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Sweet Cuckold


I keep my husband Caged and I have other Men.
Even when my boyfriend, now husband and I were dating, I knew he had a cuckold fantasy. He never hid it and the more I got to know him the more comfortable with it I became.

He was never jealous when I talked or spent time with other men. I had sex with other men when we dated. Hubby was always eager to know the details and eventually I agreed to let him be present and watch bu..
Poster: BossWife | Full Story»

Wife doing Porn
We live in the US, in LA to be precise. I will say right from the start that my wife always was a total slut. When we were dating, sometimes she would "joke" with a speech something like "I'm so slut that at least I should make money with that".

Several times I encouraged her to sell herself as a prostitute, but those times never resulted in anything memorable. Then the opportun..
Poster: Loch | Full Story»

Wife and Boyfriend on a Holiday
I have been sharing my wife for around 4 years. We really like the lifestyle. She had hooked up with the latest boyfriend about 5 months before this situation happened. We were booked to go on holiday to Spain for a week. It was to be a typical Spanish beach / hotel holiday.

We had booked and paid for the holiday around 6 months in advance to get a really good price. It was actua..
Poster: Second Place | Full Story»

Long Term Bull
My wife has had the same bull for almost 10 years.

They are close and have an emotional connection for sure.

My wife is the type of woman she has a very healthy libido. She has plenty of love to go around, she’s never short on that.

To watch your wife, fuck a man is one thing. But to watch your wife make love to another man is completely differe..
Poster: Happy Hubby | Full Story»

Alternate Lover
Both my husband and I had quite a number of lovers before we started dating and married. We were happy with each other and both have extremely successful careers. What we did miss though was the spontaneity of meeting someone new and having pure raunchy sex like our single days.

We gave each other a free pass to experience what we both admitted we craved. We both had success quit..
Poster: Katrina | Full Story»

When My Wife’s Lovers Leaves
My wife has a lover, and he has had full access to her when he and her wants each other. He is a regular at our house and they let me watch. I am very grateful.

When he visits, he gives my wife the fucking she needs and deserves. After they finish, they lay in bed together. They cuddle and touch one another. They also make small talk. I will get water for everyone because it is..
Poster: Grateful | Full Story»

Reluctant and Unsure
My husband and I had been talking about me having a threesome with him and one of his good friends for months.

At 1st I didn’t know what to make of it . Is my husband friend really wanting to fuck me and is my husband going to let me do this ?

But after months of questioning my husband and fighting with in myself I reluctantly agree to call their bluff and tell m..
Poster: Terri | Full Story»

Wife’s Sleepover with her new Boyfriend
My wife and I have been married 3 years, but we have been together for 5 in total. We both wanted to expand her sexual horizons as they were limited before we met. She had 2 longer term boyfriend and I was the third man she ever had sex with. Our sex is good, but I wanted for her to have some others and I fantasied about her doing it. So, we have made it happen.

We looked around..
Poster: Blazer | Full Story»

Day 3 with Robert
My wife Jenn was enjoying her time with her new found lover, Robert. On his second night with us we had gone to dinner and afterwards we had after dinner drinks on our patio. Jenn had changed into a black long Tee shirt she wore as a dress. It had I love BBC on the front. The nice thing about Robert is that he's very easy to talk to so the conversation went on outside for over an hour. Eventua..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

First Time being Shared
After getting divorced after 19 years from a cheating husband I was feeling unattractive. I met a guy a few years older that changed my life.

He was sweet and fun and made me feel sexy and attractive again. We would go out and he would tell me how sexy and hot I looked. he began telling me to dress sexy and have fun and bought me sexy clothes.

I was feeling good abo..
Poster: Maxetonic | Full Story»

Old School Cuck
I'm a single dad of one. Wife 1 and daughter were killed as a result of a drunk driver. He ran a stop light, bounced off a truck, hit a trash bin that crushed them against a wall. The drunk kid was driving his daddy's Jag. Since, his dad is politicaly involved, he settled quickly, so me and my son are set for life. The only reason I went back to work is to keep myself occupied.

So, ..
Poster: Old School Dad | Full Story»

Friend & His Wife into BDSM
So I have a long time friend (Ed) who is into being abused by his wife (Camille). Apparently, they were doing it since before they were married. My wife and I hung out with them often, even before they got married. For more than 10 years, my wife & I were clueless as to what was going on.

Then late one Saturday afternoon we were over at their place for a BBQ, and drinking since we g..
Poster: Watched Once | Full Story»

Putting his Mark on Her
My wife does things for her lovers that she will not do for me. We have been in this lifestyle for 7 years. In that time, she has numerous sexual partners. I know about most of them and the number of men she has been fucked by must be around 22.

Since starting this lifestyle, she has been shaving her pussy, which I like but didn’t do it for me. She dresses more provocatively a..
Poster: Waiting | Full Story»

What is best..to watch...to listen....to be told....or not to be told
These were the options I used to droll over during the many years it took to persuade my wife to fuck another guy to satisfy the huge desire I had to share her. I used to dream through all the different scenarios and try and decide which I like the best. They all turned me on in different ways. the obvious was to share her in a threesome situation where I was present and joined in. And this was re..
Poster: HappyHubby | Full Story»

Wife has a Bull instead of a Lover
My wife was fucking a work colleague. She was letting me watch it all go down in secret. Then unfortunately he got a girlfriend. So that ended she missed playing with his big cock. She is so disappointed.

We decided to find someone that she felt good with. We hoped that would let me watch or maybe be involved as well. So, we found a guy on a web site. He was a real bull and ..
Poster: Cuck Bob | Full Story»

Day 2 with Robert
Robert, Jenn's friend we meet in St Kitts took Jenn to our bedroom after we had given her a massage and I had served them dinner and a movie. I didn't think they'd do anything that night but while downstairs trying to sleep I heard the familiar moans coming from our bedroom.

Friday morning came and while having my coffee they both exited the bedroom, smiling. Jenn told she had nev..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

Fisting my Wife’s Friend
My wife likes to be fisted. It now is very much part of our sex life. It wasn’t always that way. It started when she and I were watching porn movies and a woman who was built very much like my wife received a big fisting from 2 different men. From that we talked about it. At first my wife was nervous and was sure that I could never get my hand into her pussy and if I did, that it would hurt s..
Poster: Fister Chris | Full Story»

Day1 with Robert
Robert had arrived late Wednesday evening so Jenn took a nap that day so they could play vigorously upon his arrival. They most certainly did (See prior story).

I had slept in one of our guest bedrooms so the two lovers could enjoy the bliss of their love making both after they fucked and again in the morning. I arose early Thursday morning and headed downstairs. I made a cup of c..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

I married a Bitch
My husband and I have had a rocky relationship for years. I’m not sure why I married him.

He had a small dick and couldn’t really fuck worth anything. I cheated on him often. I guess I liked the fact he was so trusting and easy to cheat on. We almost divorced several times but he would beg me to stay.

Besides our neighbor Marty has a huge cock that is so conveni..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

Lucy's new sex life
It all started back in 2017, when my wife Lucy was 50, when both our kids had left home and set up their own homes with their partners. One in Holland and one in France. Lucy had been an art teacher many years ago and decided to go part time as a live art model.

We visit naturist beaches in the UK and abroad and spend most of the time at home naked
She went twice a week and ..
Poster: Exhausted | Full Story»

Her Husband Loved Men's Asses
I couldn't believe my luck, this gorgeous younger lady asked if she could buy me a drink. After a couple drinks she suggested we continue this at her house, she lived alone and we could have some fun. Answering her sure she said follow me I live just around the corner. As she got out of her car at her house, her short dress slipped up showing the thong she was wearing. Sitting at her couch she wal..
Poster: Leslie Taylor | Full Story»

Marriage and Family
To many, my family may appear strange, but we are all very happy. I studied law and managed to acquire a very sort after position with the Diplomatic Office soon after I qualified. I married Marie, the girl I met in college about a year after starting work. Let’s just say we both enjoyed some kinky situations and were well suited. I knew I would be working overseas and being married worked i..
Poster: A Father | Full Story»

My First Time (Wife)

I always wanted to tell about one of the first times i had another man just after getting married. Mark (hubby) and I have been working hard in our careers. I was working and studying to be an architect. We decided one weekend to blow off some steam and have a party at our place.

We called some friends to come over Saturday night. We got ready for it munchies , b..
Poster: Moni | Full Story»

Eating Cum out of Pussy
There's nothing like sucking another man's cum out of my wife's pussy. And it's one of those sex things that you either like it or you don't.

Sucking cum out of my wife's pussy is not like sucking a cock and having the guy shoot squirts of cum into my mouth. I have sucked a few cocks and it was experimental - I wondered how it would taste and wondered whether or not I could take a ..
Poster: buzz | Full Story»

A lovers visit
Jenn had meet Robert on our vacation to St Kitts. He had only fingered her and sucked hard on her beautiful nipples. That plus feeling his massive cock was enough for her to want to see him again. They spent many a "visit" via face time and he agreed to fly to Atlanta for a week of wonderful sex.

He was to arrive on a Wednesday so as usual my "punishment" started the Tuesday befo..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

Share wife to River Rafting
Tessa is my wife of 20 years now and we have had an active and adventurous sex life. She is voluptuous and really hot in bed. You must see her very tight pussy when its shaven and those really large 38DD tits, wow she is great in bed.
February each year they have a raft race on the Tugela river. We decide to make a basic raft and enter it for fun. Tessa and myself and a few mates head down ..
Poster: Gavin | Full Story»