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Dear Voyeur with pregnant girlfriend -
You seem to be in a dilemma about watching your future pregnant wife fuck another man. On the one hand she's agreeable - you fantasy about it - yet you worry about future regrets in actually watching another man fuck your pregnant wife.

If you search these stories for my name "watcher" you will see I have tried to eliminate any regret by some simple soul-searching.

Poster: watcher | Full Story»

I Want to Watch My Girlfriend Fuck Another Man
This could be a bit of a long one, so I apologize in advance if I go on for too long. I just want to explain the situation as best as possible.

For years now I've fantasized about my significant other fucking another guy. I've never really tried to make it happen either. I'm also a professional sequential artist and I've sacrificed freelance work to make time to create artwork about..
Poster: Voyeur | Full Story»

We are both members of an amateur drama club, not that we act, more for the social side of the club. The "true" actors & actresses amongst us do shows for charities at local pubs & clubs etc. Anyway this one time, we were doing a production for a charity that apparantly appealed to a semi professional actor--- the club were thrilled that someone like him would do it "for free". This guy Jason was ..
Poster: N & S | Full Story»

Wet Sex.
A friend of mine mentioned that his wife has been reluctant to have sex "upon demand" because she's been leaking a small amount of urine now and then.

Of course women hate dribbling during sex but it can be exciting if you have the right attitude. I've experienced golden showers with a woman peeing on my chest and it's quite a sensation. There's this very hot pee squirting out o..
Poster: watcher | Full Story»

Curious wife
Amy and I have been married for 6 years and have two children both boys.
I was in Afganistan with Jeffery before her and I met.
I am 9 years older than my wife and she had just graduated from high School at the time of our meeting.
Amy was drunk at a pool party at the time and so were alot of the young girls.
Us older guys were having a ball screwing them
Poster: Luckydog40 | Full Story»

Bbw wife from honor roll to lovely hoe
The first time I realized I was a cuckold man was when a buddy of mine accused my wife of having sex with another man at the bar at first I was jealous but then I started imagining her having sex in a car or bathroom or parking lot I thought about everytime I had sex with her I finally told her after months about it she was totally into it so we fantasized for a while and I told her I was ready to..
Poster: Erickson | Full Story»

My Dirty Rude Client!
A few years back now, but the memory still excites me.

On this day as usual, I turned up at his house letting myself in. My client would be in bed, but I called a hello, and changed into my care worker's tunic, along with the touches he'd expect: the new bra and undies he'd given me money to buy for myself. Hubby knew, he'd been wanked off and teased to distraction the night before,..
Poster: icklemissnaughty | Full Story»

Making the leap from two to three
In the pleasant glow induced by a very fulfilling all-night lovemaking session, having lost her inhibitions, she told me her wildest sexual fantasy: acting like a filthy whore, begging to suck and fuck a 9-inch dick and to become a man’s dirty slut, preferably a black man. It would add to her pleasure if I watched; and her wish would be complete if I participated! I replied I would certainly en..
Poster: Lewis Fokis | Full Story»

Breaking my new wife
I am older than my wife by about 10 Years.
She was about 18 when we first met .
I was discharged from the Army and came home with her older Brother Jim he and I had served in Afganistan together serving most of our time at an outpost in the hills.
We were shot at from long range many times but never really attacked.
Well back to the story.
Jesie was thrilled ..
Poster: Luckydog40 | Full Story»

My Wifes First
Well it finally happened today. My wife fucked a older guy with a large cock. Sounds good right? Wrong... Here's our story. We placed an ad online a few months back and like all you know we got loads of responses. We settled on this guy who sent a pic of his rather large dick. His letter came across as sincere and honest. He was average looking and build. So we contacted him to meet. We met at a ..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

The repairman
We had been having trouble with our internet and cable, and had called the cable company several times to come see what the problem was. The repairman they sent, Joe, was a guy in his late 50s, muscular but a bit on the heavy side, big hands, moustache. He spent an hour under the cabinet where the computer was, while my wife watched what he was doing and talked to him. I had to go out for about an..
Poster: Alan | Full Story»

Saturday Morning Surprise
A buddy was staying at our house for a few days and he and I were relaxing in the living room. My wife was getting ready to take a bath and walked through the room in her robe. My buddy, always the flirt, said, "You shouldn't walk through here like that when I'm horny!" "Pull it out if you want me to take care of it," she replied. "You think I won't?" he answered. "All talk and no action," sh..
Poster: Jeffy | Full Story»

I thought I was the only one?
From reading these posts, I see that I'm not the only one who likes the feeling of my wife's freshly-stretched out pussy full of another man's sperm. When we were first married, her pussy was really tight, and that was good, but it doesn't compare with watching some stud fuck the daylights out of my spouse, then my dick just "falls in." I don't get the old "suction" and tightness like that, but ..
Poster: Chase | Full Story»

Wish I could have been there!
I've always wanted a threesome or at least to watch, but it never turns out that way--still, I'm okay with it. My wife is normally a rather reserved person, friendly but not flirty or anything. She can be unpredictable and occasionally will have a quick, dirty fuck with some guy she doesn't even know--and then dutifully tell me about it later. Last time it was the insurance adjuster who came ou..
Poster: Jake | Full Story»

My wife's swollen pussy
Our neighbor came over the next day after he had fucked my wife the night before. My wife is a shy type who loves the attention he gave her. To be perfectly correct, she loved his big dick.

He is big, but only slightly larger than me so it's really more accurate to say she enjoyed having another man fuck her. They had been flirting for a long time but last night they took it a st..
Poster: Ace Harden | Full Story»

This is all very true..
It started off with my wife cheating on me. I found a chat log with someone and she was telling him how good he fucked her. Something strange happened to me. I was upset, but turned on by reading her messages about when I'd be at work, that she was going to drop me off and go over there, and what they were going to do to each other. Then later the messages were after they met up and how good the s..
Poster: LuvItLikeThis | Full Story»

With the Real Estate Guy
We hang some pictures of my wife in various poses undressed in our bedroom. Since nobody ever goes in there except us, we were totally caught off guard when the real estate appraiser went in the room while appraising our house. When we went in the room it was pretty awkward as he was staring at the pictures…but you could feel the sexual tension. He looked at my wife and complimented her on he..
Poster: Terry | Full Story»

Advice to a new cuckold.
I've posted a few stories and gotten a few replies. I got a question from a visitor to this website about "how do I deal with watching my wife fuck another guy"?

If you get a hard-on thinking about a guy fucking your wife you're half-way there. If you jack off thinking about a guy fucking your wife you're half-way there. If your wife tells you stories about how she would fuck ano..
Poster: watcher | Full Story»

Best friend finally did it!
I've wanted my wife to have sex with my best buddy Cal for the best part of 20 years, but I'd pretty much given up on having it happen for real. We discussed it, but Becky would back out when things got hot, or Cal would jinx the party by questioning what would happen to our relationship after such a change. Cal and Becky shared a birthday, so we'd celebrate it together every year and for that n..
Poster: Bobby R | Full Story»

Has anyone tried to fly with a metal cage (Kalis cage) on their cock.
I leave Friday for St Lucia and my wife wants me in the cage for a week.
She's seeing David her lover Monday and Thursday prior to us leaving so her breasts can be well marked for the topless beach.
Poster: Fred | Full Story»

He Doesn't Know Yet
My boyfriend took a job out of town a couple months ago, so we haven't been seeing each other very regularly. We did meet in Vegas a month ago for the weekend, but it had been nearly a month since we'd been together. We did video-cam sex one day (me with my legs spread, finger-fucking myself, pinching my nipples, etc.; him stroking his hard cock for me), but we looked forward to getting together.<..
Poster: MA | Full Story»

My wife got fucked hard
Our new neighbor took a real liking to my wife as soon as he moved in. We usually greet new neighbors with tea, sodas and a tray of sandwiches or cookies, that's how they first met. I was at work and he was getting his new house set up before bringing his family there.

I knew something was up because she was in a laughing, good natured mood when I got home, but she didn't offer an..
Poster: Randy Dave | Full Story»

The Only Time I Cheated
I have never told a soul about this and probably never will but after discovering this site, and reading all of the different stories I think I can anonymously tell this story. I’ve been itching to tell someone, but I think this will serve as my outlet.

I am 44 years old and my yhusband and met in college and have been married for 21 years. We have two great kids, the oldest ..
Poster: Lori | Full Story»

I Watched Her Fuck on Webcam
For a little while I had a girlfriend who sort of dropped on me one evening the idea of her fucking a coworker while I watched her via webcam from 2,500mi away. We had talked about it as a fantasy, but then she just popped on cam with him in the room and she put on a show for me. I watched for awhile and fapped, but right after I popped, something snapped and I freaked out and turned the video off..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

Help in becoming a Bull
I'm extremely interested in becoming a bull for a few reasons. Especially as the subject of sex is a taboo in my community. I'm 26 have a good job 6'6 and around 7". What's the best way to start? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I frequent the midlands a lot as well.
Poster: Da Bull | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Just Fucked a Guy at a Party
Today was the first time my girlfriend cucked me. She was picked up after university by a guy she made out with at a party. They fucked for hours and hours and she came home and wanted more. While we were fucking, she told me how a guy we both know wanted to "catch up" with her. I was alright with the guy from the party because I know that no one I know will find out. However with this guy, our mu..
Poster: EJ | Full Story»

Cuckolding My Long Term Boyfriend
My boyfriend, Alex, and I had always been pretty kinky. We would tell each other all of our fantasies and even role play them out together during sex. He had a huge fantasy about having me cuckold him. The more we role played it, the hotter the fantasy became for me too! I even got him to lick my dildo clean and damn he sucked it good! After playing it out with him quite a bit, I learned to b..
Poster: Brooke | Full Story»

Do You Think She Cheated?
Last night my wife attended a business dinner at a hotel about 30 miles from our home.

The dinner started at 7:30 P.M. so she left the house at 6:30 to give her plenty of time to get there.

She was wearing tight black dress pants a white shirt and a short black jacket that did nothing
to cover her beautiful ass.

She looked so sexy her hair nails ..
Poster: Mack | Full Story»

My first gangbang
Flanked by my two smartly dressed escorts, I nervously stepped into the hotel elevator. Was I really this dirty and wanton? I wondered, before arriving on the top floor. My black dress hung by a thread at my right shoulder, exposing the rounded side of my left breast, and the curve of my waist and hip. My lower back disappeared beneath the folds of the thin material just above my arse, and the hem..
Poster: Sreemoyee | Full Story»

Sharing his Girlfriend
A few weeks ago my friend let his roommate sleep with his girlfriend. The backstory is that his girlfriend's friend (who is a girl) wanted to have a threesome with her and someone else, but she felt weird doing it with my friend and his girlfriend.

So she proposed that she do it with his roommate and her friend. He was totally cool with it. If thats not friendship, I don't know what..
Poster: Bigman | Full Story»

In the Car with a Friend
Some of the stories here bring back memories!

I too caught my wife in a car with a friend of hers from school. I was at home, expecting her because it was getting late, when I decided to check her out. I knew they would be at a certain bar when her other friends there said she had just left.

Walking back to my car I saw his car with two people in it from a distance. ..
Poster: mT | Full Story»

If Your A Cuck LA Blk Bull Want's To Fuck Your Hot Wife
Being A Cuckold Let Me Count The Ways, As You Can See By The Many Different Encounters I Have Had To Each His Own There Is No One Way To Be A Cuck

It actually means many different things to different cuckolds.

But let's start at the beginning: The truth vs. the Truth.

The Truth, or an absolute Truth, is actually unnamable, or rather it exists, b..
Poster: Lane | Full Story»

While I was Away I Suspected Something
Even though I was serving overseas for 12 months my wife and I kept in contact all the time, mail, email, phone. So I knew pretty much all that was going on at home...like I was there. Now at home I am noticing that a lot of stuff that needed repairing around the apartment was already repaired. Stuff that I know she was'nt able to do herself.

She stumbled with her answer saying she..
Poster: Watcher | Full Story»

Opened the Door to Find Her Fucking
I was working late, when a friend called me from a watering hole of a nearby town to advise my wife was there with some guy. I was supposed to be on my way for an overnight business trip but had been delayed at my office due to the need to finish the presentation materials I was to use. I drove over to the town, found the bar, found her car in the parking lot, but she was no where in sight. The ba..
Poster: Very Hard | Full Story»

I Caught Her Doing
This is good story site. Three year ago a Thursday afternoon I was returning to my job from a business visit. My home was on my way so I stopped over to say hello to my wife. It’s a hot day. I thought she’s enjoying herself in the pool as usual. She wasn’t there. I entered the house from the back door. It’s very quite except some muttering coming from the bedroom. I walked in the room. It..
Poster: Emile | Full Story»