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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


She Left Me
I have always had a huge Cuckold fetish. Early in my marriage, I would tell my wife about my sick fetish and she thought I was crazy.

Though she got really worked up listening to me talk. My wife was very attractive and well built. Getting dick has never been a challenge for her.

She had several before we married. I’m quite frankly surprised she married me. I myself was cute but had a small dick and really couldn’t fuck my Wife the way she deserved. I began begging her to fuck other men.

She told me that she wouldn’t mind getting laid but it could have damaging consequences to our marriage. I told her that I was willing to take the chance. After constant begging she finally agreed. I asked if she wanted me to help her find someone. She laughed and said “I don’t need your help finding dick”.

It only took a couple days when she came home and told me she was going out Friday night and don’t wait up. I knew what she had planned it instantly got me hard as a rock. I jerked off twice that evening.

I tried getting information about her date but she wouldn’t divulge anything but other than remind me it was my decision. She got dressed into her sexy outfit and walked out the door never looking back. I watched tv in anguish waiting for her return. It was getting late and I had a constant erection, but didn’t want to touch it because I was saving myself for her.

I fell asleep on the couch and was woken when she walked in the door. It was after 2am. She didn’t say a word and walked into the bedroom. She began undressing and I noticed she had no panties on. She crawled onto the bed and looked at me just standing there staring at her. She then said “aren’t you going to come get your reward “.

I quickly removed my t-shirt and boxers and jumped into the bed. I asked if she fucked her date. She said multiple times, he was a much better lover than you. My dick actually softened a bit when she said it. Reality kicked in. She said she was tired and spread her legs and asked if I would please hurry. I crawled between her legs and placed my dick near her pussy then she asked what are you doing. Surprised, I said I’m going to fuck you.

She said, oh no you’re not. She said you wanted to be Cuckold, so get your little cum sucking bitch lips down there and clean my pussy. We had never discussed any of this and again I was set back and lost what little erection I had left. I slipped down and obeyed as ordered. I could clearly taste semen and she asked “ how does he tast, bitch”. I was surprised by her belittling of me and ate that pussy like never before.

She had another orgasm and finally said she was completely fucked out. She also said she was going to sleep and to take my fagot ass out to the couch and beat off. She threw me a pillow and said that’s were my bed is tonight. I did as told and jerked off while lying on the couch. Afterwards after the excitement I began to question myself. The next morning she told me her pussy was going to be sore for days, laughing. She still gave no details but did say that she’ll be keeping him.

Every weekend was the same story but with different men. I really don’t know how many men she was fucking and she showed no signs of slowing down. Anytime I complained, she would remind me that she told me so. One evening I asked if she has ever slept with a black guy. She said no but was curious. She said there wasn’t any in our area. I said let me find one for you. She said good luck. I posted an add on B2W and got plenty of responses.

I selected a nice looking single black man that lived nearby in a large city about 65 miles from us. I showed her his pictures and she said, let’s do it. She bought a new outfit and couldn’t wait to check her bucket list. I had his address on the gps and we called when we got close. When we pulled into his driveway, he was waiting on the porch. She was delighted when she saw him. He invited us both inside. I was excited because I thought I would finally get to witness her getting fucked.

He took her hand and pulled her to sit with him on his couch. I sat in a chair across from them. He talked and touched her as though I wasn’t there. He finally asked why she wanted to sleep with a black man. She said, I want to know if it’s true about the size of your dicks. He laughed and said you tell me. She looked at me and then focused on his crotch. She began unbuckling his pants and he lifted his ass so she could pull them down.

She gasped when she saw it. I to was shocked thinking the pictures didn’t justify it. He was three times my size and was limp. She began playing with him and he laid back and let her play. He slowly started to grow and he finally said, it’ll grow faster if you suck it. She looked at me again and positioned herself to suck his cock. He laid there watching me as my wife sucked hi dick.

I couldn’t really see what was happening because her head was in the way. She would gag often, then she sat up and to my surprise. There was the biggest dick I had personally ever seen starring at me. Her hand wouldn’t even fit around it. She looked at me and we just stared at each other as to say, oh my god. It was then he asked what I thought about him fucking my Wife with his big black snake. I said it was her choice. He then asked her the same question. She said, she wasn’t sure if it would fit but willing to try.

He then said let’s go upstairs. She looked at me and said go sit in the car, I’ll be out when he’s done. I was so disappointed and did exactly as told. As I sat in the car I had no erection but just thoughts of how my wife was handling the fuck of her life. About two hours passed before the car door opened and she jumped in.

I looked up and her bull was standing there in the doorway waving bye and said “I’ll see you soon “. I looked at her and asked well how was it. She said, and I’ll never forget it, his cock destroyed my pussy, I want be able to walk tomorrow. I gave her a kiss and could taste semen on her lips. As I drove home she couldn’t stop talking about his huge cock making her orgasm over and over.

She said it took a lot of lube getting it inside her. He fucked her in multiple positions but the last position was doggy and he didn’t hold back. He pounded her so hard she swore up and down he ripped her vagina in multiple places. She said he finally shot his load into her and said she was now marked and his property. When we got home she didn’t want to be touched.

She took pain killers to hep with her pain. She eventually fell asleep. The next day she was walking bow legged and complaining about how sore she was. I asked if she would ever fuck him again and she replied no way. It was two weeks later before she allowed me to see her vagina. I was stunned to see how big it was. Before I couldn’t get more than three fingers inside her, and now I’m able to fist her. I guess the tearing really opened her up. It wasn’t long after that, she told me she was going back to see him by herself.

I reminded her about “no way” and she shrugged and said, I guess it’s like giving birth. You forget the pain. Her one day trips turned into overnights and multiple days. It’s wasn’t long after that, she asked for a divorce. I was hurt but couldn’t blame anyone but myself. After fucking dick that big, I guess nobody will ever compare.


cuckold wife


Poster: Paul