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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


How I became a willing cuckold part two
I have to admit I liked it, and Barbara did too. We had crossed the threshold. Brian got dressed and started to leave, but first he took Barbara by the hand and lifted her off the sofa. She was still in ecstasy from being fucked so well. I had never seen her so content. She looked into Brian's eyes, ready to obey him. He roughly kissed her, hard on the mouth, thrusting his tongue deep into her..
Poster: john murray | Full Story»

True story of how I became a willing cuckold
I married Barb in 1988. She was 21. I was 32. When we met, in 1986, she was all over me, and we had sex every night to the point where it was wearing me out. Let me mention my cock is average in size, 5 1/2", and 2 " thick. Barb is a tall, 5' 9"long-legged 34 C breasts, shoulder-length blonde hair up top, brown down bottom, Her sexual drive was higher than mine at first, then slowed down, but..
Poster: john murphy | Full Story»

boyfriends owns my wife in the woods
Amy and Ben have been dating for 8 months. She's 30 5' and 130lbs or less, and very sexual.

Last Friday, he told her he was going to pick her up on his motorcycle and take her to a picnic area surrounded by woods at the top of a large hill.

When he arrived, he gave her a huge kiss on my porch in front of all my neighbors, and then she slid behind him on his cycle..
Poster: chris murphy | Full Story»

Mostly true
For many years, my wife and I would talk about her having sex with other men, she, for the most part acted like she was just playing along for my pleasure, she wasn't really interested, or so it seamed.
One night, we talked about a friend of ours, when we were finished, she apologized to me, she said that she was really turned on by the thought of having sex with Tom, Tom was tall and musc..
Poster: Pete | Full Story»

Memories from Long Ago.
In 1985 we lived in a small town in California. Kim and I decided to
take a winter off and go to Lake Tahoe get jobs and ski all winter. I
was 25 and Kim was 26. We both got jobs at a ski area and fell in love
with the lifestyle. As the winter progressed we partied and became
friends with many people. One of our closest friends was Jeff. He was
around our age wit..
Poster: jon | Full Story»

The Gang whore Karen
Time went by quickly and I kept track of my wife through Antwan as I knew he had connections to the Gang. He said she was a big hit in the inner city of KC! She had become a complete gang whore which ment all the members were enjoying her and she had done more than ten major Gang Bangs with large numbers of members from other Cities. Nearly a year had passed since we'd sold her! Antwan said she wa..
Poster: David | Full Story»

My first time shared
I thought it only appropriate to share my first time being share. It was a few weeks after our wedding we were just settling in to our place. Hubby said his cousin was coming to visit us since he couldn't attend the wedding a few weeks back. Mark my hubby said he was going to stay with us for a week if that was ok with me. I said sure as I know the two of them were close growing up. I st..
Poster: Moni | Full Story»

Wife is a slut and learning to humiliate me
My wife's lover just left. This is actually the second guy she has had today. Earlier while I was at work Rob came over. He's a good looking black man that fucks my wife quite regularly. Like at least once a week sometimes more. She was telling me how Rob managed to fill her pussy with cum and then cum again in her mouth. She was saying she wished I could get it up more than once like that when th..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

At the Mall with My Wife
Carol wanted to buy a pair of boots for a new skirt and blouse she had bought. I am not really in to shopping, especially at the mall but I went with her just to be with her.

We went to several stores and Carol couldn't find anything she liked in her size. We went to a small store and I really didn't think we would find anything there either.

A young kid came and gree..
Poster: Lonewolfe | Full Story»

This is one of my stories back in 1993 of my wife Brenda and Juan.Juan was about 35,5'10" ,good looking ,well built and married.He was our downstairs neighbor and my wife love'd to tease him when he came over.Most of the time he came over on Friday night about 10 pm like clock work.When my car was in the parking lot is when he came over.One Friday night I was watching TV when my wife came out of t..
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»

My wife's black lover
Oh the days pass, one into another but one fantasy is constant, the vision of my wife with a black man making love to her. Not a day goes by where the visions in my head do not cross my mind. I want this so badly I find myself trying to communicate with my wife telepathically repeating my desires over and over again, honey I want so badly to watch an older black man slide his cock slowly inside my..
Poster: Toonie | Full Story»

My Genesis Into the Cuckolding World
I had my first gf in 12th grade. I was very jealous but often found I was hard at the same time. I'd know she went to a party without me and I'd be sick with worry but also very aroused. She was religious and wouldn't have sex with me or blow me, but she would let me go down on her. I was deeply in love with her and thought being submissive towards her, including eating her out while fully clothed..
Poster: Ely | Full Story»

Wife's ad in a swingers magzine
After my wife said yes to my fantasy back in 1994 or 1995(fuck another guy as I watched).It was her that brought up the subject as we were having sex one night.I think she had though about it,but wanted to see if we were on the same page.Well,she ask how do we go about looking for someone you can trust? She said.You just don't go up to any guy and say 'hey you want to fuck my wife"?(now you can).S..
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»

Dating as a Married Woman
Since me and my husband who I refer to as my "Bitch" have been in this Hotwife Cuck relationship. My sexual lifestyle has been exceptional. I no longer have any sexual contact with the bitch. I fuck who and when I want. My bitch is very happy as well. He wears a cock ring I had made for him that prevents any errections. It's also engraved with "Cuckold Bitch" on it and he wears it proudly. Every m..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

The card
This is a continuation of the card the famous anchorman gave me in the restroom of night club. I told him that the hot looking blonde he was taking about to his friend happened to be my wife.We struck a conversion in the men's room.He would find a way to go back during our conversion and get information about my wife.He asked me how often we ( meaning my wife) came to the Club.I played his game an..
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»

Watching wife on video with another man
It was Jan.2,2004 and I had just made my first video with my wife fucking our black friend the night before after the night club.It was about six in the morning when I place the video in the recorder and sat back on the couch and watched as it came on.I't was midnight and we had just came from a night of drinking at the night club.I started tapering as my wife started walking up to our friends ho..
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»

My hot wife.
I was standing above my pretty wife with her black lover in between her legs as his big balls slapped against he with their slurping sounds in a steady rhythm.

Her eyes were tightly closed and I could see her breast peeking out from under his arm as she was being thrust into the mattress bouncing impaled on his black cock.

Amy,s teeth were biting her lower lip and ..
Poster: Lanny | Full Story»

An Older Couple
This summer I was helping my neighbours move in some heavy boxes. It was just the husband and wife in the house, both kids were working and couldn't visit till later in the summer. Couple likely somewhere in their 40s. I had time to kill and didn't mind some labour (been htting the gym a few years now so physically fit). They're both friendly and pleasent, we chat while working. I'm playful and li..
Poster: Alex | Full Story»

Naughty wife
Hello you small dick cuckold bitches. Maybe you can jerk your little penis off with my story. I married my husband Bryan 35 years ago today. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and just finished college. I couldn't find a decent job and was going no where. I met my husband on a blind date. He had a great paying job and was eager to spend it on me. I wasn't really into him but beggars can't be c..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

I cant help myself letting my wife fuck strange men
Hi guys,

I am obsessed with my wife fucking other men. I cant get off without either watching her or thinking about her doing it. It started a few months ago when we were out late and I convinced her to do street walking. Ever since, Ive been finding men for her online every weekend. I love it so much.
Poster: Nick | Full Story»

Natural Born Cuck
The title says it all. My sexual beginning all started with my best friend teaching me how to masturbate when I was 18 years old. Before that I often lay in bed at night playing with my hard dick. I didn't know what to do with it but it felt good to rub it. Then one summer evening when camping he asked if I jerk off. He even gave me a demonstration. I was so turned on watching him stroke his big ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

I Became a Hot GF for My Man
This is a true story of my life and how I became a hot girlfriend for his buddies and strangers. I was married for 22 years and a faithful mother of 3 boys and found out I had a cheating husband who finally ran off with a good friend of ours and divorced me.

After 6 months of feeling worthless, I finally met a older guy that was 51 and I was 44. We had a great relationship and he w..
Poster: Maxetonic | Full Story»

Stick to the Plan
My wife and I are somewhat experienced with this because we had some threesomes way back. Life got busy, so it's been years since we played but we'd occasionally talk about doing it again. Last year it became a much more frequent topic and more serious in terms of actually doing it. She was really into banging someone else and I was excited for it to happen, we've had a pretty lucky and positive a..
Poster: Everagh | Full Story»

My Wife sent me this Letter
So this is a story my wife sent me about what happened between her and my friend while I was at work.....feel free to email her your thoughts.....

Soooooo we were joking around about going outside and going skinny dipping like I wanted the other night. He didn't think I was brave enough to do it again..... little did he know I wasn't scared. So I grabbed some towels and headed to th..
Poster: Mary Jayne | Full Story»

Getting Started
My first serious gf went away to school in Madison Wi with a track scholarship. I went to visit and she acted odd until we went to a jock party where she got flirty with a football Qback. He was built and black and he wanted her. They disappeared but someone pointed out his room.

I went in and she was riding his huge cock. He had no fear of me and said to sit down. I watched as she..
Poster: ALittleS | Full Story»

Unsent letters and Confronting my wife about them
My wife had left some letters from when I was deployed a while back in a box that I found. As I read these I learned there had been much more to our cuckolding life than even I was aware of.
My wife had been planning it all along while I was in the desert and these letters she wrote but never sent to me proved it.
After I read the letter about her having sex with all the guys whi..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My Wife's 1st MFM 3Way
So I guess this is the best place to tell about my wife's adventures into opening up. So my wife J and I (M), have been married for six years now. We have always been a very sexual couple averaging about 5-6 six times a week. I know some people say sex gets dull after being with the same partner (and many kids later) but honestly I look forward to spending anytime naked with her. As we grew more a..
Poster: M | Full Story»

She didn't like the guy
I posted Shari's phone number on an affiliated website. I gave it to a couple of young, skinny boys with really extreme equipment.
We didn't have a lot of candidates come forth.
One goofy guy fit the physical bill and called. I got the call. I invited him to come over and meet my wife.
He did.
He was as clumsy as a virgin.
We all talked. He knew what he was t..
Poster: maark | Full Story»

3 Day Trip - I wasn't Invited
My wife and her Bull took a 3 day trip and I wasn't invited. Our agreement was I would wear a cage and she would give me plenty of photos so our reunion would be super hot. They started sending me snap chat photos that disappear while on the plane. I have to admit I was really turned on and some of the shots were really well thought out. In one she's stroking two cocks, both are big, her Bull and ..
Poster: Going Nuts | Full Story»

Night away
Hello again, I have shared a few stories about me and my wife having mmf 3somes before and this took place in Birmingham. My wife is very hot,she has kept on a little weight after the birth of her last child so her boobs r now a 34b on her size 10 body with blonde hair. I got tickets to see Ed sheern play and after the gig I gave my wife her egg toy that has a remote control for it so when we were..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

My Wife's Sex Party Experience
I'll prefice this by saying we are 2 fairly attractive 29 F, 30 M years olds. I've very recently gotten into the cuckold seen with my current partner. She is awesome but these feelings have strongly existed since conversations with a previous partner.

We finally did it. We went to a sex party in San Francisco. We were not planning on doing it but she told me there was a guy that wa..
Poster: Maestro | Full Story»