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Janet and Caleb
My wife Shauna and I had just spent the night in a hotel after dropping our only child Anna off to start her freshman year of college.

We had an eight hour drive to get back to our small rural city. I had spent a lot of the night holding Shauna as she shed tears.

Her baby was moving on with her own life. Anna had been the center of her life for eighteen years. Shauna now felt somewhat aloof not sure how to fill the void.

We are both 40 years old and have been together since the ninth grade. We moved back to our home town about eight years ago. I took over my dads dental practice. We bought Shauna’s family farmhouse that sat on 20 acres of land.

Anna adjusted ok but I always knew she wouldn’t stay here after she grew up. She liked the bigger city life and that was ok.

A little about us, I was more of the academic only playing tennis and golf as sports In high school. Shauna was the real athlete lettering in three sports.

I’m above average height with a medium build. I run a lot to stay in shape but still have that small dad bod belly.

Shauna looks much younger than her age. I tease her it must be her Celtic heritage. She is fourth generation Irish-American with red hair hazel eyes and freckles over most of her body.

She stands five eight with great curves nice breast and amazing legs. She and I play a lot of tennis and golf. But she fits in more intense training as well.

I knew she would need something productive to do after Anna left. She had her gardening a a few farm animals. So I converted part of the barn into a dedicated place where she could expand her furniture refurbishing business.

We also decided it was time to remodel the old farm house. So we threw ourselves into it each weekend.

It was more work than we realized it would be. I approached Caleb my daughters recent ex-boyfriend. They date the last two years of high school before Anna decided she wanted to break up because she didn’t want to try and manage a long distance relationship.

Caleb took the breakup pretty hard but I believe he understood their futures didn’t include each other.

He was a local boy who was raised by his grand parents. He worked for his grand father at the family garage. Caleb was over six foot tall lean and muscular. He kept his dark hair very short which only made his bright blue eyes stand out more.

We liked him quite a bit and he often asked how Anna was doing or if I needed any help on the farm. I asked him if he wanted to make some extra cash in the weekends helping me with the remodel.

Over the first couple weekends I noticed he was checking Shauna out quit a bit. Hell I couldn’t blame him. Of course she was completely oblivious.

On the third weekend he was up on a ladder painting the house trim. I was inside doing some plumbing work.

Shauna had gone upstairs to take a shower before heading out for some curtain shopping.

I heard her cry out and I went upstairs. She was wrapped in a towel her hair dripping wet. I asked her what was wrong. She said she came out of the bathroom and Caleb was looking at her through the window.

Well he wasn’t there now. I told her I would go talk to him. Well by the time I got outside he was nowhere around and paint was spilled on the ground.

I jumped in my truck to go find him to make sure he was ok. I found him at the corner store. He was sitting on the tailgate of his truck sipping on a Dr. Pepper.

He looked scared when he saw me. So I told him it was ok. He wasn’t in trouble. I asked him what happened. He was honest telling me he didn’t spy on purpose.

When he saw Shauna come out of the bathroom she was naked and he knew he should’ve come down the ladder. But for some reason he didn’t.

I patted him on the shoulder telling him I completely understood. I would have done the same thing being in his shoes.

He visibly relaxed after my comment. He was now worried that Shauna would think he was a pervert. I had to admit she was shocked and it would have at least a short term affect on their relationship.

He said he guessed he probably shouldn’t come by our house anymore. I laughed telling I expected him there next weekend we still had a lot to do.

I was curious at this point. So I asked him if he thought Shauna was attractive. He was evasive at first but finally admitted he thought she was.

Out of the blue I realized I was turned on by this revelation. I told Caleb to stop by for dinner the next night. Telling him to apologize to her.

I could tell he wasn’t sure but also that he didn’t want to be in exile from our place either.

Well he did show and he apologized to her. She had a stern look on her face when she asked him why he didn’t leave as soon as he noticed her. Her demeanor sifted after he told her that he was caught off guard and that she was very pretty.

I saw a look come over her I hadn’t seen in a very long time, excitement. We ate dinner and things seemed to be back to normal for the most part. But I could tell there was a subtle change between them. At least the both seemed to blush more when the talked to each other.

That night in bed I told her about Calebs admission that he found her to be very attractive. Shauna initially blew me off.

Then she asked me how I felt about Calebs comment. I told her it actually turned me on. Shauna poked me in the side calling me a pervert.

But at the same time she placed her hand in my cock which was already semi hard. She looked at me saying I was serious.

She pulled her hand away telling me she was old enough to be Calebs mother and he was our daughters ex-boyfriend. I teased her pointing out she didn’t mention her being married.

That earned me a second sharp poke in the ribs. She told me I had an overactive imagination before turning on her side away from me.

I let it drop not wanting to push to far to soon. Shauna did seem to be restless for quite a while before finally falling asleep.

The next Sunday I planned a BBQ at the farm. Caleb and I had got a lot done and I wanted to have friends and neighbors over.

While I played grill sergeant I had Caleb team up with Shauna for a corn hole tournament. They dominated the boards all day.

I loved the love victory hugs and high fives they exchanged after every win. After everyone left. Shauna went in to shower and go to bed after being outside all day.

I asked Caleb to help me put some things away as it was supposed to rain in the early morning.

After we finished I tossed him a beer. He feigned confusion that I would give him a beer. I laughed telling him I knew he and Anna used to sneak beers and drink them in the barn. Adding they didn’t hide the empties very well.

We sat for a while just talking. Then I asked him outright if he would like to sleep with my wife.

The look on his face was priceless. He didn’t know if I was serious or this was some kind of trap that would end with him burrows in our garden.

I told him I was serious and how I had been thinking about it for some time. He asked me if Shauna knew about this. I told him not the sleeping together part. But she knew he was attracted towards her.

I half expected Caleb would have found a way to leave but be didn’t which told me he wanted to have sexual with her.

He didn’t think my wife would go for anything like that. I told him to leave that part to me. I had him shower downstairs. I gave him a blanket and pillow and told him to lie on the couch.

I went upstairs showered then made enough noise to wake Shauna up. I asked her if she had a good time. She answered with a long Ummmmhmmm.

I asked if she enjoyed being cornhole champs with Caleb. With her eyes still closed I got another Ummmmmhmmmm.

Her eyes went wide open when I told her Caleb was down on our couch. She asked me why. Without hesitation I told her I wanted her to have sex with him.

She was wide awake now and up on one elbow. Who’re she could say anything I told her how I felt. I told her Caleb wanted her. I told her that it was obvious she was attracted to him as well.

I was pleased her Irish temper stayed in check. She told me it was wrong and I shouldn’t want her to do something like that.

I told her I didn’t agree with it being wrong. It was obvious all three of us wanted it to happen. I kissed her cheek softly telling it’s something I really wanted but didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

With that I turned my lamp off and turned away from her. I could tell she was awake. After about twenty minutes she called my name softly. I feigned sleep and she continued to toss and turn restlessly.

Finally she sat up on the edge of the bed. But after a few minutes she laid back down. Moments later she got up and put on her robe over her naked body.

She walked to the door stopped for a long moment. Then quietly exited our bedroom. My heart was racing now. I waited awhile thinking she would change her mind and come back to bed.

When she didn’t I snuck out making sure to avoid that one squeaky board. I sat in the shadow up on the landing with a great view of our living room.

Shauna approached the sofa. the light was dim from a small lamp Caleb thankfully left on. She softly called his name. At first he didn’t respond and I thought shit he fell asleep.

Shauna made a move to retrace her steps. As she started to turn Caleb reached up and took her hand.

Shauna stiffened but slowly sat next to him when he asked her to stay. They were talking softly. I only made out parts of what they said. Things about age, Anna and even my name came up.

I was think this would stall out Shauna stood up. But then she asked him if he was sure. He responded he was never more sure of anything in his life.

Shauna loosened the tie of her robe, letting it fall to the floor. She looked amazing and I could see her nipple were erect even from up above.

Caleb said something about how beautiful she was. He was only covered up to his waist. She sat next to him rubbing a hand over his muscular chest.

Her hand traced downward pausing to rub his six pack stomach. Her hand went under the blanket and I heard her gasp a little.

Caleb went up on both elbows and they kissed. Her hand slowly moving under the blanket.

Shauna knelt down next to the sofa her back to me. She pulled the blanket off of him. I watched as her head began moving slowly up and down. Calebs response confirmed she had him in her mouth.

After sucking him for a while she spread the blanket on the floor and had him lie on it. When he stood up I could tell he was blessed by the cock gods.

When he was prone Shauna slowly work his cock in then began to ride him. Slow at first but soon she was fucking him hard and fast.

They were both moaning loudly no longer concerned about waking me. Shauna came with a vocal announcement. They moved so she was facing the sofa. He entered her from behind fucking bet to another orgasm before cumming deep inside of her.

They stayed that way both enjoying the after glow of their coupling. Shauna stood and reached out her hand. He took it and she led him to the stairway.

I quickly got back to our room and in bed. Moments later I heard the door to our daughter old room close.

I thought she would return to our bed after finishing and we would have sex. I layer the wide awake for a long time.

Then came the faint sounds of bed springs squeaking from down the hall. Our house has a covered wrap around porch.

Before I knew it I was out on the porch roof in slippers and my boxers. Creeping towards the other bedrooms window.

The bedside lamp was on giving me a great view of them. Shauna was on her back with her firm legs wrapped around his strong back.

Caleb was up in his elbows fucking her real slow. She was panting her hips moving with his. He was young but clearly new how to fuck.

He went up in his hands and her legs went up and wide. He was ponding her to a strong orgasm. Her hands went to his ass as she kept pulling him back inside of her.

What I heard next made me dizzy where I almost fell off the porch. Just before she came she told him how much she missed his cock.

The reality that this wasn’t there first time together hit me like a rock. I had thought I made all of this come together. But I got played by my wife and a nineteen year old.

My head was swirling. I looked back inside and she was sucking his long thick cock like there would be no tomorrow. His hand was on her head in a familiar way as he shot his load in her mouth. Something she rarely did with me.

I crept back to our bed half stunned half angry. I heard the front screen door close. Then Shauna came up to bed.

She got under the covers. I asked her how long has she been fucking Caleb. She started to say tonight. I rolled over looking her in the eyes.

I told her those empty beer bottles hidden in the barn weren’t from Caleb and Anna were they.

Shauna knew the jig was up. But oddly she didn’t real down crying or try to continue the facade.

She told me it started just before he and Anna had broken up. I asked if Anna knew and she told me no.

She took a deep breath telling me Anna had purposely cheated on Caleb hoping he would break up with her. Caleb was heartbroken but refused to break it off with her.

One after noon he came by the house to talk to Shauna for advice and ask her to talk to Anna on his behalf.

She said she told him she couldn’t as it was Anna’s decision. Caleb broke down crying and she hugged him. Which turned into a kiss.

She said thing happened so fast all she remembered was Caleb had her on our dining room table.

Shauna made him leave, regretted letting it happen. Caleb kept calling her asking to see her again. She refused at first telling him it was wrong what happened. But then agreed to meet him at his garage to give him some of his things Anna still had.

His grandfather had already left for the day when she arrived. She was parked on the side of the building. Caleb got in her car an immediately told her he wanted to see her again.

She said she tried to talk him down. Which only led to him kissing her again. Shauna bit her lip at this point before continuing.

They ended up in her back seat with her willingly riding him until they both came. From that point on he was coming over to the house once a week. They had sex a few times in the barn and once in our daughters bed.

She said the guilt was getting to her and she came up with the idea to bring it all out in the open. I thought so much for me being the more academic one.

I told her I was hurt that she didn’t tell me after the first time. She finally teared up saying she was so scared but couldn’t stop because being with him made her feel so alive.

She asked for my forgiveness and not to blame Caleb. I told her she was forgiven adding that I was still ok with her seeing him. She searched my eyes looking for something.

She wiped her tears away asking me if I was sure. She would truly end it if that was what I wanted. I said like Caleb told her earlier. “I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

She laughed blowing a snot bubble out her pretty nose. She repeated how sorry she was and thank me for forgiving her.

We hugged and I made her laugh again telling her she had truly taught young Caleb quite a bit about pleasing a woman.

From that point on I no longer spied on them from the shadows. Caleb spent most Saturday nights often have sex with Shauna two or three times before heading out to meet his grandmother at church.

Fast forward a couple months and Anna came home for the Christmas break she had her new boyfriend in tow.

He was nothing like Caleb. In fact he reminded me of a younger me. Intellectual and cocksure of himself. Bordering on arrogant.

He was a junior at her college as he quickly let us know majoring in pre-med. As if me being a dentist was insignificant.

I decided to have a little fun. When Caleb showed up after dinner with gifts. I asked him to join us for desert and eggnog. He was hesitant to infringe knowing Anna was back in town.

I insisted and he agreed to join us. When the others saw him there were mixed reactions. Shauna blushed beet red went off on an urgent errand to the kitchen.

Anna just stood there like she had seen a ghost. She seemed to look at Caleb differently.

Her knew boyfriend had no clue who Caleb was but clearly saw him as inferior. Caleb didn’t let it bother him in the slightest. As a matter of fact he was the one that seemed confident in himself.

He shook his hand making him wince a little. He greeted Anna warmly giving her a hug. She seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in stumbling on how to introduce Caleb.

I about spit my eggnog out when Caleb introduced himself as Anna’s first. Leaving off the what part. That seemed to rattle Jonathan a little.

Anna scrambled to change the subject. I went into the kitchen where Shauna was downing a glass of wine.

She asked me if I was crazy or something having Caleb come with Anna home. I hugged her close telling her it would be ok and I enjoyed watching Caleb out man her tightass boyfriend.

She gave me the tray of deserts and a side eyed look before faking a smile and returning to the others.

Johnathan talked mostly and about himself while we ate. I noticed Shauna fidget a little. I deduced Caleb was trying to play footsies with her.

Anna kept looking at Caleb as if she was having second thoughts. The night ended with Johnathan going to bed early after Caleb left.

We listened to Anna complain that Caleb didn’t seem to be jealous at all. Shauna kick me under the table after I told Anna that it seemed Caleb had moved on.

After we were in bed Shauna was concerned that Anna still had feelings for Caleb. I agreed with her but to her that train had left the station.

I smiled at her telling her in fact the train was waiting for her in her shop. She said she couldn’t go with Anna in the house.

I told her I would text Caleb to go home. She stopped me in mid text. She looked at my grinning face telling me I was crazy.

I heard the screen door shut. I watched her walk to the barn. By the time I hit a beer let my dog out the back and got to the barn.

I could hear them fucking before I even got to the barn. I walked to the side and Caleb was pounding her from behind. She was bent over her work bench naked except for a scarf around her neck.

Her heavy tits swayed and she was push back onto his cock. Calebs pants were around his feet and he still had his shirt on.

He was angry fucking her and she loved it. She came when he pulled her hair and hit deep in her pussy. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her knees began to buckle.

Caleb spun her around lifted her up on the bench with her legs up on his shoulders. He pushed back in causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He fucked her hard and fast again to another orgasm. When he pulled out he ordered her to her knees. Shauna dropped like a rock. She ducked his cock feverishly until he came all over her face.

She removed the scarf to clean herself up. Caleb pulled his pants up leaving abruptly. I
Waited until he drove off and walked in as she was putting her clothes back on.

I asked her what got into him. She told me she mentioned that she thought Anna still had feelings for him and maybe he should talk to her.

That explained the angry fuck. I told her I assumed he didn’t take that well. She said he didn’t and that he was happy the way things were.

I asked if she was ok and what she wanted to do. She sighed telling me part of her agreed with Caleb about being happy the way things were.

Then came the but part. She said she wouldn’t want to stand in the way of Anna’s happiness if that was being with Caleb.

I told her that I wasn’t sure we could go back now. I mean clearly Caleb has strong feelings for you. Shauna smiled at telling me she loved me for being so understanding.

She did have a point that their relationship would have to end at some point. But I wasn’t so sure we should encourage Caleb to try again with Anna. What if she ever found out.

A couple days went by and I went looking for Caleb. We were always able talk to each other.

I cut to the chase and asked him if he still had feelings for Anna. He admitted he did but he also had feelings for Shauna.

We talked a long while about life and the future. He did understand that what he had with Shauna couldn’t last forever.

I next found time to get Anna alone. I gave her no doubt what I thought of Johnathan. She did agree he was an ass. She also admitted that seeing Caleb again had stirred up some feeling she thought had dried up.

Well they did end up talking and she transferred to a local college to be with him. Shauna convinced him it was time to end the relationship and he reluctantly agreed.

The night before there wedding a year after she moved back home Caleb asked us to meet him. I thought the lobby of a local hotel was suspect.

We agreed and as I suspected he asked us if he could have one last time with Shauna. She told him she didn’t think that was a good idea.

He promised it would be the last time and just need closure. She looked at me with a helpless look in her eyes.

I kissed her on the cheek telling her to go ahead I would wait in the bar. I walked them to the elevator. He told her to hit the fourth floor button. She looked both nervous and excited as the door closed.

I sat at the bar and had a slow scotch. I went to the first floor walking down the hallway. It did take me long to find his room.

I stood outside the door listening to them make love. She seemed to be cumming non stop. Caleb finally came and it grew very quiet.

I went back to the bar and waited more than an hour before she came down. She had been right and thoroughly fucked.

The wedding the next day was beautiful. The reception was grand as well. I loved the shared smiles the three of us shared through the night.

It’s been three years and we are the grandparents of twin boys. Caleb owns and runs the family garage and Anna is my hygienist working towards become a dentist herself.

Caleb and Shauna haven’t had sex since….but we evolved. We now meet up with strangers on short out of town stays. Shauna has a couple regular lovers one being a black man.


cuckold wife


Poster: Paul