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The most beautiful form of pain - Wife falling for another
This is a entirely true story. I changed the names of participants but the detail remains true and accurate...

For most of my adult life, and I think, for a while before in my teens too, I have always had this 'cuckold' type fascination. I wouldn't actually even say it was uniquely cuckold in nature though, more 'dark' and foreboding. I like danger, always have in all forms of life from starting and running my own company to being an active participant in high speed motor racing. But I don't consider myself to be a stereotypical cuckold at all, as I have embraced the journey and evolved, adapted and discovered my own particular 'genre', which, as I have recently discovered, can be best described as a sort of masochistic compersion.

We've been married now for over 20 years. My wife, who we'll call Louise, is 8 years older than me and from a considerably wealthier family than mine. I was a council estate kid whilst she was brought up with very conservative attitudes. Whilst we were raised less than 20 miles apart in London and Kent, we may as well have been a world apart as our attitudes to life, and sex, has been so incredibly different.

I have never kept the cuckold fantasy from my wife but it took a long time for her to really understand that it's not dirty or anything to be ashamed of, and I guess, as our marriage has aged, societies view to sexual relationships has generally become more laid back anyway and my wife has gone along with that. Plus, it took a while for a level of trust to be earned within the marriage. My wife, I think, always thought I was trying to trick her into having sex with another man so I could go and have an affair of my own. But as any REAL cuckold knows, this is really not ever a consideration.

After spending a few years living overseas in the early years of our marriage, we returned to the U.K in 2008 and by now, my fantasy was mentioned in sex talk on nearly every occasion, in some way or other. We were quite adventurous then anyway; I recall lots of breathe play, dressing up and joint phone sex on those chatlines as 50p a minute, as we fucked. But over time, Louise's resolve to simply treat my fantasy as something that we'd only go so far as to ever discuss in bed, began to form into something that started to strike a chord with her too.

One day, a few months after our return, and now living near London again, my wife said, quite nonchalantly, that a guy she knew from her past, Alan, would definitely want to have sex with her. Alan was married, but one night, a hotel room was booked away from the area where we all lived and my wife met Alan for sex. The thrill of waiting at home for my wife to finally text me as agreed and say Alan had just left will stay with me forever. I got in my car and drove the distance to the hotel, sidled past the night desk guard and went up to the room my wife had booked. I had instructed her to stay wearing exactly what she's worn to get fucked, and as I entered the room, musky and smelling of sex, I saw a very disheveled wife wearing just a pair of knee high suede boots. There was no going back now. I vigorously fucked her again without a word being spoken.

Thereafter, we started to frequent cuckold and infidelity websites looking for a more longer term partner for my wife to enjoy. We were open and honest in saying that we were a cuckold couple. The problem with some of these sites, is that some people seemed so desperate, many had very low self regard for themselves, and many were, to be it bluntly, not in Louise's league.

After lots of false starts Louise one day told me she had been talking a while to a guy that she really liked. Interestingly, he lived in the area in which I grew up and worked for a bank that I'd previously worked for in London too. She made an arrangement to meet with this guy and she enjoyed the sex with him and he seemed like a nice chap. My office was just around the corner from where we lived and on the 2nd or 3rd get together, which were always in the daytime then, I was allowed to come home on the proviso I did not enter the bedroom or disturb them.

My wife had left the front door in the latch and I crept upstairs and listened at the bedroom door. It was silent apart from a few words being spoken in hushed tones now and again. But, and perhaps because they knew I was listening, before long the familiar sounds of enthusiastic lovemaking could be heard. I was in heaven. How that bed creaked that afternoon. I think he was trying to prove a point, but I really wasn't for complaining.

A week or two later my wife invited this lover to our house one evening to meet me (he'd crept out whilst I was in an adjoining bedroom,,,,it was far too awkward for us both to have introductions face to face that day). He was nervous and so was I. We shook hands, casually observed each other and my wife told me to fetch drinks.

It became apparent that this guy was intelligent and non threatening. In fact, on a friend level, I liked him. He dressed well, spoke well, and there was no real 'alpha male' or 'bull' type role play. After the glasses were emptied, and still all standing up in our lounge, my wife told me to go and get some more drinks from the kitchen, which I did. She looked so sexy stood there. Whilst in the kitchen, the conversation I'd been listening to next door stopped, and it became quiet. I came back into the room with drinks, somehow hoping the reason for the quietness was because my wife and her new lover had found confidence with each other, and sure enough, they were both embraced in each others arms, passionately kissing on our settee. It was then that I discovered one of my favourite parts of cuckolding is the intimacy. My wife having sex with a random stranger does nothing for me, but my wife really getting into the groove with somebody she is bonding with, was a thrill like no other. Neither even turned to look at me as I sat in the armchair opposite and watched and gathered my feelings of angst.

This affair went on for about 3 years, and only really ended when we moved to the other side of the country. My wife still had family in the area and did meet up with her lover a few more times, but things eventually dwindled off, which left a bit of a hole in our sex life.

Eventually, my wife agreed to start the hunt for a new lover nearer to way we lived and so, and again with many false starts, she met a guy, an ex-Policeman who lived just up the coast from us. Louise started as she did before by fucking him before he and I met, and finally, when it seemed there was a attraction between them both we all agreed to meet at our home one evening.

Her latest choice was an interesting one as he was nothing like me, or indeed her previous lover. He was short, pale, and not really as likable or personable as the other. I wouldn't say he was cocky, but perhaps of his Police background he had an air of ignorance about him. But still, a few days after our first meeting, my wife met with her new lover in a nearby hotel and this time called me as they fucked. It became obvious that this latest guy could really satisfy Louise and she later told me that they'd spend ages just on foreplay where he'd lick her out before she orgasmed on his tongue several times before she begged and pleaded to be fucked. He'd then fuck her in several positions including in positions which to this day, I have never fucked my wife in. On that occasion in the hotel room, I also later learnt from my wife that the people in the room next door clapped when they both, after hours of love making, came together in a loud joint orgasm.

Remote listening whilst I couldn't see and was helpless to intervene became a big thrill for me, and indeed this latest lover didn't enjoy me watching them coupling together as much as my wife's previous lover did, when I was actively invited into the bedroom for a while each time for my wife to suck me as she was fucked from behind. This new arrangement normally had me waiting downstairs whilst I listened to my wife's cries of passion in our bedroom above. The old cottage floor creaking away.

There were many occasion where this latest lover would stay over and I would be forced to sleep on the settee downstairs. My wife created a sadistic repertoire whereby I would have to call a phone sex chat line and confess that my wife was upstairs with her lover (except at this point she was at the end of the settee watching me on the call) and she would make me masturbate in front of her as I spoke on the phone and humiliated myself until I came, and she could then return upstairs in the arms of her lover, in our bed, for the rest of the night.

This relationship grew and grew. The lover would message and tease me on Whatsapp and the falseness of cuckoldry seemed to fade away and my wife seemed to genuinely embrace the rules her lover was laying down like us not fucking for 5 days before he was next due to see my wife, or for us to purchase shoes or outfits for my wife that turned him on. They'd spend weekends away in hotels and my wife told me that other couples thought they were a married couple away for a break. This turned me on. My wife started removing her wedding ring and leaving it in my hand as she walked through the door.

One day, and this is now a couple of years into this latest affair, my wife told me whilst we were having Sunday morning sex that she was in love with her lover and that the feeling was allegedly mutual. She seemed embarrassed, maybe scared. To be honest, I didn't really believe this until I was sent a video by him fucking my wife one time that she wasn't aware of that clearly showed their relationship now being more than just sex. I was really starting to get off on the risk. After all, isn't this what the primal beginnings of cuckolding is all about? I was told by her on one occasion that I still cherish to 'be careful of what I wish for'.

This latest lover was also married but he'd always sworn he was going to leave his wife, but not because he was fucking mine, but because their relationship had broken down over time anyway. My wife would tease me with this, telling me she may decide to go with him and leave me. The pain of hearing this created such a sexual thrill that even writing this now is leaving me with a huge boner. But little did I know that she actually was considering it too.

I didn't know it at the time, but my wife later confessed to me, that at the time she'd also confided in her sister, back in Kent, about her feelings for somebody else, and again, whilst her sister didn't know the details of our cuckolding, or even that I was aware of my wife's affair, the thrill and humiliation of even hearing this was overwhelming for me. But, my wife had reached a cross roads of whether to continue with her marriage to me, or to leave me to be with her lover on a permanent basis.

Unfortunately, my instincts about this guy were right and whilst he did indeed end up leaving his wife, he also ended up running off with another woman that we didn't know about and he basically dropped my wife like a hot potato. This pretty much broke my wife's heart and it's taken a long time to get over this. I honestly think if he'd played things differently, he'd have my wife with him right now.

So, we're now at present day and my wife has finally agreed that the sex between us is at it's most amazing when she has her own fun too, and when we create risk, though she also claims she has no inkling of wanting sex from elsewhere. She also agrees that the thrill of the possibility of leaving me is like something she's never experienced before either and at one stage recently, she's even pointed out flats that she'd look at if we ever had a 'trial separation'. So, as I write this, and whilst my wife is back in Kent visiting her family for a few days, she is again hooking up for a 'chat' with that very first guy, Alan, that she met in the hotel after we returned from overseas. It's far too early to say if there could be anything by way of relationship in the offing, but my wife is certainly enjoying the thrill of both pleasing me, and still knowing she can attract men who want to fuck her. Watch this space.


cuckold wife


Poster: Robbie