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1st time Cuckold fun with a Couple from down the Pub
I've been frequenting a pub in a nearby village for about a year now, been chatting with a guy about general half drunken stuff for a while now, Stuff about life in general and after a while the subject got onto his wife and how I had recently lost mine to cancer.

He mentioned the fact that they only had straight boring sex and that every time he brought the subject up she got defensive and changed the subject. I had never met her, to be honest I hardly knew the bloke at all apart from general pub chats and sharing a few bar meals and talks.

As we had had a few pints I suggested in jest for me to try and chat her up in the pub one night to see if that had any effect on her at all. We made arrangements to meet in the pub the next week for me to try my luck.

What the hell was I thinking! I am not that lucky in that department but I am not one to back out once I say I will do something. The night came and I got a text from Mark, the husband telling me a time and place along with a pic of the lady in question.

Not bad I thought, I don't have a hope in hell. So I arrive and walk through the pub. It's packed and I find it difficult to get through the crowd, never mind find the people I'm looking for. 2 passes and I'm about to call it quits and just text him to see where they are and I spot him at the bar, no wife.

I slip in beside him and order my drink. He sees me and says 'back corner sitting down go for it' Well what do?, I don't have a clue what to do. So I order a glass of wine to go with my pint and go over and sit 3 seats over pretending to wait for someone.

I look over just at the same time she looks up. I give her a nod and a smile and to my amazement she smiles back and looks over to see where her hubby is. I'm near a window so I pretend to look out and look at my watch as if I'm looking for the person I'm meeting.

Advantage is I can see her reflection in the window. Hubby is back and I can see she is taking the odd glance at me. Good news as she is either nosy or interested in me. Hubby gets up after 10 mins and heads off to the toilet.

I guess he is giving me a chance. I look over and she keeps my eye contact. "Looks like I've been stood up," I say. 'Got a glass of wine here if you want it. That's if your husband says it's ok that is.' I wait for her reply. I stand up to go and she says that she will happily have the glass as long as I sit with them and finish my drink. I apologise about disturbing them but sit down next to her and offer her the glass.

We started to chat about my date and I told her I was secretly hoping it was her when I first came in but was gutted when her husband sat down. She blushed (good news I think).

I lay it on saying I had noticed her as soon as I came in and that she was dressed similarly to the girl I was supposed to meet but that she was brunette and I was meeting a blonde. I then added I prefer brunettes so I was well chuffed. She blushes some more and takes a large drink of the wine.

Mark the husband returns and pretends to be confused at who I am. The wife explained what happened and she hoped he did not mind if I stayed to finish my drink with them as I had given her my spare glass of wine.

Funnily the husband agrees and then offers to buy me another in return for the wine so as to not spoil my night. and off to the bar he goes. 'Looks like you're stuck with me for a bit' I say and she laughs a little then smiles to herself and looks down.

I don't know why but this gave me a twitch in my trousers. We carried on chatting and one pint turned into a few and we were all getting on like a house on fire. After about an hour I leaned over to hear what the husband was saying and made my move. I placed a hand on her thigh to steady myself and left it there.

She does not protest but I felt her body stiffen under my touch. Moment of truth time. I leaned back but left my hand there. I was expecting a slap at any time but none came. I squeezed her thigh slightly and she stiffened again but still no protest.

I started to caress her leg and she never said a word. Hubby saw something was up and made his excuses and went to the toilet. I turned to face her and swapped hands. We were in a corner so it was difficult to see us from the bar so I went for it.

I looked her in the eye and started to move my hand in a circular motion on her thigh getting larger as I went. I started to get higher and I could see she was rather tipsy but not wanting me to stop.

She kept looking me in the eye so I started to move my hand higher, again expecting a slap. To my amazement she slightly parted her legs. Now I was the shocked one. I never thought that it would come to this. As I moved higher I could feel the warmth from her pussy.

God I was getting hard as hell by now. She parted her lips and licked them as my fingers made contact with her underwear. God this was getting horny as hell here. I slipped a finger inside and was shocked to feel how wet she was.

I had been asked to chat a man's wife up to see if he could get a little more in the bedroom and here I was with my finger sliding over his wife's clit in the pub. I was way past what I was asked to do so I removed my hand and apologised saying I needed the toilet.

God I felt guilty. I turned the corner to see the hubby standing there biting his fingernails. 'How's it going?' he asked. Well what do you say to that? Well the beer answered that question as I lifted my hand up and told him to smell it. I thought He was going to knock me out but he just beamed from ear to ear.

I told him I was off to the toilet and for him to go talk to his wife to see how she was. I will be back in 5 mins. I went to the toilet and needed 5 mins for my cock to go soft so I could have a piss. I returned to see them with their coats on. My heart dropped.

Then they said 'We are off to another pub, fancy joining us?' We step outside all together waiting for a taxi. Bit of an awkward silence but the taxi turned up just in time. 'you two hop in the back as I know where we are going' was the instruction we got so in the back we went. I sat behind the driver and off we went.

I didn't hear where we were going as I felt a hand on my leg as soon as the door was shut. a small squeeze and I looked over to see her giving me a nervous look and was biting her bottom lip. I placed my hand on her leg and she broke out into a smile. to my amazement she shuffled down in the seat and parted her legs slightly.

Not one to turn any invitation down, I slid my hand straight up and into her knickers. She was so much wetter than earlier and as I slipped inside she closed her eyes and rested her head back. My fingers slid inside her tight hole easily as she was so wet. she opened her legs wider and slid another finger in her.

Her hubby was trying to see what was going on but as she was behind him he was out of luck. She was grinding in my hand now and was grabbing the door handle hard. Just as I thought she was about to explode she let go of the door and put her hand over her mouth then clamped my hand between her legs.

She squirted onto my hand and squeezed my leg hard with her other hand.

She must have kicked the back of the seat as her hubby turned in his chair to see what was going on. His face lit up seeing where my hand was buried and gave me a wink. He turned around and said something to the driver. Could not hear what he said but the driver turned into the next street then headed back up the way we came.

Just then I looked over to the wife as her legs relaxed. She was smiling at me in a way I liked a lot. At the same time her hand moved up my leg where she found my rock hard cock. She licked her lips as she stroked along its length with her fingertips. With her other hand she removed my hand then brought it up to her mouth then sucked my fingers as she had my dick there.

God I was ready to burst. The taxi stopped outside a house and the light came on. her hand shot back of my cock as if caught then looked shocked. We were outside their house and she was confused. Her hubby said 'Thought we would have a drink at home instead of the club as we couldn't hear ourselves think in there' She beamed a nervous smile at me and got out of the taxi. I followed awkwardly with my cock straining in my pants. The hubby noticed and had a small laugh to himself.

We went inside and I followed her into the living room where she told me to have a seat on the sofa while the hubby got a beer for me. I sat down and the husband came in with drinks. I asked to go to the toilet as I needed to go plus I thought it would be a good chance they could have a chat and decide if I needed kicking out.

I went to the downstairs toilet and waited for the knock and the bad news.

I heard footsteps and they stopped outside the door. A quick pause and they went away. I came out and went to the front room. The hubby was there and he said she had gone to the toilet to get changed as her dress was not comfortable for sitting to chat in the house. After 5 mins she came back in her dressing gown and slippers.

Game over I thought but how little did I know We were sitting on the sofa when she came in. I had to say I was disappointed with how she was now dressed but I thought I had been lucky enough that night. She asked if we wanted a drink and we said yes so off she went into the kitchen. When she came back she handed us our drinks.

Her gown parted slightly and I got a glimpse of black lace. My cock stiffened at this and I caught a look in her eye that told me there was more to come. We proceeded to have a few more drinks each time I got a flash of underwear. The chat got a bit more flirty which I was enjoying more and more. Hubby got up to go to the toilet and we were on our own again. She stood up and opened her gown.

Holy shit she was wearing black lace underwear that left little to the imagination. My dick was rock hard now but I just sat there staring at her. She sat back down and parted her legs slightly. She slipped her hand in her knickers and slipped a finger inside herself then sucked it.

All of a sudden 'For fucks sake woman if you want to suck something I'm sure he has something a lot better for you' She jumped and looked shocked. She just sat there frozen not moving for what felt like ages. I looked at the hubby and he did his wink, so I put my drink down, undid my pants and got my hard cock out. Her eyes went wide then after a moment she looked at her hubby.

All he said was 'Well? Poor man`s hard and it isn't going to fix itself' So she stood up and dropped her gown to the floor. She looked amazing. After a glance she walked over to me and knelt down in front of me. She tentatively reached out for my cock and held it in her hand. She just held it looking at it.

I was like granite in her hand now. She slowly started wanking me, slowly getting faster. She then licked her lips then lowered her face and kissed the tip. She traced her tongue round it then slowly slid it into her mouth. I looked over to her husband and he stood there open mouthed at the sight of what his boring wife was doing. He also had his cock out wanking for all he was worth.

She started to suck and wank me faster. she raised her head up and said to me I'm going to male you cum just like you made me cum in the taxi. At this the hubby shot is load all over the sofa. Well someone likes it she said laughing then proceeded to suck me till I shot my load into her mouth.

She swallowed it down and smiled at me then her husband. She then stood up and sat back down in her chair looking at us both with softening cocks. She then opened her legs and started to rub her clit through her knickers. 'Well boys, I need a good fucking. Who's first?' I stood up and let my pants fall to the floor then took my top off.

Feels strange being naked in a stranger's house. The husband was in there like a shot and buried his face between her legs. She moaned and grabbed his head and pulled him in harder. I walked over and bent down and undone her tits from her bra. Her nipples stiffened as I sucked them, She was moaning loud now and grabbed my hardening cock.

I stood up and she started to suck he harder than ever now. She came hard on her hubby's face and he looked up at me and his face was all wet from her juices. He had the biggest smile on his face. 'Fuck her' he said. I jumped at the chance and pushed him out the way. She stood up and told me to sit in the chair. She removed her knickers and straddled me.

She was soaking and felt so good as she lowered herself onto my cock. She slowly moved up and lowered herself all the way to take me all the way in and just sat there eyes closed. All of a sudden she opened her eyes then started to grind away on my hardness growling as she did.

The hubby came round and offered her his cock to suck but turning she found she could not suck him and take me all the way in the way she liked. She stood up and turned round facing away from me and carried on grinding away on my cock but now sucking her husband with gusto. I reached round and started to rub her clit.

She spasm-ed and came hard on me. Juice ran down my balls and dripped onto the floor. I pushed her onto all fours and fucked her for all I was worth. Her husband was in front of her and having his cock well and truly sucked as I fucked her onto him. He held his hand up for what had to be the most awkward high 5 of my life but what the fuck I was balls deep in his wife what did I care.

I could feel my balls tightening and fucked her harder and faster. she screamed some more and I lost the second load of the night deep inside her pussy. I pulled out and saw my cum ooze from her and run down her leg. I stood up and the husband was straight round sliding in easily. Fuck shes wet as hell he said little did he know i had emptied my load deep in there.

She said shut up and fuck me hard, I sat down and watched as he fucked his boring wife as she screamed for his cock. I sat there as she was fucked and she looked at me the whole time in the eye. At one point she mouthed what I thought was thank you but I'm not a lip reader and was enjoying the sight of her being fucked too much. The husband pulled out and shot his load all over her ass. They both lay there and after a few moments they got up and kissed long and hard.

Okay we are off to bed, want to stay the night? Well what do you say to that? I had not a single clue where I was as I had been a little preoccupied on the ride here. I was a little drunk, well a lot drunk so what the hell.

Yes, why not, I said. We all made our way upstairs and my heart sank when we got to the top. The wife stopped me and said she wanted to have her hubby to herself for a bit so would I mind sleeping in the spare bed. Well all good things come to an end and I had ridden my luck for a long time now so off I went into the spare room. At least it had a double bed for me to crash in.

I got and listened to the sounds of wild and passionate sex and I dozed off. I woke up sometime later very confused. I opened my eyes to darkness. Not fully dark but enough to see I was in a strange room. It took me a second to work out that I was in someone else's house then BOOM! I realised what had woken me.

My cock was hard and wet. It felt great. I worked it out that it was being sucked into life. I reached down and felt long hair. Thank god as I had a sudden fear it was the husband for a second. At my touch she stopped. She cheekily said oh you're awake. No shit Sherlock! Fuck that felt good I told her and pulled her head back down onto me. She was good.

Not a single dry spot on my shaft or balls. After a few minutes she stood up and came to the top of the bed. I went to get up but she pushed me back down and swung a leg over me. She then sat on my face. Her soaking wet hole ground down on my mouth. I thrust my tongue in her hole and she let out a small moan and collapsed forwards to continue sucking my cock 69 style.

God she was wet and tasted divine. She ground away as I lapped at her clit darting my tongue in every now and again to her delight. She came on my face and was nearly choked by her juices as they ran down my face. If this was a boring wife I would hate to meet a lively one!. After our 2 sessions earlier I was a long way off cumming so I pulled her up and kissed her.

She could taste herself on me and used her tongue eagerly to lap it up. I rolled her over and admired her in the dim light. Her pert breasts stood up asking to be sucked so i obliged. She loved this and was moaning again. She said she wanted my cock in her again as, even though I was about the same size as her hubby I was a little thicker and she liked that a lot.

I eased into her missionary and there was that little gasp all us men love just as I slid inside. I had no trouble sliding in as it was soaking down there. I started slowly and steadily. Sliding in then out over the whole length of my shaft. Letting her feel it slide in then out. Parting her insides then withdrawing. Slow and deliberate. She was starting to grab my arse now to get me to speed up but no way. I wanted this to last as it was probability the last time I would get to fuck her.

Once she started to beg I started to speed up, not much but enough to make her moan in my ear. I then started to pause with my cock just inside her then speed up my thrust so my balls began to slap on her wet arse. She was kissing me hard now and her tongue was going wild in my mouth and on my neck and ear. I bent my head and just managed to get a nipple in my mouth. I sucked and she then started to trust back onto me. I could feel my balls starting to tighten and I knew I would last only a couple of minutes more.

I grabbed both her legs and raised them up and over my shoulders. Her pussy was mine now. I thrust deep into her all the way. Balls fucking deep!. I pounded her for all I was worth. She went fucking mental. She was screaming now and god it was fucking horny as hell. Here was a woman I had known less than 12 hours screaming on the end of my cock. Fuck me harder!, fuck me!, Harder!

Fill my fucking cunt with you cum! and that was the family friendly version. I fucked her for all I was worth and finally exploded inside her. I was exhausted and collapsed beside her breathing hard. After a few minutes and when the room stopped spinning I looked over to her and told her she was the horniest woman I had ever had the pleasure to fuck.

She kissed me on the mouth long and hard. She then said that she wanted to thank me for an evening she would never forget. She said she was going to go back to her husband now but I was more than welcome to stay and have breakfast with them in the morning. I accepted and watched her leave the room. As she left I could see my cum sliding down her leg. I closed my eyes and was soon back to sleep.

We hooked up several times after this and there still good friends now

if your ever in the midlands UK and you want a straight late 40`s guy to help out with your fun hit me up.


cuckold wife


Poster: Martin Jones