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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Open Minded Wife
About ten years ago when I was getting married, my buddies took me to a local strip club for my bachelor party. We had a great time and spent a lot of money.

When the strippers were told I was getting married, they took me into the back dressing room and took turns sucking my dick while I licked each girls pussy before cumming.

It was my first time in a strip club and really made me question myself about getting married. On my first anniversary, I told my wife what had happened and she told me she wasn’t as lucky because her bachelorette party was at a friends house and they just drank and danced.

Sometime later we were driving through the city and we passed a strip club. My wife asked if I had ever been to it. I told her no.

She asked if I would take her there one evening so she could see what it was like. She is very open minded and the non jealous type so I said yes .

The following weekend I asked if she still wanted to go, she said yes. So we planned to go on Saturday night. She asked what she should wear. I told her her slut outfit.

She had 6” stiletto open toe shoes with leopard print spandex pants and a low cut white sweater that shows off everything she has.

I told her she would fit right in with the female strippers. She shaved her pussy and fixed her hair and makeup before she dressed.

She didn’t wear a bra or panties. While driving to the club I told her she’ll probably get more attention than the strippers on the stage. She asked if I would get jealous.

I told her no, have fun and do what ever you want to. She laughed and teased me saying maybe she’ll get lucky and get a big cock. I responded that this is your bachelorette party you missed so get it if you want it.

She gave me a kiss and told me thank you and she loved me. I really had know idea how she would react inside, didn’t really know how I would handle it either.

When we entered the club we were holding hands and as we walked through looking for a booth I noticed several men turning to look at my wife.

She was probably the hottest girl inside. We found a booth in the far corner away from the stages. The place was really packed and most everyone was up by the stages. This gave us the opportunity to sit back and watch from afar.

One of the scantily clad waitresses come by to take our order. She commented on my wife’s beauty and made a joke about dancing to pay our bar bill.

We ordered two long islands. As we sipped our drinks I could see my wife scanning the room and making eye contact with some of the other patrons. My wife can’t really handle much alcohol so I knew the strong drinks would have a fast effect on her.

The bar maid came by and I ordered a second round. When she returned she sat at our table and talked with my wife. I was watching the dancers and didn’t really pay much attention, besides the loud music made it difficult to hear.

She eventually left and my wife whispered in my ear that the waitress was hitting on her. I told her I wasn’t surprised because I hear most dancers are bi or lesbian.

She asked which dancer do I like. I told her the black girl with the small perky tits. She was surprised saying she would have guessed the cute blonde with big tits. Then asked why the black one.

I told her I have never been with a black girl and always wanted to try one. She laughed and said me too. I asked a girl? She said no, a black guy. I hear they have huge dicks. We laughed.

I noticed my wife and an older gentleman sitting across the room were making eyes at one another. He had a cowboy hat on and looked like the Marlboro man.

I told her it looks like she is getting attention. I asked what she thought about him. She said he was very attractive. By now she is showing signs of being a little drunk.

I placed my hand on her thigh and started to rub her pussy under the table. She began to moan and I felt her getting wet through her pants. About that time the waitress come by to see if we wanted more drinks.

She saw me rubbing my wife’s pussy and said oh my, looks like somebody is getting lucky. I asked her to have a seat and I would go to the bar and get our drinks.

She didn’t hesitate and sat next to my wife. I headed to to men's room to relieve myself before going to the bar. Once at the bar I was waiting for our drinks and turned to see what was happening at our table.

I could see the barmaid was sitting close to her and leaning in as to be kissing her. Once I get the drinks I head back to our table and noticed several men now watching my wife and barmaid at my table.

When I walk up, the barmaid had been kissing my wife smearing her red lipstick on her face. My wife’s eyes were rolled back and the waitress had her hand inside her pants and finger banging my wife.

My wife began having an orgasm and collapsed back gasping for air. The barmaid pulled out her hand and said looks like my work is done.

She got up and stuck her fingers in her mouth and said yum. She then told my wife to call her later before walking away. My wife said wow, I can’t believe I just did that.

I said yes you surprised me to. I then told her she is getting a lot more attention now. She looked around and realized that many of the men had been watching the les show.

She was drunk and didn’t seem affected by it. That’s when the cowboy walked up and said it looks like you two know how to have fun, then introduced himself.

I asked him to join us. He scooted in next to my wife and began making small talk. She seemed really smitten by him. As they talked I see her facial expressions change. That’s when I realized he was probably playing with her pussy under the table.

Then I see her sliding her hand towards his crotch and begin to rub his dick. After a couple minutes she looks at me with a large smile on her face. I asked if she found something she likes. She said boy did I ever. That’s when the cowboy asked her if she wanted to leave for a more private place. She looked at me as if looking for approval. I said remember, it’s your night.

She then said, let’s go. We hardly touched the drinks but got up and exited the club. We had driven my wife’s car which is a minivan. We walked to the van and I hit the button for the sliding door to open. They didn’t hesitate and climbed inside. I climbed into the front passenger seat so the steering wheel wouldn’t be in my way. He sat his hat in the back seat and then began kissing my wife.

There was very little talking. His hand was inside her top squeezing and pinching her nipples. She was moaning loudly and grabbing at his belt trying to release his dick. He sat up and helped her undo his buckle and pants and pulled them down. There in the darkness was a huge shinny cock and she wasted no time in going down on him.

Watching my wife sucking a strangers big cock in her horned up state had my cock straining to be released as well. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down and began stroking while watching a live porn show in the back seat of my wife’s minivan. He then began kicking off his boots and pulling his pants off while my wife was still sucking his cock.

He the pushed her back and told her to remove her top. After she did he began pulling off her pants. Once off she threw her legs over the seats and demanded he fuck her now. He did as asked sliding his large cock inside her as she moaned and screamed loudly. He began fucking her hard once all in. She had her first orgasm rather quickly and didn’t take long before having a second. Usually when I fuck her she has one and done.

She was getting closer to her third and I could tell her lover was also getting close. I then realized he didn’t put on a condom and wondered if she was using her diaphragm. I thought oh well it’s to late now. They both orgasmed together and he unloaded his balls deep inside her.

I was getting close to blowing my load but stopped short. They snuggled and kissed for a couple minutes before he sat up and thanked me for letting him fuck my beautiful wife. I said anytime and laughed after realizing what I said. He then began getting dressed and I opened the door and let him out.

He gave me a card with his number and said please give me a call when she’s ready again. I told him I would as he walked away. I then climbed into the seat with my wife and closed the door. She lay there looking at me and asked are you o.k. I told her I was and how was she. She said I couldn’t be better with a smile. I then mentioned he cumed inside her with no condom.

I asked if she was o.k. To be having sex without protection. She said she probably shouldn’t have and didn’t think about it before leaving home. There was a huge cum pool on the seat as I rubbed her clit.

My dick was straining for relief so I told her I have an idea. I pulled down my pants and mounted my wife. I noticed right away how big her pussy felt, so warm and slippery. I began cuming inside her quickly. I then told her that if she gets pregnant then there is a 50/50 chance it’s mine.

She laughed and thanked me for understanding. We gathered ourselves and drove home. Once home we fucked again. She never got pregnant but she has continued to see him since that day. We have become very close friends and he’s doing me a big favor by satisfying her in a way I never could. She has commented about giving each of us a child. Can’t wait.


cuckold wife


Poster: Dan