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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Not Sure
So here's our situation, is it just too weird for cucking?

My (29M) wife (27F) and I have been together a while. Somewhere along the way she realized that she really wants to be submissive. Okay cool, I can be Dom...or so I thought. We tried that for a while, but it was always really awkward and weird and I realized I didn't like it, and she couldn't get off on it. Went to a kind of..
Poster: kPlay | Full Story»

My wife starts fucking other men Part 1
My wife Julia and I were previously married to other people and had children from those marriages and we were not planning to have children of our own, due to my wife’s health reasons.
Though my wife was not really a shy person she did not adventure out to any sexual desires that were not traditionally done with her husband. We talked about fantasies several times and she never wanted to..
Poster: WildWest | Full Story»

Another couple of true encounters:
We belonged to a site that is no longer available (swappernet) & met two black guys at a restaurant when we lived in Toledo Ohio. They got a room across the street and my wife & I met them there, it was understood that I was only allowed to watch. Both of them double teamed her for about 3 hours and she got off many times while I just sat helplessly watchi..
Poster: DAVE | Full Story»

How We Started
So I have been with my gf for 2 years she's 20 I'm 21, our sex has always been amazing and kinky, from the kinky side I gained this fetish about a year into our relationship I didn't tell her straight away as I didn't know what she would say but I kept hinting it; then one day during sex I just came out with it at first she wasn't up for it but as weeks went by it kept coming up during sex intill ..
Poster: Cuck BF | Full Story»

pickup a guy at a bar
At the beginning of our cuckold relationship ky husband wanted me to go out to a bar and see if I could pick up a guy and bring him home. I was so nervous and didn't know if I could go through with it. He said why wouldn't guys want to come up and talk to me and that I was hot! I thought how bad could it be just go to a bar and if I see a hot guy just start chatting. I decided I wanted to wear som..
Poster: jenn | Full Story»

A Hard Lesson Learned
Hi Everyone, I've been thinking over things that have happened in my life which have made me want to be a cuckold. I don't think it's any one experience that changed me and I may have just been born like this but I think this one event is the thing that had the most affect on me.

I got with my first serious girlfriend when she was 18 and I was 22. We dated for about 6 months before ..
Poster: The Natural | Full Story»

The following is a completely true story:
On a night before New Years Eve we got a room suite at a local hotel here in Las Vegas, it had two full sized beds next to each other with a table in between. We had met another couple that were tourists but the wife of the other couple wanted the same thing as my wife a gang bang. We were members of a site where guys were into it and told them up f..
Poster: DAVE | Full Story»

I want to share my wife
I have had a secret desire to share my wife with another man. I want to see another man fuck the shit out of her. One night in Hawaii after a few drinks I whispered in her ear that it would be hot to see another guy fuck her. Nothing came of it, she acted as if she didn't hear it. Then next day she asked if i remember what I had said to her and I said no. She told me what I said and she said ..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

curious about an older guy
My boyfriend and I had been dating for 5 years. He was the only guy I had been with. At the time I was 22 and working at a bank. I had to give a presentation one afternoon and I noticed an older guy that I thought was attractive! After the meeting as I was getting in my car and he was in his he said I had done a great job and that maybe we could get together sometime. I ended up being flattered by..
Poster: sarah | Full Story»

I Caught Her - Heidi's younger lover
I caught her. She had no clue. I had installed an app on her phone that would activate her camera and microphone without her knowing. The phone was laying down so i couldn't see her redheaded athletic 38 year old body. But i would hear them. He was really quite but i heard her moaning. Derek i love you she said. Then i heard a gasp as he entered her. I heard their skin slapping as he thrust himsel..
Poster: Ric Benson | Full Story»

Wife's First BBC
My wife has always liked big cocks. However she had never been attracted to black males, didn't matter whether they had a big cock or not. She just wasn't interested in being with a black guy. Then I found a video online of a guys wife getting fucked by this black guy while the husband filmed it. It was a hot video. She was a nice looking blonde and he was a light skinned attractive guy with a nic..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Gotta Post
So my gf has loves to talk to other guys online and is sending nudes and sexting quite a bit. This coming Sunday is looking like a pretty likely day for her to go fuck the guy she's been talking to longest.

Last weekend we went to a concert over the weekend and she probably grinded on 6 different guys right in front of me! And it wasn't a secret that we were together either. She wou..
Poster: Jason | Full Story»

Cuckold/Hotwife obession
My wife April and I have been together for about 20 years and have a very strongopen relationship. Our naughty lifestyle started a while ago also, probably about 8 years ago or so. We started with another girl then another guy and it seems the other guy experiences were so much more intoxicating. We've experimented with some male bi curious occasions which all turned out for the good. What seems ..
Poster: Ralf | Full Story»

My wife turned me into a cuck 6 months after married
My wife loves watching me get horny watching her having sex with other men. We had mfm and fmf 3somes for a couple years while dating and both enjoyed this. My wife has always been bisexual & she would get me to give men handjobs and lick her creampies reluctantly. Then she told me that she was changing things up. I would accept it or she would do it on her own like it or not. From now on it was o..
Poster: Larry | Full Story»

Taken in GangBang
I am a married woman and this is an account of something that happened to me and set me on a road of sexual pleasure.. Soon after my birthday I started having sex with my husband to be, birth control sorted, away we went in our own inexperienced way...I am five feet tall, had fairly long brown hair blue eyes and a sixteen year olds best assets were my eyes and my nipples...I knew that I ..
Poster: Louise | Full Story»

She got a message
We've been role playing in bed about her being with other guys. During that time I posted ads for her (with her knowledge) on online sex and swingers sites just to spice things up.

Tonight ... she finally agreed to respond to a message that a nice guy with a big penis wrote to her. Likely nothing will come of it, but who knows.

Maybe they'll click.

Poster: Mr Bill | Full Story»

Was I Surprised
What a surprise, married for 40 plus years to the same faithful very attractive women. She has made a point through our entire marriage of emphasizing how faithful she is and has always been. The last person I or any of our long term friends would ever think about having an affair. Over the past few years due to some health issues, nothing critically serious, but issues that do not allow her to ..
Poster: dman | Full Story»

My wife is a slut
My wife came home with cum in her hair. I didn't even notice she wasn't wearing a bra and when she came to give me a kiss her breath smelled of cock.

She's petite, 5'3 with fantastic 36D tits. She stopped by to see the instructor for one of the classes she takes. They have flirted back and forth for a while and it eventually turned sexual. She loves the attention. Tonight as they s..
Poster: Johnson | Full Story»

Hotwife Story
My story of cuckolding began in my first year of marriage. I was a pretty popular girl in High school. Home coming queen matter of fact. I fucked a few popular cute jocks in high school before I started college. I played volleyball on a college scholarship. When in college my boyfriend was the best pitcher on the baseball team. He was a stud and hung like a bull. We fucked constantly. I thought we..
Poster: Joan | Full Story»

I am being Denied Release
I feel so fucking lucky! After dreaming about being cucked for as long as I can imagine, it finally happened to me. I've been with this girl for a while and our sex life has been amazing, sex at the very least once a day, once I came 5 times in one day. She is always willing to talk about things and try new kinks of mine. I told her a long time ago that cuckholding would be my favorite but she alw..
Poster: Steel Cut | Full Story»

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