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Sweet Cuckold


My first time with a Hotcouple
I've had the pleasure of sharing a hotwife. Here's my story. I live in a ski town and a few years back decided to put an ad online looking for a couple that was coming to vacation and wanted to spice their trip up. I got a response from a man that said he liked to watch his wife have sex with other men. He sent pictures of her and she was beautiful. A petite blonde late 40s,5'2", 110lbs with big t..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

whore tracey
i have known tracey,for years,and been an on and off boyfriend.
when I first met her in the local pub,she had already been fucked,by loads of men.
the first night with her I fucked her in the bushes on the way home.
she had always been an easy lay,so few years ago,i invited,a much older man,to join us,for sex.
this ended up being my first ever bi,fun.
we both fuc..
Poster: rogerpenbury | Full Story»

My Wife's BBC Bull came Over
So last weekend my wife let her bbc bull come over and give her a cream pie for the first time. She loved it and so did I. Well, last night my wife was feeling exceptionally horny and needed her bulls huge cock. I had gotten the snip earlier in the week and ever since my wife has been denying me the chance to get in her pussy.

My wife's bull came over not too long after we had gotte..
Poster: Lil One | Full Story»

Cuck Clean Up
Years ago my husband began telling me about his cuckold fantasies during sex. I loved hearing them and it usually got me hotter than hell. The only problem was I loved being fucked hard when I was horned up which he couldn't do with his small dick. He would have to satisfy my needs with a 8" strap on he bought for me. This became a norm during our sex and I admit I looked forward to it. Little did..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

University Welcome 2
Re 'billy' letter, "Response to family oriented son", check out my old letter of 11 October 2012, 'University Welcome', when Stuart, a flatmate of mine had it off with my mother, & became her regular lover!
Following that, & now in my mid 20's, I am a cuckold too, & though not married (engaged however), my mate Stuart regularly services my fiancé---not only in FRONT of my mother, but they..
Poster: University Boy | Full Story»

My Asian Wife on a Cruise
Well it took a long time coming but my Asian wife Peg finally did it.
For some time after we married I became fixated with wanting to watch my wife have sex with another man and we were young and full of life with Peg not having a long sexual past and I on the other hand had been very sexually active in high school.
We talked openly about sex and she admitted that she did not have mu..
Poster: James1985 | Full Story»

A Short But True Story
A Short but True Story
In my first marriage we played around a bit, threesomes with another girl then another guy, dates with people we wanted to fuck. While the marriage did not last the sexual adventures were not a reason for the breakup.
Some years later, in my late forties I remarried a girl eleven years my junior. She was 5'6, blond hair, 115 pounds with 36C breasts. She had be..
Poster: John | Full Story»

My happy wife
Moni my hotwife

I think it is time for me to tell a bit about Moni. She has many stories here and she asked me to write something from my perspective
She is just an amazing sexy woman still at her mature age. Still is fit and slim and very active.
I would like to describe the time I brought her to a party where she was to be the entertainment for ..
Poster: Moni | Full Story»

I love the story recently posted up. That remained me of a similar story back in 1995. I've told her since about that day. Thirty years later we had no idea that we had the same fantasy. Welldownck than I had a friend that would come over when his wife went out of town. I was telling him how after a night at the nightclub she would get so drunk,that I would still fucked her once we got home in wha..
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»

Wife has young lover
I have read the stories of men who get aroused by their wives who have sex with other men. I first became aware that I got aroused by such stories when I was about 18 when reading stories in men’s magazines like Fiesta and Forum.
My first hand experience of being aroused by it personally came when I was 19 and girls I knew were telling me that the brother of my then girlfriend had a repu..
Poster: Dez | Full Story»

My Wife was Seduced
Note: This is inspired by a real experience. My wife (Ana here) and I have been happily married. At times she lets he hair down and this is one of those occasions.
We have used many scenarios to bring spice to our love making sessions. In one of these, we are at a classy, yet edgy club on New Year's eve. Ana, who loves dancing, looks seductively hot in a little black dress with open back th..
Poster: Ana | Full Story»

cuckoldry, french kissing, pornography, blond studs & everything else!
Carrying on, & these are my theories only, I think it would be fair to say that pornography is really for men, hence not too 'romantic', which the act of French kissing is; for women, deep kissing is important. Also French kissing is seen as soft core porn, & 'time being money', not financially viable to have on a hard core porn video.
Cuckoldry, on the other hand is universal, with both s..
Poster: Carol Patton 2 | Full Story»

My wife found a way to make her fantasy come true
Ever since my wife began fucking other men back when we were first married & I went on deployment overseas, she had plans for both of us. She had decided she would always fuck other guys when she had sex the first week after I left.
In the beginning she was only going to do it when I was deployed, but decided why not do it all the time.She likes being fucked by other men, & knowing they w..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My World Continued
The following week we went shopping to buy my wife a new outfit to meet Wade. We looked for a sexy dress that showed off her nice tits but decided to just buy sexy panties with matching bra and a robe. We openly talked about what Wade would do to her when he sees her dressed up. She kept saying how wet she was thinking of him. We bought open toed shoes with 6" heels and a black laced stocking. She..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Wife Couldn't Resist a Stranger
This is a true story that happened to my wife and I while visiting a local nude beach for the very first time. We have been married for past 34 years and have talked in length about going to a nude beach for some time now, so we finally decided to take this day and make it happen. My wife is 56 years old and still keeps up her very nice figure. She stands 5' 2" tall with brown curly highlighted sh..
Poster: gladfly | Full Story»

For 'voyeur type'
IF 'blond guys' is your thing, look at porn featuring 70's & 80's porn stars Jesse Adams, Greg Derek & Greg Rome, to name just three, though there was only minimal French kissing in them videos! WONDERFUL to watch those 3 blond studs in sexual performances, & so so easy on the eyes are they; but then MOST blond n blue eyed guys are!
Yes, I'd have LOVED to have had a good snogging session wi..
Poster: Carol Patton | Full Story»

Wife unaware my friend fucked her
For many years My wife, Vicky and I have had a bedroom fantasy of her having sex with another man, And I have tried to make it more than a fantasy. But she won't discuss actually make it come true.. It is ok as a turn on when we are having sex, but that is it.

My best friend's name is Larry. Over the years we have talked about our wives, and some of the things that go on in our bedr..
Poster: Paul Curt | Full Story»

My World
Only a true Cuckold at heart knows the feeling when his wife takes a new lover for the first time. My state of arousal was thru the roof. Coming out of the closet and bearing my true self to my wife of 25 years was humiliating, exciting and profound. This was a culmination of years of bedroom talk that finally came to a climax. This began with My wife loving me telling her sexual stories while we..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Our prospecting trip
We have been home a week now and first off. Last May my wife became a shared wife on our cruise and since that time she has sampled 5 other guys with two of them being black.

Well I have always liked prospecting and have considered joining a club but there is nothing like that in the Bay area but have met several people that have the same interests as I do

One is a..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Sexy GF
A few years back I was dating this awesome woman named Sandy. We had some of the best sex I have ever enjoyed. She was a fire ball and ready any time . We often discussed fantasies and tried to make "dreams come true".
One of Sandys was always about having me and a friend of mine we will call Rob together. One night after a wedding of a good friend Rob came back to my house with us to celeb..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Is kissing tame?
Many hard core cuckolds would consider cuckold kissing, to be tame! But not me.
It started many years back, when I was a fairly innocent 18 year old. My mum's younger sister had married a rich farmer, much older than my aunt, & my parents & I would often visit the farm, which I enjoyed, what with all the animals there, the difference from city life, & the chance to explore the whole place...
Poster: voyeur type | Full Story»

My wife finds a new bull
My wife and I had been seeing our bull for several years now. But lately she has grown impatient and has been looking for a new bull. Well she found him a guy named Brett. A young man mid thirties, So tonight she talked me into taking her to meet with Brett. We arrived at his place and after some small talk he began to Give my wife a massage while she sat in a chair. My wife loved it and soon ..
Poster: Jon Wells | Full Story»

Well, Friday night came and I had gotten a room at the Comfort INN. Ann was sitting in front of the putting on her make-up. She was nervous about meet up with with Sam. So she asked me to get her some bourbon and coke to drink as she got ready for her date with Sam. As she put on her red mini dress and 6" high heels, I video tape her from afar. As I looked through the viewer of the video camera...
Poster: Rafael | Full Story»