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Making it work (part 2)
She was really into listening to Gerald talk about her pics and was anxiously awaiting him to leave so she could get the scoop from Ted on what he actually showed him and if anything else was said. Took a short while but Ted got back on the phone and the first thing he said was that she was quite a hit with his neighbor.

She asked Ted what had he showed him and Ted laughed and said..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Making it work!! (part one)
Got a call from a good friend a couple weeks back asking could I go down to the beach with him to mover and cover furniture for him to have it painted. Told him sure. Next question out of his mouth was will she go with us. I laughed and said maybe. Ted was not shy about it and said man since this mess has been going on I have not had any at all and I need some bad.

He was talking ..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Getting Wendy wife fucked.
Part 2
dogging in the 60s and 70s was not something you advertised, not like today where it is out in the open and lots of wives enjoy the pleasure of cuckolding there husbands,
The contraceptive pill allowed wives to have sex without the risk of pregnancy, so there was never any shortage of hot wives eager to drop there knickers while hubby was at work,or sneaking out on a night, ..
Poster: Geoff | Full Story»

Our open marriage
My wife has a dominant personality. That’s why I fell in love with her. She has always been outspoken about my small penis and my inability to fuck her like her past lovers. Humiliation has always been a turn on for me.

Watching her openly flirt with men in my presence and them flirt back with no concern of me always left me with confused emotions. It turned me on but also made m..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Wife fucks another guy #3 Tom 9x5
In my last post, I described the second time we met Dan to fuck D and how much we enjoyed it. D got royally fucked that night and I got a few creamy creampies to eat.

The next time we had open time to play again, I emailed Dan to see if he was available. He replied and said that date was free for him also. However, he said he only wanted to meet again if D would let him anal fuck he..
Poster: Phil Factor | Full Story»

Cum Feeding
I am a hotwife. I am not a shared wife, I make the rules and I date and have sex with who I want. My husband is a cuckold. It’s his choice but it suits us both as I have a high sex drive and the constant need to be satisfied. Mt husband could never give me what I wanted or enough so I masturbated a lot. Now I get what I need.

But being married and keeping our relationship hea..
Poster: Pussyrules | Full Story»

Wife and Best Friends
My wife and I had started dating and I would go over to her house after school and we would make out. One day I invited my two good friends who I had known since first grade to come over with me. She didn't want to do anything with them there but we started to make out and I told her to undress and she did. All three of us had never seen a naked girl before except in pictures. While I kissed her o..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

nearly at the cuckolding stage
So she knows about my cuckold fantasy but we havent spoken about it out loud. Strange thing was I was at a dinner with her family and her sister said Sam what do you know about cuckolding? At first I was shocked. I looked up, past my girlfriend who was then looking down knowing about my secret and even speaking to her sister about it, I siad not a whole amount. 1 guy watches as the other has sex. ..
Poster: soul seeker 666 | Full Story»

Wife is Gang Banged
For a long time now I've been obsessed with having my wife have sex with someone else. We started of slowly and she has been with 3 different men. She had sex with 2 of them regularly. One for 3 months, and the other about lover, 5 months. The third one was a dud and she only went with him twice.

Then last year in Spain, a mixture of alcohol and the adventures of being away, had..
Poster: Chanceman | Full Story»

Getting Wendy wife fucked
The first time a saw Wendy was in late 1970, 5ft 1" black shoulder length hair, fantastic body, it was lust at first sight, although she was married I had heard that she was getting fucked by a friend of her and her husbands, just the sort of slut I was always on the look out for, as I was working at their house I had time to work on her, took me a couple of weeks to ask her out, when she said yes..
Poster: Geoff | Full Story»

How it started for us
Dear friends, I have been so eager to share our story with someone. I only shared our cuckold story with one close friend and he gave me the impression that it is too much for him to process and that shut me up. Hence, I am happy to share our story here with our like-minded folks :-)

Let me introduce ourselves. We are a couple from India (South India to be precise). We are 43 M and ..
Poster: rohit | Full Story»

I Think Cuckolding Is Contagious
A Story About How My Life Changed.

It was a little after 2, when Tina stopped by.
she was all excited about her new car. She told me her husband Shawn had been all over her, ever since she bought some new lingerie.

Tina said, Shawn was acting like a school boy again. The only problem was, he wasn't lasting very long, he's just like a little school boy, and she..
Poster: Dawn | Full Story»

Girlfriend has two other guys
My girlfriend and I had just moved in our apartment a week before and we didn't have any curtains yet. One night as we got into bed and started having sex, I noticed two guys in the building next door watching us. I whispered in her ear and she told me that they had been watching every time we had sex since we moved in. After I finished rather quickly due to being watched my girlfriend said that s..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

one day that changed my life part one
One day that changed my life forever.
This is a true account, I don’t know you and you will never know us so honesty is absolute in the following account, there are no person names but the places dates and times are real so if your our bull you will know and this is also your story. And by the way even though my email address is real and we will read and reply (we love feedback whatever i..
Poster: richard | Full Story»

Prelude to sharing my wife #1
Let me start by saying we are a happily married couple that has enjoyed the lifestyle for the last 7 years. We are 45 and 42. She is 5’3”, 110, petite blonde.

The idea of her fucking others started after we were married about 6 months. We had known each for 12 years before we got together and I knew from the grapevine that she was slutty in her younger days and I mean really slu..
Poster: phil | Full Story»

Nina in the paramour
"What if this guy from the car pooling is a hottie?"
"It would be cool. If so, I'll hide and you take him home." ​
Imagine that your own girlfriend wants to sleep with the unfamiliar driver from the car pooling on a harmless ride. It happened to me–and many other things.

I bid you welcome to my book series "Aims to cause suffering – my life as a swinger, wife-s..
Poster: Mark Wallert | Full Story»

Wife used to have Sex with her Boss
I know what I will tell you is not as exciting as others you read here but I figured maybe someone would still enjoy it or had a similar experience. I have been married to my wife for 12 years now. We have 2 kids and while she is in mother mode, she still works out a lot (zumba, bootie blast class, etc).

We live in Las Vegas and when we first met she was a dancer in one of the small..
Poster: RJ | Full Story»

Honey, I beg of you to consider this
Honey, I beg of you to consider this,Everything about this would be soAwesome to me. Just
Think about it. it'sExciting to think about
Really, but before I say ask,
Please know that I
Love you in
Every way
And you turn me on like no other. I
See you in all my fantasies
Every day I think about you like this

But telling you this ..
Poster: Pokerjoker | Full Story»

Bull or Lover Mistake
It was my idea and it really didn’t take long to convince Melanie that it would be good for us. Melanie is my wife of 6 years. Mel, that’s what she likes to be called, knew how much I got off when she told me stories of her sex adventures with previous boyfriends and friends. Yes, she did just hook up with guys solely for sex when she never had a full time boyfriend.

We join..
Poster: Callum | Full Story»

How Emma has a spontaneous meet
My wife Emma, enjoyed her first data with a lover. Then the second and even though we even both enjoyed it, Emma found it wasn't as exciting with him the second time. So, she decided to make that the last time with him and she looked for a new man to try. This took us back to the usual places to look for men.

Like most men I've fantasised about seeing Emma take a large cock, she's..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Cuckold With Hubby Brother
I always wanted to cuckold another man when my hubby and I first got married. He won’t let me be with other men, but allowed me to cuckold his older brother. Honestly, I love his brother cock more my hubby.
Poster: Princesspd | Full Story»

Her Incredible Past
I am not a cuckold and if anyone tried to do that to me or order me around I would react accordingly. I am not a voyeur and want to see my wife being used by someone while I watch. But I am a very fit guy who loves to fuck and most anything else to do with sex. My wife is well suited as she likes the same.

From the time we met we had incredible sex. For me personally, I have never ..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Caudaulisme, It’s French
We are a French couple in our 40s. My wife and I discovered the pleasure of the “caudaulisme” (French for “cuckolding”) a few years ago during a vacation in Tunisia.
She danced very close to a young entertainer. I saw she was aroused.
They came both to our table and she introduced him to me. His name was Hassan and he went fetching some drinks. She was smiling and said to me..
Poster: Stef | Full Story»

The whole seance was going to start today. We invited Madu to our house for dinner. The previous Wednesday we had coffee with him at starbucks. J had an attraction for this black adonis with his aftershave and rugged good looks. They spoke in Portugese and she was dressed lady like: red leather jacket, white low cut blouse showing her cleavage clearly and a sexy leather trousers outlining her beau..
Poster: TNY | Full Story»

Massage customer
My Massage Wife’s Customer

It was a quiet Saturday at the office, with a few tasks to do. I am bored after a long week.
Then the opportunity comes to meet a Spanish woman. I was chatting with her husband on the Net and he seems serious. After he sent he some of her pictures, I agree to visit them and have a massage. It takes me 15 minutes to drive there, and before ..
Poster: safifui | Full Story»

That fuck almost cost me a Speeding Ticket
We had a family wedding to attend last weekend. In fact, I had to read the vows in the service. The restrictions have been lifted so it could go ahead again. It was being held about an hour’s drive from where we live and we would stay overnight after the wedding.

My wife Ella, has a lover, his name is Casey. Some may want to call him her bull. I would never say that as she ..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

Helen, Andy and Me
Andy has been fucking my wife Helen for a few years now. At first, he was fucking her without knowing I knew about them. Then she told me. I was ok with that. She just wanted to check him out first. Just making sure he was up to the task, so to speak.

Then one night, he and I had been for a drink and returned to our house. While I was out of the room, Andy has started kissing H..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

How I feel most men become cuckold's
How I feel a lot of men become cuckold's, or get into the hot wife life style, also, I give a little advice at the end for people. I love this site, and hope the very best for all of you. I enjoy reading your stories, and seeing your pics too.

When boys are growing up, they get their first look at playboy magazines, and start thinking about fucking.
But it's a selfish..
Poster: The Journeyman | Full Story»

A wife forced falls in love 3
 Looking up at Ron and my wife as I laid there covered in my cum, Carmen looked down at smiling as she told Ron " mi esposo se ve feliz de que su deseo se haya hecho realidad " translated "my husband looks happy that his wish has come true" and they both laughed, 'unh' I thought to myself, (no its impossible they couldn't possibly know, my computer is to secure) Ron sl..
Poster: Little man | Full Story»

I am a Hotwife
I met a guy I really liked. We dated for most of a year. I won’t lie. It was fun. I would go out on dates and have fun while my adoring husband stayed home and waited for me. I would get so horny getting dressed for a date while my husband made dinner and helped me pick out an outfit for the evening. I got to experience the fun of being out on the town with another man, getting the thrill of ha..
Poster: Tanya | Full Story»

Girlfriend Dating
My girlfriend and I started dating during our sophomore year of college and after a couple of weeks we lost our virginities together. The sex was great and we started to not go out but just got together for sex in her private dorm room. So one Friday after dinner I just assumed that we would be going to her room and having sex. She told me that I couldn't come over because she was going out on a d..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

My First BBC
A few years ago my husband had a serious health issue in his fifties that left him impotent. He lost interest in sex all together after he lost feeling in his dick. So for the next year I was left to satisfy myself with my vibrator. I was o.k. for awhile but I began craving the touch of a man. One evening we were at a local brew house having drinks and there was a group of younger men sitting acro..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»