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Golf Trip
Monica and I are an interracial married couple. I’m thirty-two and she is twenty-eight.

Strangely enough we met eight years ago on a golf course driving range. I was golf instructor and she a student.

I was taken by her at first sight. She’s about five foot seven with an amazing body. Particularly her legs and ass.

She is darker complexed almost a cocoa color. Very pretty with an amazingly bright smile.

We hit it off and our first date was a round of golf. She had played golf in high school and was actually very good. She could definitely hit the ball well and farther than many amateur men I knew.

We dated for over one year then we’re married. I got a corporate job while still golf instructing part time.

I made a name for myself with upper management through my golfing abilities. It’s true what they say more deals are made in the golf course than in the board rooms.

I was offered a promotion that would require us to move to the corporate headquarters in a different city. Not because I was the beat at what I do. But because my boss at the time had told the big shots at corporate that I was a good golfer.

Monica was excited about the promotion and moving to the big city. My job consisted of working three days in the office and two on the golf course.

Our CEO Jon (aka The Big Swede) was an avid golfer and entertained many important people. Mostly businessmen, but quite often politicians.

He wanted me along to impress these people. Often he and I would play matches against his guest.

Every year corporate host a two day golf tournament for charity at Lake Tahoe. They bring in some big name sponsors with some very nice prizes.

Jon knew my wife also golfed. The team format was each foursome had to have one women. So he asked if she and I would be in his team.

Initially I had reservations about his request. From the first time he met Monica it was obvious he found her attractive. I know this because he literally blurred out how hot she was in mixed company including his wife Trish.

Trish didn’t seem to mind. She just laughed calling him lecherous. Rumor has it they were swingers. Something Monica found gross.

Jon was most insistent that we join him. Apparently our fourth was a potential high value client. A client who’s account would be mine if we landed it.

Jon added that the guy loved to win and hated to lose. With myself and Monica we would be odds on favorite to win the tournament.

I agreed joining his team. When I told Monica she wasn’t over joyed but said she was fine with it for my sake.

The fact that Jon was paying the airfare and for all the accommodations sweetened the deal for us.

I mentioned Jon’s nickname being the Big Swede. It’s appropriate being that he is about six-four and two-thirty.

At fifty-six he was still pretty fit. The only blemish being his moderate beer belly. His blonde hair had long since turned white grey.
None the less he was an imposing man. I have seen some of his college awards for playing football in his youth.

A couple days before our departure Jon and Trish had us over for dinner. Jon was his usual flirtatious self.

Monica played off any discomfort she was feeling pretty well. We were surprised to find out Trish wouldn’t be traveling with us.

She had a previous engagement. But when she added she needed a break from the big guy. Both Monica and I looked at each other.

Trish laughed clarifying that she didn’t mean from him as he was her big teddy bear. She winked saying it would allow her to be able to walk straight again.

I almost wish she hadn’t added the clarification. I looked at Monica expecting her to be mortified. To the contrary she seemed to be thinking about something.

I quickly switched the topic to our fourth the potential client. Jon poured he and I some drinks and we went out on his porch.

As he droned on about Robert and what it would mean to land his account. I was wondering if this was all a bad idea.

On the drive home Monica was quiet. I asked her if she was ok. She said she was fine just a little light headed from all the wine.

She initiated sex when we got home. She was very aroused and the sex was pretty hot. She was able to climax which isn’t something she does all the time when we have sex.

She never complains but it did nag at me often in the back of my mind. I am above average in penis size. But often when we have sex I orgasm to quickly. Leaving her unsatisfied and wanting for more.

The morning of our departure Jon picked us up in his Suburban for the forty-five minute drive to the airport. We couldn’t leave without him commenting on how good Monica looked.

More than half the plane were people from our company and some of their significant others. The drinking and partying had begun in earnest.

I git more than a few jealous looks from co-workers when Monica and I took our first-class seats behind Jon.

We checked into the resort hotel. Jon’s room was right next door. We ordered room service for dinner and just relaxed for the evening.

The next morning we ate breakfast with Jon. He went over the day’s itinerary and his strategy for engaging with Robert.

When he told me I should share a golf cart with him for the round. I saw Monica stiffen a little. Jon explained that it was import for Robert to get to know me and be able to trust me.

I asked Monica if she was ok with it. She shrugged her shoulders saying she was fine with Jon. Again my instincts were telling me this was wrong.

Monica and I spent the day exploring what the resort had to offer. We hit the pool and mingled. I had to admit I did like all of the attention she was getting. It didn’t bother me like when Jon did it.

That evening we attended a group dinner. We met Robert for the first time. He was also in his mid to late fifties. He was a short guy and the consummate gentleman.

Jon praised both myself and Monica up to Robert as being ringers. Robert loved the thought of winning the tournament.

I was restless that night. Not about the golf or even impressing Robert. I couldn’t get the idea of Monica riding with Jon all day long out of my head.

The morning of the tournament I almost flipped out when I saw Monica’s golf outfit. It was new and very revealing. The Skort seemed shorter than her other ones. Showing off her great legs and more ass than normal.

Her top was sleeveless with material so supple I could see the outlines of her nipples. I asked her if she had a different outfit. She told me it was all she had also reminding me it was going to be very hot.

I didn’t want to start a fight so I let it go. I was stewing over how Jon would react to what she was wearing. I mean what was she thinking when she packed it!

As expected Jon gave her an appreciative whistle as he loaded her clubs onto the cart. Monica just smiled and sat in the cart.

Robert was saying something to me but I barely heard him as I watched my wife drive off with Jon.

By the third whole as expected we were doing great. My drives put us in great shape and Monica’s short iron game and putting allowed us to score easy birdies.

Monica was also laughing a lot as they rode along in their cart. It was a little distracting try to hear them while talking with Robert at the same time.

By the sixth hole the booze cart had provided us drinks three times. I could tell Monica was getting a little buzzed.

I freaked a little by the fifteen hole when Monica walked up on the green with very obvious stiff nipples. I could only imagine what Jon was saying to her. But I couldn’t believe she was getting aroused!

I was so relieved after the last while to be finished. I just wanted it all to be over. We came in with a great score. I expected we would definitely be in the running to win it all.

Both Jon and Robert were both very excited with our prospects. Back in our room after we showered I asked Monica if Jon behaved himself.

She giggled saying he was himself. But she didn’t elaborate. We dressed for the dinner where the winners would be announced along with door prizes given out.

Monica again showed out wearing a short black dress with fuck me heels.

After we ate we moved to another area of the hotel. As expected we won the tournament. All the prizes were doled out the. A DJ started to play music.

As time went on I lost track of Monica as we mingled. When I did see her again she was coming off the dance floor. I could have sworn she was holding Jon’s hand.

I blamed my overactive mind and the alcohol probably imagining what I saw. I stuck close to her from that moment on.

Jon made a point to introduce her to some pretty elite people. I seemed to be an afterthought. He went into great detail about her made long putts.

Monica didn’t seem to mind him placing his hand on her back or shoulder with each introduction.

As the party slowly dwindled we finally made our way back to our room. I was glad we were done and would be leaving the next day.

Monica had freshened up and I took my turn in the bathroom. I heard a knock at the door and voices.

When I came out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. I saw Jon standing there with a bottle of bourbon and three glasses. In just his pants and a t-shirt.

I looked at Monica standing there also only wrapped in a towel. She said Jon wanted to have a nightcap to celebrate not only the tournament win. But also that Robert was so impressed with me that he was giving us his multi-million dollar account.

Before I could say a word. Jon poured our drinks. Offered a toast to a great deal and having the hottest woman at the tournament on our team.

Monica downed her shot and there seemed to be a glazed look in her eyes. When I tried to thank Jon while also hinting that it was getting late.

Jon looked at me telling me to have a seat. Without a word I sat on the small sofa. He turned back to Monica taking her glass and placing it with his on the nightstand.

He stepped closer and bent to kiss her. Her arms remained at her side as they kissed. Then slowly went up to touch his arms.

My face flushed with an intense heat. But I was frozen. Jon broke the kiss then I did the towel and let it drop to the floor.

I stared as my beautiful wife was now naked in front of another man. Her nipples were fully erect and her breathing was rapid.

Inside I was screaming, but unable to say a word. Monica stepped to him undid they belt hold up his pants. She took them down as she squatted in front of him.

That’s when I noticed she still had her high heels still on. The realization that she knew Jon would come over hit me.

I called out to Jon. He held out a big hand effectively cutting off anything else I was about to say.

I sat numbly as Monica slowly stroked his semi hard cock with one hand. It was already longer than mine hard and much thicker.

She stared at it in awe as it continued to grow in her hand. So much so she went to stroking it with two hands as her tongue slowly circled the bulbous head.

As she suck it deeper one hand went up to his hairy belly rubbing it like he was Buddha. Her eyes were looked on his as he watch her full lips glide over half his cock.

I couldn’t believe my cock was starting to get hard watching my wife sucking my bosses cock.

Jon moved Monica up onto the bed with her ass close to the edge. He leaned down kissed her lips passionately. Her hands went to ha Marci as she returned his kiss.

He slowly kissed his way down her body stooping to bite and kiss her nipples making her moan and whimper softly.

When his tongue found her clit she let out a loud gasp as she lifted her ass up off the bed. Jon slowly ate her to a orgasm that had her shivering on the bed.

I had to lessen the towel to get at my now very hard cock. Jon moved onto his back on the bed. Monica wasted no time moving to straddle him.

I watched as she grabbed his cock and rubbed it over her pussy before putting the head inside.

Again she gasped loudly announcing how big it was. She slowly worked as much of it in her than began push back and forth on him.

Jon’s hands worked her ass cheeks over as her sucked on her nipples. She was cumming in less than two or three minutes.

After the first orgasm she really started to move on his cock. He was moaning as much as she was. Her ass was a blur move up and down. His cock shone with her juices with each stroke.

Jon moved her onto all fours purposely facing me. She let out a great duo moan as he renters her. Her eyes were half open with lust. Her mouth was open in a constant moan as he pounded her to another orgasm.

I couldn’t believe how long he was lasting. My cock was oozing pre-cum like a leaky pipe.

Monica barley came down from her second orgasm and she was begging him for more. When she went to her back pulling him with her I thought she was going to get crushed.

Her legs went up and wide as she reached between them guiding his fat sloppy wet cock in her again.

Jon went up onto his elbows and plowed impossibility deep into her. Monica was yelling at this point about how good he was fucking her. How he was going to make her cum again and not to stop.

I don’t remember moving but I was now kneeling at the door of the bed mesmerized at watching his cock stretch her pussy.

Monica was fucking up into him like a crazed woman. The her most intense orgasm yet hit her like a tsunami.

I witnessed her pussy squirt a copious amount of liquid. Her legs then shot out wide as her nails dug into his ass. Jon let out a roar as he came deep inside of her.

I had cum without touching my cock. I moved back to sit on the sofa. Jon was on his back breathing hard. His body shone with sweat and his fat cock was stuck to his body.

Monica was moaning softly her eyes closed and nipples still rock hard. Cum was oozing out of her swollen pussy. There was a large patch of sweat on her torso from where there bodies had made contact.

Jon looked at me and asked if I would go grab some ice. I slipped on some shorts and did as he asked.

When I got back to the room Jon had his pants on and had poured three more drinks. Monica was in the bathroom apparently getting cleaned up.

He took the ice and filled each glass. There was an awkward silence between us. Monica came out of the bathroom now bare foot and wearing a short silky robe.

I searched her face for any sign of regret. There wasn’t any at all. She took the drink he offered her taking a long sip.

I down mine feeling the slow burn as it went to my stomach. Jon looked at me thanking me for making the weekend one he would remember forever.

That seemed weird to me as he made no mention of just fucking my wife in front of me. I looked at Monica and she just shrugged her shoulders.

Jon then straight away asked if I minded if Monica spent the rest of the night in his room.

I looked at Monica and could tell she wanted to. Oddly I realized I wanted her to as well. I wordlessly nodded yes.

I stood there and watch them walk out of our room. I laid down knowing full well I wouldn’t sleep.

I could hear them talking for quite a while. Then the water running in his shower. I got up a half dozen times putting my ear to the wall. All I could hear was the running water.

I laid back down staring at the ceiling. Running it all through my mind. Was this all planned? Was Monica in on it? Why was I ok with another man fucking her?

No answers came to me. But Monica’s moans did and she wasn’t holding back. I listened to them fuck again for quite a while. Cumming again myself as I jacked off.

The way she begged him for his cock had excited more than me having sex with her myself. She could get enough and came multiple times again.

It was late into the morning when exhaustion took me. When I woke Monica wasn’t there. I took a shower and packed our things to get ready to leave.

I heard a moan from next door. Placing my ear to the wall. I could hear Jon moaning and talking. I could hear wet sucking sounds indicating she was giving him a blow job.

Jon growled as he came pleased that she was taking his cum in her mouth. A few minutes later Monica came back to our room.

She looked tired and well fucked. She asked if she could take a shower then we could talk.

She looked refreshed went she came out. She dressed in her travel clothes. I ordered room service for breakfast.

We ate first then we talked. I asked her if this was all planned and was she involved.

She told me it was somewhat planned but she wasn’t involved. When we ate dinner that night before our trip.

She told me Trish’s inference that Jon had a big cock did peak her interest. When they were alone Trish told her they were swingers.

Monica was curious about how it all worked for them. Apparently they had been in the lifestyle for quite a while. Jon was quite the commodity in their circle.

Trish had many lovers most a lot younger than her. She said Jon loved watching her get fucked even more than him fucking other women.

I asked her if that is why she was so quiet on the way home.

She told me partly. But what really has her thoughts was that Trish told her Jon planned on fucking her.

She said she told Trish that something like that would never happen. I asked what Trish’s response was.

She told me she laughed telling her Jon could be quite persuasive and that she should let him as he was a great fuck.

Monica went on to say she had no intention of having sex with Jon. But during the tournament the things he said to her excited her.

After the first few holes he was riding with a hand on her leg and she liked it. Close to the end of the day he was telling her he was going to fuck her. She felt so hot and naughty. She knew after we finished golfing she would let him fuck her.

I asked when she new for sure. She told me they had danced and his hands were all over her. He even dared to kiss her on the dance floor.

He told her he would be over to fuck her in front of me. She said that only made her want him more.

We sat in silence for quite a while. I didn’t have to ask her if she liked the sex. I witnessed how much she did first hand.

I asked if I heard them having sex before she came back to the room. She looked down saying no that she was to sore. I asked her if she sucked him off. She answered yes without looking up.

I asked her to look at me. When she did she saw me with my hard cock out of my pants. She sucked me off taking my cum in her mouth like she did with Jon.

I could tell she was relived that I wasn’t angry. I knew she loved me and she knew I loved her.

At the airport Jon greeted me like a long lost son. He gave Monica a long hug and a kiss on the cheek.

When we boarded the plan we again were in first class. Monica took the window seat. Jon surprised us when he sat next to Monica. Which left my only option to take his seat directly behind them.

He ordered two Bloody Mary’s for them. I took a coffee. Monica had her head resting against the window as we took off.

I sipped my coffee in deep thought about where this was all going. Surely, it wasn’t a one time thing. Would Trish want to have sex with me? What I needed to do to finalize the deal with Robert.

About an hour into the flight Monica shifted so her head was resting on Jon. I heard her moan softly. I peaked between the seats and could see Jon’s hand moving under a blanket covering her.

I couldn’t believe she was letting him play with her pussy on the plane. She shook abruptly stifling a moan by smashing her face into the side of his arm. Her knuckles were white from gripping the arm rest so hard.

I swear if Jon wasn’t so big she would have joined the mile high club on the flight. She went back to sleep and soon I could hear Jon’s heavy breathing as he dozed off.

After we landed Jon went for the Suburban while we collected our baggage. After he and I loaded up the luggage and clubs he tossed me the keys. I watched him climb into the back seat with Monica.

I shook my head hit in the drivers seat started the forty minute drive home. By the time we were on the highway. Jon’s head was back against the headrest with his eyes closed.

Monica was kneeling on the seat her bare ass in the air and her head bobbing up and down. Obscenely wet sucking sounds coming from the back seat.

I was thankful for dark tinted windows and his big rear view mirror. It was long and she was bouncing up and down on his cock. She only had her bra on by this time.

She was moaning and very vocal about his big cock. Her pussy sound so wet as they continued to fuck. The car smelled of sex that might never come out.

Monica came slid off his cock, he had her lie back. I watch as he stroked his cock until he came all over her . I passed back a hand full of tissue.

Monica put herself back together then leaned against Jon and dozed off again. It felt surreal at this point but I was happy.

Monica talked about everything after getting home. Especially going forward. We both knew Jon would want her again. We also both knew she wanted him as well.

This was five years ago. Jon fucks her regularly with or without me. I have had sex with Trish and her amazing fake boobs.

We have even enjoyed swinging with them and others in their circle. Our favorite thing though is doing the golf trip to Tahoe where it all started.

We have swapped wives for the entire weekend. Or if Trish doesn’t come. Monica is Jon’s both nights while I play single and fuck whoever I want.


cuckold wife


Poster: Jason