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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Slippery Seconds
Wow, sloppy seconds are a gift, aren't they?

My first time was right after my girlfriend came back from the spare bedroom, where she had joined a friend of ours just an half hour earlier, leaving me waiting, wondering and... listening.

When she walked back into the bedroom, she looked outright glorious. She was naked, her pretty face was slightly red, she had just been with another man and most likely, she her pussy full of his cum.. She gave me a loving smile.. She had just done this - she really wanted it - yet she was still my girlfriend...

She silently walked over to our bed, and slipped back in next to me. She rolled on her back right away, with her thighs slightly apart. I bent over and for a moment, we looked at each other, sensing each other's feelings without having to say a word, not knowing where to begin anyway. Then we kissed, just briefly.

I released myself from her mouth, and began to explore her small, feminine body. An unfamiliar masculine odour surrounded her body that got stronger the further I went down on her. I kissed her lower belly and her pussy, where the odour was almost intoxicating... Her little cunt and buttock slit were visibly wet, but mostly from her own juices. I bent over and kissed her between her thighs, but then felt her hand in my hair.

"Oh sweetie, please, don't... Come, I want you inside me..." she whispered apparently uncomfortable with me licking her down there now... I turned and rolled on top of her. Her body still radiated heat from just a few minutes earlier... I guided my cock to her cunt. I had no idea what to expect, I wasn't even completely sure if he had cum inside her... But he had...

First thing I noticed was how very easily I slipped in. I didn't feel the slightest resistance... As I sunk in further, I was overwhelmed...! Wow!! Not just warm, but literally boiling hot, not just wet but just slippery wetness! Silky, extremely soft warmth... Woah... My penis seemed to float in his cum... inside her vagina. I had no idea how much he had unloaded, but it seemed a lot! When I pressed deeper inside I noticed that she was now incredibly deep, literally stretched beyond my reach... It was his extra inch that made a world of difference....

I recovered a bit from this incredible experience and looked at her. She smiled. "Could it be that you still have his cum inside you?" I sighed, just wanting to hear her confirm the evident. "ya.. that's possible... Can you feel it inside me?" she asked sincerely curious. "Pfew, yes... very, very wet!..." She smiled again. "Hmm.. he came a lot... I had to wipe myself a little before I got up... I didn't want it to run down my thighs once I got out of bed..." She grinned "I had to walk back with veeeery small steps.."

Oh men, I loved her so much for all this!

She told me that when she came to see him, she was ever so welcome. He didn't ask about me, he just pulled her next to him. She let him wake up a bit, while they began to kiss and fondle each other. When he reached between her thighs and noticed that she was already very wet, he was unstoppable and rolled on top of her... "Then what?" "Then he fucked me..." "On your back?" "Yes, just took me.." "Did you like it?" I asked. "Hmm, yes... I did.. very much so.."

Pff, that was enough to go on for a while. I quietly fucked her a while. Carefully too, I wanted to stretch these seconds until forever... I came flat on her body and pressed my hand under her ass. I felt how my cock, my balls and her ass had become wet and slippery.. It was his semen leaking out. I pressed myself inside her as deep as I could. But it was useless; I really couldn't reach the places inside her where he had just been. She even stopped me trying: "sweetie, you don't have to fuck me deep, its okay..."

She just laid there underneath me, letting me do my thing. She didn't moan or sigh much, not like when she was with him just now... It didn't do much for her, I guess, this was her gift to me...

She let me go on for another while until she asked me to please come. "My pussy is bit sore... I've had cocks inside me now for three quarters of an hour now... I'm not yet used to that... Would you mind coming now?" I could've gone on for another while, it was so good to fuck her used pussy but of course, I also didn't want to hurt her, so I worked myself up to my orgasm. Afterwards, she went back to sleep for another bit and I went over to his room to bond. After all, we were now sharing the same girl... We talked for a bit and I then went back to my girlfriend and spooned up against her slippery ass.

Hmmm... she brought me many more very wet, very slippery pussies after that! We also had threesomes, but my girlfriend preferred to do it separately with him. "I'm just going to the spare bedroom for a bit" meant that I had to sit and wait.. But afterwards, she'd come back to me with her pussy filled with cum, or occasionally with her mouth still smelling of cock. Some of the scenes are just indescribable. Such as when she approached me with a trail of sperm persistently dangling from her pussy.

It took me some time before I was ready to take this a step further, and to lick her after she had been with him. I did lick her a few times, also because that's how she comes but I licked myself around his semen, it was just too much... But after a while I began to fantasise about licking her clean. I was embarrassed to tell my girlfriend, let alone do it in his presence, but one morning when I found her with him in the spare bedroom after they had just finished and he went for a shower, I looked at her fanny and told I wanted to lick her. She smiled and came up, and straddled over my hips. But she didn't stop there... She started to move forward... Her cunt approached closer and closer... It was awesome to see her so close.. Next, she relentlessly lowered her hips and pressed her cunt smack on my lips... Woahhh! My tongue ran through her slit and a warm flow leaked in my mouth right away... Then she moved her hips up, towards my nose, back over my mouth, over my chin, and back a few times... She purposely smeared their fuck juices over my face, and then searched for the tip of my tongue to lick her clit.. More cum flowed out... It tasted strange, but all right. Yet it strangely persistently stuck to my tongue... She bent over and looked down.. "Do I taste nice?" she asked. "Hmmum" was all I could utter as by now I had my mouth full with cum and pussy... Men, I loved this girl! She supported herself with her hands pressed against the wall, and with her cunt on my face until she was about to reach... She pressed out the last clots and sighed heavily as her orgasm rushed through her body...


Later on, I ended up doing the same while she lay backwards on top of him, licking her clit and his hard smooth cock at the same time.. They were fucking away nicely in a slow pace, while I tried to make her cum with his cock inside her... I'm all but gay, but this was hot! It got very wet and messy.. He came before she could reach and what else was I to do but to continue servicing her? His cock softened up and slipped out, with it a gush of cum that formed a puddle in her buttock slit... I licked it off, and the rest that was beginning to flow out. She let me go ahead until she came just nicely...

As time progressed, my girlfriend had intercourse with her lover as often as with me. I had to travel a fair amount so it wasn't uncommon also for her to sleep with him only for a few days to a week. She'd keep her soggy panties for me and keep a horny little diary for me upon return... The idea that she had been walking around with her his cum inside her only for a week turned me on... And it wasn't only during my travels that she sometimes ended up with his cum inside her belly, and not mine...


cuckold wife


Poster: Todd