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Sweet Cuckold


Unintentional Cuck
We have been married twenty years and sex between us was pretty boring. We got new neighbors three years ago, Bob and Shelly.

They are the same age as us and our kids are similar ages too. We have similar hobbies and really hit it off with them. We became fast close friends.

They invited us over for dinner and a movie one evening. The kids watched a movie and we sat in the kitchen drinking wine and just talking. Bob invited me out to the garage to look at his car he was rebuilding.

He offered me whiskey shots from a bottle he had hidden in his tool chest. Our conversation was all over the place when he surprised me and asked how was our sex lives. I told him it could be better but kids changed everything.

He said he understood because they had the same problem a couple years ago but now it’s awesome He then commented how attractive my wife Cindy was. Guys being guys with alcohol, we started over sharing details about our wives.

His wife Shelly is 5’5” with large C cup breast and a nice round ass. My wife Cindy is 5’11” Firm B cup breast tight ass with long legs. I’ve caught Bob gazing at her often. So I asked what changed to make their sex awesome.

That’s when he told me about getting involved with a local swingers group. I was surprised and didn’t see that coming but I was curious and asked how they got involved. He told me they were invited to a party and didn’t realize it was a swing party. There was a big group of attractive couples at this huge house.

It was normal in beginning but after a lot of drinking and a little marijuana couples began swapping and going to different rooms. Shelly had been talking to the hosts and disappeared when he took her on a tour of the house.

When he noticed the group getting smaller, He began looking for her. The hosts wife told him she was getting a private tour and offered him the same.

She began leading him around the house and he noticed several rooms had don’t disturb signs hanging from the door knobs like hotels. He said she eventually took him into this large bedroom and once inside started kissing him. He said he was drunk and high and she was very attractive so he kissed her back. He said it progressed quickly and they ended up in bed having sex.

He wondered where his wife was and she said her husband was probably doing the same to her. He said the sex was out of this world and afterwards they returned to the group where he saw his wife looking pretty disheveled with glassy eyes. Shelly told him she wanted to go home.

They left and on the drive home, Shelly confessed to fucking the host. Bob told her he had sex with the hosts wife also. They talked about what had happened and neither of them was angry or jealous but surprised they had been seduced at a swingers party.

When they got home had great sex until the morning. He said it was like being 18 again. After time passed they talked and realized how much they enjoyed themselves and decided to join there group. He then said he would love to invite me and Cindy if I was interested.

I told him I wasn’t sure if Cindy would be interested but it sounds wonderful to me. He said the women were all very hot. They were very selective with who they allow in. Bob said me and Cindy definitely would be welcomed. After getting home me and Cindy went to bed.

I tried getting a little but was shut down because she said she was tired. I told her I learned something interesting about our friends tonight. She asked what. I told her they were swingers. She was shocked so I told her everything Bob had told me. I also told her they invited us to join them. She laughed and said I don’t think so.

I then told her I’m pretty sure Bob wants to fuck her because of the way he looks at her. I began rubbing her leg as I talked and pretty soon I feel her spreading her legs inviting me inside. I was rubbing her pussy and asking her if she thought Bob was fuckable.

She said he was and I asked if she wanted him. She admitted she had thought about it. I crawled between her legs sliding my hard dick inside her and started to slowly fuck her. I asked if she wanted to go to the party and fuck Bob. She didn’t respond at first but after a few minutes of fucking she was telling me she wanted him badly.

She asked if I wanted to fuck Cindy and I told her just as bad as she wanted Bob. Nothing more was said as we fucked to the best orgasms we had ever had. Afterwards she said we’ll need to talk more about it. After that night we were having sex every night talking about Bob and Cindy.

She finally agreed to try it after three more weeks of role playing. I couldn’t wait to tell Bob. He was happy to hear we were in and said there was a gathering this coming weekend on Saturday night. Bob said he couldn’t wait to show Cindy a good time.

I told Cindy and she was excited as well. Cindy went shopping for a new outfit and lingerie. She got herself waxed which really surprised me and got her nails done. She was looking very hot and showed me her pussy but said I couldn’t have any.

She was saving herself obviously for Bob. Bob and Shelly brought their kids over to our house and we left together going to the party. We sat in the back seat as they drove us there. Bob gave Cindy a compliment on how nice she looked. She was all smiles and I noticed them looking at one another in the mirror.

We drove to this upscale neighborhood where all the homes were huge. There was a large driveway and it was full of high end cars. We walked towards the entrance and Bob was totally eye fucking Cindy and she noticed. Once inside we were introduced to other patrons by Bob and Shelly. Cindy was getting a lot of attention and so was I.

The alcohol was flowing and so was the weed. It didn’t take me long before I realized I had smoked and drank to much. The weed was very potent and I’m not a big smoker. Me and Cindy got separated and I wasn’t sure where she went so I began moving about looking for her.

I asked Shelly if she had seen her and she told me she was good. She then took my arm and began guiding me up the stairs. When we got to the top there was a long hallway and most of the doors were closed. When we got to the first open door she pulled me inside.

She then told me she has been wanting to see it for awhile and started unfastening my slacks. She pulled them down and grabbed my dick. She played with me and we started kissing before she dropped to her knees and began sucking me. I was limp and not responding to the attention she was giving. I told her I smoked and drank to much.

We moved to the bed and I laid down as she continued sucking my dick. Eventually her hard work paid off and I was errect. When I looked at her face I could tell she was disappointed at what she was seeing. I’m only 5” fully errect and not very thick. Cindy had never complained about my size so I never thought about it much.

Shelly removed her dress and positioned her pussy over my face as she sucked my dick. I began licking her beautiful pussy and felt myself getting ready to explode. I warned her I was getting close.

She deep throated me as I unloaded in her mouth. I collapsed and lay there and she got up and went to the bathroom. I fell asleep and she got dressed and left me there. I was wakened later by another female who was rubbing my dick but couldn’t revive it. I asked her the time and she told me it was 2am.

She gave up and left so I got dressed and went down stairs. There I see Bob but not Cindy. I asked Bob if he knew where she was. He replied, Cindy is a popular hit at the party laughing and handed me a drink. A hot blonde walks up taking his hand and lead him upstairs. I walked into a tv viewing room and sat in a chair and fell asleep again.

Shelly and Cindy began waking me saying it was time to leave. When we got home my head was more clear and I asked Cindy about her experience. She told me her and Bob went upstairs and he took her in a bedroom and they fucked. I asked if it was good. She said it was the best sex she has ever had. His cock was huge compared to mine. She went on to say, another man came in and joined them.

She said she never left the room and there was a parade of men coming in and depositing loads of semen inside and on her. As she talked I began getting an erection. She said her pussy was to sore to fuck and I laid between her legs examining it. She looked very stretched and swollen. The smell of semen was very strong and I did something I never thought I could do. I went down on her.

She began encouraging me by telling me to clean her used pussy and called me her bitch. It was the best she has ever tasted and I eagerly licked her clean. She jerked me off as my reward and made me clean her fingers after I came. The next morning I asked how many men had she fucked. She laughed and said it feels like all of them.

She said she was initiated to the group. She asked how many partners did I have. I told her only Shelly. She said she heard, Shelly said your performance was weak. I felt embarrassed. I asked if she wanted to continue and she responded very quickly with a resounding “yes”.

I was eventually labeled a Cuckold and nobody was interested in having sex with me at the party’s. I found myself mostly watching my wife having sex and she was very popular among the other men. My reward was always at home cleaning and everyone was aware.

No women want to fuck a Cuckold. I convinced my wife to enter this lifestyle and there is no stopping her now. My dick is no longer allowed inside her and our relationship is forever changed. My friendship with Bob also has changed. We don’t talk like we use to and the only time he comes over is to just have sex with Cindy.

Cindy refers to Bob as her sexband and I hear Shelly has a side boyfriend as well. I never saw this coming and don’t see anyway out. My warning to others is, if you are hung like a pony, don’t think you’re going to run with the stallions.


cuckold wife


Poster: John