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wife and her black boy friend feminizedme and the cucked me
My wife and her black boy friend from high school recently got back in touch after finding each other on facebook. My wife is 61 and still extremely hot, 5'1" tall 110 lbs (36D-22-35) Her boyfriend and her dated in high school, he was the star running back on the football team and she was the hottest girl, sprouted breasts way before the other girls. They had to break up when her dad found out s..
Poster: Feminized cuck54 | Full Story»

Loving Life as a cuck
Sometimes I still get feelings of jealousy, especially when I watch her dressing sexily and applying make-up and lip gloss. I love her and wish I could satisfy her, but 5’5” is too small, tiny really, after I’ve seen some of her studs fucking her with cocks twice the size of mine, and twice as thick. And I freely admit, once the action starts, I cant keep my eyes off her as she’s ravished ..
Poster: John Murphy | Full Story»

Her choice was a surprise to me. Sorry ...a long read
The following events took place forty years ago. At that time I don't believe I ever heard the word "Cuckold" let alone knew what it meant.
My young wife and I were living and working in the mountain west, having come from the New York area due to a slow economy in new York City. We were enjoying the Wyoming summer which was hotter than I thought it would be. As nice as the short simmer ..
Poster: Jake | Full Story»

Family Ties Too
When I woke up Lydia my beautiful younger blasian wife was dressed and about to head out to open the gym she owned and managed. It’s not what I expected after her night having sex with my introvert son Tyler.

For a moment I wondered if I had dreamt it happening. But my own bed smelled of sex and my cock had dried up cum on it. I asked her if she was ok still with what happened...
Poster: Thomas W. | Full Story»

Wife advises Her Sister
These events just recently happened and I couldn’t wait to write about them. It all started at a Thanksgiving family gathering. My wife and her older sister had a strained relationship for the last two years. They haven’t really been talking at all. I thought this was strange since they were so close. I often ask what the issue was and never really given an explanation other than I don’t kn..
Poster: Jt | Full Story»

My wife wants Big Cock and Sloppy Seconds
I want to share my wife with a secret guy who have good big dick and resist long fucking with sloppy seconds, and many Creampies. My wife wants more fucking by Double penetration and spitroast Creampies. She love to suck and fill with cum in her pussy and mouth same Time. She love fucking with two guys. I want to surprise her with Sloppy Seconds Creamy fuck No Clean up. Any guys offer..
Poster: Alen | Full Story»

Friends with Many Benefits, More
As you know I like both guys and gals, so I never get bored.

Like, just lying around with my best friend, Natalie. We play with each other’s pussies, helping each other to cum. Sometimes we can cum at the exact same moment and then just hold each other tight as we feel each other’s bodies trembling in ecstasy which is the most incredible experience

But then, I lo..
Poster: Bad Girl Bec | Full Story»

First creampie
I have had a fantasy of being cuckolded for many years, even before I ever heard of the term. I was married for some years and would talk to my wife about her taking other cocks in her cunt. She would get very excited and cum like crazy but never acted on it further than talk. Our situation started to deteriorate as I was always away from home for work and she was left to deal with our only child...
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

Cuckolding or cheating?
I’m home in bed for the night. She comes home at 2 am. As she walks into the bedroom, I flick on the lights. She’s absolutely gorgeous looking, even though she’s sweaty and dis-sheveled, holding her heels and nylons in her hands. Her lip gloss is mostly gone, although its smeared against the side of her face and neck. I get out of bed and embrace her, kiss her, and tell her I love you. My ..
Poster: John Murphy | Full Story»

Cuckold Realization
When I was in my teens, me and my best friend would sneak into his dads penthouse magazine collection. We would look at the hot women and talk about what we liked about each one. Of course we would have bulges in our pants the whole time. He would let me take an older magazine issue home that his dad wouldn’t notice missing to read. Locked in my room I would get naked and start looking at the ho..
Poster: Jt | Full Story»

We never realised we both wanted this
All this happened about a month ago. My wife is Jessica and of course, she gets called Jess for short. She has a cousin, well she has many but this one is about the same age and they grew up together and are still quite close. Her name is Melissa. She is married to Mason. My name is Tony.

We live some distance away from Melissa and Mason, about 3 hours drive but any chance we..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

Cuckold GF on boat with Gang.
Helo! My name is Aden. I'll tell you my first cuckold experience 2012 with my ex-girlfriend slut.
It all started on a August day when I was contacted by telephone by an old sailor friend on a commercial boat, announcing that he would arrive soon the next day in the city, and invited me on his boat to a remeeting the next day. I said OK, and the next day we went to meet our old friendship. A..
Poster: Aden | Full Story»

Friends with Many Benefits
Hi, I’m Rebecca. I am a 30 year old, now single again but date both men and women. I realised this is so perfect not having a steady. I get plenty of sex and just the way I want and need it.

My friend Kate and I have our own little ritual before she allows me to have sex with her husband. While her hubby is in their bedroom (usually watching porn), Kate takes me into the shower ..
Poster: Bad Girl Bec | Full Story»

Cuckold - Wife Brings Home Creampie
My name is Alen 22 years old, and I'm married to my wife Kate 19 years old. I'll tell you our Cuckold story with Sloppy Seconds.
It all started on a normal Saturday day, when at 18:00, my wife asked for my consent, and she told me she was going to her Aunt Emy party.
I said she could go to the party, so she arrived 18:30, and her aunt arrived by car to take her home to ..
Poster: Alen | Full Story»

Cuckold Sloppy Seconds brings Home
My story Cuckold Efy 18 and Allen 22.
My name is Allen and I live in Chicago with my wife.
My wife, Efy, was working at a restaurant, and one evening I called to be late to come home, I called, it had already been 12 o'clock at night, and I was worried. Usually I would drive her home by car. He finally answered, and I was told to stay 45 minutes over the program, I was ..
Poster: Cuckold Efy & Allen Chicago | Full Story»

Some years ago my wife met John through her job where he was a client. He was friendly toward me, physically attractive to her, knew how to fuck with dominance, and was super-respectful of her. He could put a guy at ease while holding down his wife and spanking her.

We were then 27 and 25 respectively. John had just turned 40. He was handsome and in great shape; a successful blue co..
Poster: Tara’s husband | Full Story»

Creampie brings/caught Gf in club
Sloppy Seconds Creampie with Ex Girlfriend.
Chryst19 and my Gf. Efy16
It was autumn 2012,
Me and my girlfriend had met in high school for 2 years now.
Our relationship after 1 year and 8 months in exposed to open a lot, even to the cuckold. I was beginning to allow many outings in Efy's city, leaving her alone everywhere, in the club, at the restaurant, with her friends..
Poster: Alen | Full Story»

Sloppy Seconds Creampie Cuckold 1
Hello. My first Cuckold Creampie.

In the summer of 2016, my wife Elyn 19, worked at a restaurant until late at night. Until one night, I phoned her and asked her why she didn't come home.
I was worried. Knowing that there were many men and quarrels.
I sat in bed, my wife called and told me not to come and take her, as she comes by taxi.
He arrived home at 2 o'c..
Poster: Alen28 | Full Story»

Wife Brings Sloppy Seconds Creampie
My name is Alen, and I want to tell you a true story with my wife Elyn.
It was Friday night, I was staying at home with my wife, she asked me if she could go to her aunt's party.
I said, he can go, but not later than 22:00. At 6pm, her aunt arrived by car and took her home to her at the party.I stayed home alone, a few hours passed 5 hours, I started calling her to ask ..
Poster: Alexey | Full Story»

Family Ties
I met my now ex-wife Brenda when we were both in our early twenties. We were both single parents my son Tyler was only two and her daughter Marissa was four. We dated a short time before marrying.

In hindsight it wasn’t really love that bound us it was more mutual necessity. Regardless we married and settled into a very normal blended family. We both worked and our kids were ..
Poster: Thomas W. | Full Story»

Devil in my house III
I continued cleaning my house trying to stay busy and not think about what was going on. My mind was in a roller coaster vacillating between how wrong this was and how good it felt.

The three of us kept separate for most of the afternoon. Micah was doing yard work and car maintenance. Byron stayed in his room watch sports. I had finished cleaning the house with the exception of ..
Poster: Kiara | Full Story»

Changes 3
My wife Bridgette’s transition from a mom and a homemaker to a secretary and finally a position in upper management of her company was no surprise for me. Some people will just say she slept her way up the corporate ladder.

To a large extent this would be true. She used her great looks and sensuality along with her wits to basically use the men in her company the way they ofte..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

This Is Us (Part V)
Kali has just spent the night fucking my subordinate Gunny sergeant J.J. Martin. I had spent the night on the couch as they fucked a few times during the night. He was gone when I woke up. But Kali was sitting at our small kitchen table looking tired while sipping her coffee.

When she saw that I was awake she told me to come sit with her that we needed to “talk”. I fully ex..
Poster: Calvin | Full Story»

I get into being cuckolded
This story continues from October, if you want to read my first cuckold experience.
Sex with Joe was good, but Tomona wanted more. one strange cock was not enough for her. This time, I wanted to go out with her, and help choose the lucky “victim”. We decided to go to an upscale sushi place in town that had a happening bar scene. Tomona dressed to kill in a short denim skirt, and a plung..
Poster: John Murphy | Full Story»

I want my wife cucked
I am new to this and my wife has NO IDEA, but I want her cucked. Any suggestions?
Poster: Jonathan Jones | Full Story»

It Happens
My wife had a one evening fling with a guy about 18 months ago. She confessed and said that it was a one time thing and would not happen again. She was surprised when I told her that it turned me on.
To make a long story short, he fucked her at least 30 times since then. Many times while I watched them. He used to wear a condom and often would pull out and rip it off and cum all over ..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

Wife really shocked me
Kayleigh & I have been married for 27 yrs. Kayleigh is a beautiful woman with auburn hair & a 36b-27- 38 hour glass figure & long legs. A buddy of mine from my place of employment & I would always talk about women & sex to pass the time when things were slow. He (Tommy) had met my wife about a year prior just one time. He told me that he thought she was hot during our conversations. I would tell K..
Poster: John | Full Story»

This really isn’t a story, I’m just trying to figure this all out. I was in a motorcycle accident going on three years ago and I’m not able to have sex and satisfy her needs any longer. I’m just looking for direction I guess. I’m 43 wm she’s 36 Colombian wf.
Poster: Derek | Full Story»

Experienced Wife
When my wife and I started dating during our senior year of college, I knew that she had previous boyfriends that she had sex with while I was still a virgin. She told me that she had sex with her first college boyfriend for about six months and about a year and a half with her second college boyfriend. I had dated several girls but they were also virgins and we never had intercourse.
She n..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

Two Cocks in My Pussy Please
My husband wrote a story here “First Fucking Alone”. He also called himself Balls Deep. Well that is a very good description of what he likes most.
He mentioned that he likes me to be DP’d. Yes I love that and can’t seem to get enough of it. The pleasure is so intense. And also yes I like 2 cocks in my pussy. It’s the greatest.
From a female point of view it is very satisfy..
Poster: Wife of Balls Deep | Full Story»

First Time - vacation bull
After a lot of discussion my 'bucket list' item of a bull became possible on our vacation. We selected an adult only hotel and, unbeknown to me, John had found a bull in the area.

We arrived around 2pm in the room, John suggested I shower. Bit unusual but we had travelled about 8 hours.

As I was showering hubby came and took away my clothes and towels, 'you don't need..
Poster: Angie40 | Full Story»

Dominant Bull who lived humiliating Cuckold couples
I m a 44 yr old dominant bull who likes cuckold couples. One time I posted an online AD for a couple and I received a reply from a young couple. She 23, him 28. They sent me a pic and they were both good looking.

We met in hotel room, she was dressed sexy. I grabbed her as soon as we entered the room. I tied him to chair naked and told him to watch. I took out his wife panties and ..
Poster: Frank | Full Story»

Devil in My House II
Against my better instincts I let Micah convince me to let his estranged father get me pregnant. We were told by different doctors we could not conceive. Micah wanted children of his own desperately and was devastated that it was he that was infertile.

I love him with all my heart and sole. I was ecstatic when he connected with Byron the father he had never known. I soon learned..
Poster: Kiara | Full Story»

Acceptance (continued from Still Panicked)
Our second time at the swing mansion was different from the first time we went. My beautiful red haired wife Kate was part of a “harem” for the prominent members. Two nights per month the dozen or so primary financiers of the mansion are treated to their own private party.

The purpose is to offer them more discretion as well as the company of much younger women members. To ens..
Poster: Adam S. | Full Story»

First Fucking Alone
It’s taken a while but I have coaxed my wife explore her sexuality and have cocks other than mine excite her body. We have now had many threesomes of different types. Sometimes myself and another male go hard at her body. This involves dp’ing her and another is 2 cocks in her pussy. We do that with one particular friend but that’s another story.

Other times I sit back and wa..
Poster: Balls Deep | Full Story»

My wife waited until after our wedding day!
My wife Kathy and I married after each having been divorced from our former spouses more than a dozen years. We dated for some time prior to ‘tying the knot’ and, because of the heightened arousal it provided while having sex, we often traded exciting stories about our past sexual experiences. Tales of Kathy’s promiscuous indiscretions, several occurring even after we were ‘together’ as ..
Poster: John Dennis | Full Story»

Camping with Friends
I have been a fan of page for a while. The actual events are true, but the story was edited for readability. This was several years ago.

My wife and I have a very good sex life. We have been married for 10 years and we have done a lot of role-playing. Just recently we had gone to a motel with Don and Lisa where we played strip poker and it almost led to a full swap. But that is the ..
Poster: Happy Camper | Full Story»

Changes II
We were three months past Bridgette’s first time fucking another man for the first time. The man was her boss Jim and they fucked on her first ever business trip. I listened to them over the phone and knew this was what I wanted.

Over the next three months Bridgette would spend one night a week over at Jim’s place. She wasn’t quite ready for me to be present nor try a thre..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

This Is Us (part four)
After I was commissioned as a 2Lt in the Marines I was reposted to Japan. Kali’s has a career that is very transferable even to another country. So before leaving for our tour we stopped in California to spend time with her stepdad/lover as well as her two step brothers and their wives.

Like in the past it took some juggling and magazine her two step brothers but Kali and Carl h..
Poster: Calvin | Full Story»

Pandora’s Box
I grew up outside a small Midwestern city. Meaning out in the rural countryside. Where the homesteads were all easily a quarter mile apart from one another. So hooking up to play with kids my age took time and effort.

My closest playmate was Sam (Samantha). But calling her by her full name back then got you a shiner. Even the. I thought Sam was pretty for a tomboy. She had r..
Poster: Todd | Full Story»

I couldn’t compete
Kate and I married fairly young. She was only eighteen and already a teen mom. I was twenty at the time. We met working at a local business. She and her daughter lived with her parents. I was in college and lived with a couple friends.

I fell in love with her almost immediately. She is very cute with a petite well proportioned body. She wore her blonde hair about shoulder len..
Poster: BC | Full Story»

Wife displays herself at nudist health club
My wife is 38 and I am 40. We have been married for 19 years and have two daughters. About a year ago we decided to try out a health club near us in Kent Uk. Having gone topless at beaches, my wife wanted to try full nudity and all the naked pleasure it brings. She is not shy and enjoys exhibitionism. We went on a THursday night and found it busy, but nearly all men on their way home from work in ..
Poster: stevehen | Full Story»

My wife of twenty years Hala (Lebanese meaning “Halo around the moon”). A second generation Lebanese-American had recently turned 42 years old. She is very pretty with olive colored skin complexion. Long black hair with a small streak of silver at her hairline. She has a great body with nice sized breast a small waist with wide hips.

We made good money and never had any child..
Poster: GS | Full Story»

I love that I get to do anything with anyone and my husband not only approves but encourages me. I have had many lovers and some are actually better than my husband and he knows it.

But the best ultimate satisfaction I get is when hubby takes me back after someone else has finished with me. There is so much feeling directed from him to me as he tries his best to out fuck the previou..
Poster: Jules | Full Story»

The Devil in My House
My name is Kiara and my husband’s name is Micha. We are a young black couple that met in high school and married shortly after graduation. Micha joined the Army so we could start our life together with not to much of a struggle.

I came from a military family and my parents were still married. Even though I learned in my late teens about my dad’s infidelities when me and my..
Poster: Kiara | Full Story»