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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Lisa & I trying to Cuckold her Husband!
My name is Scott and Lisa is My Bitch! She is married and wants me to be her Bull. We have been going at this for a little over 4 months now. We have been hinting with her husband to let us FUCK, while he watches us. He has agreed a couple times, but then backs out! It is very frustrating for us. We are dying to fuck each other! We are really into each other and sext every day of the week and some..
Poster: Scott | Full Story»

Jane discovers my fantasy part 6.
Jane's threesome in part 5 of the story really cemented our position as a cuckolding couple. She had been having doubts prior to that but now she was a confident hot wife. She became more confident to wear slutty clothes more regularly, more confident to dominate me and more confident to fuck who she pleased. One of our biggest turn ons was to go out in public with her dressed in an over the top s..
Poster: Coast Guy | Full Story»

Fantanies Fulfilled
Well after I last wrote My Wife took over,She said well Bitch you've wanted to be Cucked and now your going to get it.She went on to tell me that she'd never been Fucked as good as Larry had Fucked her and that my dick was a fucking joke.She told me she had contacted Larry and told him of the games we had been playing for years and that I had pushed her into Fucking him and that she'd loved his Bi..
Poster: Her Slave ( Their Bitch) | Full Story»

Annie Seduces Her Husband
I posted our story on Kristen a couple of years ago, and have now brought it up to date. Let's say it is about 95% true. I'd love to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation. Completethetrade@yahoo.com

This is my story about how my wife seduced me into
letting her take a lover. I noticed that her behavior had changed so I put a plan in motion t..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

just found out (part 4) day 28
So, since my last post I have followed her, to the neighbor’s house, when she left in the dark for her morning “run.”

She set off running down the alley, but then stopped at his gate, and after checking to see if anyone could see, she went into his yard. I ran quietly as I could down the alley and into his yard. She had already let herself in and so I snuck up to the back p..
Poster: bill | Full Story»

Happily married!
Well, a year or so back I won a small sum on the lottery; enought to pay the mortgage off (but with VERY little left over), but not enough to stop working.
Of course I took my work colleagues for a celebration drink. I might add, I am in my mid 40's & at that time a bachelor. Well, high in confidence was I, on 'drink & success', so back in the office after that drink, I found myself in the ..
Poster: Dirty old man! | Full Story»

intro to cuckold
this is a 'real life' experience, i didn't know what cuckolding was before this happened to me. before my exgirlfriend cheated on and dumped me she spent a weekend with this guy fucking him alot. he didn't use a condom(she on the pill). the night she came home i went to her place where had sex where it was me lying on my back and eating her out while jerking myself off. she smelled and tasted very..
Poster: jason | Full Story»

Did that really happen?
Did that really happen?

I know that’s an odd title for a story but it encompasses exactly what I was feeling at the time and still do over a year later
My wife Jennifer and I got married very young (18) while I was in the Army and have been quite happily married for 17 years. In our first year of marriage I went on a field exercise in Ft Polk for a month and when I got ba..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

V-Day +1
This morning, February 15, early at R's, after 15 minutes of fucking, no words having been exchanged, R gestures me over onto my knees, my forearms and cheek on the mattress and he enters me and continues and three,four,five strokes into this I open my eyes and see diamonds glinting on my wrist in the dim light from the window.....the bracelet that husband gave me for Valentine's day
Poster: madeline | Full Story»

cockold sissy fantasy
I'm a man who is getting into his middle ages and I have a strong loving relationship with my wife.
I have a small cock and I love to dress up in stockings, suspenders and the frilliest of knickers.
My wife knows about this and allows me to indulge my cravings occasionally.
She also knows that I once had a gay thing going on with an old chum.
I've confessed that I want ..
Poster: sissy simon | Full Story»

Jane discovers my fantasy part 5.
After the events detailed in part 4 of the series, we had another three very similar experiences that consisted of me peeking through the closet doors as some stranger rammed his cock into Jane. They were fun times, but they really fell short of the expectations we had following our adventures with Brad. Jane was starting to get over it, I knew I had to kick it up a notch to keep her interested. T..
Poster: Coast Guy | Full Story»

It finally happened!
Exactly a week ago it finally happened! I'm so excited.

For five years I've been with my girl, and for about two-three years it has been my wish for her to be fucked by another guy.

Especially during the last year it has been a constant feature of our sexlife, making her horny during sex through dirtytalking and letting her know that she really needs some strange coc..
Poster: Frank | Full Story»

cuckold hopeful
I have been asking wife to meet other guys and hopefully have sex with them. We fantasize about it during sex and its so hot. She claims she doesn't want it in real life but just the other day I found where she actually had been texting another guy and it was about sexual things. Does anyone have an opinion on this as in is this a hopeful start? I have pics if anyone is interested
Poster: jason | Full Story»

"Cuckboy and Hotwife" Interesting Development Update
It has been a week and Lori has mentioned nothing of my nephew coming by that day.

On Saturday evening when he came over for dinner I noticed him staring several times and rearranging his pants. I found out him and his girlfriend, of 3 years, recently broke up. I am assuming Lori heard of this and decided to "cheer" him up.

I wish this story was more interesting, but..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Mary, Bob and the guys
During the last three months, Mary has fucked Bob and his buddies at a poker game every other Friday night. Bob was there each night and most of the time the other guys were the same ones that first fucked Mary last October. But there were also two other guys that came to fill in for others that had to be away. So my wife Mary has gone from a sweet girl who had only fucked me her husband to a slut..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Please Help Us Identify This Movie
I was browsing on a certain site a few years ago and came across a video of a white blonde with short hair getting gb'd by several black guys. it starts out with the guys rolling dice and then she walks up and asks them if one of them is blocking her car. they "persuade" her to give them bj's, even though she is very reluctant because she has a boyfriend. now i can't find the video anywhere. does<..
Poster: Mandi | Full Story»

Jane discovers my fantasy part 4.
It had been about two months since Brad's departure. The relationship between Jane and I had pretty much gone back to normal, although she was a lot more assertive now. Jane had also kept up the practice of dressing like a slut as often as possible. We often watched the video we shot on the last night while we fucked. It turned us both on more than anything else to watch Brad using her.
Poster: Coast Guy | Full Story»

Jane discovers my fantasy part 3.
This true story took place on the last day of Brad's visit. It had been two weeks since I first watched as Jane was taken by another man. For two weeks, I watched Jane be taken by Brad. For two weeks, I slept beside my own bed as Jane and Brad shared it, fucking as often as possible. For two weeks I watched Jane becoming a whore, dressing like a slut and being paraded around like a piece of meat b..
Poster: Coast Guy | Full Story»

My sexy wife
I love to read all the letters but I'm not sure how many are really genuine, some stories seem too outrageous to be true. Perhaps you might like to hear about my wife and I and I guarantee this is absolutely true with nothing added. I'm Tim, my wife is Lucy and we have been married just about three years. We also have two children from my wife's previous marriage, Daniel age 8 and Rosie 6. Obvious..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Petite MILF Carla (first)
Suddenly my crotch buldged under tight jeans as I eavesdropped on my 35 year old small wife, and mother of three, was practically flirting on the cell phone with a painter who is scheduled to come to our house next week to "hang some rods" in our living room. Sitting in the recliner wearing a candy apple red sweater and black jeans that fills her ass out, and with 3 inch heals, my wife was feelin..
Poster: R. Straub | Full Story»

Wife's First Time
Hi, my name is Billy and my wife’s name is Amy and I want to watch her have sex with well hung guys...the fact is I love watching her cum!

My wife was 25 and I was 30 the first/last time she meet a guy, brought him home and fucked him. I'm trying to get her to do that again since she liked it so much. I'm pretty sure that's the problem though...her liking it too much that is. ..
Poster: Willaim | Full Story»

"Cuckboy and Hotwife" Interesting Developement Today.
My previous stories have been about how my wife and I became a 24/7 cuckold couple. Something happened today that is a little perplexing to me and I thought might be worth posting.

I left work a little early today, around noon. I normally work till 4:30. When I came home around 1:00 I noticed a strange car in the drive. This isn't unusual since my wife has the freedom to have sex wi..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Black Cock for Wife
Well the last time,I wrote my wife had been fucking her daughters boy friend and I was getting to watch.Really not cuckolding me to much and it didn't last to long after my last post,they broke up and he moved off.
So the last year I've been looking on an adult web sight for some Big Black Cock to fuck my wife.I got several bites but the guys were fake or chickened out.Well about a month..
Poster: Her Slave | Full Story»

I am a Black male and I have bi-sexual feelings! I want to be banged by a Black man while forced, it won't take much, if at all, to eat out a woman, White or Black. I would love to get them ready for each other and clean them after! If you are in the SW Pa area, contact me for this action!
Poster: Jason L Woods | Full Story»