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Sweet Cuckold


A Night with Jackson
This happened two years ago and when we lived overseas. We have since finished our work there and returned home. This is just one of the meetings that occurred then.

Thursday night, when we got home from work, my wife showered and put on a simple outfit, a form-fitting top, wedge sandals (that served the same effect on her legs as high heels), and some breathtakingly short jeans sh..
Poster: Decker | Full Story»

And ...
I also love it when my wife and her stud finish fucking.

They typically lie next to each other with her cupping her cunt to keep his goo in her and his shiny cock draped across his leg.

It is boiling hot seeing him walking around the apartment with his rubbery cock swaying as he walks - usually to the bathroom to piss - proud of himself for scoring with her.
Poster: Unohu | Full Story»

Feeling her up
Perhaps you have seen pictures of my wife with other men I posted here.

Watching her getting laid by one of her pretty boys is a thrill (obviously) but i love to see her kissing and getting felt up by her stud first.

Stripping her and handing her over to another man to fuck is fun. I have done that several times with interesting results, but seeing them "getting to ..
Poster: Unohu | Full Story»

Owned by KH Kendall
Our Owner is making me write our story here for all his friends so here goes. My Husbands cousin Kent has owned us for twenty years and we are his sole property to do as he pleases with at will, We call him Daddy and Master if he wishes, He has a key to our home to enter at will, We both have (Owned By KH Kendall) tattoos per his orders, We are all straight but he does own us so Hubby is made to s..
Poster: Slave Stacy | Full Story»

I Saw My Wife Fucked Before We Married.
Let me explain. First roll back a few years. I married my first wife when I was 24 and she was a year younger. I was a young Civil Engineer just starting a career and she was a nurse. We married mainly because her father wanted us to. He reckoned if she was married he was no longer responsible for her as her wanted to move overseas to the Philippines and fuck the rest of his life away. He did ju..
Poster: Ever the Watcher | Full Story»

My Wife and Her Games
I woke up to the delightful sensation of my wife’s hand gently stroking my cock.
“Good morning, baby,” she said with a smile.
“Good morning, my lovely,” I replied.
My wife continued to stroke me. My cock grew hard in her hand. Pleasure began to mount. Then, her hand slipped off the tip. This caused me to jolt and writhe slightly.
My wife giggled. Her hand enci..
Poster: Bryce | Full Story»

Listening Continued
Thank you to those who read my recent post “Listening”
I will quickly bring you up to speed and tell you some more and maybe help you understand more about us.

We, that’s my wife and I are very experienced in this sexual scenario. That is her enjoying mind blowing orgasmic sex and me being tortured beyond belief.

Some answers quickly.
Mike is n..
Poster: Decker | Full Story»

She was a complete Hooker!
I had to know how far her whore adventure really went on! She finally told me! Ok I worked for Jerome on Isabella street for just a few days short of four years! "Holy shit 4 years? Wow, you were the real thing?" Yes I had 28 regular customers most of the time, no less than 17 ever and the most was 49 at one short time! "A month?" No a week! "Wow. and you were ok with that many?" Yes I loved it! T..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Me and a Friend Fuck my Wifes Pussy
So we decided to do a 3some. My buddy was involved and his cock was already hard. And quite big. My wifes pussy was soaked after she saw it. I have about 7 and a half. This guy had 9. We decided we wanted to shower first and I put my rock hard cock in her cunt. Her tight pussy gripping my dick like a glove. I wanted to cum in her before we got going. A load dripping from her pussy, my buddy decide..
Poster: JG | Full Story»

Cuckold craving's (Little background about D)
After the 1st visit from T and not much happened , other then her feeling and squeezing his hard cock . That's all she could talk about was how bad she wanted to fuck him . We were both so turned on and horny , we were either fucking or sucking each other . I kept the dirty talk going , calling her my whore and being so cock crazy . She started agreeing with me and would tell me stories of her bei..
Poster: James | Full Story»

A Bulls Perspective - Slutwife Bred in Vegas
Being a Bull in Las Vegas you are presented lots of interesting opportunities. There is so much variety with cuckold couples. This is what I love about the lifestyle. Some couples are newbies and test the waters, others are experienced and know exactly what they want. I love being the Bull that can satisfy their desires, whether that desire is to bring a new shy wife out of her shell or to give a ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

I am bull
I am bull. My specialty is large breasted or big titty wife’s if you will. I love dominating their submissive little cunts. This story involves a big titty woman I groomed into my submissive cocksucking whore: who was not only grateful for me dominating her but grew to crave it.

Identifying details will be left out so as to protect the innocent. I met her in a pu..
Poster: Kalitor | Full Story»

Gang Bang Whore
I started dating my future wife when she was 18. After we were married she was 18 then. And I found out she use to gang bang, She would tell me about her being gang banged and it would make me so horny. She told me that she would take on anywhere from 2 to 4 guys at a time.She lived out in the country and rode the school bus home, ( she lived about 30 miles from me ) She said there was 4 or 5 guys..
Poster: Donald | Full Story»

I became a Bull.
Never thought I would be saying that or even writing about it but it’s pretty much what has happened.
I spend 2 days and the night between in a different city to where I live each week. My company runs an unmanned office and I fly in early Wednesday morning and out Thursday evening. I have prearranged meetings in the office and for some meetings I visit the clients on site or at their pl..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

Vegas Trip
We just recently returned from our annual Vegas trip. My wife loves going there to play. She says it's a cougars ultimate hunting grounds. She becomes a whole different person when we're there. She dresses very seductive that screams "Fuck Me" and gets a lot of attention. She never wears a bra and seldom wears panties because she likes her men having easy access to her goodies. Usually it takes he..
Poster: JT | Full Story»

Double cuck
So my wife J was going to South Florida with her Jamaican lover for 5 nights. David works for a government agency in Atlanta and had an assignment in Florida and asked her to go. When J asked me if it was alright if she joined him I knew I couldn't say no. They've been fuck buddies for over 10 years. She not only likes the sex but he's a nice guy too. So while he worked during the day she sai..
Poster: fmsr | Full Story»

My wife and I have spent several months talking to and socially hanging out with a new friend. He’s basically everything we’ve been looking for. He’s friendly, assertive, into cuckolding (and not just sex), good looking, fun, and importantly LOCAL.
Finally, his relationship with my wife was consummated.

My wife, on Monday morning, said to me, “Mike’s coming over to..
Poster: Decker | Full Story»

Oh to be a Cuckold
I have moved into being a cuckold and can’t get enough of it.
My relationship with my wife just gets better and better. I can’t do enough for her and that’s in and out of the bedroom. My need is to see her satisfied and have anything I can give her.

We have done some swinging but I know I got more from seeing her with another man that me fucking his wife. She has had..
Poster: Cuck Tim | Full Story»

Danny to Dan
We have been married 8 years, but really have been a couple for 10. For the first 2 we had to be very discrete because of my work and profession. I work in the political and diplomatic area.
I never knew it but my wife (then girlfriend) and I discovered my hidden desire to have her shared and available to other males. When she told me about previous encounters with men she had gone out with..
Poster: Heady Days | Full Story»

Our Bull On Show
My wife has a lover or bull. He is well hung and very strong and athletic. His signature act is to stand at the end of the bed and fuck her and then slip his arms under her shoulders and lift her up and walk around. She is then impaled on his cock and he lifts her up and down by thrusting and using is hands under her ass. This is quite a show and she gasps and groans. After a while he will then pu..
Poster: Justin | Full Story»

Cuckold Craving
Like most cuckold's it all started as a fantasy . During sex I would talk dirty to my wife about her fucking other men . She would get so wet I knew she enjoyed my dirty talk , which became a big part of our sexual routine . The thought of her sucking another's mans cock and spreading her leg's to invite him into her pussy was more then I could handle and always sent me over the edge and I would c..
Poster: James | Full Story»

True Flith
This is true story my wife and I had a few threesomes in the past and I had always had bi ideas. I asked my wife if she would like me to suck a cock the next time we had a threesome. She said that she would find it sexy and had thought about asking me to try it. Little did we know what it would lead to.

So we got together with a guy at the club and set out the rules that we always ..
Poster: Nick | Full Story»

She planned it
Last weekend, my wife and I visited family. They live several hundred miles from us so we went by plane. On her second night in town, she made arrangements to see a guy, Jay that she’d been talking to via text and email for several months. She had met him at an gym exercise class.
They had been on two “dates” (coffee) when he visited our area, but nothing sexual had happened yet. I o..
Poster: Alan Adams | Full Story»

Cuckolded by a Friend
I have written here recently about John. Well, this is about David. He had my wife before John. Incidentally my wife and I have had this sort of relationship for 8 years. We started doing it before we married and it suits us both.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but your wife’s a flirt.”
I laughed. “Yep,” I said simply. My friend, David, seemed to want to ask mor..
Poster: Tara's Husband | Full Story»

I still don't know if he was serious
I've done this exact thing many times. I would have a dating site man or a man responding to my e-mail come by and I would already have my wifes photos and videos playing on a loop on the tv. After a a minute or two chatting about the whore I married it would begin. My favorite was a man in his late 30's (I'm 50) who surprised me when he said "Kathy is your wife?" That cunt sucks my dick a..
Poster: upended1r | Full Story»

Being There For My Wife’s Overnight
A couple nights ago, I went with my wife to a bar where she was meeting a fuck friend called Steven. He was visiting from out of town and she had spent a night and fucked on his last trip down here.
I knew from her descriptions of her previous date that Steven is insanely skilled in bed. I didn’t know the half of it.
We met Steven and my wife introduced me to him. After that he har..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Wife's Pleasure
My first marriage broke up about 6 years ago when I met another woman. Sex with Miriam was and is brilliant and she has helped me fulfil many fantasies. She has them too and one is that she has always fantasised about fucking a big black man. We talked and play acted some stuff we wondered how it would affect our own sex lives.
Then about 3 months ago I was entertaining a colleague who was ..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Cucked on our wedding anniversary
My dear wife of 24 years has had a lover who she sees now and again when her need arises.
I take her to Mike's house which is but a 5 minute drive from us and leave her in his safe hands until she calls me to pick her up hours later. She has said that sometimes his friend is there but she never divulges what happens. She just says that she enjoyed herself and that it’s her private time.<..
Poster: Donny | Full Story»

Soft Cock Doesn't Satisfy Hot Pussy
My wife was just not getting enough pleasure from me sucking her pussy (I could bring her off, she'd squirt in my mouth).So I introduced her to BBC and we went to a party, she danced with him and actually orgasmed while dancing. As we took him home with us, he couldn't keep his hands off her, as soon as we got home, I kissed her and then gave her to him, he quickly had her snatch driving her wild...
Poster: Howard Rosenfeld | Full Story»

My wife admitted to her indiscretions
Since I travel frequently in my work, there are many times I leave my wife home alone. I often wonder what she does during those ‘lonely evenings’ and, since we had been involved in four previous sexual experiences involving infidelity, I decided to ask her if there had been ‘others’. She had always been completely honest with me, but I held a few doubts about whether or not I really wante..
Poster: John Dennis | Full Story»

The wife, the cop, and the pocket pussy
I’ve always had a thing for knowing my girlfriend’s past sexual adventures. Before the wife and I became and item we were friends and I remembered her telling me she had fucked a security guard who worked at the department store where she worked. As I got to know her better and we started to get serious I came to find out that she was married but esperares but she still lives at home with her ..
Poster: Willing cuck | Full Story»

The Decorator
My wife K is a decorator. She works in the local area and gets plenty of business from the local community. This job has brought her into contact with loads of people and started a real adventure for K. She was contacted by a local man that had recently been divorced from his wife, he had purchased a flat at the end of the village and wanted to have it decorated before he moved in.
K went ..
Poster: Andrew G | Full Story»

The Ultimate Humiliation.
My husband is a cuckold. It was and is his choice. It’s his desire and where he wants to be.
Saying that, we are a perfect couple as I have always had a fairly dominant nature but masked it because that’s what women do.

I knew early on in our relationship that when I took control he responded, things happened and he enjoyed the experience. This could be simply telling hi..
Poster: Bitchwife | Full Story»

Texting and photos
Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days. We use them for everything.
My wife has a bull and they use the phone to keep me frustrated and my gut tirning somersaults.

When she is with him she will send photos of how she is dressed and stages of undress.
She will also send shots of alluring poses of herself that she sends to her Bull to get him fired up before a da..
Poster: Hardsix | Full Story»

Hot Sunday Night at Nudist Resort
It was a warm Sunday evening when we dropped our naked bodies into a long narrow pool shaped like a snake. They called it a conversation pool and everyone there was naked. Most of the people in the pool were part of a couple and we weren't the exception. We have been into the swinging scene for a few years mainly for my wife's desire to experience other men and I would usually watch for my ente..
Poster: Gregory E Kalof | Full Story»

My Wife liked the Delivery Guy
My wife Lynn and I were out of town. So as usual she wanted to take the chance to expose herself.So she called an ordered a pizza an while waiting was checking her make-up.Which included dark eye shadow a dark red lipstick & nail polish we joked about calling it prostitute red.

She'd laid out her sexy black garter belt & stockings,a see thru red house coat and a pair of red spiked h..
Poster: Keith | Full Story»

What made me a Cuckold
I've been following this for a while and finally decided to make my first post. Here is a break down of some of the things that made me want to become a cuckold. These are all true.

When I was 18 my girlfriend and 1 year and I decide to break up because I was your managing a band for 3 months. We still kept in touch while I was on the road and one night I called her to chat whil..
Poster: FullyMade | Full Story»