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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Flashing Wife
Maybe the most exciting and forbidden thing I ever did was to have sex with a total stranger.

We were traveling and staying at a very nice hotel. Hubby was in a meeting and I went to the pool.

As is my custom when away from home base I wore my sheer white swimsuit. It is one piece but ,when wet, the top becomes transparent.

Since no children were aro..
Poster: Samantha | Full Story»

My Wife's True Story
I have been married to Karen for 12 years. We have no children. Karen is 5'4", around 125 lbs., with a truly beautiful face and (at the time) small breasts with large, jutting puffy nipples. She has always been very shy to the point she is uncomfortable discussing anything sexual, although she did fuck a lot of guys, including several close mutual friends, in high school.

Several ye..
Poster: Everyday Husband | Full Story»

Cleaning Up
It all started around five years ago,my ex started,seeing someone on the side,while I were at work,and most days when I got home,she would meet me at the door,give me a kiss tell me how much she missed me,and take her paints and panties off and tell me about how hot and wett she were thinking about me eating her pussy,after a fue times of this I started to notice how she tasted different and how E..
Poster: Will | Full Story»

Married and Cucked still by my Wife
I had wrote how my wife before marriage and during our engagement had screwed other men including her former bf, I hoped that would end after we were married but it didnt.

We had been married about 2 months the sex was great and was multiple times daily she was always ready to screw.

One Saturday I went on a golf outing for a yearly tournament my wife scheduled a di..
Poster: Chas | Full Story»

Fun Night
We were on vacation on St Martin. Spent the day on Orient Beach drinking and sunning.

We went back to our room and I told my girl I wanted her to pick up and screw a guy.

She finally agreed and she did at a beach bar that night. I was really excited about it.

He took her to his sail boat and fucked her. After a couple of hours he brought her back to..
Poster: Been there | Full Story»

My Wife has a Boyfriend with my Blessing
My wife has a lover with my approval.

He fucks her in his place. We didn't meet so far.
Lately she started talking about his lover's friend who was black.

Whenever she goes to make sex with her lover the black guy is always there.

According to her lover the black guy has some 11'' dick.

I asked her if she ever fucked him she denied..
Poster: Dubins Man | Full Story»

I have never been more Turned On
My wife and I have always been open about our sexual desires and past. I knew she was quite the slut while we were dating. She had fucked 15 guys before me as well as several girls.

When we first started fucking I was able to last long enough to get her off. As time went on and she told me about her one night stands and how large some of these guys were. One of her ex’s was so lar..
Poster: The Sub | Full Story»

Kind of Cuckolded
Well, a week or so before Christmas had just gone, we had our office party. My wife Carol came along, & where she met my colleagues, including Stuart, a tall, strong, handsome young blond guy with whom I shared an office.

I could tell that Carol rather fancied him, & in fact after a couple of drinks, told me so. In a funny way, the idea of Stuart 'taking' my wife & servicing her I ..
Poster: Sort-a-Cuck | Full Story»

Sharing my Girlfriend, she was Fingered
Background: we're both 21, Hispanic & Asian. Been together for 8 months now.

We've been talking about sharing her for about a month now. It started with us talking about kinks we'd like to explore and I told her I wanted her to fuck other guys. She's always been a very kinky type so it wasn't like a "what do you mean? Our we over?" But her response was curiosity, so we went from the..
Poster: PacMan1989 | Full Story»

My Ultimate Fantasy
Has any husband been in a situation where his wife & her lover are stood there, deeply French kissing, with the cuck knelt before them, licking the stud’s heavy Doc Martin boots; deep heavy intense boot licking. It’s that time, when his wife is particularly sexy; yes, she is ovulating & ready, & WANTING to conceive with her ‘ldeal’ partner, who is not her inferior husband.

Poster: Cuck wannabe | Full Story»

Pregnant and staying a Cuckold Wife
Hello all my name is Allison and I would like to take a minute to tell the story of how I got pregnant to have my family and continued being a cuckolding wife.

My husband and I met in college and soon after graduating both got the jobs we always wanted and saved our money for the wedding. Prior to getting married he never fully satisfied me and I thought no big deal as we need to le..
Poster: Allison | Full Story»

Robert's coming to Stay
Robert had visited us recently for a short period of time. Now he was coming to stay for an extended period. He can work remotely and Jennifer, my wife, is retired.

She told him he'd be sleeping with her just like before. I'll be sleeping in the finished basement, serving them dinners, being their Uber driver on dates and watching them tease, kiss and fondle each other in front..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

Stepmum, dad and me.
This all happened over several years and is a true and not a fantasy.

I had fancied my Stepmum for many years, I will call my stepmum B. In fact before she was my stepmum, she was aware of my interest in her, I think she used to rather like it but because of the situation was a little bit hesitant.

We used to flirt a bit, but that for the most part was as far as it we..
Poster: A naughty boy | Full Story»

The Cuckold Within
Very often I see the question "how did you get started on this?".

My story is a little different. I was married for 5 years, got divorced, but I kept in touch with my ex. She had a new bf who was out of town a lot so she called me for sex every now and then. Soon I found myself on her apartment, thinking about her making out with the guy and it was exiting.

I started ..
Poster: Orl Cuckold | Full Story»

On Vacation
I'm 39 and my 2nd husband is 54, and we have been together for the last 5.5 years. We are happy and support each other in every way possible.

Sexually he is ones or twice a week man, which is OK but not 100% of my needs. Anyway one day we where watching an erotic movie and enjoying some wine and cheese, when I asked my husband if he was truly happy in our marriage, which he answered..
Poster: Britney | Full Story»

My Wife’s Second Experience
I won’t waste a lot of time with this story. I will tell it like it happened. This took place in 2018. It was my wife's second experience with another man and being the hotwife she is now.

She met him online and after a few days of getting to know each other with texts and calls, she wanted to meet him at his place. I agreed, he seemed pretty cool. She thought he was so hot ..
Poster: Jed | Full Story»

Camping ⛺️
We only had one small tent ⛺️ and of a morning before my wife was awake I would put my hand on my wife's legs and sliding them up to my wife's pussy.

I would start to play around, she always likes this, part dreaming of some one having fun with her and part enjoying been rubbed.

Well in the day I said its about time we had sex , and she said maybe tomorrow mornin..
Poster: The dolphin 🐬 | Full Story»

Undressed Wife in Front of my Friends
We were at a party at a friend's party space above his store.

We were hanging out, a little high. I was unfamiliar with my friend's friend, but we all got along. The dude was tall and thin but he had great muscular definition.

My girlfriend (then) was the only female present.
We had't done anything sexually since we started going out.

Three of us..
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

Perfect Cuckold Scenario
The Perfect Storm !!! For those of you that have seen the movie the perfect storm was a monster storm that occurred when many variables came together at once and created the ideal scenario for the monster storm. Wasn’t my plan at the time but a series of events lead to my creating the perfect cuckold scenario!!

Like many couples my wife and I have fantasized and talked about other..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Flashing on the Beach 🏝
Hi, this is a beach Dare that we enjoyed that went all the way, it started with my wife on the beach in a short dress and no underwear on her back in the sun legs bent up and her boobs mostly out.

I said I Dare you to pretend to be asleep 💤 and if someone comes past don’t cover up , we’ll some people went past, one even took a picture of up her dress.

I thoug..
Poster: The dolphin 🐬💦 | Full Story»

Our Friend Fucked my Wife at a Resort
This all started before the lockdown disaster. My wife, a good friend and I assisted to a wedding for our friends at an all-inclusive resort. The friend went alone because he broke-up with his live in girlfriend less than a week before the wedding. So, with short notice, he couldn’t get anyone to go with him. The three of us didn’t knew anyone else besides the groom and we had only recently ..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»