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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Re: Wow
well, it could turn out great or bad depending.

Here's my account..

10 years ago i talked my wife into fucking an exboy friend of hers who was black. It all started by me asking about her sex life before we were married.

It really turned me on. But when she started to tell me about the black guy, man...I could only think of one thing from then on and t..
Poster: Dru | Full Story»

My GF cuckolded me on the weekend.
Started with her telling me on Friday that this 18 year old guy kept hitting on her (I'm 24 and she's 20). I asked her if she thought he was cute. She tried to deny it but finally came around to admitting to me that she thought he was very cute. I immediately felt a rush of jealousy (I've always been very jealous of her) but for some reason I also felt hor..
Poster: Lou-Ann | Full Story»

Need ladies Advice
I would like some advice from some of the ladies here on how to convince my wife to fool around with another guy. I think I'm a little different from most of the cuckolds that I tend to see here in that I'm not into humiliation and I don't have a small dick.

However, I do really enjoy seeing my wife explore her sexuality and pushing her limits, and I know from past experience that s..
Poster: Jett | Full Story»

The other day my wife took me to a town we thought would have glory holes , so she could jack off a strange cock into my mouth , and let a stranger fuck her while she was standing on my belly in the booth with her ass against the wall . Guess what? No glory holes in our area
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

Making my wife into a slut
I worked for a few years to turn my wife into a slut. We were married about 10 years and I thought it would be fun to see how much fucking she could handle. The best part is that she always wants to get cum in her cunt - she really hates rubbers. So, my idea was to take the innocent bitch and turn her into the cumwhore she really is.

I started by getting her to talk about other g..
Poster: walt | Full Story»

re; Like father like son
After reading about Sam's childhood , I thought about mine. I read all the comments and find them all valid , but still believe watching my mom through my hiding places , while dad and other men used her , formed my views on cuckolding and made me the cuckold husband I am today. My mom knew I watched , but dad didn't. Sometimes she'd look me in the eye while she was taking it. She was great to do ..
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

she finally did it
My Amazing Wife

For my birthday my hot wife finally did it. We were sitting around in our home office and we started discussing breast size. I got my wife to undress and show my best friend her tits. He agreed they were perfect, she always thought her nipples were too big. Well with things leading to another, she was completely undressed, so she motioned me out of the room. For the ..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Me and Sue and Jason with Annie
Everything was going fine after Jason and I had swapped girlfriends. During Xmas vacation, after Annie and I and Jason and Sue spent some time at parents houses, we all stayed together at my apartment. Since I only had one bedroom and one bed, we all slept together. During this time, Jason only fucked Sue and I only fucked Annie knowing that we would soon be swapping girlfriends again when Jason a..
Poster: Brice and Sue | Full Story»

Her {Their} Slave
Well it's been some time scene I've posted.
My last post I was trying to get my wife to Fuck another man so I could watch,She had been cucking me for the best part anyway,I was her Bitch and did all the house work etc; But she did take care of my kinks Fucking me regularly with several Big Strap-ons, plus having me Suck them before she would Fuck me telling me that I was such a Good Bitch f..
Poster: Her Slave | Full Story»

My sweet girl suggests swapping boyfriends
Once the weather turned colder, Annie didn't go to the beach on the weekends but fucked the guys during the week and drove down to Boston and we fucked during the weekends. But after a few weeks she stopped fucking them because it was getting around that she was a slut and she didn't want to be known as a slut and thought that it would die down if she stopped fucking.
One weekend she told m..
Poster: Brice and Annie | Full Story»

My sweet girl fucks six guys
I had agreed that Annie could go sailing and fucking again with the two guys that she had fucked the weekend before on their sailboat and on the deserted beach. She had told me that more guys had been invited to the beach and that she planned to fuck as many as she could. She told me that I could tell her not to go and she wouldn't go, but that she really had enjoyed fucking the two guys and she w..
Poster: Brice and Annie | Full Story»

Any others like me?
Sally, my wife, Martin her lover, & me have a strange ritual.He lies on the bed, she lies before him, & both of them indulge in deep hot loud & vulgar french kissing. I am by his HUGE cock, using my cuckold lips & tongue on his lovely erection, watching their french kiss. The "love sounds" that come out are stunning----'mouth on cock', & 'mouth to mouth' love sounds. AND, there is an audio casset..
Poster: Active cuck | Full Story»

My sweet girl
In the spring of my senior year at college, I met Annie. She was a junior, and while looking very sexy also seemed very sweet. I asked her out and after taking her to a movie, we went back to her dorm room. It wasn't long before I had my hands on her breasts under her sweater and then I was sucking her nipples. While sucking, I moved my hand down inside her jeans and got down to her hair before sh..
Poster: Brice and Annie | Full Story»

cuckold dreaming...please use me in NC
I am a clean good looking white male,in need to be controlled by a female in a cuckold way. I will do as u wish. I'm game for all ideas. I'm a str8 man but will do as u say no matter what u want to see. are there any cuckold couples in NC?or dominate females??
Poster: Lou | Full Story»

She finally did it
My wife and I have been married for 30 years and for the last 10 years I've been suggesting that we get another guy to join us in bed. Finally she agreed and last Saturday night I got to watch as another guy fucked her in our bed and I got to fuck her in her slippery used cunt.
My wife seldom has an orgasm while fucking so I usually make sure that she gets off by rubbing her clit and suckin..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

I serviced her studs - until this week end
Brought back to reality, way to quickly, by the toy being removed, I lay staring at the ceiling my legs still hanging above my face, my ass splayed open waiting for more cock.
Aft a few moments I began to feel a bit foolish, as I start to lower my legs the older man moved into position. He pushed once, had to adjust his angle pushed again and he slid inside. Oh the joy to feel the warmth an..
Poster: SissyCuckSlut | Full Story»

I serviced her studs - arrival
GPS announces that we have reached our destination, and sure enough there is the vehicle that was specified we were to park next to. As we sit discussing what to do next a door in the back of this building opens enough that I see a hand wave us in. Exchanging brief introduction we’re lead through a warehouse into a back office, excusing himself he leaves through a door even further into the buil..
Poster: SissyCuckSlut | Full Story»

How many guys?
I was in my dorm room one Friday night about 10 pm and a guy came down the hall and slipped a paper under my door. I got the paper and it said that two girls needed money and would fuck for $20 in room 310. I was a virgin and shy around girls so I decided that this would be a good way to get fucked for the first time. I went upstairs and there was a line at the door to the room. There were about 2..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

My Girlfriend
One afternoon I heard someone outside the door to my dorm room. I went out to check and saw a girl that I had checked out in the dining commons standing at the door to the room across the hall. I had noticed that she was very cute and had a nice body which she showed off by wearing tight T shirts without a bra and tight jeans. I talked to for her a while until the guy that lived across the hall ca..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

I serviced her studs - Leading up to
Well Mistress placed an ad in AFF, as far as I know she still has it up, I’ve never looked.
While my Son, home for the holidays, is sitting next to me. She shows me a response; I quickly read it so that Jr. doesn’t have time to look I respond with a casual affirmative remark and continue.
After what seemed like a week Mistress Mentions that she is getting some promising e-mails f..
Poster: SissyCuckSlut | Full Story»

My First and only experience so far.
i was a mere 19 years old when i moved to los angeles. working in the chic century city mall selling sunglasses when i came across a young asian woman sitting across in a white top and black skirt and giving me looks. I was 19 and just moved here from a country from the east did not even know the nuances of dating in america least alone the nuance of cuckold. She came over and bough some glasse..
Poster: tony | Full Story»

More than My Husband's Friend
I had know Jim for 5 or 6 years thru my husband.
Then one afternoon he stopped by and things happened. We had always flirted and I think it all came to this with me in bed wit him.
One of those summer afternoon's the windows open and the warm breeze coming into my bedroom and we were naked on the sheets.
His cock grew fast and I was horny from having sex with my husband that m..
Poster: Terry | Full Story»

I serviced her studs
I’ve lurked in many cuckols sites for awhile; I now have an adventure of my own to add. I've never posted let alone done anything like this before.
My wife has cucked me for going on a quarter century, and I have become more and more her sissy over the years.
For quite sometime I’ve been telling her I was ready for real cock and I’d service any stud she provided.
Well ..
Poster: SissyCuckSlut | Full Story»

My Story
I have been dying to share this. I am 33 years old. My husband is 35, a White Marine Corps Officer.

He has a cuckold fantasy I just know it. But it is too taboo for us to talk about. He brings home black Marine friends for me to fuck and I do. He usually brings them home for dinner, football games, etc and finds excuses to leave them with me as he goes out mysteriously to come ba..
Poster: Jaime | Full Story»

Re :wife back---cucknqcy
A wife should live with her stud friend only time enough for pregnancy to take place. She should leave her husband when she is fertile, & then re-join him when she has conceived, having taken her lover's virile baby-making seed DEEP inside her womb! Not a moment before, & not a moment later. Naturally she will tell her husband that she is carrying another man's child.
Blackcuck, would you g..
Poster: Time for breeding | Full Story»

Re: wife back
Having a wife go live for a bull for awhile can be an exciting form of cuckolding. However, as you mentioned in your post, it's something that needs to be discussed ahead of time. And the limits need to be drawn in advance.

I have often thought of my wife going to live with one of her boyfriends for a week or a month. It would need to be with this particular boyfriend. I trust him..
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Re-Wife just left...wife back
This is the hotwife of Black Cuck. We were seeing this guy, (me before I told Black Cuck about it and then after) that I was really smitten with and fantasized about living a different life a for a bit. I fell in lust with a dirty minded man. Sex was hot and degrading and appealed to me. He would fuck me hard in front of Black Cuck, cum in me, I was at his beck and call. He told me how to dress, ..
Poster: Black Cuck's Hotwfie | Full Story»

Wendy's Christmas Party
When my wife, Wendy, told me her office Christmas party was to be herself and the three other guys in her office my mind started wishfully thinking that she would get drunk and let them all fuck her, preferably by bringing them all back home so I could watch at the very least.

When she then told me that they would be meeting several more people for drinks after their lunch, and they..
Poster: Mark Stephens | Full Story»

How to tell is she is hot wife?
I work in a large bank, and recently started to managed a new team, which includes a real hot girl called Lisa. Lisa used to have a bit of a reputation of being a flirt/tease etc, but is now engaged - albeit to a guy who used to be her manager. She still wears low-cut tops, short skirts, and makes an real effort to be sexy at work, and this alone is enough for me to want to shag her... but the l..
Poster: slutmywife | Full Story»

wainting for 3rd incident soon-
my real storey was posted on dec/17 and again on dec/22/04 - under heading >>>2ND TIME HAPPEND SUCCESSFULLY- my wife with another man - i can believe it. contu...

We are visiting to India again tomorrow 15th jan/09. This time we will be in south India mostly.I am expecting will have a another cuckold experiance this time in india. I did not tell to my wife anything. I like..
Poster: John | Full Story»

The first time
The first time I saw my wife fuck somebody else I had been feeling lousey and went to bed early. I woke up because of noise coming from our hot tub in the back yard, right outside the bedroom window. I looked out and saw my wife and a friend of ours. Our friend was sitting on the edge of the hot tub and my wife was giving him head. There was a two story apartment building behind our back yard ..
Poster: Al | Full Story»

Long-Distance Bull (part 4)
We met at a motel near a casino. Our room had two beds. I knew right away that I would be spending the night alone in one bed while Cassandra and Alex slept together in the other bed.

Cassandra was taking a shower when Alex arrived. Alex and I talked until Cassandra joined us wearing a sexy pink and black nightgown. Alex and I stripped down to our underwear. He then connected his la..
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Totally True and Accurate
Totally True and accurate

I met my wife when we were both young, she was 18 and I was 19. There’s no doubt about it, she’s a stunner with long blond hair (Down to the centre of her back) blue eyes, size 10. The sex life wasn’t great as I was her first lover, but after a few months of us being together it improved, although I was always the instigator. By the time I hit 20 I st..
Poster: Brian Straw | Full Story»

New Holiday
I would like to propose that we make a new WORLDWIDE Holiday, call it "Cuckold's Day!" After all, we have a Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents' Day, even a "Secretary's Day," why NOT a day set aside for joyful cuckolds like me to celebrate? The day I suggest is November 5th, because that is the day my wife FINALLY cuckolded me and I have been so happy ever since I can hardly contain myself..
Poster: Art | Full Story»

In the car-first time
My wife and i had been together for 5 years and we fantasied often about sex with another person. Secretly I got hot to think of her getting fucked with a nice big, young cock.
We are both in sales and fairly attractive, in our 40's.
My wife is very sexy and pretty. A little heavy but built well with a very ample, nice ass and tits.
We went to a small club one night and we de..
Poster: joe | Full Story»

Long-Distance Bull (part 3)
Alex made it back into town.

My wife again checked into a motel. I met her at the motel after I got off work. Alex arrived about a half-hour later.

Alex sat on the couch in the motel room. My wife jumped on the couch beside him. She hugged and cuddled up against him. I sat on the desk chair across the room. We spent some time talking. My wife asked Alex if he was hung..
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Thank you cucknqcy!
Have enjoyied the 1st 2 of your 5 part experiences. Keep them coming, & happy masturbating!
Poster: Helping out | Full Story»

Long-distance Bull (part 2)
My wife bought a new web cam. She would never have bought a web cam to give sex shows for me. But she hates being away from Alex. She wants to have sex with Alex even if it’s only through a web cam.

Fortunately for me, my wife decided to let me watch. I logged in to my computer. She sent me an invitation to watch her web cam.

My wife sat in another room. She wore a ..
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Long-distance Bull (part 1)
In early December 2007, my wife became lovers with a straight guy who lived far away from us. The fact that he was straight meant that I couldn't express my bisexual submissive side with him. So our meetings were not as kinky as some of my other experiences. Also, because of the distance, we were only able to meet a few times. We soon got tired of a long-distance relationship and broke things off...
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Re: Wife just left
Cuckolding implies an ongoing relationship between a husband and wife. The wife has other lovers. But she stays married to her husband.

Your wife has separated from you. It's time to stop thinking about your situation in terms of cuckolding and start thinking about your situation in terms of separation andor divorce.

You have important legal questions to consider. Do..
Poster: cucknqcy | Full Story»

Making my girlfriend into a slut
When I was a senior in college, I met a girl that I really liked. I found out that she was a virgin. I kind of wondered how that could be since during freshman year I had fucked two virgins and since then all of the other girls that I had dated had already been fucked by others. I enjoyed fucking these girls knowing that they had already fucked others and I thought that they were more fun. I was c..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

Just like my father
When I was a teenager, my father explained the birds and the bees to me. At the time I didn't realize that his view of boys and girls and sex was to put it mildly a little unusual. He told me the usual stuff that I would meet a girl that I liked and that I would have sex with her and to make sure that I used protection so she didn't get pregnant. But he also told me that I would want her to have s..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

Re: Wife just left
Yes, Just interested. I am black and my wife is/was black and the guy she left with, one of the bulls she cucked me with is white. She came back over this weekend and packed up the rest of her things. The reality of the situation has hit me as I sit in our apartment with none of her effects here. But yet as I think on it, I remember our times with different bulls and how much she enjoyed herself a..
Poster: Black Cuck | Full Story»

second surprise
After the first surprise i had with my wife ann and a friend ron, ann and I talked about the meeting many times and every time we ended up having very energetic and satisfying sex, after six or seven weeks the opportunity arose to invite Ron down for a few drinks, I asked ann if she wanted a repeat of the previous visit she just said lets see how it goes.
On the night of the visit I arrange..
Poster: rugby boy | Full Story»