coming home well fucked. He still meets me at the door, tells me how much he loves me and proceeds to lick my cum filled pussy. He usually tells me that I come home smelling just like a black man’s whore. I just grin at this and tell him if he only knew. William knows!

I have been fucking other men for the last five years and am loving it. With four white lovers in the first two years and three black masters for the last three years, it has been the best time of my life. Little did I know when I started dating one guy once or maybe sometime twice in a week, and now going to my masters four or five times a week and fucking as many as six to ten different guys each night and turning my husband into a true cuckold for my black fucked pussy.

Part 2: William’s Story

First, let me say that I am a true cuckold husband and have been for many years. I feel lucky to have a beautiful unfaithful wife. She wasn’t always this way but I believe I led her onto this path. I have always had this fantasy that she would let another man fuck her and then show me the evidence and tell me every detail about being fucked. I thought it would be even better if I could watch while she was being fucked by another man. It was nearly impossible for me to make love to her without bring this fantasy up. She said that she understood that this heightened my sexual arousal and she sometime would play along and tell me about fucking one of her old boyfriends or tell me that some day she would meet some one and let them fuck her. She would ask, you would like that, wouldn’t you. This would really get me off.

You see, I am fifteen years older than Peg and I always thought she would want to fuck a younger man closer to her age. We were married twenty years and she was the perfect wife and mother to our only daughter. Shortly after our daughter left for college and we experienced the empty nest syndrome, she told me that she would fulfill my fantasy. I had an immediate erection. Really, you will let another man fuck you, I asked. Yes, she answered, I’m ready to try it. She warned me that she might not like it and then again she said she might not be able to stop doing it. I think I stuttered as I said that was alright that I would still love her just the same. I fingered her pussy as she stroked my dick and told me about a new guy that she had been flirting with and she was sure that he would fuck her. I asked her if he had come on to her and she said yes. I loved hearing about another man who was interested in fucking my wife. I told her that this was the ultimate compliment to her for him to want to have sex with her.

I wish I had words to explain why I so desperately want another man’s dick inside my wife’s pussy. I have tried to explain why to my wife but she says that she still doesn’t understand. When I think about her being with another man, I get a gut feeling in my stomach, my palms get sweaty, my dick throbbing my heart racing, my adrenaline starts to flow, and my balls start to ache. And this is just thinking about it. I needed to find out how I would react after she actually gets fucked. Another way to look at it is when you have something that you are proud of and take pride in, you want to show it to other men. I once had a new motorcycle and the first thing I did was show it to some of my buddies and let them take it around the block. This is the best that I can explain this.

She made a date for Friday night. I was nearly out of my mind with excitement as she prepared for her date. I followed her around like a puppy dog trying to help her every way that I could. I watched her bath, shave her legs, trim her pussy hair, and lay out her clothes. She looked so beautiful as she walked out the door to go meet Bill. The last thing she said was wish me luck. I knew the excitement would last until she came back home hopefully well fucked. She left the house just a little before eight. It was a little after twelve when she returned. I had tried to stay busy while she was out on her first date but I did worry and wonder about just what they were doing.

I was at the door as Peg came inside. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She had a smile on her face as I asked if she had fucked Bill. She told me to find out for myself. As we were kissing, I pulled up her skirt and ran my hand inside her panties, cupping my fingers between he pussy lips. I cupped my finger into her hole and could tell that she had been fucked. Oh baby, oh baby, I told her, I love you so very much. She pushed my head down, as I dropped to my knees before her. I pulled her panties down and inserted three fingers up into her gooey pussy. As I pulled them out, a lot of pussy juice and cum covered my hand. I put my fingers to my mouth and licked them. The cum taste confirmed that not only had Bill fucked her but he had filled her pussy with his cum. Peg took hold of each of my ears and forced my head onto her pussy. For several minutes, I licked and tongued the pussy until I had sucked out as much of the cum mixture as I could. I got up and lifted Peg in my arms and carried her to the bed room. We quickly got naked and moved to the bed. I went back to sucking her pussy now that I had better access to it. Her pussy had a spunky smell and taste of another mans cock, and I was loving my wife sharing it with me. I was close to cumming, so I turned around and slid my dick into the used pussy. The thought of my dick being inside a pussy that had another dick in it just a short time ago caused an immediate ejaculation. I apologized for cumming so soon. As I held Peg in my arms, she told me all of the details of what they did, including how they were naked together and Bill putting his dick into her pussy.

The next morning, Peg asked me if I had any regrets, I told her no and that I loved her even more. I asked her if she was sorry that she was fucked by Bill and she answered no. Then she added, in fact, I have another date with him tonight. I was hoping that Peg and I could spend just a quit evening together and maybe discuss her date the previous night as we fucked but I said that’s fine.

Again, Peg prepared for her date. At a little after eight, the doorbell rang. Peg jumped up before I could react and headed to the door, As soon as Bill was inside, Peg threw her arms around his neck and they started kissing. After several kisses, Peg stepped back and removed her top. She was braless. She now continued to kiss Bill while Bill held her bare breast. She rubbed her tits up against Bill’s chest. Next, she dropped to her knees and unzipped Bill’s pants and took out his half hard cock. She jacked it several times bring it to a hard and then she took the head into her mouth. Bill looked at me as if to say, what can I do. Peg jacked and sucked hard until Bill filled her mouth with his seaman. Bill asked where was the bathroom and he went to clean up. I was almost in shock at my wife all of a sudden being so open. She came over to me and shared a cum kiss with me. Did you like my little show, she asked. Yes, I answered as she continued to plant her mouth on mind.

Peg left to brush her teeth and use some mouth wash. She and Bill came back in and she introduced us. Bill said that he was honored that he could date Peg. I told him that he was welcome to come and see her whenever he wanted. Peg and Bill sat together on the couch and Peg asked me to get them drinks. Bill said he would have a beer if we had that. I got up and went to the kitchen and poured Peg a wine and got a beer for Bill and myself. Peg was still bare breasted, so Bill fiddled with her tits while he drunk his beer. When he finished his beer, Peg got up and showed Bill to our bedroom. She left the door open so I could hear as they removed their clothes and started fucking. I was glad that Bill had come here and would fuck her in our house. After Bill finished, cleaned up, and got dressed, he left. Peg had walked him to the door and gave him a kiss goodnight. We returned to the bedroom together where the smell of their fucking was evident. Once again, I went down on her pussy and eagerly licked and sucked her and Bill’s love juice.

Bill remained Peg lover for a little over six months when he found another woman and moved on. A couple of weeks after he said good by, he called Peg and told her that if she wanted someone to fuck he had a young friend that knew about us and wanted to become Peg’s lover. Peg told Bill to send him over to see us. The next night Jim called and asked to come over. Peg told him ok. Jim arrived at about seven-thirty and we talked about what we expected. We told him that our marriage was open and Peg liked extra sex just for her pleasure. Jim was ten years younger than Peg. She was really flattered that a younger guy was interested in her.

When Jim found out that I was sucking the cum from Peg’s pussy after he left, he asked why not join us in the bedroom. When possible, I would suck Peg’s clit and lick her while Jim was fucking her. We had several positions that would allow us to do this. Peg would sit on my face after Jim had cummed inside her while she sucked his dick hard for a second fuck. Peg had her first double penetration by me and Jim. Jim’s dick was long and slender. He was about two inches longer than me but not as big around. I think this is the reason we both could enter her and this was usually done when Jim was fucking her for the second time, so she would be well lubricated.

For the next two years, Peg had four white lovers. I must say that she loved fucking with all of them. One was married and stopped seeing Peg when his wife became suspicious. Two found other girl friends and one said that he was in love with Peg and wanted her to divorce and marry him. He told her that she had to decide between him and me. Peg told him that she would not see him after that.

After this guy, we were a little worried about him going off the deep end and trying to do something. When we would go out to eat or a club, he seemed to be hanging around. At one of the clubs that we go to Peg met this big black guy that she danced with. When she told him about this guy, he said that he would take care of it. The guy was in the club and the black guys followed him out when he was leaving and I believe he took care of the problem. Probably threatened the guy with his life. Peg invited the guy to come home with us. His name was James. He was about thirty-five, six feet two and weighed about 220. Peg had her way of thanking him for helping us. As soon as we got inside, Peg took him to our bedroom. From the sounds coming from the bedroom. He must have been something special or the best fucker that Peg ever had. She was more vocal than she had ever been with any of the white guys. I tried to imagine just what his dick looked like pounding her pussy. Peg established right there that James was to be her next lover. I think I trembled a little thinking about such a big man with my wife, but when I thought about the black dick inside Peg, I knew that he was the one. As he was leaving, he asked if he could come back. Peg said, please do. She gave him our phone number and told him to call to make a date.

Peg invited me into the bedroom to examine her black fucked pussy. It had more cum inside than I ever saw with Peg’s white lovers. Long strands would come out as I fingered the pussy. Peg asked, well, are you going to clean me? She really wasn’t asking, she was telling me that I had better. E god, I thought, this is cum from a black cock. I moved my mouth down to the pussy. I thought the smell was some different. I stuck my tongue inside her and tasted James’s cum. I found it a little stronger. Probably because there was so much of it still inside Peg’s pussy. I sucked and lapped up as much as I could. I knew I would be doing this a lot more in the future.

James called the very next day and made a date for that night. He fucked her for the second time and Peg loved it just as much as the first. They were fucking together five or six times a week. The second Saturday, he picked Peg up and carried her back to his apartment. It was after two in the morning before he brought her home. She smelled of sex and still had dried cum in her hair, on her face, on her tits, and her stomach. She didn’t talk much about what they did. She went straight to the shower and got cleaned up before coming to bed. James only came over three times the next week. On the third Saturday after meeting James, we did not hear from him all day. Peg did shower late in the day, but just put on some cut offs and a sweat. I noticed around eight, Peg was watching the clock. I asked if James was coming over and she answered, maybe. About eight thirty, I heard a car pull into our drive. I went to the front and saw James’s SUB. I waited at the door to let him in. When I opened the door, not only was James standing there, he had six black men with him. I tried to push the door shut, but James pushed harder. All of the men followed James inside. I started to protest, when Peg came up and told me that everything was all right and she was going to fuck them all. She had asked James to provide her with a gang bang. She later told me that the time she spent at James’s apartment that she had fucked James and two of his friends numerous times. Peg kept her word and had every one of the men’s cocks in her mouth and in her pussy that night. I couldn’t tell you how much cum she collected. When they had finished, Peg was really proud of satisfying all seven men. I was mad at her for doing this without telling me. She told me to get over it as she was going to be doing this a lot.

For about eight months, Peg took care of James and many of his bros as they call them. I had no choice but to continue to love her and be with her after they were through with her. Right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, James had spent some time with his ex wife and his children. He told Peg that they were getting back together and he couldn’t be with her anymore. Peg told him that she wanted one last night with him before he left her. He arrived at about nine and Peg met him at the door and smothered him with hugs and kisses, She didn’t want to let loose of him. I stayed out of there way but served them any thing that they wanted or needed. Peg told me that I needed to put clean sheets on the bed as James would be sleeping in our bed and I would have to move to the guest bedroom. All night long, I could hear them making love and fucking nearly continuously. They didn’t sleep much and neither did I. At eight, the next morning I went to their bedroom to tell them that I would cook breakfast. As I looked in, all of the cover was off and James’s naked body was on top of Peg giving her one final fuck.

After breakfast, James and Peg went back to the bed room, but they just wanted a little time along together to say their goodbyes. There was more hugging and kissed and I could hear Peg sniffing. She held it together unto James left. She went back to the bedroom and laid where they had been together and started crying. I got up behind her, and held her while she cried for James. This was the first time that she had ever become so attached to a lover.

Nearly all of the men that James had supplied for Peg were in their twenties and not near the man that James was. She said none of them could take James’s place. There were several weeks that Peg just mopped around the house with little interest in anything. I told Peg that we were going out to the club Friday and find her a new black man. Friday finally came and at about six, I told Peg to get ready to go out. I almost had to push her to get her ready. I told her that I wanted her to look like a real slut. When we got to the club, I think at least half of the men there had screwed Peg. They recognized her and several rushed up to talk and dance with her. None really interested her. There was one man sitting alone in the back of the club, that I noticed was paying close attention to what was going on. After about an hour with Peg dancing with many of the black guys that were alone in the club, this guy got up and walked up to Peg and her dancing partner and interrupted them. They other guy quickly turned Peg over to this new stranger. He was ever bit as big as James and looked to be even stronger. He looked to be in his late thirties or early forties. I knew then that he was going to be Peg’s black man. Peg brought him back to our table and told me, this is Lee and this is my wimp husband. She showed him that I knew my place and he could assume the dominant position over me.

After a couple more dances with Lee, Peg said that she was leaving with Lee. I guess this is what we came to the club for. She left with Lee and I went on back home, playing with my dick all of the way. I got naked as soon as I got in the house, put a porn video on and jacked off. Peg had met a new man and was out fucking and would be coming home with a pussy full of cum. It was after two when Lee and Peg came in. She had invited him in and she showed him the layout of our home. Pretty soon, it would be his home also. He told me that after tonight, Peg was going to be his woman and would be available for him when ever he wanted her. I didn’t know it then, but Lee was going to try to humiliate me in almost every way possible. My cuckold training was just beginning. At least Peg would get all of the black cock that she wanted.

Lee mad it a practice to have me present while he fucked Peg. He introduced Peg to trash talk mainly to humiliate me. He would have her tell me how good he could fuck herm how big his cock was, and that she was now his bitch and whore. He started bring friends to our house for a fuck party. I was expected to wait on them and get them what ever they wanted. When they would undress Peg, they would remove her panties and tell me to undress and put her panties on. I didn’t mind wearing Peg’s panties, but sometime they would make me wear them on my head. Lee and Peg started bring home sex toys for me. When Lee so wanted, usually when other black guys were present, he would have Peg handcuff me, insert a but pug in my ass, put on a clock restrainer, and wear a dog collar with a leash. What I thought was the worse part was when Peg told me that Lee had insisted that I start sucking cock when I was told to. She said he said that there would be hell to pay if I ever refused. My sucking the black dicks would show how much I appreciated having them come to fuck my wife and that I was willing to help get her fucked.

Lee brought some of the guys here just because he liked the control that he had over Peg’s pussy. The fact that she would fuck others when he told her to, Also, it was a way to show all that he knew that the white pussy was his. Several times, some of the men would say something about paying Lee to get to fuck Peg. That her pussy was worth the money they paid. I told Peg but she said she didn’t care. There wasn’t any difference between those who paid and the ones she fucked free. It was all just fucking to her.

There were only so many contacts that Lee could make for Peg and we knew that Lee needed the money that he took Peg to meet John. John was a pimp and had many contacts and ran a brothel out of a house. The day that they met, John fucked Peg. He sent Lee on his way and Peg spent the whole evening with him. From what I learned it was to be a 40/60 split. After that Peg spent three or four nights with John each week. She told me that it was her duty to work for Lee and John. She is turning between fifteen and twenty tricks a night while I am now alone most of the time, but I still love her and don’t mind her sucking and fucking so many black cocks.

All of this happened in just five years since her first encounter with another man. She had four white lovers before she found a black master. Now she is with her third master and is a full time whore. This has to make me the ultimate Cuckold.


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Poster: William