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Slow Change
Smaller but Better
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My Wife made a Noise I never Heard
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Sweet Cuckold


My Cuck Life
How did I become influenced by the stag Vixen lifestyle? It started when I was a young child. My mother was a working girl in a Nevada Brothel.

She married my dad, a card dealer, bartender, and bouncer who worked at the same brothel. After they married, she continued in the trade. Once I came along, she returned to work for another 4 or 5 years, long enough for me to understand or ..
Poster: Skimo | Full Story»

Meeting Martin
I have been seeing Martin for about 3 months now. Hubby is included and he is more than ok with it. Martin does come to our house but that takes organising as we have to have the house to just us three. No kids, if you get my meaning. We also have gone to Martin’s apartment, and he shares that with other people, so we need to be aware of their space. The easiest way but expensive is using a..
Poster: Jess | Full Story»

We need an International Cuckold Day
There are ‘International’ days for most things; even such things as ‘International Piano Day’, the 88th day in the year, 88 being the number of black & white keys on a standard piano!

So why not an ‘International Cuckold Day’? And would be appropriate that it could be a week or so after Valentine’s Day; Valentine being romantic, cuckoldry being lust, kinda so related!<..
Poster: Cuckold pioneer | Full Story»

Valentine’s Day nearly here Again! (2)
Following on from my letter of 27 January; yes, my lover presented me with a Valentine Day gift on the 14 February; AND in front of my cuckold husband at that.

I wanted to watch the reaction on hubby’s face when he was kinda ‘officially’ being told that his wife wanted a baby by another man; that she wanted impregnating by superior semen from a true stud.

As ..
Poster: Wicked Wife | Full Story»

Several years ago my wife and a couple of single friends planned a trip to Mexico for a week long getaway. I of course had no say in it.

She told me very little about the trip and their plans, but I know why they were going. She told me resort they would be staying at was called Secrets.

The name alone was suggestive. The whole time they were gone I had no contact w..
Poster: John | Full Story»

My Wife's Secret Affair
Seven months pregnant she was 24 at the time. She was upset at the fact I had to work a new night shift, we haven’t had sex since she got pregnant.

I was told at work one night to go home as they've scrapped the new night shift. I head back home only to see a vehicle I never seen before.

I parked a street behind our house. Walked towards the back door, only to hea..
Poster: FactoryMade | Full Story»

The most beautiful form of pain - Wife falling for another
This is a entirely true story. I changed the names of participants but the detail remains true and accurate...

For most of my adult life, and I think, for a while before in my teens too, I have always had this 'cuckold' type fascination. I wouldn't actually even say it was uniquely cuckold in nature though, more 'dark' and foreboding. I like danger, always have in all forms of life ..
Poster: Robbie | Full Story»

Cuckolded on Vacation
So I was recently cucked by a friend of mine while we were on a vacation with a group of friends. Now me and my gf have a strong good relationship. We’ve never discussed topics like this let alone know much to anything of it.

So me and my gf Alexis went on a vacation in Florida with a fairly large group of friends. 9 total. We are all friends since basically middle school.
Poster: Spencer | Full Story»

My Biggest Disapointment
My life's trajectory was significantly influenced by the Stag Vixen lifestyle, which began when I was a young child. Growing up, my family's background was unconventional. My mother had worked as a prostitute in a Nevada brothel during the late 1940s and early 1950s before marrying my father, who had various roles in the same establishment. Despite my young age, I was aware of the nature of my fam..
Poster: Skimo | Full Story»

My Boyfriend asked for an Open Relationship
My bf and I have been together for 3 years. He has been asking me for more than a year if we can have an open relationship because he doesn't want to be monogamous and wants to have sex with other women.

I didn't agree at first, but I've been thinking about sleeping with other men more and more in the last few months. Then in December I agreed and we opened the relationship.
Poster: Clara | Full Story»

Wife’s New Bull Part 1
My wife has been cucking me for our entire 23 year marriage. She has pretty much done everything there is to do. From gangbangs, long term boyfriends to one night stands, shes had it all.

At the moment, she has 3 regular’s plus a mate of mine that she fucks on occasion. Her newest regular is a guy that we have really connected with though.

The first night (2weeks ..
Poster: Matt | Full Story»

All my BFs Friends Fucked Me
So, I dropped by my bfs apartment a few days ago. Earlier, he had mentioned having a guy's night that weekend, but it had completely slipped my mind.

As I stepped into his living room, I was greeted by the sight of his friends drinking and conversing.

It was all guys, around five of them, just hanging and boozing. The vibe was chill, yet there was this distinct under..
Poster: Tiffany | Full Story»

Just Helping Out
A good friend of ours ending up getting a divorce after thirty-three years of marriage. Ron was a good guy, and the divorce came from his wife as she had already been cheating on him for a while and did not want to be married anymore so she could pursue her boyfriend.

We tried to offer him a sympathetic ear and did our best to invite him over for home cooked meals and to do things..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Supportive Husband
Me and my wife were always very open sexually early in our marriage. That’s why I fell in love with her. She was more experienced sexually than I, having way more sexual partners.

She had even experimented with other girls. She could go either way because she really loved sex. I was very supportive of her sexual freedom and encouraged her to continue with her sexuality.
Poster: John | Full Story»

My Husband's Friend Fucked me in the Ass for Valentine's Day
My husband's friend Josh just recently broke up with his girlfriend and was a little down so we invited him over for drinks after we had our Valentines dinner last night.

I had this plan to give him an Anal Vday gift to cheer him up.

So he came by our house and I opened the door naked and shocked him, he had obviously already been drinking a bit and just blurted out ..
Poster: Mary | Full Story»

In Amsterdam 2
Well, carrying on, my wife reluctantly (or at least seemingly so), we left the ‘sex theatre’ to the manager’s office. Frankly I thought he’d dismiss us—-& yes, he did, but in a positive manner! When I told him we’d like to meet the last performer, he said ‘Twas nothing to do with him, as Ruudi was self employed as such, NOT an employee, & that he was next door!

Poster: The complete tourist | Full Story»

Daughter like Mother
Growing up in the southern Bible Belt, I learned all about sex by secretly watching my parents. My parents were not very religious but hosted party’s quite often.

It was then when I realized that these party’s weren’t your typical party’s. In the south sex isn’t talked about often.

My knowledge and experience was very little prior to this time. When I was ..
Poster: Sarah | Full Story»

Getting my Wife Knocked Up
This story starts in the mid 1980s, my wife Wendy 25yrs old, 38.26.36, had one kid 3 yrs old.

I had been wanting to mate her to another man for a couple of years, I had a few guys in mind but she was reluctant to let anyone else mount her, there was one guy in particular who lived in a cottage half a mile away from us.

I had spoken to him on several occasions, he h..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

My BF & I Visited a Glory Hole for the First Time
So my boyfriend and I decided to spice up things a bit by visiting this local sex shop. We had this awesome adventure planned out, browsing through sex toys and discovering new ways to have fun.

As we were exploring the shop, we stumbled upon these specially designed private glory hole booths. There were about 5 booths, each offering a curtain for privacy. Just for some kicks, my bo..
Poster: KittyCat | Full Story»

My Girlfriend told me about her Hot Past
So tonight my gf (23f) and I (22m) went out to celebrate Valentine’s and while having a great time she ended up drinking too much and wound up drunk, not wasted but drunk.

She isn’t a big drinker so if she decides to drink it’s usually only one maybe two max. Well we went home where I looked after for a while as she sobered up a bit but after an hour she started wanting to ge..
Poster: Marcuz | Full Story»

My Story
I was very inexperienced sexually when I first met my wife. She on the other hand was very experienced. When we first dated, she was involved with another guy in a FWB situation.

Our second date ended up at my place and I was confident I was getting pussy. We were in bed making out. She was squeezing my package as I was playing with her tits and pussy.

She unbuttone..
Poster: Adam | Full Story»

Open Minded Wife
About ten years ago when I was getting married, my buddies took me to a local strip club for my bachelor party. We had a great time and spent a lot of money.

When the strippers were told I was getting married, they took me into the back dressing room and took turns sucking my dick while I licked each girls pussy before cumming.

It was my first time in a strip club a..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

A Little Anxious
The cuckold experience was actually both of our idea, but when my wife agreed I immediately felt anxious. We had agreed ahead of time that we would always talk things through, and that nothing would ever happen behind my back, but still, I was a little worried. I suggested we ease into things, and she agreed.

We started with meeting a guy we both felt comfortable with. He knew where..
Poster: Steven | Full Story»

She Fucked my Dad (and gets off telling me about it)
This all happened many years ago when she was in her twenties and my (now, long dead) dad was in his mid fifties. Nowadays she gets me hard telling me about her sex life before we were an item (and sometimes after). This is about the first time they fucked, their second erotic encounter.

As leaders of our church youth groups they had been out west to check out a potential site for a..
Poster: Simon | Full Story»

Am I or Am I Not?
I am wondering if I have been a cuckold at previous times in life and did not know it.

Too young and inexperienced to even know or had never heard the term. So I will give you the bullet points of two prior events in my sexual history, one a long time ago and the second more recently.

When I was in high school I had a girlfriend my senior year. I was too poor to rea..
Poster: Asa | Full Story»

I Married a Slut
When I was 31, and living in Puerto Rico I met a girl named Lucy at work who was years younger than me. One day, her car would not start in the afternoon and I said, "If you wait until everyone else leaves, I will take you home. Otherwise, someone will tell my wife. Besides, I'm your boss and it does not look right!"

I took her home and when I got her to her apartment, she asked if ..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»