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First time poster. First some background story. 4 years ago, when my wife and I were still dating, we went down to Florida separately. We had always talked about having a threesome. I went to my friend's house that I hadn't seen in quite a long time. We went to visit my girlfriend at the hotel she was staying at. We were not together at the time, but still friends.

We took her out to a golf course and started drinking some beers and me and my friend got on either side and started groping her tits. We were wearing swimsuits because we had just been in the hot tub. My friend pulled her top down and pulled her tits out and started sucking on them. It was the first time I had ever really seen her being touched by another man.

We moved back to the hot tub. This was all outside at night. People occasionally walked by within 40 or 50 feet. We sat in the hot tub on either side of her. She reached out and grabbed our cocks through our pants. In no time our cocks were out and she was slowly jerking us both off. My friend's cock wasn't quite as big as mine (I'm 7") but it made me really hot to have my girl jerking off another man's cock. She then turned her ass towards me and I moved her bathing suit aside and slipped my cock into her pussy. I fucked her while she jerked off my friends cock. We were still in a hot tub and since his cock was underwater she didn't suck it. I fucked her for some time and then she pulled my cock out and turned around. I couldn't believe I was going to watch her fuck my friend. It was so exciting and new. She bent over and faced me with and put her hand around my cock. He started to fuck her from behind with long deep strokes. I could feel his thrusts into her pussy while she held onto my cock and moaned. We switched off like this for sometime. Then my friend sat down and she sat down on his cock and rode it. At this point I stuck my cock in her ass while she fucked his cock with her pussy. I was so hot from the the whole situation I came hard in her. I then got out of the hot tub to catch a smoke. She continued fucking him for another 20 or 30 minutes. It was very strange to watch her paying all the attention to my friend. Some people started walking towards the hot tub so we had to stop and he never came. It was the first time I had seen my girl fuck someone else. We ended up getting out of florida the next day because of incoming hurricaines, but the next time he came to visit we had an incredible time at our house. I'll tell you about that if you ask

A few years later, we had been engaged and I had started a new job, and my girlfriend started back at school. Our relationship had been a bit rocky, but we were back together and spending a lot of time together. I didn't know at the time, but she had met a guy named andrew at a bar then that she started hanging out with on a regular basis. She eventually confessed to me that she was very attracted to him, and he was attracted to her. I asked her if she had done anything with him, and she said he tried to kiss her but she turned away. When we had sex, I asked her if she had been thinking about fucking him. She paused and then she nodded her head, blushing. She told me she had given it some thought. She told me she had, and that she had fantasized about fucking us both at the same time. I told her to fantasize about him fucking her while we had sex, and she got really turned on by it. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him while I pounded her with my cock. She told me yes. So I told her she could fuck him, and she moaned and came so hard on my cock. Afterwards I felt unsure. We were living together, and I wanted her to tell him she was in a serious relationship. Instead, she broke up with me! I was devastated. We were still close and talked all the time, and she still told me everything that happened with him. She told me she didn't even like him very much, but still kept dating him. After a month they had still only been casually dating. Then one night she was at my house and got a phone call from him. She started saying "I really wanted to see you tonight" He came and picked her up. She said she was going out for a few hours and would be back in a little while. I waited up until 2am and she didn't come back. I didn't see her until I got off of work the next day.

I said "so what happened to you last night" and she look down. I said "Oh you just got distracted by andrew?" and she nodded. I said "So he's got a really big cock and was busy fucking you last night?" She smiled and nodded her head.

She came on to me that night after we had not been intimate at all for a month. I told her the only way I would have sex with her is if she told me about andrew. I was already hard and I put on a condom and started fucking her. Her pussy felt loose. She told me they went to the bar and had a few drinks, and shot some pool. Then they went back to his house. She said she laid down on his bed about to fall asleep and then he came and tore her pants off. He started eating her pussy. After a bit she was naked and pulling his pants off. She told me he had a really big cock. She could barely touch her fingers when her hand was wrapped around it. She sucked his long fat cock for a bit and then he went and grabbed a magnum condom and strapped it on. She climbed on his big cock and told me how it felt so good while he grabbed her hips to show her how he liked having his cock ridden. He fucked her every which way, doggy style, with her on top, with him on top. She fucked him for three hours, which I have never done. She never made him come, and begged him to stop. She said she lost count of how many orgasms she had had after the fourth. In the morning she woke up and fucked him again for another half an hour. She NEVER has sex with me in the morning, she hates it usually, but I think she really loved his big cock. I came in her so hard while she told me about her long sweaty night.

It made me angry that she broke up with me, but we ended up getting married a few months after that. That brings me to my latest with my wife. I have been encouraging her to flirt with guys. On christmas she went to a club and danced on the floor with a black guy. She told me about how he felt her body up on the dance floor and groped her tits while he grinded his big cock against her ass. She gave him her phone number, but later said she didn't like it that much because he wasn't very cute and she didn't know him. She says she is not interested in strangers. But I have a black friend that she has recently been flirting with. She is interested in finding out how big his cock is. She has told him I don't care, and she tells me when she flirts with him. He doesn't reciprocate though, because she is married to a friend of his. I have not discussed this with him at all.

So here's the next question, should I encourage her to go out to clubs more to meet other black guys that are cuter? And should I tell my black friend that it's cool for him to hit on her and fuck her if he wants to? I would love her to start fucking someone else. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think I should do from here.


cuckold wife


Poster: Curious Buy