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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Fun Reunion
My wife and I have been happily married for over 20 years. We are both widowed a very devoted to each other. My wife, Carol, recently received an invitation in the mail to her high school 40 year class reunion in Richmond, Virginia.

She really wanted to go so we made reservations and flew out. We had gotten reservations at the hotel that was hosting the event which was very conveni..
Poster: Lonewolf | Full Story»

Becoming a Cuckold
We are currently in a Hotwife/Cuckold relationship and both are enjoying the hell out of it. It’s really strange when I think about it.

If you would have told me when we were married, that other men would be fucking my wife, while she is denying me sex and I would love it. I would have said, no fucking way. We got into the buis 25 years into our marriage.

It start..
Poster: Trevor | Full Story»

Wife’s Secret Past
My wife after twenty five years of marriage, told me she had a threesome in college. During sex we usually talk about our sexual fantasies.

She told me that she would love to have another three some. Of course I picked up immediately on the word “another”. I asked if she had a three before.

She realized her slip and said she had with a sheepish smile. I thought ..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Once was not Enough
Well to recap my wife Karen is in her late 50s like myself she experienced her first arc in front me a few months back.

She is 4"10 38d blonde hair nice little body. Well one night she stated talking about our last experience and wanted to go the local casino to gamble and I knew she wanted to do more than that.

Well er drove out of state checked into the casino..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Cucking a Husband
My wife has a high sexual drive that I have never been able to keep up with. She felt the need to cheat to get satisfaction sexually.

I love her dearly and realized she had an insatiable desire to fuck and she couldn’t control herself. She loved me and felt bad about cheating but just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to fuck.

After many heart to heart discussi..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Our First Real Bull
Since the beginning of our relationship I have been very open with my wife about my cuckold fetish and she has, on occasion, indulged me with the occasional fling with ex boyfriends or people she's met and kept in touch with prior to our relationship.

It wasn't until two years ago that she found who we both consider to be our first long term bull.

He was an old cla..
Poster: Cuck | Full Story»

Wife Seduces Neighbors Son
Several years ago when we were in our early thirties, we had new neighbors move in beside us. They had a nineteen year old son name Mark who was getting ready to leave for the Air Force.

We had similar hobbies like hunting and dirt bikes. Anytime he saw me outside, he would come over and hang out and talk.

His parents were very religious and he was a bit sheltered. ..
Poster: Jacob | Full Story»

Park Near Home
Carol and I both enjoy local history and there is a city park just a couple of miles from our home that is on the site of an old Native American village. The park has covered picnic tables, restrooms and hiking trails. We had only visited a couple of times before and just walked a couple of the trails before leaving. It's a nice, basically unimproved area that we have enjoyed visiting a couple of ..
Poster: Lonewolf | Full Story»

Cuckold Angst
We are currently in a Cuckold relationship and I have not had sex with my wife in over ten years. My wife is very open to trying new exciting sexual things. She was more experienced with sex than I when we met. Matter of fact, she was my first.

She let me know I was on the smaller size and I had no stamina, not to mention pre-ejaculation issues. One afternoon during fore play she b..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

My Bitch
I want to talk to the women who are married to men who are bi-curious, have a small penis, have Cuckold fantasies, or a low sex drive.

I have been happily married to a man who has a small penis for 30 years now, and I love our sex life. Even though I have not physically fucked my Husband in 25 years.

I privately lovingly refer to my husband as my bitch. We began dat..
Poster: Sally | Full Story»

A Rogue's Memoirs
Greetings friends. Consider this a preview of what I would like to relate in the future. I am an older man who occasionally reflects on his very colorful sexual adventures from youth and middle age.

I think readers would be interested to hear of my journey from a young, willing cuckold to an accomplished bull. They might enjoy listening to the tale of me watching a parked car from ..
Poster: Nick Drummond | Full Story»

I have figured out what would make the Perfect cuckold relationship.
Having an Escort as ones Significant Other.

1. She'd be meeting other guys for sex.

2. Must guys that see escorts are either old, fat, ugly or young and rich so no worries about her being taken from you.

3. I bet 2 or 3 out of five times an escort doesn't have good orgasms. So..
Poster: FREDERICK | Full Story»

My wife, J and I started out as swingers but eventually ended up with me as a cuckold husband. Being married to a former model and centerfold it's hard to find another couple that turns both her and me on. I enjoy watching and listening to her have orgasms on BBC.

The three of us (J, myself and O her lover)just returned from a trip to South Florida where we visited a swingers club ..
Poster: Frederick | Full Story»

Patiently Waiting
Here I am but not sure how I got here. Early in our marriage my wife’s sexual drive was low. I tried pushing her into new exciting adventures to spice things up.

I found myself looking for sex outside the marriage. I first tried getting my wife into swinging but she wasn’t interested.

I then tried meeting another couple for a soft swap. We met a couple but she g..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

Shaved and a Happy Ending
My situation is very tame compared to others posts but it is what it is and I am very happy with the situation. I also know my friends feel the same way.

These days I like to keep myself shaved. That’s my cock, balls and crack. I do not shave myself as it is very hard to do safely I feel. These days a friend’s wife that does it for me.

The first time it happe..
Poster: Lucky Dave | Full Story»

Dreams Come True
My wife Mary got into cuckolding ten years ago. She was very sexual before we met and enjoyed porn as much as much as I do.

We would go to our local porn shop and rent xxx movies before the computer age and go home and openly masturbate while watching them in front of each other. I mostly jerked off to watching her looking at the big cocks while fucking her self with a large dildo...
Poster: Ross | Full Story»

Face Sit and Clean Up
My wife is free to see and date anyone she wants. We have been like that for 5 years. Life has never been better. She very seldom does it at our house as we have other family. I have seen her being fucked by other men but not very much. I don’t mind that and in some ways prefer that. I think it would be more natural without me there.

When she comes home, she will often sit o..
Poster: Jas | Full Story»

My Beautiful Hotwife
My wife has no idea I know about her cheating ways. We met through mutual friends. She was a tall pretty blonde who was a veterinarian. She was from the area and I was new to the city. I had taken a job for a large company two years prior to meeting her.

I was immediately drawn to her personality and looks. She had the looks, body, and brains. I am an adventurous person who has ma..
Poster: Skip | Full Story»

Accidentally Cuckolded my Husband
I am 31 and my husband is 32 and we decided to have a threesome. We have and even had a great sex life but we are both bi so we decided to open up our relationship to some physical fun and try some threesomes.

We wanted it to be a man at first to get comfortable. We created a long list of rules like, no kissing on the lips, making sure everybody is involved, safe words, etc. and of..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

My Wife was a Slut for our Foursome
Several years ago my friend asked me to fuck his girlfriend (wife now). I was taken back at first but he explained it was something they were exploring so I went for it and it was unbelievable.

It became somewhat of a regular thing over the next several years and even though we moved to different cities whenever we got together we would tag team her or he would watch me fuck her. <..
Poster: Jon | Full Story»

Need help to live out our fantasies but where are the genuine guys
This is not really a cuckold story as such but more of a wantobe one. My wife is planning a return back to the UK after many years of not seeing her family or childhood friends mainly due to the c-19 restrictions on travel as well as the rising costs involved. She has lived here in Australia since coming out with her family as a teenager.

I was lucky to meet her not long after her a..
Poster: GEEWHIZ | Full Story»

Slow Change
So this one is true, there’s a lot but I’ll keep it brief. So a few years back I had this girlfriend at the start of the story.

She’s about 25 and I’m 28, she’s beautiful, small only 5 foot and 90 lbs, blond hair blue eyes, super kinky and looked younger than her age well call her Anne.

I’m 5’9” 130 lbs, brown hair, not very muscular, just an average..
Poster: Alex B | Full Story»

Smaller but Better
I've been married for over 40 years but have never succeeded in making my wife orgasm. She has always been - and still is - very pretty.

She is 5'4", slim, has exceptionally great legs and shoulder length blond hair. For many years I encouraged her to have sex with someone else in the hope that they could provide her with the sexual satisfaction I fail to.

We have a..
Poster: Roy | Full Story»