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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Winter Bliss
Due to a severe winter storm my wife and I were trapped at our friends house for several days last winter. We all got along well and enjoyed eachothers company but this was the first time we had spent time together this closely. After putting our kids to bed each night we would sit around and play board games while having a few drinks and chatting about all sorts of things. The atmosphere was very..
Poster: pantyboy | Full Story»

Re: Real and simple things to try
I would like to comment on James Smith’s excellent post, ‘real and simple things to try’ where he makes many useful and do-able suggestions. In my own experience, I have found the use of a large vibrator most effective in ensuring that my wife is ‘size aware’ and curious about other men.

During sex play, I always ensure I hold the 8-inch sex toy near to my own 5-inch erect..
Poster: Simon | Full Story»

The same bull had my wife and my sister
My blonde wife Cheryl and I were actve in the cuckolding lifestyle for a few years when she fell hard for her latest bull Dorsey. Dorsey charmed just about every woman he met including my sister Kelly.

It was really weird but oddly stimulating to know the same man was having both my wife and my sister on a regular basis. It really drove home who the superior man was. I'm not much o..
Poster: Cucked1 | Full Story»

Real and simple things for cucks to try

I posted this in another forum but have been visiting quite a few others lately. This one doesn't seem too bad and has some cock-stiffening posts! Keep it up people!:

Everyone on this site is connected by the fact that some aspect of cuckolding turns them on, whatever it is. But as most probably know, it's pretty difficult to actually realise that fantasy, and I'm..
Poster: jamessmith | Full Story»

She gave herself away.
I have always enjoyed the cuckold lifestyle and activeley encouraged all my girlfriends to cheat on me.

However, one particular girl who I met when we were both very young, never knew of my desires and was quite a prude when it came to sex. We split and went our seperate ways, she married and got on with her life.

Many years later we met again and i found out that sh..
Poster: james fuller | Full Story»

Kissing cousin's
My wife Tracy & I were on holidays a few weeks ago & we went to visit family in QLD. We stayed with my cousin for a few days & the talk was always centered around sex. My sexy wife is a redhead, 36dd's wet pussy & very fuckable arse.

I told my cousin i wanted to see her get fucked by another man while i watched. He was very interested to say the least. Tracy knows of my fantasy as i..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

The truth hurts ... so good!
Hey ... the wife told me some news last night that blew my mind ... she said now that we have opened our life to this new way of being ... that she now feels comfortable to tell me of her sex past prior to me and during our marriage ... I was stunned ... in shock and hard (LoL) she said that she didn't only sleep with 9 men before me .... it was more like 56 or 57 and that she has two guys at the ..
Poster: Vince | Full Story»

Wife made me shop while she...
This happened years ago, but is completely true and is very reflective of the life we led.

My wife wanted to go lingerie shopping (at my expense), but we also needed to go grocery shopping. I suggested to her that she allow me to come lingerie shopping with her, but she told me that she wanted to go by herself. So, she dropped me off at the store and while I shopped for food, she we..
Poster: Cuck_Husb | Full Story»

I Got What I Had Asked For
I had asked for it and - terror - I got what I had asked for....

Just a handjob, instead of my usual and rightful sloppy seconds... My girlfriend sat next to me on our bed, her pussy still sloppy and wet. She let me feel her up for a bit, while she jacked me off in a cool and professional manner. She just aimed to make me cum, as soon as possible. She stared at me with a slight smil..
Poster: Ned | Full Story»

My Mistress
I've belonged to my Girlfriend / Mistress for the past 4 1/2 years. In the beginning She would allow me to come as often as once a week, which didn't seem bad at all. But the intervals between times has grown considerably, and now it's usually around 6 weeks or so between the times that Mistress allows me to cum.

She says my little orgasms are of no importance and i guess i must ag..
Poster: Tiny Tom | Full Story»

It Happened .... thank God
Guys ... it happened yesterday, by accident and with a total unknowing stranger, the Pizza guy. Me and ny wife got drunk and ordered some pizza, I dared her to answer the door naked ... and she did, the Pizza guy (Mike) was in shock ... he said that will be $15 trembling ... my wife said come in let me get the cash from my pocketbook, he came right in, he looked at me like a deer in headlights .....
Poster: Vince | Full Story»

to no sperm count
You are so right ... I use to be a jealous bastard (how stupid of me)when we first met. My wife's ex-husband was the same way.
I will try what you say ... and I hope it works ... I will let you know.

Poster: Vince | Full Story»

More "white on white" cuckoldry!
The posting, "White on white" cuckoldry of 19 November reminded me about my own experience. I am Indian married to a lovely white girl. My parents, specially my mother were against the marriage, with her making it clear that ultimately white wives ALWAYS "go back" to their own--- even suggesting that it was because white men were sexually superior to others! Anyway, 1 year of marriage, I had no ca..
Poster: another Indian cuckold | Full Story»

to vinyve
Do you show any signs of jealosy at all? Could be why she thinks your kidding. What you need to do is find two Black freinds, fill them in on what you want to see, then have a party where you get your wife a little tipsy, not drunk, just enough to let herself go. Then your friends show up, dont take no for an answer. They dance with her and feel her up,
she will respond! ..
Poster: no sperm count | Full Story»

to HommeNoir
This cuck of your lover is very unsure of himself. What he needs is you to put him in his place. You have to lay down the law to him. Tell him that by acting like a child that his wife will get rid of him. If he acts like an adult and accepts what he started, then he will be rewarded by being able to watch. And when he can be trusted, you will let him put your cock in his wife. She must also..
Poster: no sperm count | Full Story»

My email ...
Hi guys my email is vinyve22@yahoo.com ... any advice and replies will be greatly appreciated.
Poster: Vince | Full Story»

Cuckoldry and Advice On Becoming A Cuckold.
Sorry, Vince, but your email address is still not valid and my emails keep coming back. I apologise to everyone else but it's the only way I can reach Vince, hopefully to help him fulfill his grear dream.

Poster: C | Full Story»

Still need to see my wife get rammed by a bigger better cock

Sorry about the email address mix up ... I need advice bad, I've donea ton of research on cuckolding my wife ... I really want to see her
get her holes filled with other dudes huge cocks. She is so into it when we are fucking (wetter than ever) then she tells me that she knows that I'm joking and that this would never happen. I try to convince her that I want this to h..
Poster: Vince | Full Story»

Barbara, the morning after that first time.
It was Sunday morning and he was standing in the bathroom, naked, looking at himself in the mirror. He'd got up and left the bedroom very quietly, leaving Barbara still sleeping in bed.

God, it was incredible, it really was, at last his wife had made his long-held dream come true and yesterday evening made him the cuckold he'd so yearned to be.

Why, why did it turn h..
Poster: cuckold at last | Full Story»

WHat's ina cuck's mind?
Ladies and gents, I'm a black male and have been involved with this lovely, married, white Goddess for a few months now. After a few months of IMs, texts and lots of phone conversation, we finally took things to the next level and saw each other this past weekend. Things have surpassed both of our expectations. We made beautiful love and had one blissful weekend that was just entirely too short ..
Poster: HommeNoir | Full Story»

wife falls for seductive client.... part 2
After Jamie and I discussed, kevin and her ,we found ourselves really horny. Jamie had not had a chance to clean up since her massage with kevin and still had his cum dripping out of her. I could tell she was nervous and never let on that kevin came in her. this made me nervous for she got off the pill a few months ago, but this way way to hot and jamie was dripping, I proceeded to drop her pantie..
Poster: tom | Full Story»

My wounderful cuckold life that I enjoy very much
My Cuckold Life

My wife and I have been together for 2 ½ years now and we are both very open minded and like the alternative marriage life style. At the beginning of our relationship we knew we were a perfect match for each other Because I wanted a cuckold relationship and someone to dominate me and she was looking for some one that she could be with but also have a free pass to ha..
Poster: Daryl | Full Story»

Advice On Becoming A Cuckold
Vince's email address seems wrong - messages of advice keep coming back. All wannabe and would be cuckolds - make your dreams and fantasies come true.
Poster: C | Full Story»

My Cukcold Hubby
My hubby and I went to a halloween party about 8 years ago. We both dressed up as hookers. He looked Incredible!! Black leather mini-skirt, thigh-high black stockings, high heeeled boots, red blouse, short shag blond wig, perfect makeup with ultra wet red lipstick and matching nail polish. Well, for the entire night we were both fending off requests for sexual favors until I was soo horny I couldn..
Poster: Lise | Full Story»

Our first time
Well being new to this I'll write a little. I'm 42 my wife is 48 ample portions and really into sex. Our first experince happend two wks ago we were both in vegas for work when we met this really cordial black male who is also in our line of work. We were talking at the bar and as usual drinks were flowing so we decided to go up to our suite and play some cards. The game turned to strip poker and ..
Poster: DuneDaddy | Full Story»

wife falls for seductive client
My wife Jamie and I have done the "swingers" thing and got burnt out of it, but we always kept a open mind about our sex life.Jamie my wife of 4 yrs is 5'9 and one sexy brunette without going out of her way to do so, she has always gotten alot of attention from both men and women. We share a massage therapy practice and show artwork at local showings. At one paticular showing I noticed a well dres..
Poster: tom | Full Story»

Our First Time
Ray and I have been married for nearly 35 years, and always enjoyed an active sex life - we often had sex in bed on Saturday mornings, usually lasting for a couple of hours before we finally got up.

One week-end, an old friend, Chas, was staying, his wife Ellie coming on later. Just after half-eight, Chas appeared in our bedroom, after a brief knock on the door, with cups of tea. Im..
Poster: Mindy | Full Story»

It could Happen
Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my post and I thanks all of you in advance for your advice.

I'm trembeling as i write this partialy out of nervousness and partialy out of excitement. I have no idea why, but all I know is the idea of my wife experienceing another man is a tremendous turn on for me. I guess I'll start by telling you a little about her. she was brou..
Poster: YngCouple | Full Story»

Will it Happen?
Hi all,

My girlfriend is a finelooking blonde, 26 years old. We've been together for about 4 years now. I've been open about my fantasies from the start. Then she thought I wanted her to be unfaithful just so I could be it myself... but the last year or so she started to understand I was being serious about it... Her sexual record is quite thin since she had a really long relationsh..
Poster: Jonas | Full Story»

watching wife
My wife loves to fuck large black cocks. She is a bbw , but all studs love to fuck her because of her large ass and big tits. I get to watch and help out as she services them. Her regular black bull brings over some of his army buddys { ALSO BLACK ) a few times a month to fuck her hot blonde pussy and fill her up with cum. I like to lay under her as she is fucking her black bulls and lick her puss..
Poster: josh | Full Story»