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Should I do it for my first Time
My wife and I both in late 50s have enter into watching n her with other men. So after 2 meetings, my wife was into it more.

So a few months passed. My wife ask me do u think you would be mad if I wanted to try a black man. This took me by surprise since in all these years role playing in bed this never came up.

She said that she has been talking to other women ..
Poster: gary | Full Story»

My Marriage
It all started with my sister. I could see her through the window. At night when her boyfriend was there I would climb the small hill and watch her through the window with my spy glasses. My sister liked fisting. After she moved out her daughter, my niece moved in the room. I did the same to her.

It was about that time that I started having fantasies about cleaning up after sex. The..
Poster: bob | Full Story»

My First Experience
I don’t really know where to start, because when I think about at all my experiences with woman and romance, there’s a lot of weirdly specific moments that have shaped this for me.

One of the more vivid ones was my second week of college. I was 19. 9.5 years ago.

I was hanging with a girl down the hall who was fucked up hot, Sarah. I was from a small town and she ..
Poster: Yapper | Full Story»

I Cucked my Boyfriend
So I've been working out frequently and hit this really packed gym. I inevitably catch the eye of a good number of men there.

Normally, I'd either come up with excuses to keep them at bay or simply avoid them, but two months back, one guy started hitting on me and I gotta admit he was one good looking dude.

My boyfriend always had this kinky fantasy of me wearing mi..
Poster: Kimi | Full Story»

My Wife with a Dominant Bull
I’ve shared my wife with three different guys now. The first two adventures were threesomes with friends of mine. Seeing her with someone else was beyond intense but because they were friends they were really respectful. We decided to mix it up for our most recent adventure by meeting up with an experienced bull.

The plan was to meet at a bar and if we hit it off we’d go back to..
Poster: Talos | Full Story»

Wife's First Time with another Man
We got married at 22, wife was a virgin when we first met so I was only guy she had ever been with, and so I had strong fantasies of watching her with another guy.

So after a year I brought it up to her but she said she didn’t mind fantasizing with me, but had no interest in actually being with another guy.

So around our 10th anniversary I decided to try and set ..
Poster: Cali C | Full Story»

I had Rules for this Guy
My wife and I have been together since high school, she got pregnant in her senior year. Anyways she helps me paying the bills by helping her mom cleaning houses since she was 18.

Couple months back she told me about this guy in his late 40’s and apparently she has known him since she was 19 cleaning the parents house of this guy, he lives with his parents and has terminal cancer...
Poster: BlueMan | Full Story»

I can Finally Share!
Hello! I’ve read so many stories on here and came and fantasized about them so much so I’m glad I finally have something for it, it’s not going to be as exciting as some of them but it’s a start! To start with I have a massive cuckolding kink and my gf of 22 years knows about it, at first she didn’t like it but started coming round and sexting and teasing me with it.

Poster: I Share Her | Full Story»

My Husband's Mouth was Taped Shut
We are an experienced couple and love the lifestyle a lot. We have experienced many different things and this was something we loved a lot. For us it’s not just the aspect of him watching me have sex but more the humiliation, power and control.

I do part time modelling and because of it was invited to an event. It was pretty fancy and so everyone was dressed up.

I ..
Poster: Reality Woman | Full Story»

A Bulls Perspective
I’m a 33 year old black bull living in a small city on the west coast. My uncle started in the bulling lifestyle back in the 90’s.

He would tell me stories about fucking married white women in front of their husbands when I was a young boy. I really couldn’t believe that could happen but I loved listening to him.

When I reached my 20’s my uncle asked me if h..
Poster: Reggie | Full Story»

Sleeping with my Friend
My wife’s been sleeping with my friend for almost a week now, and this weekend was just magical. I did everything Ramona asked, including cleaning her creampied pussy, bringing them food and drinks.

It seemed like my wife was on her real honeymoon, only with my friend. I managed to watch them fuck, quite a lot over that weekend.

I heard so much over the phone that..
Poster: Excited Cuck | Full Story»

Wife on a Date
Last night my wife went on a date with our bull - she’s seen him regularly since the first time she cuckolded me 3 weeks ago, twice with me there and a few times just the two of them.

They were at a restaurant and then went to a bar, and realised they’d had too many drinks to drive so he called me and asked me to pick them up.

I got out of bed and drove to the b..
Poster: David | Full Story»

My Roomates like my Girlfriend
When I was in college I had two roommates that I knew but wasn’t close friends with. We kinda ended up together randomly.

My girlfriend at the time was cute and sexy and honestly out of my league. She liked me because I was funny and paid for stuff. She also was way more experienced in sex.

In retrospect this was always going to be a train wreck. The roomies were t..
Poster: J | Full Story»

Her Requirements
My wife and explored toys, viewed porn together and made some home made porn. Initially part of our foreplay lotsa kissing, nipple nursing then me going down on her.

We had found a website that had the size and type of toys. In addition a porno on pegging. “Bend Over Boyfriend”. We both were thrilled at the video.

Then one afternoon after a sweaty session, ..
Poster: Joey Cur | Full Story»

I am worthless in bed
It all started with my watching sister. I could see her through the window. At night when her boyfriend was there I would climb the small hill and watch her through the window with my spy glasses. My sister liked fisting. After she moved out her daughter, my niece moved in the room. I did the same to her.

It was about that time that I started having fantasies about cleaning up after..
Poster: bob glove | Full Story»

The most Popular
I’ve been a sex chat line worker for longer than I can care to remember, starting at 19, when in university, & desperately wanting more money.

Then we used to work at Call Centres, but now we work from home, in great comfort.

I refer to the 28 March 2024 letter from Cuck Wannabe, headed, “Let’s have MORE letters on cuckold pregnancies”.

Would ..
Poster: Chat line expert | Full Story»

Cuck’s Beware
I started dating my wife after college and fell in love quickly. I unlike her was still a virgin and only masturbated thinking of pussy.

She on the other hand had lost her cherry in H.S. and played the field in college. Basically, our first sexual experience was her teaching me how to please and fuck a woman. When we were done I asked her to rate me. She gave me a three out of ten,..
Poster: Ben | Full Story»

Wife wants to Fuck my best Friend
Hi All, My wife is 33 years old and we are married since 8 years. We had about 2 years ago a cuckold session with a guy from an adult dating site and it went pretty well.

We both enjoyed it. My wife fucked with the guy for about 2 hours in front of me and I was allowed just to watch and nothing more.

Since that time we did a little break, we had a lot of things in o..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Made my Boyfriend a Cuck
My boyfriend is away, he left a few months ago for work, and I stayed behind.

During this time, I was very turned on. We engaged in sexting and communicated via FaceTime, but nothing was enough.

One day I joked that I should fuck the guy who was hitting on me at work, and he said I should, and he was serious, and so I did! He was a bit older than me (I'm 19, he's 28..
Poster: Justine | Full Story»

Essence Fest
Years ago, we decided to go to New Orleans during Essence Fest weekend. I talked her into going as she had no idea what essence fest was. Once we got there and got checked in, she quickly figured it out. Not mad or anything she just asked me why I wanted to come that weekend and quickly said never mind I am pretty sure I know.

Went to dinner and then to Harrah's and to say the leas..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Married to a Nympho
When I first laid eyes on my wife, it was in High School. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was the most popular girl in school and didn’t have a clue who I was. She would always smile and say hello when I passed her in the hallways.

She had a personality that was as big as her beauty. All the other pretty girls were so stuck up and had an ugly person..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Making a porn video
The guy, pretty unattractive to say the least, rings a friend saying, “Hey, know what? I’m in a porn video!”. The friend, unbelieving asks for details. Says the ‘porn star’, “I play the husband who is filmed going off to work in the morning!”
Any readers on these pages ALSO porn stars?
Poster: Porn star? | Full Story»

Insatiable Wife
The last several months I’ve noticed that my wife has been acting different. She all of a sudden has been trying to get in shape. Taking long walks and exercising, disappearing for hours at a time.

She has cheated on me in the past on more than one occasion. What I don’t understand is why she feels the need to secretly cheat. We have an open marriage and she has had sex with ot..
Poster: Russell | Full Story»

Pool Visits
A couple years into our marriage we moved into a pretty nice apartment complex, great apartment, great pool and the works. Wife loved the pool and would be down at it every chance she got. Since she worked evenings that mean she spent a lot of early afternoons at the pool while I was at work.

I happen to come home early one afternoon and since she was not in the apartment I walked ..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Cuckold Conundrum
We have been in a Cuckold relationship for over five years now. It can be difficult at times and stimulating as well. I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone.

It will change your relationship for ever and destroy it too. My wife was reluctant to get involved and now she can’t imagine doing anything other than cuckolding.

I have not had sex since we began. We did the..
Poster: Sean | Full Story»

Not always the Cuckold
I was reading a story posted today about having been on both sides of the fence. I have learned to love being cuckolded by my current lover.

She loves to take on other men and drain their balls into her beautiful cunt. She will call me in (if I'm not already there) to enjoy her creamy treat.

It's wonderful not feeling any jealousy and watching her enjoy herself. I h..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»