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My Wife's Fantasy About a Threesome I never knew About
My wife Jenny is 35 very sexy 5ft 8 with 40DD tits a tiny waist and slim legs. Blond naturally curly hair and bright blue eyes.

Jenny and I have a great Sex life except she was becoming more and more demanding wanting bigger and multiple orgasms. This meant a lot of rubbing of her spunk filled cunt and wet clit even after 30 minutes of lovemaking. She has become insatiable often cal..
Poster: Cuckling | Full Story»

Ms Marca Ch 22 Got to let the hubby have some
This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways. This is about me… just a part of my life!

Ms Marca Ch 22

I had got home late from one of my afternoon delights and found Tim setting in the den reading one of his business magazines... "Honey what are you doing home so soon?"

"Hey love...I got a break and made a bi..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

she fucked the tatooist
my gf and I were at the tatoo parlour friday she was getting a tatoo of her bulls name on her tit. she booked the black artist, while he was tatooing her she told him of our lifestyle and eventually had this 20 yr old stud sucking her nipples before she sucked his huge cock and fucked him bareback i had to lick his cock clean..the embarressing thing was the other customers heard all this happening..
Poster: tony | Full Story»

Convincing my husband to raise another man's child
I’m a 26 year old Japanese woman who grew up in southern California. I first met my Caucasian husband when I was still a teen. I kept him submissively obsessed with me all through high school while I dated other guys with his grudging acceptance. We married right after graduation. Shortly after our wedding, he got a full time job and supported me until I graduated college.
I’ve cuckold..
Poster: Natsumi Y. | Full Story»

Ms Marca Ch 21 Back to my old ways
This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways. This is about me… just a part of my life!

Ms Marca Ch 21


"Marca, honey...me David...you busy...can you talk...?" Oh David, my mind made a picture of his cock., 9 inches...plum wide pink head...thick shift, with a mole half way down the shaft...his balls like big..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

Ms. Marca Ch 20 Chuck’s dad
This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways. This is about me… just a part of my life!

Ms. Marca Ch 20

Chuck’s dad: see Ms. Marca part 19
As most of you know I had recently taken up with some of the men in the neighborhood. The youngest was just a boy...a over grown boy...but still a boy. He was 16 and looked like..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

Candy and her boyfriends
When I first started dating my wife, Candy, during the spring of our senior year of college, I knew that she was much more sexually experienced than I was. I knew that she had dated two guys that I knew and she fucked the first one for the year that they were together until he dropped out and the second one for a year and a half after only a couple of weeks of being alone. I had sometimes heard th..
Poster: Ray Bouvin | Full Story»

my Girlfriend
I am in love with a woman I have known for 15 years now. Her name is Tabitha, I am a fairly atrractive man and to be honest Tabitha is 5ft about 400 pounds and ugly. But i love everything about her. When people see us together they can't believe it. But its true I love her. she has several other boyfriends and has fucked several of my friends. She loves sex and rarely turns anyone down, I have tri..
Poster: Nick | Full Story»

My wife and my cousin
Me and my wife have been married for 18 years i had always fantasized about Mary being with another man while i watch. I mentioned it to her and she said no. For years I would bring it up and get the same answer. Until last year Mary asked who would I get to do it? I had a person in mind already my cousin Albert who had always been attracted to Mary and had just recently been divorced and was very..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Alison and tom
Alison has been out with Tom on several more occasions since they first met. She says it is all cool because he is so relaxed and easy going, never needing to question or expecting answers. If he needs someone to accompany him somewhere like a dinner or the like its easy for her to do that as she looks great and i know they will fuck afterwards or during it if the get the chance. At the start of A..
Poster: jonathan | Full Story»

University welcome!
When as a 19 year old I joined university some 100 miles away from home, my mother, an attractive 42 year old came on her own (without my dad) to visit my studio flat, to see how I was settling in.
When she arrived, a newly-made friend of mine, Stuart was in the studio with me. He was my age, tall, blond & I suppose attractive, & I sensed my mum had a certain attraction for him. They sort o..
Poster: University boy | Full Story»

Ms Marca Ch 19 Just a boy
My husband is 20 years older than I am and is a very much the executive, who watches his ways because of his business operations. He is the perfect man all us girls have been looking for all our life. I married a man who has made me very comfortable and I have all I want. What a life. However, as Paul Harvey would say “The rest of the story!” My husband is not what I had been use to when it..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

Ms Marca Ch 18 One More Neighbor
This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways. This is about me… just a part of my life!

Ms Marca Ch 18

One of our other neighborhood friends are named Jay and Nancy Cone, who had know Tim a long time and live just a few houses down by us and Jay was my next victims so to speak. Jay had not seen me in a thong bikini or a bikini top. ..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

I thought that she was a virgin
Back in 1969, I met my wife (Charlotte) when we were freshman in college. After two weeks of spending time together almost daily, we fucked in her dorm room one Saturday night when her roommate went home for the weekend. It was my first time and it surprised me that I didn't feel anything stopping my dick from fully entering her. I had thought that her hymen would try to stop me from taking her vi..
Poster: Bruce | Full Story»

My slutwife
My wife used to like me to watch her being screwed by her black boyfriend,but lately she will not let me and demands that I lay beside the bed so I can only hear them fucking,she also makes me suck her lovers cock until it is hard and ready for her,then when it is I am made to either stand in the corner with my back turned so I can't see or I lay beside the bed,but I always have to clean both of t..
Poster: Simon | Full Story»

Hot, wet wife
My husband and I have been married for 10 years. He is a great guy and takes good care of me in bed. My problem is that I can't get enough.. When he is in me I am pretending that he is some one else.
Where I work there are several other women and men who work the same hours as I do, and we usually stop in the coffee shop after work for some chit chat. And the conversations usually inclu..
Poster: Anne | Full Story»

tashas lover comes back home
I came home from work yesterday to hear the screams of pleasure coming from upstairs, i ran up to see her lover who had only just came back from holidays fucking her millatry style he looked at me and grinned.after i finished wanking she showed me a diamond ring he brought her back she said she is double engaged now.i cleaned her up and went to sleep crying.
Poster: tony | Full Story»

Losing my Wife to a Bet
To cut a long story short I'll just say my wife and I had a confrontation with a fierce rival. As a consequence she fool hardily made a bet with him that if he lost he was to get a tattoo I am a loser. She then went to declare that she would do the same but he said “No, no you named my price I'll name yours,” she replied “well go on then you prick because it won't matter anyway as you will l..
Poster: Pete Johns | Full Story»

My new infatuation
My beautiful wife and I have been married for almost 15 years and I can honestly say that both of us have been completely loyal to each other, only ever wanting to be with one another. We lived and dreamed only for each other.

Then one weekend this all changed when we went camping with some friends out in a national park. We had set up all our tents in this protected enclave away fr..
Poster: Pete Johns | Full Story»

Ms Marca Ch 17 A New and Younger Neighbor
Ms Marca Ch 17

Whether one can outright accepted it or not, your little venture to the world of sex outside of your own marriage does transformer you into an addict. OK…so it did me! Future rendezvous with any of my big cock lovers and sex partners and perhaps even others that I had not met, were very likely going to be a part of my married life. After having it on with Tim's old ..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»

She does not know, but I knew she has been fooling around on me so I decided to follow her to the bar, I saw them as they danced and kissed on the dance floor. Of course I got it all on video with my camera. When it was time for them to leave I followed them back to his apartment. I saw she and him go into a front door and I quickly found out what apartment..
Poster: B-Rad | Full Story»

Ms. Marca Ch 16 Bill and his friend
Ms. Marca Ch 16

I woke up early the next morning. To be honest, I hardly slept at all the night before. My mind was filled with so many thoughts, and my body trembled from all the emotions I was feeling. I always had questioned my judgement after every one of my adulteress session no matter who it was with. I just can’t stop when I get pass the desire to have more. Yesterday I ha..
Poster: Ms Marca | Full Story»