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Black Cock

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Wife took the plunge
I have a less than average package and wife of twenty years has had several friends over the years , I would know from the times I couldn't feel her or she just cut me off for a while, Well last night three black guys staying in the room next to us at the beach, started flirting with her as we sat outside our room we talked and drank a few beers until one started stroking his dick saying he had to..
Poster: Stacy | Full Story»

Second letter she wrote & did not send
This is the second letter my wife wrote & did not bother to send to me.

I know we had talked about me sucking guys cocks being more of a personal thing than letting them between my legs. It seems that Danny is not the only one who's wife will not do that for him. He really likes it when I go down & suck his cock and let him cum while he is in my mouth, you know I don't mind that..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

old technology rules OK
'twas many years ago, well before on line porn, even before DVD's---the day of the VHS videos!
Well, at work was this lesbian, mid 20's, blonde & very attractive. She had 'come out', but was generally quiet, & we got on well. Well, one time I was under work pressure, & Sally was someone who knew about the work involved, so I asked for her help. Well, to cut a long story short, she 'saved m..
Poster: old style cuckold | Full Story»

Dealing with Pegs unwanted pregnancy
Peg and I have been kicking ourselves in the ass for doing this last gang bang with Ernie and Dijon because one of them shot the magic wad and she is sure now that she is pregnant with a black baby.
It has taken awhile for us to accept it but now we just know that we fucked up and are trying to deal with it.

Ernie has called several times apologizing for Dijons rude action..
Poster: James | Full Story»

more white wife fun
In my wildest dreams I had no clue my wife would ever do this! Karen had done to nude photo shoot for the young man in Lincoln Ne and they had done a great job! And Art got laid by my wife twice, right after her shoot and two weeks later when we picked her CD up! A couple weeks or so after her shoo I told her the shoot she had done wasn't the one I'd wanted! I'd had two offers for shoots, the othe..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Hidden Letters
I was asked by some one to keep writing my story, I hope that others are enjoying them also,
My wife had written me letters while I was deployed to the desert but she did not send them all. She wrote many that she kept for some reason in a box, which I have now found & read them.
I will post some here & see if any one wants me to continue, the family stuff she wrote will be edited..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

white wife fun
My wife and I had shared an open marriage for several years, not really a true chuckold , more of the shared wife thing. Karen is 5' and 115lbs with green eyes and blonde hair. Her breasts are a lovely 36c with the left being slightly larger than her right one. Very nice center set nipples of the very sensitive nature! She enjoys some rough play with them during sex! During the prior few years I h..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Neighbor calls
Back in the 80's my wife and I lived in an upstairs apartment.Our down stairs neighbor was a good looking Spanish guy, 5'10",well built and married.My wife and I became good friends with him(his wife was always at work or out of town).

He'd always call before he came over.One late night I had just got home work.My wife had dressed in her little black tight mini dress and black high ..
Poster: Ralph | Full Story»

Be Careful it could happen to you
My wife, who has had her boyfriend for a long time now & has cucked me since we were first married & I went on my deployment to the desert, likes to see me suck cock once in a while.
I should have remembered this, but never even considered what would happen. I know it sounds racist & I do not want to, & I know many stories talk about the guy & the black cock, but it does happen. It did ha..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My British Teacher Wife
I'm 37 and my wife is 45 & we have been married for almost 12yrs, she had never been unfaithful & never dreamt of it. She works as a College Tutor at the local College. Back in 2014 she was having a bit of trouble with a female student who was 17, she was basically being a right little bitch & trying to wind my wife up & be disruptive in class & it was starting to become a real problem.
My ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

white wife fun
My wife and I had talked for several years about breaking our wedding vows. I wanted her to! I finally dared her to do it and she agreed to do it! We decided on our groomsman to do the honors. We both knew he'd jump at the chance if given it! She called him and ask him to come over to help her. Larry wasn't always on the spot so after 2hrs and he hadn't shown I ran him down and ask him to run by a..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Well I am not sure what to do now.
Christ after the gang bang with Ernie and Dijon to sore to have sex with me.
she did give me head though so we talked about the two black guys that had fucked her that day as she would suck me cock and she said that Dijon was so big it actually hurt but she did have a small orgasm with him.
Well after about a week Peg said we have to talk ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My Deployment Ends My Cuck Life Begins
When I returned from my deployment in the desert I was aware that my wife had sex with a married guy she met while I was deployed.
I knew that she had given him oral & that he had been inside of her bareback (more than one time) but not much more than that at the time.
I was home for three days & we had some great sex, it was like I had hoped for, she was glad to have me home aga..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Bubble gum (2)
Well, carrying on, I laughingly told my wife about that lesbian bubble gum kissing video, laughingly encouraging her to watch it, & ensuring she saw it fully.
She was quick to retort, "If you so dislike it, why are u interested?" There was really no reply, was there? "Of course", said she slyly, "the 2 doing this sort of thing could easily be boss Martin & I. Also, like them 2 lesbians, I'..
Poster: NOT a lover of bubble gum | Full Story»

Back again to our cruise.
Well it was the third or fourth night after Peg and John had become lovers and we were just leaving Hawaii and headed for Mexico.
We were topside dancing and singing as we made our farewell to the Islands.
Peg has a glass of bubbly in her hand and it was her second glass and she was very tipsy laughing and dancing with everyone that would ask her.
John asked if he could tak..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Still deployed
While I was still on my deployment my wife was now having sex more often with her new friend & decided she needed a place to meet him besides our bedroom (he was also married).
She got a job at a hotel as a banquet waitress, working three nights a week. One of the perks of the job was, employees could rent a room for $5/ night.
Her friend would tell his wife he was going to the ..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Peg , Ernie , And Dijon
Well the gang bang finally happened yesterday with Ernie and his big dicked buddy Dijon but it wasn't as good as it could have been.
Both guys were as black as sin and very well built.
Ernie has this very nice 8 inch cock that I have to admit is beautiful especially when it is all slimy with Pegs body fluids but Dijon although his cock is a massive 10 incher and every bit as handso..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My hubby loves to watch
Moni - I can't help myself Another

About a year after we were married I was working at a trucking firm , it was of course predominantly men .
I was working in the office and made friends with a few of the guys there, they were all much older than I was but I never let age
differences bother me, they were all very nice to me. Maybe it was the fact I was so ..
Poster: Moni | Full Story»

Bull Came Inside My Wife
So, yesterday afternoon my wife let her long time bull cum in her for the first time. She has been seeing this guy off and on for the last 3-4 months and every time he either wears a condom or just doesn't cum at all.

The guy is black and my wife says he has the biggest dick she has ever seen and he makes her come like no one else ever has. So, he came over while I was away from the..
Poster: Simple Simon | Full Story»

My early shared wife days
Hi, Moni here

Another true story from my younger days.

A long time ago I was working in an office for a large trucking company. There were a few women in the office but all mostly men. Harassment back then was not uncommon and I didn't bother me much, back in the late 70's. I had been married for just under a year now and had just started to be a shared wife..
Poster: Moni | Full Story»

Her First Time
When we got married Amber was a church going virgin, yes we had some heavy nights fingering wanking even me licking her cunt ( she thought it was filthy) but she remained a virgin. Then when we did get married first night her period started I didn't realise at the time, it was to lead to a bad time for us sexually, for six months sex was crap Amber was scared and almost frigid this could have ruin..
Poster: Amber | Full Story»

Thinking back to when it started.
Peg is still asleep and today is the day we meet with Ernie and Djon for her first gang bang by two well hung black guys.
We had talked about it long into the night but I woke up antsy and she was able to sleep so I let her.
I am thinking back to how it aLL had begun this morning.
It really wasn't all that long ago come to think about it Just last March to be exact.
Poster: James | Full Story»

From Hockey Mom to Hotwife.
I still have to stop and I cant believe how fast this has happened.
My pretty little Asian wife has gone from a loving normal housewife to acock loving slut in less than 5 months.
We have been married for over 21 years now and for the last 15 or so years I have from time to time tried to get her interested in doing a guy in front of me but she at first became angry with me for sugg..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Peg tries more bbc.
After Ernie Peg was ecstatic telling me how his cock filled her up and touched her in places that had never felt a cock before and was eager to try him a second time.
She also admitted that while he was fucking her he watched his black cock slide in and out of her pussy and how excited she got.
Well we met with Ernie several times after that and once after they had both cum and was..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My hot cruel little wife
My wife was cute 24 and horny as fuck. Loved to humiliate me to rub in her fuck stories and loved making me watch her get fucked loved making me set. Up she is so damn sexy to
Poster: Bobby | Full Story»

My Wife Agreed to Meet with Other Men
My wife is now 29. She is 5'9", with long legs. Her breasts aren't large, but they're firm and fit her slender figure well. She turns heads wherever we go.

When she agreed to my urging her to meet other men while I watch, it worked out well. We talked about it for almost a year before she answered a personals ad online by a younger guy. I would watch from our bedroom's corner chair...
Poster: Marc | Full Story»

her first bbc
Since our cruise Peg had broadened her experiences first with a guy we met online that she met with several times and then after one excursion as we lay in bed together talking about our new lifestyle she was asking me if it bothered me at all watching her with another guy and with her having orgasms with them.
I still had mixed feelings on that but I assured her that I was good with it an..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My Wife Loves Dominant Men
My wife is very much turned on by D/s, she loves nothing more than to submit to a Dom, be under his complete control for whatever he wants sexually. I have role played this with her as the Dom many times, but it is not my turn on, so I don't really play the part well. With a little searching I found a guy who dominate her, she spent an evening with him that I set up, I was present the entire time,..
Poster: H.Wells | Full Story»