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Our first and hopefully not the last sharing
My story isn’t exactly exciting but I want to share it anyway.

In 2019 my wife and I went on holiday to Portugal. We stayed in a nice little villa close to the sea. At the time, I was 48 and the wife was 45. She had then and still has a great figure, so I am used to men looking at her when she wears a swimsuit or tight clothes and this was no different.

The wife and I talked about a lad who was paying her a little too much attention. We think he was Portuguese (never really found out) and we think he was 19 or 20 ish. He was sort of good looking but not handsome. I joked about how he kept looking over when he was close by and how he would even sit on the wall of the villa opposite and pretend to be looking around but would keep glancing over if the wife was sitting by the pool.

I joked about how she should give him something to look at not expecting her to go for it, especially since we had never ever talked about swinging or involving anyone else in the bedroom. Which was why I was shocked when she laughed and said something like ‘lets do it’ adding that she wasn’t getting any younger.

Next thing I know, my wife is back by the pool in just her silk dressing gown and nothing else. It was wrapped tightly round her showing off her perfect breasts with her clearly aroused nipples, hard and extended. She walked around with me calling for her to take it off.

She wouldn’t do that but what she did do was walk under the outdoor shower soaking herself. She may as well have taken it off because it just clung to her showing everything she had, which she thought was hilarious even though I think she was shocked at herself for doing it.

Moments later the lads parents came by, and the wife ran into the villa to hide. The mother went in, but the boy spent some time talking to his dad. He was probably about 50, fit and not bad looking. He glanced over at our villa a few times. I thought there was no way his son had told his dad what we had just done, but it was enough for me to lose my bottle and go inside.

The wife was standing there giggling hysterically, prancing around, her breasts swaying as she did. It was her that took it further, opening her gown and giving me an eye full of her breast and it was her that told me to follow her to the bedroom.

It was my wife who opened the French doors and suggested we give him a show. The dad had gone inside and left the lad alone. My wife said that we would let the lad have his fun and with that she took her gown off and moved to a spot where he could see now naked. She leant over an armchair by the window, glanced around and told me not to be so boring and just ‘do it’. Me being dull said ‘do what’? she gave me that ‘don’t be so stupid look’ and she did that shouting whisper thing ‘fuck me’ adding that I should be quick.

It’s not often a guy gets an offer lie that from a usually quiet reserved wife so in seconds I was standing behind her, bollock naked, hard as nails and pushing my cock into her. I got the usual ‘oh fuck yes’ from her as I started to thrust my cock into her pussy, both of us looking over at the lad who was mesmerized, and I think more than a little in shock.

I started to shag the wife hard. She was bent over the chair with her tits swinging and with her growling for me to ‘fucking keep doing it’, (the wife doesn’t usually swear so I knew there was something different about her today).

I joked about how I bet he was hard watching us. I decided to go further, and I told her to image his cock inside her, his big hard cock pounding the fuck out of her. I grabbed her tits and she let out a groan. I asked her if he was making her cum, was his cock big enough for her. She panted and started telling me that his cock was big enough for her and it was long and in her so deep it was making her cum.

The two of us were seriously turned on by now, mainly because we had never done anything like this before and it felt dirty. We must have both stopped paying attention to him because when I looked up, he was standing about 6 feet from the French doors staring at us. The wife climaxed and that caused me to cum inside her, but I was still hard. I said that I think he wants to fuck you, the wife, now exhausted and still bent over the back of the chair just said ‘ok but close the curtains’.

I was in serious shock, my wife had actually agreed to have sex with another man, or lad in this case. I rushed to the French door and waved him in. He didn’t wait, he bounded into our bedroom, ran behind the wife, and undressed, all in a matter of seconds. I pulled the sheer white net curtains and stood there as this lad fucked my wife hard, her tits bouncing and swaying.

She cried out and kept repeating ‘oh fuck’ over and over, looking behind her at this lad shagging her like a rabbit. It was only a atter of minutes before he shot his cum into her and made her cum again before pulling his shorts up and putting on his short sleeved short and rushing out.

The wife was laying naked on the bed telling me that she couldn’t believe we just did that. I was still hard and feeling horny and very very dirty so I walked over to her and pushed my cock into her mouth until I was ready to cum again. I withdrew and shot cum all over her face and tits.

We laughed and showered and had a drink, both just looking at each other and occasional laughing to ourselves.

But that wasn’t bad enough. The next afternoon, the wife and I were still talking about how bad we had been and how we should never do anything like that again, but it made us horny, and we went to bed for sex. This time we fucked missionary, me riding her hot body, her tits in my hands, feeling her hard nipples in the palm of my hands. We talked dirty for ages, talked about how his big cock made her cum and how he shot so much cum into her that she hopped she wasn’t pregnant. I found that a turn on and I fucked her harder saying things like ‘imaging a little Portuguese baby’ and asking her to tell me what his cock felt like.

She moaned that it stretched her, and it felt amazing. Then she let out a scream and said that he was there. I looked at the window which was ajar but with the curtains closed and I could make the lads silhouette out. I slid out of the wife and pulled the curtains open, pulled the French doors open and let him in.

The lad and I shagged my wife, taking it in turns to fuck her pussy then her mouth, both of us fucking her and making her cum, sucking her nipples hard before sliding back into her and fucking again. But it was the third day that I think we went too far.

The wife and I had sex, knowing that the lad would come back when he thought he saw us in the bedroom and that he would come back for sex. This time he did and with him was his father.

We went from a normal couple with a normal sex life to having a threesome with a stranger and now I was sharing her with two other men, one young lad and another older rough man who like his some, said nothing but just climbed onto my wife and entered her. He fucked her hard and making her cum hard. The three of us impregnating her as well as having enough left to cum on her tits.

We went away for the day so as to have a rest but for the next 7 days my wife either lay on her back with her legs open and the son, then the dad and then me inside her. We both became obsessed with sex, for the first time in our 25 years together she let me fuck her in the arse but not the others. They were too big but she let me cum in her bum whilst either the son or the dad lay under her, the wife on top of them with me on her.

I was shocked more because it was the wife who did almost everything. She let them fuck her then she would suck them off and clean their cocks with her mouth. Most days ended up with her laying on the bed covered in semen, on her body, on her face and in her hair. She would shower for ages to get it off, sometimes on her own and sometimes I would have to listen the thud sounds of the son fucking the wife yet again in the shower.

Luckily for us they didn’t get my wife pregnant and when the holiday was over, we agreed not to tell anyone how badly we had behaved. But I had to share the story with you.

That was July 2019, and we haven’t done anything like it since, but it has spiced our sex life up. The wife likes to get on her knees and have me masturbate onto her face, then suck me off to clean my cock. She also admitted to me that it had been a secret fantasy of hers for years to be fucked and used.
Bernard B


cuckold wife


Poster: Bernard B