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Then and Again
I like your site and it's stories. Finally decided to share mine. My mom and aunt were 37 and 40 in 1963. I will try to be as brief as I can. They were very pretty and dressed alike quite a bit.
They were always dressed nice and showed off thier self in a way that hid no doubt they were shapely.
When they were around kids and no men they were quite candid about men they had met and w..
Poster: Tom | Full Story»

my wife has just been fucked
It just happened last night.My lovely wife has been fucked by another man first time.This is what happened...
Our friend Adam made a suprising visit with his two friends.We were glad to see him,and I went out and buy some beer and wine.While we were drinking and chating I noticeted Adam was secretly looking at my wife,particulary at her legs and boobs.
Now,she always was one of those..
Poster: endurcuck | Full Story»

discount atuo
We took a drive to see just how much more money we could save on a corvette that we looking at on line. My wife wore a halter top with no bra that showed off her 36c tits and nipples very nicely. The back skirt and thong was very hot as it looked great with the white stockings and fuck me high heels shoes that she wore. A nice looking black salesman in his early fifteys started talking to us after..
Poster: josh | Full Story»

Inspired by the pregnant Soap star!
My young wife Sally regularly buys one of those glossy mags that feature celebrities! Some months ago there was one which had a series of photos of this well known unmarried Soap star, pregnant. These were lovely pictures. Sally's lover Justin was there then, & the 2 of them were looking at the mag together, & after viewing each picture, would lovingly turn their faces towards each other to enjoy ..
Poster: Tied up! | Full Story»

My real experiance
Please post this story and disregard previously i sent on jan/25.This one checked spell and grammer. tks

Hi Any One

I think You can help me.I am 40 and my wife is 35.I feel that i am a sub male.Also MY my wife behaviour look like a Dom style.I could not confirmed. I need your opinion and guidance for our life.But i never discussed with my wife.Pleas..
Poster: aJohn | Full Story»

Like father like son
I had read once that cuckold tendencies are genetic, & inherited. In my case I agree. I am Indian, & fortunately my experience was not traumatic, unlike another Indian 'son' I'd read about, whose father had been cuckolded by his mother. This was a very poor family, where the father was unemployed & always high on methylated spirits & bleach. There would be rough lorry drivers visiting the house, &..
Poster: Genetic cuckoldry? | Full Story»

Wife awakened by huge dick
We've been married for 20+ years. She's 4o and I'm 42. My wife is Asian, petite, extremely attractive and coservative. I have a 5" dick. She's satisfied but I've always been curious how she'll take a really huge dick in her tight pussy.
I've mentioned to her that she "deserves" to try a huge cock but she's been really against that idea.
So, about 2 months ago, I purposely didn't m..
Poster: James Sarote | Full Story»

A few of us cuckold husbands were sitting around a table in our local pub. As usual, talk turned to our wives. There were four of us today and our talk centered on the night before. Last night was Friday night, and as usual each of us was cuckold by his wife till late in the night. Each of us would describe what happened to his wife, and what if anything, his wife made him do. This sounds dull, bu..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Why only men?
Are there husbands out there, whose wives not only cuckold them by being taken by bigger, stronger & better men, but ALSO by big-cocked transsexuals, & by lesbian ladies? All these to be "better" naturally than the husband, & who would give the wife lovely multiple orgasms!
Surely ALL the above is cuckoldry related, different, but certainly possible.
Any contributors out there who ha..
Poster: Multi-facet cuckold | Full Story»

Any cucks "tied up & made to watch"?
I was wondering if any of your readers, cuckolds or studs or cuckoldresses, get a kick out of having the husband in a chair, tied up securely, whilst his wife & her lover have it off on the mariral bed, the husband being forced to watch, & powerless to do anything about it! And if the wife was ovulating at the time, so much the better--- with the stud "spending" his rich & virile semen DEEP into t..
Poster: "Tied up" Cuckold | Full Story»

My Real cuckold story
Man Fucks my Wife
Me and my wife julie met a man on AFF, after many e-mails a couple picture swaps and a few phone calls it was finaly time to meet.i am 38 and Julie is 27.She is very beautifull and long hair, nice shape body with 38d brest We met for drinks where we seemed to get along great but he was a perfect gentleman and just acted like he was making new friends. This was great for ..
Poster: john | Full Story»

Fucked at the beach again..... (He just took my wife.. Part 3)
Now that my wife has a new lover, she has realized just how much the idea of her being looked at, touched, and fucked by other men is making me happy, and that far from her being unfaithful, I can not get enough of her stories about her new life as a slut.

I love to have her come home with that knowing look on her face, as I know that someone somewhere will be smiling to themselves ..
Poster: slutmywife | Full Story»

My experiance true story
My True Cuckold Story:

It has been a while since I’ve written down any of my experiences with my ex-wife but after the amazing weekend I had with my girlfriend, I thought I would write some more down. As it turned out, this weekend my girlfriend Nat spent most of the time asking a thousand questions about the things I had done with my ex-wife… which seemed to turn her on more an..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Girl Friends Idea
Wow where to start, I wanted a threesome for a while but really I had an urge to watch my girlfriend get fucked by another guy. Im 29, shes 23 (blond hair, blue eyes) and we did it on new years. When I met her she was a huge christian girl and had never seen a porno movie, over the course of our 1 year relationship (so far) I got her into porn and worked on the idea of a threesome. Finaly I got he..
Poster: Patrick | Full Story»

Stan....(He just took my wife... Part 2)
After the day at the beach (see He just took my wife), our sex life took a new urgency. It was as if neither my wife or I could get enough sex. I wasn’t sure at the time if she was re-visiting her being fucked by Stan – or if it was just my memories– but for a few weeks we just fucked each other stupid.

One night after a particularly wild sex session I asked Ruby (my wife) i..
Poster: slutmywife | Full Story»

My wife of 5 years recently went home to visit her family and catch up with some old friends. When she got back she seemed a little distracted so I started to press her for a reason.

She eventually started crying and told me she had slept with one of her old friends. He's been single for years and becoming depressed so she felt sorry for him. They'd been drinking a lot and she ..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Our Hot Vacation
An old movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorial ones we have shared. While we started off with Wife Swapping over 30 years ago it soon became clear to me what an erotic turn on it was to have other men fuck my wife, even if I wasn't there to watch/share. I have had more than my share of other women but nothing to compare to the number of different ..
Poster: Davey | Full Story»

Bathroom sex in a bar
I went online and bought the slutiest outfit I could find that was still barely legal for public display for my wife. The outfit consisted of a very short and revealing white nurses get up complete with fake stethescope, little hat, lace crotchless white panties and thigh high fishnet stockings.

I got home a little early and the outfit had been delivered by UPS and was sitting in a..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

I am pregnant!
I was ovulating, & hubby was on an out of town assignment! His assistant, Jason, a handsome lad of 20 had come over with some papers for him. Naturally I offered some tea! Hubby has a low sperm count, though maybe too proud to admit it--- I took my chance! Hubby had always said that Jason was very bright, & was going places--- VERY handsome, tall & blond--- the type ANY wife would like to be impre..
Poster: pregnant wife | Full Story»

wife and friend
hi there im new to this and just wanted to ad a a post. well my wife gets real horny when she drinks. well we were at a friends house one night drinking and i had passed out, well when i woke up her and my buddy were making out. as he noticed me looking at them he moved away, i heard my wife tell him it was ok and he moved in to make out with her some more. i looked at her and he stood up and..
Poster: rob | Full Story»

He just took my wife
I love getting my wife to show off her body, and she never complains about me asking to see her pussy – and is always happy to give me a flash – as long as no one else can see. She is also happy to pose naked for pictures for me – and loves to spread her legs wide and open her pussy for the camera, and now with home printing I have a ready supply of pictures of my wife naked. But I wanted he..
Poster: slutmywife | Full Story»

darkside gangbang
My name is Sonya Jane and I have always had a passionate desire to be fucked hard by multiple black partners. I discussed this with ny boyfriend Peter and strangely and to my delighted suprise he agreed it would be erotic to see my beautiful body being sprayed and pumped by throbbing hard black cock. We went out and purchased a sexy tight black corset with leather straps that pushed my breasts out..
Poster: Sonya Pryor | Full Story»

re: Pregnant Wife
I also agree that is hot thinking of your wife getting pregnant from a stud. Watching them release the flow from their balls into your wife bareback knowing she could get knocked-up is hot. All the black guys love knowing you are watching them fuck your white wife and maybe she will be impregnated by one of them. My wifes rolls her eyes back as they fill her with seed thinking how much she enjoyed..
Poster: josh | Full Story»

Tall blond stud!
Can someone compose a fantasy for me please? I'll leave it to you, but the essential components would be:
My wife Julie (5 ft 6 tall), her 6 inch high heels, me (just 5ft 7 tall), her young boss Stuart (tall at 6ft 3, & a blue eyed blond stud), ovulation & pregnancy, french kissing, worship for her boss, & humiliation for the husband!
Much obliged!
Poster: Short husband | Full Story»

Knocked up wife
Watching your wife take one of your buddys into your bed and letting him breed her is one of the most erotic acts a wife can do. My wife came out to the kitchen where my buddy and I sat having a beer at the kitchen table wearing only a see through teddy. She was just out of the shower, and her big nipples were dark on her big beautifull tits. Her shaved cunt clearly visable. She walked up to the t..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

re pregnant wives
I have to agree with the other posters here I find it very hot to think my wife is out having sex with several studs who can impregnate her at anytime. She has been impregnated twice by two different bulls. She expressed milk for almost a year after each birth for her lovers and bulls to enjoy and I got to sample some of the sweet drops left behind as I would clean the cum from her body after some..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

re pregnant wifes
ive just read G post and agree another man getting your wife pregnant is horny.I let my wife kate fuck men and know she often forgets to take the pill.i never remind her about her forgetting.i,d love a stranger to make her pregnant, such a horny thought.another mans seed in your wifes womb is so horny.
Poster: roy | Full Story»

pay for room/board
My wife,Monique has the best of all worlds..having been cucked at the onset of marriage,was more business than love..her needs were to be met at my cost..my contribution to Ms.Monique ,to earn enough income to support her in clothing,cars,cuckoldry..in order to fulfill her humiliating needs,she insisted my employment as gay escort..respect,loyalty,my love,allexpected by her highness..you see ,have..
Poster: roy | Full Story»

pussyboi ,have dickette ,will travel
Have always had fantasy to be 'completely' dominated ,humiliated by wife of 5 yrs ... a stunningsensual,cunning,delicious,woman ...she's finally submitted to my begging to be used ...she gave permission to find her well endowed lovers ...if interested ,slvrcld1@yahoo.com
Poster: silver | Full Story»

I've went cuckold overboard
Since starting this cuckold lifestyle it has spun out of control ... in only a month ... since starting this lifestyle ... I've foumd out the truth about my wifes past sex life and I know what direction it is going ... this weekend she was taken by 11 men ... all friends of her lover at work ... these guys used my wife like a dish rag ... and they made me sit back and watch ... and when they all u..
Poster: Vince | Full Story»

I am wondering are there many cuckold hubbies out there who would like to see their wife preg by another man, or is this just my fantasy. My wife did make me get the snip about 2 years ago now, but Id so love to see her pregnant by her new man. He is so good looking a tall broad man who seems to look so good with her. Me well I am small in all departments, but I know how to suck
Poster: G | Full Story»

My wife and I sat in a street corner bar having a few drinks after a day out sight seeing before returning to our hotel. My wife ordered her third long island tea and told the young bartender that it was her last one. The bartender had been rather flirtatious most the day and really picked it up a notch as he mixed the drink. When he handed it to her he told her he had made it special for her and ..
Poster: Scott | Full Story»

I am now sitting downstairs again my wife is upstairs getting fucked hard by her real man. I did get to lick him clean but they wanted some time alone
Poster: G | Full Story»

Museum fun in the 1970's!
Right, so cucking was invented in 2000? WRONG! We were married 30 years qgo, & now , in our 50's we look back fondly at events which could NEVER take place now, for obvious reasons.Married & living in the north, we had a great London honeymoon hotel offer, so our honeymoon was to be in a hotel in the South Kensington area of London, where museums abound. Well, trust our luck--- on the Monday, 2 da..
Poster: 1970's cuckoldry! | Full Story»

He "gave" us our second daughter !!!! (True Story)
One of my younger friends from work,happily agreed to spend an evening with us.
My wife was as happy as I was when our friend arrived on that Friday evening,to make friends with her,and to starting chatting so openly together.
We soon lost all of our inhibitions,as we let him know as to how excited I was,to see our best friends ,"enjoying" themselves with her,beside me in our bed.
Poster: Anon,sorry. | Full Story»

over the bath
I am now a 40 year old cuckold hubby and this is the story of how it all started for me.
About 8 years ago now we bought an old house that needed lots of work done so I contacted my cousins step brother to do all of the work for us. Part of this was to rebuild the bathroom with a cast iron roll top bath. It was the end of June and my friends had asked my wife and I to be god parents to th..
Poster: G | Full Story»

Wife is being bred NOW!
I have a bone to pick with you! Martin, my wife Anne's young lover was over with us over the Christmas break, & the 2 of them, with me watching over their shoulders, were surfing this very site--- reading out selected letters--- those which had a "pregnancy theme"! And believe me there are PLENTY! And after reading each, they would turn their faces towards one another & enjoy a French kiss! Never ..
Poster: Stud & wife reading these postings! | Full Story»

humiliatrix's sissyboi ...
Fantasy :gf/wife too gorgeous for word,using me in every perverse manner ;ie.,having her friday nite p/u over for night of cuckoldry...after a trip 'round the world,just for their 'pleasure',clean her,her lover...aterwards,serving refreshments to them ,part of her itual is to lick/suck his balls 'til another load lands in mouth;this is where it gets sticky ...she will climax just knowing that his ..
Poster: silver | Full Story»

Wife Shared for 16 Years now.
My wife is a Latin goddess ...this is hubby ... I have shared her for about 16 yrs now and now she has fallen in love with her lover...She all but begged me to let her go to him tonight and she is with him tonight.... I know by letting her go she is falling more in love with him. But I told her years ago that would be a turn on to fall in love with another man. It has been hard very hard for me.....
Poster: CuckyMan | Full Story»

wife loves young guys
i hope you enjoyed my story of my 3 months pregnant wife taking cock.Over the years she had her fair share of fun.kate is 38 now and just a few weeks ago she brought an 18 year old lad home,who she met at the pub.He was a big strapping lad, and took no time in making himself at home.kate sat on his lap he just smiled at me and then started to kiss kate.Before long all clothes were off, i have to s..
Poster: roy | Full Story»

pregnant wife
about ten years ago my wife who was 28 and about 3 months pregnant used to house clean 2 afternoons a week. kate told me that ken the old man who she cleaned for keeped touching her and making sexy remarks. like he loves pregnant woman and thinks there sexy.when she told me i thought dirty old man.but the more i thought about it the more my cock got real hard. so i told her to play him along, af..
Poster: roy | Full Story»

Norwegian Would
I am mixed race ( half Chinese/white), married in May 2007 to an English girl Carol. We honeymooned aboard a cruise liner visiting the Norwegian Fjords. Naturally there were shore excursions, & on one such, our guide was a typically Norwegian looking young man, & a student! Tall, blond n blue eyed, well built, & Carol mentioned he was VERY handsome. We did notice other females in our group were so..
Poster: Cucked well | Full Story»