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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Job Interview
Wifes sister and brother in law lives about ten hours from us. So her sister call and told us he had four interviews set up and could he stay with us for two days. Of course we told her sure. Got here on Sunday night with first interview Monday at ten.

We ate and talked before turning in. I have to be at work at six so I was up and out early. Got home and she had supper made and we ate and talked again and we headed to bed. As soon as we did she turned toward me and said oh my god you are not going to believe what happened this morning. She was not mad so I figured it was not anything bad.

She never hears me go out as I shower down stairs where I will not wake her. She told me there was movement on the bed so she assumed I got back in bed with her which I do a lot for a little messing around. Said she felt what she thought was my cock push against her ass and then hands went under her nightgown and started playing with her tits.

Again just assuming it was me she said she pushed back and rubbed her ass against the cock. The hands left her tits and moved down her belly and into her panties. She was telling me she got worked up very quickly so she reached under the covers and started pushing her panties down and kicked them off and then reached behind her and put her hand down what she thought was my undershorts.

Said her only thought was she was ready for a morning fuck and started pushing the undershorts down where she got help and they were gone. She pushed back again and the cock was now rubbing against the crack of her ass. So she was pushing back and reached back again and pushed down on it where it was now between her legs. So she raised her ass up a little more and pushed back.

She said she thought I reached down and rubbed my cock up and down her wet lips and when I pushed forward I popped in. As it was really hot and heavy she told me that she said you are so hard and you even feel bigger this morning. First time something was said and it was you feel so good and I could wake up to this every morning. She quickly pulled away and said oh my god Don what are you doing in here.

He told her that he heard me leave and he decided he was going to take a chance and see if he could get in bed with her. Did not know what to say so she just said well you did a lot more than just get in bed with me. Her mind told her that she needed to get out of the bed and go to the bathroom and tell Don he needed to go back to his bedroom but her being so worked up that was telling her something different.

So she said she really did have to go to the bathroom so she just got up without saying anything to him. Brushed her teeth , used mouthwash and wondered if he was still in the bedroom. So she left the bathroom light on and closed the door halfway where there was light in the room and came back out and Don was still in the bed lying on his side facing her.

She said to him well I see you are still here and he told her she did not tell him to leave. He then told her she sure did look good without panties on and all she could do was thank him. I interjected and said you knew you were going to let him finish didn't you and he reply was yea pretty much so.

So before she got back in the bed she went ahead and took the gown off and got back in bed. The only thing she said was that her sister would kill them if she found out this happened and his reply was yea and I am sure your husband would do the same. She made the mistake of no he would probably want to watch.

So she moved across the bed right up next to him and pulled his t shirt off. They were all over each other and Don said well I take it from what you said that I must be bigger than husband and she wrapped her hand around him and said yes much bigger. They played around and he wanted her to go down on him but she said no you have already been in me and volunteered maybe after we get a shower.

So she moved over him and straddled him and they started going at it and she told me I can not lie it felt very good and she did enjoy it. Said afterwards they got in the shower together and once she finished she kept her word and gave him a blowjob. This is something he told her that her sister would not do.

She told me headed out for his interview and when he came back he brought her lunch. As they were finishing up he asked her what time I got in from work and he told her a little after four. So Don asked what time was it now and she replied a little after one. She knew what he was hinting at so she asked was he going to change out of his suit and he replied yes.

He walked off to the bedroom and she told me she waited a couple of minutes and went down and knocked on his door and asked could she come in. Don told her he was not decent but sure. He was down to his undershorts so she went over and sat on the edge of the bed and just reached over and put her fingers in the waist band of his undershorts and pulled him to her. She basically hooked her fingers in the waist band and pushed them down and off

She took him in her mouth and as she sucked him he was playing with her tits and trying to get her undressed. He stopped her long enough to get her naked and fucked her again for the second time that day. While they laid around after they finished he told her that he had sex with her more that day than he has had with her sister in the last year. When I got home she was dressed and cooking and I would not have known anything had happened if she had not of told me.

His plans were to do his other three interviews the next day and get on the road. So right before I walked out the door the next morning I went and knocked on his door because I had heard the tv. I told him I was glad he stayed with us and if he needed to again for n follow up he was more than welcome. Started to walk out then turned back and said hey she is in bed naked if you want to go spend some time with her before you have to head out.

She told me later he came right on in and she was awake and waiting on him where he fucked her again and they showered and he headed out. Was not inn his plans but he came back by the house about two to fuck her one more time before he headed out for the drive home. When he got finished he asked could he take a couple of pictures and she told him yes just keep them where they could not be found.

He did have to come back a few weeks later for a follow up and got the job. He moved here and stayed with us for two months until our nephew could finish school and they could move down. They fucked a whole lot over that two months and even still when he can get away they still fuck ever once in a while now.


cuckold wife


Poster: Greg