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Sweet Cuckold


My Life as a Cuck
My wife has been sleeping with an older man for the last two years plus. I had encouraged her to do so in the beginning because of my Cuckold fetish.

It all began about ten years earlier when she started working at a large privately owned dental office as a hygienist.

There are three doctors who work at the office and many hygienist and dental assistants. Dr. Creed ..
Poster: Sean | Full Story»

My Wife made a Noise I never Heard
Took months of dropping hints and lustful talks but had finally convinced my wife to open a profile online and find a man she wants to fuck while I watched.

We were both new to this and she was doing it for me. She get pretty nervous on our “date” to meet him I’m sure nervous. My heart was racing. Also, he was a really nice and handsome guy.

We went to the room ..
Poster: Fast Cummer | Full Story»

The Garden Toadstool Cuckold
Goddess Lilah was so excited at the prospect of using her little cuck known as shrimpy as a garden toadstool. As the usual morning routine, shrimpy would make her and alpha coffee in the morning and make himself available as their furniture.

Today was no exception. Lay flat on the sofa he learnt how to control his breathing as he was squashed by Alpha. Sitting on his chest alpha re..
Poster: Shrimp tales | Full Story»

Let’s have MORE letters on Cuckold Pregnancies!
Soooo hot to masturbate over are letters about cuckold pregnancies; where a wife is impregnated by her lover in front of her husband, she taking her studs sperm to pregnancy, with her husband urging his rival to fill her fertile womb with his hot seed; she ovulating, knowing full well that she will conceive! The husband naturally watching & masturbating, emptying his redundant & irrelevant semen o..
Poster: Cuck wannabe | Full Story»

A Hot Cuckold Game
My girlfriend (Asia) and I have lately decided to have fewer but better quality experiences. Fortunately, after years in this world, we have a regular bull (Paul) who knows the rules of the game and a few trusted friends we see from time to time.

Some time ago Asia created a sort of cuckold-themed "board game," with lots of challenges to complete to receive a prize (otherwise a puni..
Poster: Geek | Full Story»

My Girlfriend is Fucking her Ex
So a couple years ago I met my girlfriend when she was going out with my roommate. When I mean going out, they were basically friends with benefits.

Anyways although I knew of their situation we had a spark and I had to go for it. Luckily the feeling was mutual and we’ve been together since.

Fast forward a year or so, I guess seeing her with my roommate the guy sh..
Poster: Stubby | Full Story»

1st time Cuckold fun with a Couple from down the Pub
I've been frequenting a pub in a nearby village for about a year now, been chatting with a guy about general half drunken stuff for a while now, Stuff about life in general and after a while the subject got onto his wife and how I had recently lost mine to cancer.

He mentioned the fact that they only had straight boring sex and that every time he brought the subject up she got defe..
Poster: Martin Jones | Full Story»

Well worth the Wait
Few years ago I struck up a chat via the site with this woman who was part of a couple. Husband enjoyed watching her play with another guy.

She did all the chatting.

Their profile stated they did not want to rush into things, and I respected that. I just didn't realise the chat would last for close to a year before we would actually get to play!

The ch..
Poster: Martin Jones | Full Story»

I’m a Cheating Wife
That’s correct, I cheat on my husband and he has no clue. My husband has a Cuckold fetish and doesn’t know I know. He never erases his search history because he’s not computer savvy.

I started checking to see why he was spending so much time on his computer late in the evening. I’ll admit I was a bit shocked when I saw what he was looking at.

I first thought..
Poster: Janet | Full Story»

A Hotwife’s Story
I was sexually active in High School and being a pretty and popular girl, I had plenty of attention from boys. My virginity was taken when I was a freshman by a senior.

After letting him fuck me, boys started coming from everywhere to talk with me. Word must have traveled around school that I was easy because everyone I dated wanted to fuck on the first date.

I gues..
Poster: Sharon | Full Story»

Getting Takeout
We were sitting around talking one night and out of the blue she asked if I remembered Calvin from her work. Was not sure I did, and she said you know the big built black guy back in the warehouse that you met at the Christmas party. I replied oh yea I think I do.

She said Well I hope you don't mind but me and him has been having lunch together. I replied oh no problem and just mak..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Lunch time fun!
Wife had taken a couple of days off and mentioned one morning that if I wanted to come home at lunch, she would have something fixed. Told her it sounded great but me and Michael always goes to lunch together on Thursdays. She said Michael is the black friend right and I told her yes.

She then said she would make enough, and I could just bring him with me. Told Michael about the i..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Lost a Bet
When I was in High School, me and my girlfriend would double date with my best friend and his girl. Both of our girls were pretty hot.

Mine was tall and thin with perfect tits. Marks girl was shorter but a hard body with nice tits. My girl Jan had long brunette hair and was girly and Marks girl Jodi had short blonde hair and was athletic.

Both our girls loved fuckin..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My first Hot Wife!
I met my first wife back in 1987. He was a very sweet gal and we got along very good. She really enjoyed all the time! We had a baby, but she was not much in the motherhood. I basically raised my daughter by myself. First couple years, it seemed like it was always a struggle because I was working and doing the best I could to raise my daughter while she was gallivanting!

She wa..
Poster: John F | Full Story»

How it All Began
When I met my husband I thought he was very cute. Unfortunately that didn’t carry into the bedroom. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

His penis was less than five inches erect and he was subpar in effort to please my pussy. I’m not really sure why I married him, maybe because I was still fucking my ex behind his back.

When the ex left I was stuck with the r..
Poster: Heather | Full Story»

Power of the Pussy
My name is Ryan, and I’m a Cuckold. Not by choice but a decision I made to either leave or stay. I chose to stay and accept my position.

I married the love of my life. We met after school but I knew of her in school. She had no idea who I was. She was the most popular girl in school. She was also the volleyball star on the girls team.

She was tall with small perky..
Poster: Ryan | Full Story»

My Dream Came True
When going through puberty my best friend introduced me to Penthouse magazine. His dad was an avid reader of the magazine and bought every release each month.

Rick would loan me some of his dads older issues to take home to jerk off to. The girly pictures were great but the letters that readers would send in were my favorite masturbation tool.

I realized quickly tha..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Wife’s new bull part 2
Following on from my 19th February post.

My sexy wife has been now seeing her new bull a few times per week. He is staying here tonight and they have arranged for her to stay at his place on Sunday night, just the 2 of them.

The arrangement is working out perfectly. When the 3 of us are together I am forced to suck his cock or share it with my wife. They are also ta..
Poster: Matt | Full Story»

Cuckold Pregnancy
I don't know if this technically counts as a cuckold pregnancy, but it is our story. Long before we started in the lifestyle, my wife had an affair with another man. This is all stuff that she confessed to me later.

It started when she decided to do a boudoir photo shoot with our wedding photographer as a surprise gift for me. The shoot started as normal.

He took pic..
Poster: Just Some Cuck | Full Story»

Girls Trip out to Vegas
My girlfriend was on a girls trip abroad and well she told me there were other guys that they met, joining their party.

She’s the only one on her group who isn’t single. Anyways she asks if it’s ok if she has a pass for tonight as she wants to have some fun.

I told her ‘what happens there stays there 😉’. I guess that’s my fault that I left it open end..
Poster: Rodney | Full Story»

She Left Me
I have always had a huge Cuckold fetish. Early in my marriage, I would tell my wife about my sick fetish and she thought I was crazy.

Though she got really worked up listening to me talk. My wife was very attractive and well built. Getting dick has never been a challenge for her.

She had several before we married. I’m quite frankly surprised she married me. I myse..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Remote Cuckold
Many of us have listened to our wives getting fucked in another room without actually seeing the event. I have listened to mine many times. Adjourning rooms in hotels, from our bedroom with the door open and from a guest bedroom in our house with the door closed.

This past week I experienced remote cuckolding at a more advanced level. It happened while my wife J, myself and O, ..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

A Hot Time in the Neighboring Town
Carol and I decided to go to dinner and catch a movie a while back in a neighboring town to where we live. We decided where to go eat and what go see after dinner. The town we went to butts up to the city we live in but is a bit more upscale (read that "expensive") which is why we chose to go there for a change in the routine.

Dinner was really great and the restaurant was nicely..
Poster: Lonewolf | Full Story»

Unintentional Cuck
We have been married twenty years and sex between us was pretty boring. We got new neighbors three years ago, Bob and Shelly.

They are the same age as us and our kids are similar ages too. We have similar hobbies and really hit it off with them. We became fast close friends.

They invited us over for dinner and a movie one evening. The kids watched a movie and we sat..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Still Evolving Part 13
My life has gotten much better with my beautiful, hot wife! She no longer sees her one boyfriend that she was with for over a year and a half.

He had a huge cock and fuck the shit out of her every day for over a year. But, he became very jealous and possessive of her and she doesn’t like that. so after fucking him for her entire birthday weekend she decided she wanted something n..
Poster: John F | Full Story»