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My Cuckold Story
After spending considerable time reading the amazing stories, I thought I would share my own. I posted it on a different site and will now post it here for any and all who care to read.

here goes ...

Plain and simple: I get turned on hearing about my wife's sexual adventures. This is something new to me. I was the cool kid in school. Played D1 sports in college, went to a top ten professional school, and now do well enough. I met my wife 6 years ago. We got married 4 years ago. I have been with more women than I can remember, but something happened when I met her -- I told myself if THIS one falls in love with me, I will marry her.

We dated for two years. I cheated on her with a good friend she had recently made. You know the drill ... your gf stops by, you left condoms all over the floor, plus the girl brought her diary so your gf had a perspective not many get of their cheating lovers.

Long story short, I had to kiss major ass after this. It was rough and I didnt think we were going to make it. Then, she pulled out her personal diary. The past 2-3 years I was told that she had been with 4 guys in her life. Wow, did that run out to be wrong. She had been with more like 25, not including the 7 she had been with in the past 2 years we had been together. Her friend that I fucked? She fucked her brother just to get payback ...

So what did I do once I found this out? Asked her to marry me. Yeah, I know. Like another poster entitled their post .. "truth is stranger than fiction". Indeed.

So, were engaged. I have to get the "list" of course. Not bad, no friends, plenty of people I have met (through her). Well, one particular diary entry was very interesting to me. It read that she went home with some guy, he was HUGE, it hurt so we couldnt finish. Umm ... I jerked off three times in the next hour re-reading this ONE sentence.

There were a dozen other references to sex, but no details. So it begins .... I started hounding my wife for stories. I was so into this I couldnt stand it. Problem was she was a party girl, alcohol was her vice. In addition, were talking several years ago for a lot of the stories, if not more.

Some of the better ones:

In high school, at 16, she was cheating on her bf with a 28 yo wm. I found out she fucked him a few months after we met. I have dubbed him the "winner" as he got to fuck this amazingly hot woman at 16 and at 26. Wow.

She fucked her sisters bf's two friends, one of whom my sister-in-law one day blurted out when his name came up (not knowing my wife had entered the open place) "ha! Ive seen his dick, it was at least 10"!". I think I came in my pants. I couldnt breath and I ended up fucking my wife silly that night.

She had a threesome with two older men (40's) when she was 20 ... I would give a testicle for a video of this, despite her descrption is probably a bit exagerated.

Ok, ok, dont want to bore you. So we get married. Things are great. We have a great sex life. I absolutely love having sex with her. Thing is, and perhaps I am lying to myself, but I think she is so hot I want to have sex with her, watch her have sex, hear about her aving sex, you name it - as long as it involves her and sex.

So she is trying to help her friend get a job. The person who interviews her friend hits on her. He kisses her in a back room, whatever. I dont think anything of it, other than she tells me and I get off on the story of her flirting.

Fast forward a year later. Turns out my wife and that guy who interviewed her friend, have been keeping in touch now and then through IM. They are friends, and have not seen each other in a year, let alone fool around.

Apparently, he starts in on the "lets hook up". My wife is very unmotivated, not that I was really steering her that way. Anyway, she starts encouraging him to go out on a date with a 22 or so latina at his work. Well, he does, and he has sex with the girl and calls my wife while the girl is in the bathroom between "sessions". I told you ... truth ... fiction .... you get it.

Well, I tell her to tell him she is doing her toes and put him on speaker. She does. I can feel myself wanting to change things, or flat out leave them out, for fear of someone recognizing this story .. crazy I know, but hey. I will do my best to stay true ...

He is telling her how he cant believe she was taking it all, that she was screaming, and hollering bloody murder. My wife asked him was it bc he is big? He responds that "she thinks its too thick, but she said the length is good". Hrmm... duh, I prompt her to get details, of course, but he has to go.

Torture for a few days until they talk again. Apparently he wears gold magnums, is 9" and thick. Yeah, right. Men are more prone to exagerating their dick size than their income. I am 7.5 and have had women tell me I am huge, others wonder where it is. Its all about perspective. And, yes, that is an exageration, I am more like 7 on a good day.

Fast forward, he wants to get a hotel. She tells him hell no, and she tells me about it. I am like hmm.

Then one night we were out with some friends she had not seen in a long time. Well, my wife's good looks, and the fact she is married to such a great guy (yes, me), these friends who are jealous and/or insecure like to insult with little jabs. Normal behavior, nothing special. However, something happened between the 5 glasses of wine and the cute angled insults from her stuck up lonely friends.

omg, I forgot - her x bf from 10 years bf was staying in our extra room that night. He was just in town and needed a place to stay.

So we are at dinner with her friends. her x bf is in our place watching tv or whatever. My wife gets all bugged out, this look in her eyes. It was so sinister. Well, she pulls me outside her friends place and tells me she is going to a hotel to meet this guy (the interview guy).

I am like "umm .. excuse me? You are what?"

She assured me nothing would happen, they would probably just talk. Before I knew it she was rushing out to her car and I was letting her go. Yes, I had been fantasizing about her fucking him since that night he was fucking that girl.

I go home, her friend is asking where she is. I said she wanted to stay a bit, catch up, etc. he and I sit on the couch and watch tv for 1.5 hours or so and he goes to bed. Another hour later and the wife comes home. She seems exasperated, but tells me he couldnt get it up. I was SO disappointed (which is what I think she was trying to figure out). I know, I actually FELL for that shit. Amazing, when you want to believe something, you WILL believe it.

Anyways, two weeks later I go out of town for work. On my way home she text messages me: "I blew 9" on our couch last night".

Can anyone say pull over and wack off?!!? I can, and did. Once when I pulled over and two more times while driving.

She continued to torture me with text mssgs during my ride home. When I arrived we fucked like rabbits for hours. The next day, I think, we were recovering from sex, and she told me that it was a lie, she did not see him last night.

I was so happy, relieved, but at the same time I was disappointed in some strage way. I smiled and stood up and said "thank god"

She said "Well, actually ... I didnt fuck him last night. I fucked him two weeks ago that night in the hotel. Twice. He was huge. I am sorry I didnt tell you before."

Jaw. Drop. Heart. Stop.

So what did we do? Fucked like rabbits while I probably annoyed her with questions. I also was furious, and told her that she lied to me, kept me in the dark, and that was unfair (despite it worked out so fing well, god what a rush). I told her she had to fuck him again and videotape it.

She said "ok". (!!!!!)

Week or two later she has made arrangements to meet him at a hotel. She showers, shaves, gets dressed. My heart is pounding. I am still undecided if I am going to let her walk out or not.

She comes down. She is gorgeous. She is drunk. She tells me I have to drive her. )#&$)&$)@&$)&( ????? Remember, truth and fiction ... I drive my wife to a hotel, drop her off out front looking like a hooker, I go across the street and watch him approach, greet her, and they walk around the side to go to the room.

I was about to have a heart attack I ws so excited. I went home and sat there for 2 hours ... I COULD NOT WAIT FOR HER TO GET BACK.

Finally, car pulls up, she gets out, comes inside, stumbles down onto the couch. I ask her .. "WELL?!?!?!"

She says ... and pay attention ... "I dont know. It wasnt working for me. Here, watch it for yourself."

Like an idiot, rather than enjoying the moment and picking her brain I rush into watching the tape. While getting situated, she grabs her stomach area and moans like she is in pain. I asked her whats wrong .. she says .. "omg honey, he was so big .. too big."

I almost came in my pants and passed out all at once.

Now, my first time watching this tape was odd -- I was too excited to really enjoy the depth of it. Yes, the wife and I had sex several times that night. It ws incredible. But the tape ....

The tape ... is incredible. Yes, he was huge. Still to this day I am unsure how this little hottie is taking it like that. He fucked her for about 20 mins. She made him stop bc he was too big. They did several positions, doggy style towards the end, and she is moaning like a ghost and asks him to stop. He leans over and turns off the camera!!! (#^$)(@*

Now, she does not think anything happened after, but the truth is she was so drunk she doesnt remember much of it at all (in many ways I thankful of this .. you would be too if you saw this tape).

Following this, I became a nightmare for her... I wanted to pick at her for info ALL the time, it was embarassing. I was telling her she had to do it again bc there was no cum shot, etc. My obsession with this was hurting our relationship.

She sat me down and told me she loved me. She told me it might happen again, maybe with him, maybe not. But right now she did not want to fuck him again, never really wanted to, and she did it for me. The tape is yours. Enjoy it.

So thats what I have done. I backed off. I watch the movie when going solo and this relieves her of the burden of talking to me during sex every time. She does enjoy it, just not EVERY time. Me on the other hand, I need someone to impose restraint. It really has worked out very well.

I dont think I would say I am a cuck, but perhaps I am wrong. I like when she tells me his cock is bigger than mine, etc, but I have no desire to be humiliated any further than that, and certainly against him even knowing that I know. However, it does turn me on like nothing else ever has when she is telling me about her stories, or I m watching the tape, or she is fantasizing for me.

I love it. I love my wife. She is amazing. I am happy.

Just thought I would share my story and what role this interesting approach (cuckolding) has in my life.


cuckold wife


Poster: Enver