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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I got caught!
I'm a cuckold, but my wife's lover Martin is not keen on me watching! I can understand this, as it obviously must make it difficult to perform whilst being watched. But that's OK; just watching Anne going to Martin's place every Friday evening, heavily made up, with heavy lip glossed mouth, & with her black patent leather high heels in jer bag is exciting enough. Naturally, I masturbate whilst she..
Poster: voyeur? | Full Story»

Recently returned from Dubai, what with the recession etc! But just a word of warning to other ex pats there! Dubai, unlike other countries in the region is liberal, but maybe not THAT liberal. But I always say that you've got to conform to the rules of the country you live in. We had a great time there, & would recommend it---but beware cuckoldry & adultery.
Recently there were 2 incidents..
Poster: Dubai-cuck | Full Story»

Re Ashok's letter, 'Getting my loving wife fucked'
Nice letter, & like me, you too are an Indian cuckold (see my letter of January 2008, called 'Like father like son').
But these guys who've been servicing your wife, pissing on you, & tying you up, are they white or Indian? You obviously need to be humiliated, don't you?
Might I be so bold as to suggest that next time, IF you were to travel west, let your wife try a nice big fat whit..
Poster: Genetic Cuckoldry? | Full Story»

Adam's back 2
over the next few days Adam and Sandra exchanged emails and decided to keep their relationship as strictly friends. That was Sandras idea, as she did not want to mess our marriage up. The thought of Adam fucking her made me horny as hell, but also worried me very much. Sandra confessed that Adam was hitting on her and was sending her text messages all the time. He was urging her to dump me and..
Poster: dany | Full Story»

get my loving wife fucked
we r an indian couple. hence there is always a hesitation but by reading stories from the internet, we get bold and decided to implement in a city other than our own. so we went to a nearby bis city and booked guest house for one week.
i, the hubby was in touch with a prfessional who promptly came to our room and soon started. he unjipped his trouser and my loving wife without loosing any ..
Poster: ashok | Full Story»

Just starting out
I don’t know that I am a cuckold yet. It just seems like that is where this is going. It really started about 2 years ago. We had been married about 6 years and things weren’t going well in the sex department. She just didn’t have any desire. I got tired of trying and only feeling like I was forcing her to do it. One day we finally just talked about it. She was feeling guilty and said..
Poster: J | Full Story»

beginning of a long cuckolding journey
I recently posted a story called "My wife first cuckolding me." Well I guess this wasn't technically a cuckolding experience as even though I seen her she didn't know that I seen her and she didn't admit it, so I guess she was just cheating. But it was a start of it all.
Since that night out Jane had not had sex with me, and our sex life's were strained before that anyway since we had our ..
Poster: Pete | Full Story»

Hi I have always wonted my white wife to have sex with a very well hung black man while i watch but i dont know how to get her interested in trying out my fantasy. Could you please tell me a way to interest my wife in trying black cock. Id love to hear from you. I await your reply Adam
Poster: Adam Marshall | Full Story»

Adam's back
I was at the gym with my wife the other day when I noticed her talking to a young guy. As I approached them she introduced him to me as Adam. I knew right away who he was, it was her college boyfriend. They broke up after college cause he moved away for work. He was back in town now, and just joined the gym. Sandra and I did not hide any secrets about our pasts, and I knew she had previous boy..
Poster: Dany | Full Story»

an interesting development
I have decided to share with you the change of direction that my marital relationship has taken in the past few months.

Before I begin I'll tell you a little about the two of us. My name is Jonathan and I am 34 years old and work in logistics. I am 6'2" with a fairly good athletic build. My wife of 10 years, Alison, is 31 with a slim figure, 5'7" tall with long wavy brunette hair. ..
Poster: adam | Full Story»

Insatiable Girlfriend
My girlfriend has gorgeous porn star looks. She's 26 years old, 5' 6", 110, beautiful face, long blonde hair, huge 44E tits, narrow waist, beautiful long legs, and a great ass ! And, her cunt is insatiable.

For the past couple of years I have been recruiting men to satisfy her constant need for sex. She has 3 regular black lovers who come over on different days throughout the we..
Poster: Webb | Full Story»

First Time Cucked
My wife and I have been married for 12yrs and she has a demanding sexual apetite. This worked out very well for a number of years but as time progressed my career began to compete with her labido; coming home late, working weekends, working out of town meant I wasn`t able to keep her satisfied. What use to happen 4 to 5 time a week was now happening 1 to 2 times a month.
We also now have ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Petite wife's first new dick
My first cuckold experience was in the form of swinging. Perhaps I am not technically a cuckold, but I'll leave that to you to advise.

My wife Becky, a petite young lady I married 4 years ago, is extremely hot in bed. When we married we fucked 3 times a day. But somewhere down the line some of the fun went out of our sex life. We were down to sex about once a month. It was still gre..
Poster: Real Cuck | Full Story»

Continued from my first story
My Hot Wife has been Cucking me ever since we got married. She still does the guys at her work, her boss, and some of the guys around the neighborhood. She always dressses like a slut and loves to flirt with guys when we are out. Sometimes she will go off with them for a while and come back with cum in her hair or pussy. If they fuck her, she always feeds me the hot cum. She makes me wear her favo..
Poster: Angelscuck | Full Story»

Home Repairs
i luv to call black repairmen to my house to perform various tasks, the most important of which is filling my hungry hot fuckholes with black seed.

If I know I can expect some "fixing" that day, I call cucky at work to tell him. I also tell him what I'm going to be wearing. I'm soooo evil!!!
I put on my cam so my cuckhubby can watch at his desk, in his office.

Poster: Juno | Full Story»

My wife first cuckolding me.
Jane and I had been married for five years and had never spoke about having other sexual partners ever. Our marriage was caught in a rut since we had our daughter about two years ago. Our sex lifes was nearly non existant and as it was so irregular when we did have sex it wouldn't last for long which was very frustrating to Jane.

On a rare occasion we were able to organise a baby si..
Poster: Pete | Full Story»

I was browsing the net ,when ,to my delight I found a beautiful Native American girl laying nude on a couch, that years ago knew my wife and I well. The years have treated her well, making her big tits even bigger, and, her belly look soft enough to sink your hands into. The kind of belly that bdsm lovers love. Her husband used my wife , cuckolding me when ever business brought him our way. He was..
Poster: cass | Full Story»

Wife Makes Out With Black Male In Bar 1st Time
My wife danced with a black guy and brought him back in our booth, sat across from me last night, and began to french kiss him while he felt her up and she played with him under the booth. She then took him to our car and blew him. This is our first cuck experience.
Poster: John | Full Story»

Larry still cuckolds me
As I related in a previous post, my young wife Karen got niled by my buddy Larry, the first to cuckold me. He broke Karen it. That was some three years ago. Karen had had three other lovers since that first cuckold up till that last post. Larry was still banging her, regularly, much to my delight. What a hot cock. But he is unavailable now, having been transferred in his job to another city over 7..
Poster: Jason Monroe | Full Story»

Wife and BF on vacation
My wife decided she wanted to bring her black boyfriend on vacation with us this year. I am 41, wife is 39, boyfriend is 24. We are having a wonderful time at our beach house in the Outer Banks and my wife is overjoyed to have her lover with her. We are getting some stares on the beach but neither seem to notice. I have been sleeping in one room while my wife and her lover sleep together. It ..
Poster: Jon | Full Story»

my girl and my boss
I'm 32 and black. Most people think the myth is true but I'm here to dispell it.. I have a white gf and she kept telling me how bad she wanted to bang a black guy. When she was finally ready to fuck she took my pants down and couldn't stop laughing. I think she told her friends because they always call me l.d. (which I think stands for little dick). I also think she's cheating because I took h..
Poster: little prick | Full Story»