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Well worth the Wait
Few years ago I struck up a chat via the site with this woman who was part of a couple. Husband enjoyed watching her play with another guy.

She did all the chatting.

Their profile stated they did not want to rush into things, and I respected that. I just didn't realise the chat would last for close to a year before we would actually get to play!

The chats started immediately, and within a few days we had agreed to meet at the local restaurant for a coffee and to introduce ourselves. We met up, had a good laugh and said we would love to play together sometime.

But, every time we tried to set something up, something else would block us. She would send pic after pic, modelling different outfits and telling me where she wanted my cock...but every time we planned something, it fell flat.

Then one Saturday morning, I had just got in from work and saw I had a message from them. There was absolutely no excitement in me as I opened the message, and with good reason because every attempt had ended worse than the last.

So when I opened the message and saw these words...'we are free tonight, can host, the kids are away' well, I nearly fainted with the sudden draining of blood from my brain and into my nether-regions!

Worried in case I missed out, or they changed their minds, or that space aliens abducted them, I assured them I was available...just say the time!

Within minutes they sent a time, and address. It was on! It was finally on! In the last hour building up to me heading off to them, I kept checking my phone in case they suddenly cancelled. But they didn't.

I had to pinch myself when I arrived at their front door. The husband walks out, welcomes me and escorts me inside. She appears a few minutes later, wearing this sexy long white chunky sweater that was hanging off her bare shoulders.

I could see her hard nipples through the material of the sweater. I was so horny by now...and she could tell! I sat down on the couch, and she sat next to me. We all chatted as she sipped on her wine. She was a little older than me, in Her early 50`s compared to my 45 years at the time.

She was classy and elegant looking. Long light brown hair, small and petite build...she had small but perky breasts with nipples like thumbs tips! I couldn't wait to get a peek, not to mention my hands on her. Our conversation naturally flowed around the lifestyle and some of our experiences...and I started to worry because I had agreed to wait for his signal that she was happy before anything was to happen.

We chatted for almost an cock was aching inside my pants. Then, without warning she just reached over and took a firm hold of my cock and balls. I honestly almost came there and then! But luckily I didn't! She rubbed me up and down approvingly, and then said to her husband "Honey, our guest is going to fuck me now"

He laughed, and told me to enjoy it!! "Watch out buddy, she gets rough"

I smiled...muttered something that was meant to sound cool...but came out like gibberish! She climbed onto my lap facing me, took my face gently and started to kiss me. My hands immediately found her thighs, and I ran my hands up to her ass.

Her perfect little ass. We kissed sensually for a while, and then she stopped...she pulled her sweater off to reveal that perfect naked body I had only seen in pics. She immediately started kissing me again, but by now my hands had found their way to her boobs...she was rocking back and forth on me, teasing me.

Her pussy was dripping wet. We stopped kissing and I ran one hand onto her wet snatch and quickly started sucking on her nipples. I could hear her moaning. She then climbs off my lap and lays down, legs apart next to me...while I am still fully clothed at this point, I waste no time diving into her wet pussy with my tongue...and in between breaths I am trying to remember the detailed instructions as to how she enjoyed her oral sex.

Her perfectly shaven mound tasted amazing so wet, almost as glorious as the noises she was making while I was savouring her. After a few minutes of my tongue and fingers playing with her, she told me to take off my clothes and follow her to her bedroom. The husband just smiled at me, and he continued to watch the TV.

I followed her into her room, and she wasted no time...kneeling on the bed, and reaching back for my cock to guide it into her. By now my cock was dripping wet, and as I placed the tip against her lips I could feel her excitement...she pulled me forward and pushed herself back at the same time.

She squealed, I grunted. At first I started trying to fuck her slowly and feel her ass at the same time, but she quickly barked an order at me..."If I wanted to make love, he'd be in here...I want it hard and quick, fuck me already" I grabbed her hips and started pounding. She dropped her head to the bed and started moaning. I pounded for a while, adjusting speed, depth, position...then hard again...all the while she was screaming things only devils could understand!

She pulls off my cock, lays on her back and pulls me back on top of her...In a few seconds I am pounding her petite tiny frame so hard I am scared I am going to hurt her...but turns out I was scared for no reason! She pushes my torso up so she can watch me fuck her, pinching my nipples and demanding I fuck her harder.

I comply. After a few minutes of this she tells me she is going to cum...she starts shaking and then I can feel her just release, I too came deep inside her pussy. You would swear I had pulled her from an extended period of air deprivation under water as she cums! Gasping, deep breaths and screams come out of her.

I laugh...hubby keeps watching TV in the other room! After that she spent some time straddling me, riding me, then had me bend her over the dressing table before coming again...this time she gushes all over the bedroom floor. She turns, sits on the edge of the desk and takes my cock into her mouth for the first time.

She tells me her pussy is now too sensitive, and she needs to make me cum before she sends me home. She sets about working my cock, almost choking herself on it as she takes me deep into her mouth...then wanks me for a bit before swallowing me whole again. Within a minute or so, I can feel I am about to cum. I tell her, she looks up at me, pulls me from her mouth and starts wanking me furiously, just inches from her face. I can feel it build, and then I cum. She directs it all over her boobs, and as I struggle to keep balance, she keeps milking me all over her. Its dripping down her chest and she is smiling!

She runs the bath, and orders me to wash her down, like her personal sex slave...which I am more than happy to do. We both clean up and get dressed. We walk through, her husband is still watching the telly. I say my goodbyes and he thanks me for coming to sort her out!! I walk outside...but by the time I get to my car, she is all over me again...kissing me, grabbing my balls.

Luckily they had their own private driveway, so I turned her round, pushed her up against my car and lifted that loose sweater enough for me to slip in again. I pound her again against my car. She cums quickly, but I keep going...and tell her if she wants me to stop, tell me now...or I am going to fill her again with cum. She tells me to stop being a pussy and to fill her already. I did. Then immediately left! Was it worth the wait? Hell yes!!

if your in the midlands uk and ever need a late 40`s guy for some fun why not hit me up?


cuckold wife


Poster: Martin Jones