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My highschool bully destroyed my family UPDATE
My girlfriend broke up with me 2 days ago. Somehow Steven got her number and started sending her "thank you" messages for the naked pics, he told her id been sending him pics of her for his site. She called me into the room asked me about it and after about 5 minutes of arguing she through me out. Now im forced to live with Steven and my mom again. He wasted no time in making life hell. Iv spent t..
Poster: Matt E | Full Story»

made to wait
Ben gilmoor (I am a cuckold, sissy slut, chased sex slave) date 30/08/2011
Yesterday I had to wear the contraption that had been fitted on Friday until 2 pm as my mistress enjoyed the pain it was causing, I was promised that if I took everything she had in mind for me all day I would be

allowed to make love to her, so all day I done the chores and took several canings , at ..
Poster: Ben Gilmoor | Full Story»

Ginger haired cuckolds?
Sadly, certainly in the UK, men (not so much women) with red (ginger) hair, SPECIALLY if it is THICK red hair, are, if not despised, certainly un-rated (for want of a better word) & disliked--- being bullied at school, at work, discriminated in the market-place etc; I suppose their treatment is not THAT dissimiliar to that often metted out to non-whites.
This leads to the question. If this ..
Poster: Just curious | Full Story»

I live in south mississippi. Im not what youd call a redneck or anything but southern traditions run strong in my family. After some extensive research into my family history my family did in fact own slaves and in 1857 there was a riot and my great great great grandmother who was about 15 or 16 was rapped by a slave. All those involved were beaten and lynched and "order was restored to the estate..
Poster: Roger | Full Story»

My wife acts single
Im 24 fairly in shape and iv got and average 6inch dick. My wife is 5'7 124 with beautiful bcups with small pink nipples, brown hair, green eyes, and pretty nice ass. In everyday life we're a normal couple in love but she has certain urges she cant control. Maybe once or twice a month she likes to seek sexual thrills. She often just walks up to guys in bars and asks if she can see there dicks. Sh..
Poster: Idontwanna Beacuck | Full Story»

anniversary mistake
I can't believe that I am sharing this embarrassing story about this incident. Last year my wife and I went into the city to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.
Our kids were staying with the grandparents and my wife really dressed up super hot for me. We ate and drank and drank some more. It was our plan to get a hotel room for the night and have some much-needed sex but because of a b..
Poster: Don | Full Story»

Helen's willing pussie is all David's.
Been a week or so since I last posted and I have to admit that I have been masturbating my brains out at the activity between my wife Helen and her lover, David who as most of my fellow cuckolds will know, is black.

Most nights I sit in the corridor outside their bedroom - they sleep with the door open - and listen to the sounds of their love-making and on lighter nights can see the..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

blond studs with black wives!
Are there any black cuckolds out there, who get turned on by, not just WHITE men fucking their wives, but BLOND N BLUE EYED men, not just FUCKING their wives, but actually BREEDING their wives with Mulatto babies!
The black cuckoldress, the black cuckold & the blond stud! LOVELY, LOVELY triangle!
Poster: Colour mix! | Full Story»

prolonged exitement
Ben gilmoor (I am a cuckold, sissy, chased sex slave) date 27/08/2011
My mistress has given me consent to describe her to you as we had such a good response from my first story.
She stands 5 feet 8 inches in her heels; she has short blonde hair (at the moment)
And brown eyes .She is maybe a little over weight but that’s fine, she always dresses formally i.e. covered from he..
Poster: Ben Gilmoor | Full Story»

My highschool bully destroyed my family
It all started in 7th grade when Steven moved to town. After about 2 weeks he had decided i was gonna be the nerd he picked on. He did everything from just pushing me down to walking up to me at lunch, hawking up huge loogies in my food and forcing me to eat it. In 8th grade,classes were changing and he pantsed me boxers and all in the crowded hallway. And by this point i hadnt really started to ..
Poster: Matt E | Full Story»

"Horny Wife" Back in the swing of things, hopefully
It has been a while since I posted anything about my situation, but this summer has been kind of rough with my husband since telling him about the sex I had with other men after we were married. I still have never told him about my son's friend "J".

In the month of June I told "J" I needed to quit playing for a little while. He took it a little hard but respected my wishes. Just did..
Poster: Tammy | Full Story»

It Was Only A Bit of Fun
My gf is really flirty and this has sparked off somethin in me which I now know is a desire to be a cuckold, to share her with other guys. Last Xmas we were at a Xmas Party at college. My gf decided she wanted to Xmas kiss all the guys. I watched as she toured every guy at the party getting into real steamy clinches with them, wet french kisses throwing her arms around their neck. Many of them ..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

one night
My name is Ben Gilmoor and I am a Cuckold - Sissy- sex slave.
I have been a slave to my Mistress/wife for over 15 years she has enslaved me in every way which I thank her for. This is a true story of one evening serving my mistress and lover.
My mistress summoned me to her bedroom and instructed me to dress in my best sissy dress with no knickers and to go and pick up her long time l..
Poster: Ben Gilmoor | Full Story»

Turning my Unwilling Hubby into a Cuck
While in college my boy friend dumped me and i was in a rut when i met my future husband Brian. He was very cute and had a good job. We dated for a year before he poped the question. I was still in love with my ex but gave up waiting for him to come back so i said yes. After a year of marriage i still couldn't get my ex off my mind. Maybe because he had a 8.5" cock and Brian only had 5" at best. S..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

A different cuckolding experience on this night
After my wife began her affair, now over 20 years ago, there was one night that I'll never forget. Now I must say that I was included in their lovemaking only a few times, and on this particular night was one night I'll never forget.

I have to tell you a few details I do not think I mentioned in any of my other stories first. My wife was 39 years old when she began her affair. She..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

David pleasures Helen at a party!
It was confession time last night and Helen told me a few things about her life with her lover David before she got pregnant to him and obviously before she moved into our bedroom. He was on a late shift yesterday, and she had her first alcohol since she realised that she was carrying his baby.

About 3 months into their relationship - I wasn't being allowed sex and I suspected that..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

My wife's choice
One day my wif and Iwere looking at some nude photos of guys and gals I asked her which of the guys cocks she would like to try,one I had noticed was about seven inches long nice looking head etc this is the one I thought she would choose,but she surprised me her choice was a cock six inches long but exceptionally thick with just a slight taper at the head and what appeared to be an over sized for..
Poster: Alex | Full Story»

Helen's black lover continues to pleasure her
Just had another sleepless night - not because of my wife and her lover's baby - but because they have been at it all night. They are clearly now making up for lost time and she is showing that she is insatiable. When we were together, it was once every few nights, punctuated by excuses about being tire. Straight afterwards, on would go her knickers or pyjamas and complaints about being sticky ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Real life
My wife& I are for real-not just fantising about this!
Like most hotwives wife is far from a model-Just a grandmother who is trying to enjoy life(heavey set& looks&dresses like a grandmother!
It seem that lately-guys expect hotwives to look like pornstars/models(probably because of porn& the media portraying all hotwifes like that)
We've met many many people into this li..
Poster: cuckholddon | Full Story»

Long for David to fertilise Helen again
I told you that Helen and her lover David are now back into the swing of things and following a 2 week abstinence, the floodgates have opened – rather like my wife’s legs – and she and David are at it like rats up a drainpipe.
They haven’t been as forthcoming in letting me watch again, but last night Monday was a sleepless night for all 3 of us; David and Helen making love until it ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Just got engaged! 2
Upon 'Just got engaged!' being published, Anne texted Martin, & he checked it out himself, & was furious! You see, as an engagement present for Anne, he'd bought her her favorite lip stick. I should have mentioned this in my earlier post----mentioned that before my fiancee gave Martin's cock a gobble, she'd applied MASSES of this bright shiny lip stick on her full & pretty mouth, so her cock suck ..
Poster: cuckolded now | Full Story»

"Lynn's Dominant Day"
“ Lynn’s Dominant Day”
When I woke up that morning, Lynn said I’m glad you’re finally awake, I have plans for you today. I looked at her and saw this wicked gleam in her eyes. She told me, eat me while I tell you all about it. I started eating her, taking my time to enjoy her taste. She started moaning and said today it’s all about me. Your job is to make sure I’m happy. I gro..
Poster: George | Full Story»

Just got engaged!
I just got engaged last week, & bought my wife a very very expensive gold & emerald ring. The first act she performed was to invite me to her office so that I could watch her kneel before her young boss Martin; a blond guy her age of 26 (I am 45); she knelt before him & began gobbling his wonderful hard on, & one of the best things was to watch her left hand, with the expensive engagement ring on ..
Poster: cuckolded now | Full Story»

David and Helen are back at it
As some of you will know, my wife Helen has a lover who is black and to whom she got pregnant. She had his baby about 10 or so days ago and they are all back now where they live as man and wife and are hoping to have another baby.

I had rather hoped that they would have been back in the swing of things by now, but a combination of a crying baby and sleepless nights means that they ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Cucked by my best friend
Ok, so my life just took a bit of an unexpected turn. I have been a cuck now for 2 years, in that time my wife has had sex with close to 150 men. I am always happy that she can add another to her belt, and until recently we have kept our sex life away from our friends. Well a couple of weeks ago my wife and her best friend began to talk about sex. Her friend had said that her and her husband (my b..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

Not sure how to begin. My wife has had me cuckolded for some time now. I have watched her with many men and have been playing the creampie eater, cock sucker, pussy eater...whatever they tell me. Everything except fucking my own wife. Anyway, she is always good about taking her birth control pills. Until recently. And so you know ahead of time she told me that she purposely stopped taking the pill..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

First gangbang
It was March 2008 and I and my husband, Dennis were attending another "theme" function at the 4'C's lifestyle club in New Orleans. The theme was "shirttails & garterbelts". The women would wear one of their husband's/boyfriend's shirts and garterbelts with or without panties, bras or not, and CFM high heels. I had decided that I was going to start the evening with my panties on and see what transp..
Poster: Bonnie & Dennis | Full Story»

my wife
Well it all started with many threesomes with many men
but now she dose not wait till i am there she will ring me up eigther before she is going to have sex or while she is having sex with my best freind
then she will take pictures and send them to me on my phone
as soon as i get home i clean her pussy out with my tounge
i am not sure how to send some photos but i will..
Poster: philip moir | Full Story»

Have i been cuckolded???
I want to share a story that happened in February this year and up until now i have been to embarassed to tell but i need to know whether i have been cuckolded.
My wife Emma is 37 and a very attractive woman, we have been married 7 years and she has never been unfaithful, never even thought about it. She knows i have a fantasy about seeing her with another man but she always laughed it off ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Fucking a married woman
I have been fucking a married woman for 5 years now online only. We have gotten close many times to doing it in person, but havent been able to convince the hubby yet. He tells her he likes the idea and the thought of seeing it, but hasnt bit yet. She sends me pics and vids of her fucking herself and screaming for me to fuck her and gets me off all of the time. We have done it as many as 2 tim..
Poster: John Smith | Full Story»

I can't believe I asked for this
My wife has been having an affair with her boyfriend for almost a year now. I am sometimes included in their lovemaking, even to the point where Kenny, is fucking my wife in our bed and spending the night at our house.
I of course am made to clean up after their lovemaking.
9 months ago I asked my wife to be my keyholder so that I could wear a chastity device. I had gotten to the poi..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

My Wife and the Dirty Doctors and Nurses! Part 2.
Following on from Part 1 of this story, which I posted recently and you can search for if you like.

We are due to start more treatment at the same clinic fairly soon. The wife has been bubbly and excited about it, and I've felt a lot like that too, plus a bit of strange trepidation. He, the black doctor I mentioned previously, will be involved with our treatment again. I know she h..
Poster: Bigman | Full Story»