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Sweet Cuckold


How it All Began
When I met my husband I thought he was very cute. Unfortunately that didn’t carry into the bedroom. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

His penis was less than five inches erect and he was subpar in effort to please my pussy. I’m not really sure why I married him, maybe because I was still fucking my ex behind his back.

When the ex left I was stuck with the reality of my poor decision. I thought about divorce and like most women I looked for the security of a new relationship. I started cheating with a married man who promised to divorce his wife for me.

When push came to shove, he chose her over me. I had created an hostile environment at home assuming I would be getting a divorce that never happened. So I began looking for another replacement.

I started fucking several men but hadn’t found the guy I wanted to marry. I continued to deny my husband while I had plenty of dick to choose from outside our marriage. My husband was very frustrated.

His only release was masturbation and I caught him doing it often. It always made me laugh seeing him stroking his small penis. Little did he know, I was actively fucking four men and one 18 year old teenager.

Yes, our neighbors son. He was in overdrive and he was always around. He would come over to hangout with my husband but was always eye fucking me every chance he could. When the husband was at work, I invited him inside the house and seduced him.

He wasn’t experienced and it was fun teaching him how to handle a woman. Wish someone had taught my husband. Every day my husband was gone he would come knocking. His dick was only six inches but extremely thick with a fat head.

Much better than hubby. It got to the point I had to deny him often because I had other men on the hook to service. Our other neighbor was a pipe fitter that was single and eight years older than me.

He drank a lot and looked leathery. I asked him to come look at the plumbing in the house when hubby was at work and wore a robe with only panties on. When he was on the floor looking under the cabinet, I stood close to give him a good look.

He noticed and was looking at me like I know what you are doing. He eventually got up and grabbed me and started kissing me while fondling my breast. He was a really great fuck. His cock was a good eight inches with girth.

His only issue was it would go limp and slip out as I was trying to ride him. Still way better than hubby but not for life long fucking. There were three other men I was fucking and all were married.

One was the Shwanns delivery driver. He was six foot three and would come in for quick fucks on his delivery. To bad his dick didn’t match his frame. He only packed about seven inches and fucked angry. Not my fav but my freezer was always packed. My husband always commented, how can we afford all the food and ice cream in the freezer. It was a large upright in the garage.

My husband got suspicious one day when he was home. He heard noises in the garage and walked out to investigate and found the Shwanns guy filling the freezer. He left quickly when he realized my husband was home. My husband wasn’t sure how he got in the garage and questioned me. Unfortunately I was fucking someone else that day and told him maybe I left the door open when I left. He bought it but still was suspicious.

Those days were getting confusing because I was literally fucking every day and was getting my cock mixed up. This is when everything changed for the better. We had a nosy neighbor across the street who had noticed the men coming and going from our house when hubby was at work. She started telling my husband what she was seeing.

Of course he accused me of cheating which I denied but it lead to a really nasty fight that lasted days. He complained that he couldn’t remember the last time his dick saw the inside of my pussy. Funny, neither could I.

He told me there was no way I could go that long without fucking. He was right, so I told him I was masturbating because his small dick wasn’t worth fucking. I hit him where it hurt and it took the fight out of him. I then proceeded to tell him he was terrible in bed and no woman would want to be married to him.

Then I slipped and said if he was better in bed, maybe I wouldn’t cheat. Oops... He said I knew it. I think he was going to cry but he left the house and didn’t return for hours. I actually went next door because I needed an angry fuck. I was in bed when he finally returned. He asked if we could talk. We laid in bed and we talked about our marriage. I told him I was going to divorce him because of our sexual relationship wasn’t good.

He asked why I didn’t say anything. I told him he couldn’t do anything about it. He just didn’t have the tool to keep me happy. He then said you are not the first to tell me this. He then asked if we had an open relationship would it make me happy. I asked what was his definition. He said you can fuck anybody you want and I’ll mind my own business. I told him that sex was my only complaint with him.

If I have sexual freedom to fuck anyone at anytime I want to without having to ask for permission or tell him who I’m fucking then I’ll stay. But, If he shows any signs of jealousy, I’m gone. I told him I’ll stay for now. He then tried to get snuggly and I told him I wasn’t in the mood because I already had been fucked really good this afternoon. He pulled back in disbelief not saying anything. He eventually rolled over and went to sleep. I was surprised he said nothing, so maybe this deal will work, We’ll see. When I woke the next morning he was awake lying in bed already awake. He said he couldn’t sleep.

I asked why. He told me he thought about me getting fucked and got aroused. I reminded him I wasn’t going to let him fuck me. He then asked if he could give me oral. I responded with, I’ll think about it. He then asked for a hand job. I said, you kidding me. I then noticed his little dick sticking up fully erect. So I rolled over and took his dick in my hand and slowly stroked it. My hand was as wide as his dick, lol. He began asking me about my preference in dick sizes. I told him at least three times his size.

He asked what was the biggest I ever had. I told him, eight inches or more and very thick. He asked if he could rub my pussy. I told him with a firm no. If he wants to be a cuck, then he better accept his pussy days are over.

He said nothing and ejaculated. I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom. My pussy really stunk from the sex last evening so I decided to jump in the shower. When I was done I walked into the bedroom and found my husband still in bed stroking his little dick again. I said nothing and dropped my towel and proceeded to walk around nude in front of him while I was picking out my clothes for the day. He asked if I had a date today.

I told him I did for lunch. A little later I hear him grunt and looked to see he had shot another load and was lying there with his eyes closed. He fell asleep as I continued getting ready. I later checked on him and he was still asleep. Guess he couldn’t sleep last night. I left for my date but lunch wasn’t involved. I was fucking someone every Friday around lunch time in a sleazy cheap hotel. He covered the cost.

It usually lasted about an hour but that day he didn’t have to return to work so we fucked off and on for three hours. I told him he no longer has to worry about my spouse, only his. He asked why. I told him we are now in a Hotwife/Cuckold relationship. He laughed and said loser. Which made me laugh. When I returned home he was up and never asked one question.

I thought maybe this will work. Over time, our relationship grew and was getting stronger. We were able to talk about sex without him trying to fuck me. He wasn’t even asking questions trying to pry. I found myself openly sharing tidbits about sexual trysts with men and it felt like I was talking to my best friend. By now I was jerking him off more because of his good behavior and a little sympathy. We decided to take a trip to Mexico one spring. We were lying around the pool and I noticed this really cute guy wearing a speedo that looked packed.

I pointed him out to my husband. He asked if I wanted him. I couldn’t deny it and told him so. He then did something I thought he was incapable of. He walked over and introduced himself and proceeded to tell him that his wife found him very attractive and would he like to join us. He said sure and they proceeded around the pool towards me. Hubby introduced us and he took my husbands chair.

My husband then excused himself saying he needed to go to the room. Later he told me he went back and jerked off and took a nap. Meanwhile we were talking very comfortably. He asked about our situation saying he had never been invited by the husband to meet a wife before. I told him he’s a Cuckold that’s why. Then I had to explain what a Cuckold was. He found it intriguing and very exciting. He then asked us to dinner that evening.

I accepted. He then offered to put lotion on me because I was getting a little red. I said please and rolled over on my stomach. He started at my shoulders and released my top making it easier to spread the lotion. He then began rubbing my feet and working his way up my legs. As he rubbed my inner thighs, felt myself getting wet. He began rubbing my crotch through my bottoms making me moan softly. He then asked me to roll over.

I did leaving my top on the chair. There were other women topless so it wasn’t an issue. He started at my shoulders and moved to my breast. He rubbed and squeezed them telling me I had the best tits at the pool that day. He was pinching my nipples making them stand straight up. I admit, I have perfect tits with long nipples. He then rubbed my stomach and slipped his hand under my swim bottoms.

He responded with, shaven nice. He was rubbing his fingers in my labia and soon sliding his fingers inside me. He was fingering my pussy and I was helpless to stop him. Some others nearby noticed and started watching. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed my treatment. I eventually had a massive orgasm but kept my screams down to a minimum. When I opened my eyes, everyone was smiling. Even got a thumbs up from an elderly lady nearby.

I told him I owe him the same treatment and he said it’ll happen tonight. The three of us met at a posh nearby restaurant. My husband was on his best behavior and kept his mouth closed allowing us to really enjoy each other’s company. I told my husband after he was done eating to pay the bill and return to the room. Oh, don’t wait up either. He left and we weren’t far behind after finishing our drinks. His name was Renaud and he told me he has never taken a mans wife while in his presence. He said it was very exciting.

We wasted no time once back at his room. The sex was exceptional and his cock was what I expected. It was very late when I returned to my room. My husband was awake and asked if it was as good as I hoped for. I told him better. He then asked if I would jerk him off so he could sleep. I told him I was tired and to do it himself. He then asked me something he has never asked.

He asked if he could taste me. I thought about it, knowing that this is normal Cuckold tendencies, so I said yes and flipped the sheet over. The only thing I had on was my dirty panties. He got between my legs and sniffed me with deep breaths taking in the aroma. He began rolling them down and I lifted my ass to help.

I kicked them to the floor. He began gently licking my vulva and sticking his tongue inside my vagina. This made me extremely horny . I have never had a man give me oral after being fucked, not to mention my husband who was doing it knowingly. He made me orgasm three times. I eventually got up and sat on his face so he could jerk off as he licked me clean. I began calling him degrading names and he responded by licking harder.

He really liked the degradation. He finally came but not before I had my fourth orgasm. We both slept like babies afterwards. I fucked Renaud every day there and my husband asked to watch. I told him no, I wasn’t ready for that. I told him maybe someday.

I want my sex to be all about me. Every year afterwards, we planned a sex vacation. Our lives have never been the same. Our relationship is stronger than ever and I love him dearly.


cuckold wife


Poster: Heather