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Back from the Honeymoon
Ok so a couple days ago I did a post about what had happened the night before my wedding. I haven't been able to get that night off my mind since it happened. But I don't think I can tell my hubby about it. Well when we got back sunday night my best friend and maid of honor called me and wanted to have brunch with me the next day. We meet up and she started asking me all kinds of questions about how it was. She is a pretty wild and crazy girl. Which is pretty much the opposite of myself. Before long the conversation turned to sex and she wanted to know all the details of how it was with the hubby. I was pretty shy at first but she kept with it. So I was honest with her and told her that it wasn't really all that great. When she asked me why I told her that I couldn't focus because my mind was else where. She kept pushing and wanted to know what I could have been thinking that could have distracted me away from enjoying sex. So I broke down and told her about what had happened the night before the wedding. What she said next totally shocked me. She said...omg so he actually did it?!? I didn't know what she was talking about so I did some pushing of my own. She didn't want to tell me at first. But apparently my hubby's best man has always had a thing for me. My maid of honor and the best man of kinda had an off an on thing. They are more friends with benifits. But I guess he has always told her that he really wanted to fuck me ever since he meet me. He is actually the one who introduced me to my hubby! Well that night around the bonfire they were drinking and sex came up. So she jokingly told him this was his last chance to get in my pants before I was married and off limits. She said he blew it off but she keept razing him about it and before long he said he was getting tired and heading to bed. Things were getting late and so she decided to head to bed herself. She couldn't believe that he actually went through with it though. I was really upset that he was the one who did it. So I called him up right then and there. He answered at work and I told him he needed to come over to my house right now because we needed to talk. He asked what about and I told him I think he knows. He said ok and hung up. My maid of honor said she wanted to see this and went with me back to my place. When we got to my place it was around noon and I couldn't sit still. My maid of honor went into the kitchen to pour herself a drink. I was pacing back and forth in the living room when he pulled in and came into the house without knocking. I went up to him and yelled what the hell where you thinking. He was caught a little off guard and asked what I was talking about. I told him he knew what I was talking about and ask if it was really him the night before the wedding. He stepped forward with a grin and asked what if it was. I asked how could he do that to his best friend the day before his wedding. He said how could he not? Now I was caught off guard and asked what. He put his hand on mine and asked if it was good. I didn't know what to say and asked what he ment. He grinned and stepped even closer to me. He looked in my eyes and told me he felt me cum and wanted to know if I enjoyed myself. I stepped back and told him that was because I thought it was my husband I was with. He took another step closer to me almost pinning me against the wall and but it felt good thought right? I didn't know what to do or say and thats when he pressed his lips against mine kissing me. I froze as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. I looked over and my maid of honor was standing in the kitchen doorway just sipping from her drink. She wasn't doing anything! He slipped his tongue into mine and met my tongue. I could feel his hard cock grinding into me and I was in total shock. All I was wearing was a summer dress with a tongue and before I knew it he had slipped it off me and it fell to the floor. He leaned down and started to nibble and suck on my nipples. I let out a little moan. What was I doing?!? He needed to stop this wasn't right! But he didn't stop he kept kissing down to my thong before ripping it off of me. he looked up at me and started to lick on my clit. I closed my eyes and couldn't look. He spread my legs and started to eat me out. I put my fingers in his hair to pull him away but couldn't make myself do it. I heard him say god your so wet as he slipped a finger in me. I let out a gasp and things started to blur. The next thing I know he was standing up and pushing me down to my knees. His rock hard cock was right in my face. It was soo much bigger then my hubby's! I don't know why but I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. It was so big and about as much as I could take. He held my head and started to rock his hips working his cock in and out of my mouth. A couple times I just about choked as it touched the back of my throat. I can't believe this was happening! I had never even had my hubby's cock in my mouth. He started to breath heavily and then shoot his cum into my mouth. I wasn't ready for it and just about choked. But he held my head there and some of it started to run out of my mouth. He just kept coming so I started to swallow as much of it as I could. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and I looked over at my maid of honor. She was smiling and made a signal for me to wipe my chin off. I looked down and his cum was all over my breasts and chin. I looked back at him and he hadn't gone soft like my hubby does when he cums. I picked me up and took me over to the couch where he bent me over the back of it. I was facing my maid of honor as I felt him thrust his cock deep into my pussy. I let out a moan/scream! It wasn't as bad as the night before my wedding when he did it. But it still felt huge inside of me. It didn't take long before he was pounded his hard cock in and out of my pussy. And WITHOUT A CONDOM! I tried to tell him to get a condom but all I could get out were moans. I couldn't believe it as I felt wave after wave of orgasm come over me. If I hadn't been bent over the couch I would have collapsed on the floor. The next thing I knew he was moaning and I felt his cock expand inside of me. It snapped to me what he was about to do and I tried to push him away but all I ended up doing was pushing back into him so his cock went all the way in me as he came. Not even my hubby had come in me without a condom and this was the second time he had! He slowly slipped out of me as his cum was runninig down my thighs. I just laid there bent over the couch and watched him get dressed, blow me a kiss and say thanks hun as he walked out the door. I was completely exhausted and in total shock at what had just happened. Then I heard my maid of honor standing behind me say that that was the hottest thing she had ever seen! I didn't even have enough energy to respond to her. The next couple hours were a blur. All I remember is standing in the shower with her rinsing me off and then passing out in bed. I remember my hubby waking me up and asking me if I was alright because I looked pale. I don't think I even responded to him before passing back out.


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Poster: steph