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Sweet Cuckold


Accidentally Cuckolded my Husband
I am 31 and my husband is 32 and we decided to have a threesome. We have and even had a great sex life but we are both bi so we decided to open up our relationship to some physical fun and try some threesomes.

We wanted it to be a man at first to get comfortable. We created a long list of rules like, no kissing on the lips, making sure everybody is involved, safe words, etc. and off we went to AFF.

We created a joint profile and started messaging people. Within the first few hours, we had 100s of messages and liked some of them.

We both enjoyed sifting through it and coming up with things to say together to make this happen. My husband is about 5’10 with a 5.5 inch cock, muscular and works out almost every day.

Aside from his height he is a very manly man. I messaged with a tall, slender man among others and we started talking.

He was very polite and even though he had never been in a threesome he seemed like a good fit for all of us to do this for the first time with.

I was so nervous but also incredibly excited. My husband felt the same way. His kink is watching me orgasm so we have lots of sex, use toys, hands, oral, penetrative and anal.

We also roleplay and dirty talk. I want to make it a point that we are not lacking in everything, we satisfy each other completely but wanted some extra excitement and this seemed to be a good place to start.

After a few days of talking we finally set a date and our guest was to be arriving soon. He texted my husband and asked if it was ok if I was blindfolded when he came in and I would suck either of our cocks and guess who’s it was.

My husband was ok with that. When he arrived, I was in our guest room in lingerie and blindfolded. I did my make up, wore sexy clothing and laid on the bed ready to be surprised. My husband greeted him at the door and guided him upstairs.

I heard the door and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I was nervous but so horny. I couldn’t wait. I felt someone come up and stand in front of me when I heard my husband say, go ahead and suck this cock.

You’ll have to guess who’s it is in a bit. I slowly raised my hand up to find the person and there it was, I grazed a cock. I instantly knew that it was not my husband.

It was weighty. It was large. I was a bit afraid. It was most definitely the biggest I’ve ever held. There was no guessing needed but I was not about to ruin our first threesome by saying that out loud and make my husband feel bad.

I started sucking and couldn’t barely fit the tip in my mouth. I was so anxious but did not want to show too much excitement. Eventually our third took the blindfold off of me and he was fit.

He was about 6’2 with abs and this huge cock, which must have been 8 inches or more. I needed two hands on him while I tried to work it deeper down my throat. He eventually pulled back and had me lay down. Now my husband walked over and positioned himself on the side of the bed to have his turn with my mouth while our third went down on me.

It was so hot to be eaten out while sucking my husband’s cock. Eventually our third climbed on top of me and oh my god. I felt his tip at my opening and felt a tiny bit of fear of not being able to take it all. He slowly rocked back and forth and with every small thrust he opened me wider. It felt amazing. He was starting to stretch me out.

I was wanting to moan so badly but didn’t want my husband to feel bad about how much better he felt inside of me. He started picking up the pace and it was so hard to act nonchalant that moans started to slip out here and there. I couldn’t contain it any longer.

He was fucking me rougher now, which made it harder to blow my husband, which was already difficult due to how good it felt. He re positioned me to lay on my side, while I still played with my husbands cock. The first few inches felt amazing but then he hit my cervix and I asked him to slow down. He moved me again to be in doggy and my husband laid in front of me.

This is my favorite position. He was getting rougher and rougher, hitting spots that have never been touched by my husbands cock. I was going crazy at this point, bouncing back into him, moaning uncontrollably, panting heavy. I think my husband started to get pretty jealous so he asked if we could try something else. We stopped for a second and he instructed our third to lay down on the bed, had me mount him and positioned himself behind me.

I knew where this was going, I was about to experience my first DP!!! I already slipped our third back inside my pussy and with me being in top he was the perfect length and girth. He was slightly girthier than my husband which felt so good but he was also much longer. I felt him all the way inside of my belly.

Never have I been this full before. It was so satisfying, almost like his dick was molded for my pussy exclusively. At this point it was so hard to not act on every single urge I had to ask this stranger to just fuck me hard and not to worry about my husband but I couldn’t!! I love him too much for that.

The man inside of me started to slowly pump into me again and I moved with him, making sure I can feel every amazing inch of his cock slide in and out of me. We went slow so my husband can position himself right but he seemed to have some trouble with it. I finally felt his cock push ever so gently against my asshole.

He started to push a bit harder and his head finally penetrated me! I almost screamed in pleasure in this moment!! I thought I was already full, but this feeling right now was absolutely incredible. My husband pushed slightly harder again and was now all the way inside as well. I felt both of these cocks so intensely.

I couldn’t wait for them to fuck me together!! We all started moving a bit and my husband pulled out and pushed himself back in, out and in and he grunted. What happened? Is he not enjoying this? I started to feel some pressure release but he was still in my ass. Is he upset with me? I started panicking. Did I make a mistake?

He pulled out his now soft cock and when I turned, I saw the he condom he was wearing filled with his cum. Oh my god, I made him cum in 2 strokes. He only lasted seconds. I mentally high fived myself.

Suddenly I felt our stranger pull me down on his cock, making me audibly gasp! He picked up the pace and made me bounce on his cock until he slowed and held me in place. He now started fucking upwards into me! I forgot about everything else around me and had him fuck me harder and faster than anybody ever had.

I was panting, moaning, whimpering while being drilled! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband walk out of the room but I couldn’t worry about that right now! I’m having the fuck of my life! He was so fast and I felt so fucking wanted in that moment. I was almost screaming in pleasure at this point. This went on for a few minutes, until I heard the door open again. My husband walked in and sat down on the couch watching me.

This turned me on even more. The love of my life is sitting across from me, watching me get fucked by a much bigger man while stroking his soft, little cock. He stopped and I whimpered: “Please don’t stop!! Keep going!!” So he did. I was getting closer to cumming by the second!! But I can’t cum like this, my husband has never made me cum in this position. If he notices and trust me he will, it will crush his ego. I now started slowing him down and eventually rolled off him, but not without enjoying him push deep and few more times.

I could hold it in. I asked my husband if he is ok and he just nodded and said that he is fine. I asked him to come lay in front of me so I can suck his delicious cock and he came over and laid down in front of me. I started playing with his cock, licking it, sucking on his head, hoping he would get hard for me. At the same time, I lifted my ass in the air for our guest to get a good view and hopefully realizes that I want him to fuck me!

I want him to fuck me badly. I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to feel his cock buried in me, his balls (which were full and heavy) slapping against my clit while he fucks me doggy. I was still sucking on my husband when he pushed himself inside of my little pussy.

I moaned hard, with my mouth full of my husband’s still soft cock. He always gets hard for me, what is going on. I looked him in the eyes and asked him if he wants to stop and if he is ok. I could barely get those words out without stopping because our third is already fucking me hard and fast again. He said he is ok and not to worry so I tried to just keep going. Our guest now pushed me down and fucked me in prone bone.

I love this position too but oh my god, his size pushed hard into my G-Spot. I was just holding on to my husband’s cock, I couldn’t even suck it anymore and that’s when he leaned over and started sucking my husband’s cock. I don’t know why but that turned me on even more, he was fucking me so effortlessly and sucked my husband at the same time. Now I was truly just a rag doll to be fucked.

To my surprise, my husband got hard again and he stopped and let me continue. I kept sucking until my husband eventually said that it was getting late and we should probably get ready for bed. He never did cum again or so I thought, but we all got up, got dressed and he walked our guest out before coming upstairs and laid down in bed with me.

I asked him if he was ok with everything that happened and he said, that he knows that he wanted this but he felt left out and that I seemed to enjoy this stranger more than him. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I told him that he always makes me cum but I didn’t cum with the other guy so he has nothing to worry about but little did he know at that time that I almost finished and had to stop myself because of this exact reason.

I was honest though that he was great and I would like to do that again but he said he needed some time to think about it. Many months later we tried it again with a few others and had great times but he did confess to me that this was the first time he ever felt like a cuck and that it was the most erotic thing he has ever seen but that his feelings were pretty hurt.

It took us some months to play again and we haven’t looked back but he eventually got more comfortable and opened up to me more. We are in a great place and because of that night, he told me that he loves it now, wants me to have as much fun as I can, loves when I make out with other men and loves watching me cum from them as well.

He also told me about his hot past kink and a little bit of a humiliation kink. All in all, this experience was a bit traumatizing for him and it almost cost us our relationship but we ended up working on it together, embrace it now and have a much more solid foundation but the lifestyle can have consequences.


cuckold wife


Poster: Laura