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Sweet Cuckold


Continued From Wife's Secret
This is continued from my past story. My wife and I did have sex that evening of the same day I found her stained black panties. Remember, she was not aware I knew she fucked Mark earlier in the day and overflowed her married pussy with his 5 day load. It is interesting she was reluctant to fuck me, but I received probably the longest blow job, hand job and playing with my balls action I've ever h..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

My Wife Thought It Was A Secret
I submitted a story on 6-18-12 titled: "Tight ", it is a true story that is related to what happened when my wife and I had dinner downtown and stayed at a nice hotel within walking distance of the restaurant. The meal was great this past Saturday and when we arrived back to our hotel room on the 13 Th floor, we opened a bottle of wine to add to what we already drank at dinner. We took our wine to..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

Hubby's Home; Surprise
Hubby arrived home. I was in the kitchen at the sink looking out the window when he came in. He came up behind me and put his arms around me and started kissing my neck, telling me how much he missed me. I was wearing the short, short skirt that Jerry and bought me and the very low cut blouse. I turned around and we kissed deep a passionately. When we came up for air I told him I missed him to..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

A whole new world
I had NO idea! But when my husband didn't flinch abut the black grocery store manager flirting with me, I slowly learned that this taboo was his primary fantasy! I let the tall, handsome man flirt on each visit, and eventually let him stare down my top -although I'm not very buxom at all.
Poster: Wendy | Full Story»

"Bring your credit card, we are going shopping " I told him. He didn't need to know any more than that.
At the department store I walked straight to the lingerie section, husband following, and sought out the lovely assistant who had helped me before. Forty - ish, good looking and not easily shocked, I knew she would play along with my little scheme.
Looking through the racks of desi..
Poster: Tanya | Full Story»

my cuckold story
me (19) and my girlfriend (18) of ten months went on vacation with my bestfriend cj (20 to the beach,im short,not fat but not very strong, i dont have muscles or abs,and a below average penis size. my girlfriend is short,curvy small tits and a huge ass. we had had sex multiple times, and i know she faked every time. cj was a tall and very strong guy. he could bench 350 and have chizzled abs. we a..
Poster: john cox | Full Story»

Indian male!
Well, now with Carol well & truly pregnant with her lover's baby, things sort of moved slowly. As the weeks went by, she was carrying a lovely swollen belly, full of her cuckold love-child! I suppose I was disappointed, as her urge to make love with anyone, EVEN with that blond stud, was diminished. But they still french kissed, & she still gave me a mouthful of her saliva in the office, but with ..
Poster: Training in London (Part 3) | Full Story»

Husband's Surprise; Final Night
In the morning when we woke up and he made slow sweet passionate love to be again just like he did before we fell asleep. We laid there snuggled in each other’s arms. Only one ore night left I whispered. He said yeah, the time has flown. I asked if he enjoyed himself and he stated now that is a stupid fucking question. I giggled and stated I didn’t want for this (him & I) to ever stop. He..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

Husband's Surprise Continued
While in the bath I called hubby and gave him a detailed run down of the night before. Once Jerry got the desk finished up he stated he wanted to take me shopping for some clothes to go out tonight. We went shopping, was nice to walk thought the mall holding Jerry’s hand with my mind drifting back to last nights activities and what lie in store for tonight. He bought me some real nice sexy cl..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

In the beginning
Preface to a Happy Life
It seems the only way to do this story justice is to put it down in brief chapters. My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Although things are somewhat tame these days, I long for what I call the good ole days, and maybe this story is my attempt to live vicariously through a really hot history.
I am one of those guys who adores, perhaps even worships t..
Poster: greg | Full Story»

Husbands Surprise Continued
Once I got my mom out of the house Jerry came back up from down stairs. Was very nervous and stated that he should probably go. I assured him everything would be fine. He stated that maybe we should be thankful for our great night and not push things because if she suspected something she might come back. I said we can discuss that later and to just relax and that he wasn’t going anywhere. Wi..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

What I didn't like about being a cuckold
In the 15 years before my wife began her affair, I must say that both of us fantasized about her fucking another guy many times. Things slowly progressed with her and I going to clubs separately and her sitting by herself, and in no time some guy would ask her to dance. My wife was and still is very attractive so this was no surprise to me. If she like the guy, they would wind up drinking and talk..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Husbands Surprise (email change)
Not sure why but I can't access my old email address so please use Monica61350@yahoo.com Grrrrrrrr.

I will have more to report later when I get time to type. However, if you recall I left off with my mom showing up and Jerry having to run and hide. I was wondering if anyone elese ever got busted? My mom never did find Jerry hiding downstairs which was good for me. She definetly ..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

Training in London (Part 2)
Well, to carry on, after I emerged from the toilet, suitably relieved (with my right fist duly exercised!), Stuart suggested, that as long as I was 'tidy, & didn't mess them up', next time round I could do what I did, not in the toilet, but before them! This was blissful. So next day, a Thursday, it were the same. Lovely Carol giving me a mouthful of her sweet saliva, & then the 2 of them doing a ..
Poster: Indian male! | Full Story»

Training in London (Part 1)
3 years back I was seconded to our London office from India for a year; 2 days each week at a training centre, & 3 days hands-on experience at our office. Well, the office worked half days on Fridays, with extra time worked the rest of the week to make up.
There was a lovely young English couple at the office; well, she Carol the brunette was married to someone ELSE, but was obviously havin..
Poster: Indian male! | Full Story»

Husbands Surprise Part 3
As I lay in my marital bed under the covers I think that this is the first guy I have been with in over three years, since I first started dating my hubby. I had been with quite a few guys prior to that but have to say Jerry had just given me one of the best, hardest, longest, fucks of my life. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby gives me good hard fucks as well, but Jerry is much bigger all around an..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

Surprise for Husband Part 2
Well, everything went fairly well. Like everything else there seems to have to be a cliché or two. With some input I decided to tell hubby what I was planning. He was excited but also disappointed that he wasn’t closer and that I still wasn’t real comfortable with him watching. Like I told him baby steps till I feel comfortable. Anyhow the script was finally set.

Since we ..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

Divulging The Details
My wife and I were starting to mess around last night and I asked her if she undresses herself or does Mr. Thick Cop Cock undress her when they were together ? Remember from my past 100 % true stories with my wife and her cop lover they had a lot of sex. They had quite the affair but have been together only once in the past year and that once left her without an orgasm as he was in a hurry to make..
Poster: Calif | Full Story»

10 years ago
My partner and I are remembering our first episode of sharing It was 10 years ago and still fresh in our memory We always joked about sharing and me eating her creampies but it was only pretend until 1 night in Glasgow we met 2 young guys in a pub and made it clear to me that this was the right time, We invited the boys back to our flat and I made some drinks as she got into somethng more comforta..
Poster: jack | Full Story»

She is out meeting a new bull...she just brought him home
It is 1:10 Sunday afternoon and my wife is at the local coffee shop meeting a new bull. Last night she told me she wanted to start posting her own ads. I was fine with that. She posted one this AM and actually just walked in the door with a guy who answered.

Her ad said she wanted a really well hung guy with a big shaved cock and balls. He responded says he has 8" shaved. They ..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Lost in translation!
Spring last year my blonde wife Sally & I spent 10 days holidaying in Denmark; a farmhouse holiday, this being a smallholding owned by a middle aged couple who had, amongst numerous animals, a Golden Retriever 'bitch'. Neither of the 2 could speak any English, & she was trying to tell us something, but which we could not understand
On our very first day, in walked this young blond guy with ..
Poster: Mr Helpless | Full Story»

Surprise for Husband
YIKES !!!! I can’t believe I am actually going to posted something on here. Guess I have tons of nervous energy penned up I need to air. Oh god, where do I start??

OK my husband and I have been married about a year. No baby yet but working on it. When we were dating he learned I was bi-sexual. When he asked me to marry him it was with the understanding that I still from time ..
Poster: monica | Full Story»

Baby No 2 for Helen and David
Helen gave birth to her bull's birthday last week - a bit premature I think - and I was invited to look after their first - Damion - whilst she was in hospital giving birth. I was around at their house yesterday and spent the day with them. He is very proud and making preparations for their wedding as soon as the divorce is absolute.

I spoke with Helen and wanted closure and she ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

My Experiences
I am not a cuckold. I have usually been the other man in the relationship and I began quite early in my life. I am not excessively endowed but I have had my share of relationships.

It all started when I was young. I got my first kiss and after that I witnessed my first porno and by 18 had seen and done enough to use my fingers effectively on a woman. I lost my virginity to my friend..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

camping in the rain, true adventure
After reading the stories that others have posted, I think our experience qualifies as worthy to be written down also... this is a true story and it was the first time anything like this ever happened to us, even though we have been trying...

my wife and I decided at the last moment to take off for a weekend camping trip to a remote area that we had been to once before, looking for..
Poster: greg | Full Story»