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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Unexpected first time.
My name is Heath, my wife is Amanda. I'm 31 she is 32. We have been married 14 years. We were both 18. She is hot, brunette, green eyes, shes not fat all but very thick. She has huge tits. She has trouble finding bras to fit her. She has only ever been with me. My dick is average 5 inches hard, and skinny. Shes never complained. We were watching a porn video one time, and I told her I wanted to fuck her the way the guy was fucking the girl in the video. She said "you cant your dick isn't long enough." This was a few years ago. Her saying that made me wish I had a bigger dick, and it wondered what she would be like if she were to get fucked by a guy with a big dick. It hasn't been a fantasy or anything, but it has crossed my mind from time to time since then. I never have mentioned it to her. Here's the story.

We have a mutual friend that we have both known since before we ever knew each other. His name is Bryson. Bryson hes the brother of my wife's ex best friend, and hes also friends with my cousins,that's how we all know each other. He is a little older than us. He's 38. He is a black guy.

Bryson just did 4 years in prison. We both wrote to him often and we even went and visited him several times. Sept 3rd 2021, he was released on parole. We ate supper with him, and the rest of his family that night. We invited him to our apartment village the next evening, we even said he could stay the night. Bryson shows up around 5 pm. We live on a street of dupex apartments right outside of town, so we have our own back yard, we even have a privacy fence separating each yard. My wife cooked us supper. I did suggest she wear something sexy because Bryson has been able to look at men the last 4 years, and not a hot girl like her. She laughed and said thanks, and she said she would. She had on a hot yellow dress cut well above the knee, and showed a lot of cleavage. We both noticed Bryson checking her huge tits out. After supper we all went out back and we sat around a couple of hours, talking and laughing. Sometime after dark we all decided we should get in pool for a little while. Bryson says he didnt have any swim trunks. I said we I dont either we usually skinny dip, Amanda laughed and hit me playfully, and told me not to say that. She said it's true though I I usually just get in with my boxers on and she uses a t shirt. She said we should both jump and let her go get her swim clothes on. I got down to my boxers, Bryson had on boxer briefs. You couldn't help but notice even soft he had a big bulge in his underwear. I knew Amanda would notice too. This is one of the times I wished I had a big dick. Amanda came out a few minutes later she had on a pink t shirt, it was one she used to sleep in. It was long enough to be a nightgown but short enough to turn you on. I could tell she didnt have a bra on. She got and came over next to me. When she sat down in the water I reached under her shirt to see if she had any panties on. She did. We all hung out in the pool for the next couple of hours. Bryson had been working out in prison, he didn't have six pack abs or anything but he doesnt have much fat on him. Hes pretty muscular. Amanda mentioned how fit he had gotten, and told him he looked good. I notice her checking his body out several times. Bryson was still checking out her big tits too. He even apologized once and said he couldn't help but glance. He said he hasn't seen a pair of those in over 4 years. I told her to let us see them. She looked embarrassed a little but she asked what I said one more time. I told her to let us see them, she knows I love them, and everyone should get to see her beautiful tits at least once. She laughed a little, asked if I was sure it was ok, I said yeah, and,you know you like to show them off too(I had caught her a few times taking pics of herself topless and sending them to guys in other states. She turned around toward me and took her shirt off and tossed it on the ground outside of the pool,leaving her in nothing but her thong panties. I reached out and I squeezed her big tits in my hands. When I got done she put one arm across her chest to cover them up and she came back over next to me and turned back toward Bryson. Bryson told her to quit playing. She slowly acted like she was going to draw back her arm, only to cover one with each hand. Bryson told her again a little more firmly to let him see her tits. She said yes sir and she took her hands away. Bryson said damn girl. She giggled a little. We all talked a little more about other things like a normal conversation. Amanda asked us both to stand up. We did. Amanda looked at the bulges we had, and smiled. And said it's our turn to take something off. I told her she was going to have to help us both. She agreed. She motioned Bryson over with her finger and looked sexy doing so. He came over stood in front of her, and I was behind her. She put one hand on my hard dick and the other on Bryson's hard dick. She said "wow." She turned toward me, and and slid my boxers down and threw them on the ground. Then she turned around to Bryson and slid off his briefs. Again she said "wow" with more enthusiasm this time.

She turned herself to where we were each at one side of her. She wrapped her hand around my dick and almost covered it all except the head. She started to jerk me off, she asked me if it was ok to do the same to Bryson. I said if she wanted to it was ok. She asked him if it was ok, he said of course. One of her hands wrapped halfway around his huge dick. Amanda giggled and commented on how big it is. She did the best that she could to jerk him off with one hand. I had reached down into her panties and was playing with her pussy by now. Bryson was rubbing and squeezing her tits. She told me to sit on the edge of the pool I did. She turned toward me and she asked if this was all ok. I said yes, if you want to, if not we'll stop. She didnt say anything, she put her head down and started to suck my dick. Bryson had was behind her and hand his hand back and forth between her tits and her pussy. He slid her panties off of her and threw them on the ground with the rest of the clothes. We all got out of the pool. And went over to some chairs in the yard. Me and Bryson sat next to each other and Amanda got on her knees in front of us. Amanda looked at my dick, and then his. She told him again that he has a huge dick, and asked how big it is. He told her 11 inches. Her mouth dropped and she said "oh my gosh that's over twice your size" she asked us both if she could suck on it.
The answer was yes. Amanda licked and sucked and slobbered on his dick. Bryson played with her pussy while she sucked him off. He almost made her cum a few times but stopped just before and didnt let her. I knew how horny she was getting, though i had never seen her that way. Bryson stood on, my wife still on her knees in front of him. He made her stop sucking him. He slapped her across the face with his dick several times. He asked her if she was horny, she said yes, he asked her if she wanted his big dick, she looked at me as if to say I'm sorry, but she said yes. He told her hes always wanted to fuck her ever since he met her. She asked me if it was ok, I told her yes, that I wanted to watch get fucked by a big dick. Bryson said he was going to fuck her like a little white slut. He made her open her mouth wide and he fucked my mouth very rough for several minutes, slapped her face with his dick every so often. We all went inside finally to the living room. I sat in chair and Bryson and Amanda sat on the sofa. He made amand get on all fours beside him and suck his dick more and he played with her pussy, and spanked her ass. He got her even hornier. She finally asked him to fuck her. He said yes. He made her lay down on the sofa and pulled her legs apart. He pushed the tip of his dick into her and her mouth dropped open she moaned loudly and her eyes rolled back. He had to work a while to give it all to her. He told her how tight her pussy was a few times. She started crying after a few minutes, he asked her do you want me to stop? She said no dont stop. He said he wasn't going to stop anyway. After about 20 minutes maybe she stopped crying. He started to fuck her faster and harder, and she started to scream and moan louder in pure pleasure. He treated her very rough. He would slap her face, toss her around. He stood up from fucking her,he grabbed her by the hair off the sofa and pushed her back down to her knees and would order her to open her mouth and he would fuck her throat,and he'd order to suck his dick and she'd do it. She would look over at a lot while she sucked him. He called her a slut, bitch, whore. He made her yell out that shes a worthless slut very loud. Amanda loved it. He came stood by the chair I was sitting in and made her crawl over to him, he lifted her up by the hair to her feet,he bent her over to where her head was in my lap he told her to suck my dick, she started to suck me and he got behind her and started to her senseless. She didnt suck my dick very long she could do nothing but scream in pleasure non stop. She had her hands on the arm rest for balance and she would try to jerk me off once or twice but it didnt last too long either. She yelled out "I wish you could fuck me like this with your tiny dick" it wasn't long after that he made her cum. Then he took her back to the sofa and made her ride him. He only let her ride him for a couple of minutes before he started pounding her again. She started to call him daddy. He liked that.

He fucked her almost 2 hours. He came on her face she licked all the cum off his dick. Then he put his dick back in her a pounder her for a few more minutes with his cum still all over her face. He made her cum several times before, but he made her cum one more time and they took a break. She crawled over to me. She said she loved every second of it. She said thank you for letting me get fucked. Then she asked me "do you want me to suck your little dick?" I said yes. She was still horny she sucked my dick like she never had before. She asked if I liked seeing what just happened. I said I did. She smiled and giggled. She said she never thought there was anything wrong before but now she realizes that I have a tiny, pathetic dick. She could never hope to be fucked anywhere close to how Bryson just fucked her with me. She said he made her his slut. It made me jealous but it was also so hot to watch. She sucked me till she made me cum and she swallowed it. She said she loves I love you and your little dick. Then she crawled back over to Bryson and asked if she could his dick again. He let her. She sucked his dick again for a while. She asked if he would fuck her again. He said no. She asked twice more he said no. She begged him to fuck her again while she sucked him off for the next half hour. She told him she loves his big dick, that he owns her, shes his bitch ," Please fuck me daddy" she kept saying. He finally did.

He fucked my wife all that night. Twice the next day. And all night the next night. He fucked her in the backyard the next night. Its Thursday sept 8 now. He'll be back over tomorrow night for the weekend. It never was a fantasy but I love watching my wife fucked like a slut by somebody else,and her loving it.


cuckold wife


Poster: Heath