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Accidentally Cuckolded my Husband - **** WEBMASTER NOTE ***
My Wife was a Slut for our Foursome
Need help to live out our fantasies but where are the genuine guys
Slow Change
Smaller but Better
My Life as a Cuck
My Wife made a Noise I never Heard
The Garden Toadstool Cuckold
Let’s have MORE letters on Cuckold Pregnancies!
A Hot Cuckold Game

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Sweet Cuckold


A trade show adventure with a new 'friend'
My wife often becomes verbally ‘nasty’ during sex; she knows how it arouses me, and this passion of ours eventually got her into real trouble! A couple of years ago we were playing in bed when she teased, 'Baby, would you let me come on to another guy sometime, get him all hot and bothered, then let me fuck him while you watch!' Her words induced a tingling sensation that almost made me clim..
Poster: John Dennis | Full Story»

My Wife Loves Cowboys
My wife and I were out dancing at a local club. She loves cowboys in black hats. So we were headed to the dance floor and she had to get passed this cowboy so she ran her fingers across his shoulder to get his attention. So we were sitting in a booth and having a drink when he comes over and asks her to dance. They must have danced to three or four songs. Well when she came back to the table she t..
Poster: Gene | Full Story»

up date on (M) I never suspected
So since I last posted I gave M a crazy gift. Really what I did was take a monumental leap of faith. We have a buddy {T}. T is a big white guy. Just as nice as you can ever want. Oh and he had an 8 in cock that M and I just love. We have played a few times and found that we realy like t and trust him. Like I said before M gets hornie spells and then nothing for a while. Here lately she has been s..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

I just wanted to warn you men who have cuckold fantasies and dream of watching your wife fucking another man. I started this same way by convincing my wife to fuck another man. She had reservations about it but did it for me. The man she fucked was horse hung and her idea of sex was forever changed. She changed and so did our relationship. We are still married but we stopped having sex years ago. ..
Poster: JT | Full Story»

Cuckold, yes ? or NO !
I don't know if my story will be a turn on. It is not meant to be. Maybe if I write this down, it will help me sort out my feelings of excitement, anxiety; my fantasies and my fears. Got married to a beautiful mature Lebanese woman, love was divine and making love was great! Cuckolding never entered my mind. She seldom initiated sex but she truly enjoyed it. I know she did because after her second..
Poster: Lewis | Full Story»

Watching wife
I begged my my for 2 years to let me watch another guy fuck her, finally she gave in , and I have to say our sex life is like it was when we first met. It's not for everyone, but for those that enjoy it, the marriage and their sex is awesome.
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

Cuckold, yes ? or NO !
I don't know if my story will be a turn on. It is not meant to be. Maybe if I write this down, it will help me sort out my feelings of excitement, anxiety; my fantasies and my fears. Got married to a beautiful mature lebanese woman, love was divine and making love was great ! Cuckolding never entered my mind. She seldom initiated sex but she truly enjoyed it. I know she did because after her secon..
Poster: Lewis | Full Story»

Complete control!
I didn't talk with my wife's daughter for almost a month so I was very interested to see how things were going with her step-brother? So when I heard her voice on the phone I couldn't wait to hear how thing were? "OMG things are so much better I can't believe it!" It is working then? "Just as you said it would, I have complete control now!" So you are using sex to control him? "And it works per..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Every since my puberty I have always had a fetish towards cuckolding. Though in those days I didn't know what to call it. I loved the Penthouse letters that talked about cheating wives and girlfriends. So much so that I let my best friend fuck my girlfriend while I watched. She got off on it as much as I did. Especially when I went down on her after he was done. His cock was much bigger than mine ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Another unusual fetish 1
I refer you to the letter of 8 November from Leather man, headed ‘Unusual fetish’. I too have a leather related fetish, except I’m a cuckoldress!
Well, when moving home 7 months back, hubby Dave & I started getting rid of old unnecessary stuff, like old videos, books & the like, most of it stuck away. Well, I found an old Andy Warhol directed video—-hubby Dave had NO idea that Warh..
Poster: Another ‘Leather man’ | Full Story»

Fantasy into reality
We are couple of age 37 and 35 as this fantasy begins with us before marriage on phone chat we as a lover talks lots of dirty things on phone I always arose her by by talking lots of dirty things to do I ask her to remove her bra and tell her to press her boobs taste her tits with her tounge she got arosed when I say remove your panty be naked and I instructed her to rub her pussy slowly and tell ..
Poster: Umesh | Full Story»

I hadn't talked with Emily for a couple weeks so I had no idea if she found my advice of any help. So I simply ask how things were with James? And got an ear full of what the --- sob had done lately. So things aren't any better? Nope not a bit! Were you really serious about what you told me a while back? Yes actually I was! You girls use your body as much as you hate to admit it in every relatio..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Football with My Wife
The wife and I are huge Atlanta Falcons fans and have season tickets. Over the years we have become great friends with the people in our section. We not tailgate nearly every game. Well last year everyone started talking about going to New Orleans for the Atlanta-New Orleans game. We love New Orleans so we of course told everyone we were in.

We ended up with twenty seven goi..
Poster: Greg K | Full Story»

It can be better.
My wife's daughter takes care of a trust. Her step father put her in charge of the trust he left to take care of his son His son is a ward of the state. He ODed on drugs several years ago. James is a product of his fathers' making! He has never wanted for anything. James has a violent side he uses to scare people with when all else fails. He used it for several years on his father before he died t..
Poster: David | Full Story»

My own prostitute who became more?
She left me hanging with this story until I finally had to ask her if she did finally go down on Isabella street to try it once? She finally replied, Donald wanted me to dance for a week in his friends Club! It was completely hands on and you had to sit with the customers! So everything but fuck you? Yes! Complete advertising to sell me! The club owner is a pimp and Donald wanted me to work for h..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Unusual fetish?
I’m a cuckold, but maybe with a difference, & was wondering if there are other cuckolds out there who share my fetish.

My wife Anne has a pair of impossible 7 inch high heels, & her stud friend Martin a pair of evil DOc Martens. When together, they wear these, & I’m needed to pay them respect. Easy! As they are sat on the love- couch, fully naked apart from their foot wear, I’..
Poster: Leather man | Full Story»

Several years ago I made a huge mistake and had an affair with one of my wife's friends. I couldn't help myself. She was 8 years younger than me and was drop dead gorgeous. She had d cup breast and a body to match. She began flirting with me one night at a party we hosted. Everyone was drunk and no one noticed our back and fourth flirting. We eventually stepped outside and made out. The next day I..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

My own prostitute
My wife had been married 3 times before we got married so she has history. She cheated on her 3 previous husbands and I didn't worry because I didn't care if she enjoyed sex with others. She told me various stories of her past. This may be my favorite. Between her second and third husbands she was the single female looking for love and sex is just part of that! She had a casual friend she would se..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Wife enjoying my Hard work
So I'm an engineer and a company trouble shooter for a very complicated system. As a result I'm well played and travel alot. I married a goddess of a honey who is 12 years younger than me. She has always been a flirt, but 99.9% of the time that is as far as it goes. Well we have been married for 6 years, and since we had been trying to have a child, but nothing. The Dr visit results came back and ..
Poster: High Tech | Full Story»

I May Have Opened a Pandora's Box
I have been married for many years to my current wife.  This is the second marriage for the both of us and our kids from our previous marriages are all grown now and gone.  Our sex life has always been amazing and extremely open between us.  As of lately we have limited sexual partners we have allowed to come into our lives.  But often while we ar ehaving sex now, we enjoy rehashing some of th..
Poster: Danny Dillon | Full Story»

Memorial Day Weekend Day 1
It was Memorial Day weekend and a whole group of about 8 couples was going camping. Several wanted me to bring my boat but I said I can’t pull the big camper and boat both. Well to make a long story short I asked a good friend if he would like to go and stay with us, all expense paid. He said OK and that he didn’t have any plans as he and he girl friend had recently broke up. My wife had t..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

My Cuckold Life
Several years ago I asked my wife to fuck another man with a large cock. She thought I was crazy. She had only had sex with three other men before me. I myself have a rather small penis and her previous cocks weren't much bigger. She had a affair with her ex boyfriend in the first year of our marriage because he could fuck her better. I found out some time later. So I knew she was capable of fucki..
Poster: JT | Full Story»